Cyber Monday!

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving weekend - well, besides the food! - is Cyber Monday. You're back in the office after a long weekend, not looking forward to catching up on your inbox …Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Weekend


Who else was lovin’ the 4-day weekend over Thanksgiving? We had an awesome time filled with some of my favorite “f” words… food, fitness, friends, fun, fresh air, fermented grapes, and family! I kicked Thanksgiving morning off with an {almost} 5-mile run. It was breezy and warm but I like to get outside on holidays […]

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My Thankful List


Here we are, one day after Thanksgiving and I’m just getting my thankful list posted. Such is life. Maybe it is a sign that I need to be more thankful each and every day rather than reserving my thankful self for holidays. The holidays are the perfect time of year to look back on the […]

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Dean Axel – Six Month Update


I can’t believe it! I have a 1/2 year old. Dean has now been a Naples resident for an entire 6 months. Here is what he’s been loving and hating and movin’ and groovin’ to over the past month. You can find his previous updates here: Five Month Update Four Month Update Three Month Update […]

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Pre-Thanksgiving Feast {Healthy} Snack Ideas


Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming! Although Turkey Day Pumpkin Pie Day isn’t my favorite holiday (Christmas has that in the bag!), I’m looking forward to starting a few fun family traditions this year. While I would be happy with a tradition of perusing the Black Friday newspaper ads and getting a head start on […]

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Happy turkey week! <– That is how I greeted my BODYPUMP class this afternoon and after a class a member told me I should have said “Happy PUMPKIN PIE week!” LOL. I hope you’re getting ready to kick off a short week – Here is what we were up to over the weekend… On Friday morning, Dean […]

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Friday Favs!


Well hello there, Fri-YAY. To be honest, I have had no clue what day it has been this entire week. Our Iowa trip totally threw me off! I’ll never turn down a Friday though, so bring on the weekend. What are your plans? Anything fun before turkey week? We are going to lie low and […]

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Last week’s Iowa trip


Last Wednesday, Kyle, The Deanster and I jetsetted off to Iowa to visit my family! Per the usual, the trip flew by as our schedule was full. I brought my computer fully planning to type up a few posts while away, but I didn’t once take it out of my bag. I also didn’t work […]

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2015 Family Photos


As I mentioned last week, we had our first family photo session as a family of three (okay, four… but Mitchell isn’t allowed on the beach ;) ) a few weeks ago. Today I’m sharing a few of my personal favorites from the collection! Rochelle Shucart did an incredible job and I cannot wait to see […]

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Baby Eczema – Update

I shared a few of my tips and tricks on dealing with Baby Eczema earlier this fall and had quite a few readers reach out to tell me they had similar experiences with their little ones. So, I thought I’d share a quick update on the status of Dean’s eczema. Spoiler alert – I think […]

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