Things I didn’t expect postpartum


There are a few things I've experienced after Baby Dean entered the world that I definitely did not expect. I know there are a lot of you future mama's out there, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on …Continue Reading

Tips for Beginning Runners

Nicole Midwest Life

Hello, hello! I’m excited to have Nicole here on ONW for y’all this morning. I love Nicole’s realistic approach to life that she shares on her blog. She’s all about balance and fitting in health and fitness where she can and, as you know, that’s my kind of girl! She’s taking over while I am […]

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The one item I forgot…


From the crib to the dresser to the recliner. Books to cute little outfits to diapers. I thought I had the entire nursery covered when it came to what we would need for Baby Dean. Turns out, I missed one thing. The baby had everything he needed and then some, but I forgot the most […]

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Baby Dean’s Birth Story


On Thursday, May 14th, Kyle and I woke up to what we knew was going to be a special day. We waited and waited until the evening hours and finally, Dean’s stork appeared at our door! It brought all 7 pounds, 7 ounces of a healthy baby boy and we couldn’t have been happier. The […]

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#88 Treat Yourself Tuesday


Hellooooo Tuesday! I’m awake and not feeding a baby at the moment AND communicating with adults. I even showered and took myself to the bathroom this morning… The little things are the big things after giving birth, LOL ;) First of all, thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments on yesterday’s birth announcement and […]

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Introducing Baby Dean


On Thursday, May 14th at 7:57pm, Dean Axel Klapman entered the world! 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 19 inches of baby perfection. We are so in love and spending time getting to know our new family member :)

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The one where we talk about nipples


Oh hi. Just me here getting ready to talk nipples with y’all. If talkin’ girl parts and baby eating habits make you nervous or they’re just not your thang, that is a-okay. Just click away now before your read below! Also, sorry to disappoint, but there are no photos of my breasts in this post, […]

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Pregnancy Update – 39/40 Weeks


ANOTHER baby update for y’all today. I think this is going to be my last update for y’all until he arrives. Maybe I’ll just pop back in with the words “STILL PREGNANT” next week, LOL. All is still good in the uterus-hood down here in Naples – The baby, my placenta, and amniotic fluid levels […]

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Are You an Abstainer or a Moderator?


I came across an interesting article by Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, to name a few) on Facebook a few weeks ago and thought it would bring about some good discussion as a blog post. Back by Popular Demand: Are You an Abstainer or a Moderator? In the bloggin’ […]

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#87 Treat Yourself Tuesday


Hellooooo Tuesday! How about we chat about our treats from last week? First, let’s talk the big treat… BABY!! #kidding ;) Sorry. I promise I won’t cry wolf again until it happens. I’m fairly certain I’ll be late which is very common for first babies so we are just going to ride it out until […]

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