Realistic Holiday Fitness Tips

Christmas? Already?! When did that happen? If you're anything like me, it's crazy hard to stay motivated this time of year. Shopping, cookies, parties, cookies, work, cookies... Did I mention …Continue Reading

Friday Favs


Woahhh! Friday? This week flew by for me! Thankfully, I think I finally have everyone’s gifts and Christmas cards in the mail… although I’m fairly certain our post office lost half of our Christmas cards :/ Sorry to any family and friends that didn’t receive them – I promise I sent them at the beginning […]

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Are you ALL IN?

All-In AdvoCare

You guys. YOU GUYS!!! I just got off a super exciting call and I’m jazzed. AdvoCare has been talking up a HUGE announcement for the past few weeks and all of us Advo-lovers have been shaking with anticipation. Well, that call was today and I’m excited to share the announcement with all of you! Many […]

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Things you should never say to a pregnant woman

I have had many a pregnant friend and decided that it was due time to collect a list of questions and phrases that annoy pregnant women the most. I have only been asked one or two of these but they’re all pretty hilarious, in a “you’re a total idiot if you ask/say these,” kinda way […]

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Mamas-to-be! Fit for Two discount!

Running for two

Are you a mama-to-be? Or maybe you have a fitness-obsessed preggo in your life (me! me! me!) who could use a few extra pieces in her fitness wardrobe that actually fit her. If so, you don’t want to miss the Fit for Two discount over at Zulily today! My girl Stephanie alerted me to the […]

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#66 Treat Yourself Tuesday

archer cheese

I survived the post office yesterday – wahoo! The line was crazy long but somehow I made it out in less than 20 minutes. I think the parking lot was actually scarier than the post office itself. I still have one more package to ship… I’m waiting to receive something from Kohl’s (It was supposed […]

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Odds are…

… that we will probably be alright. I heard Odds Are this afternoon and it gave me a little smile on my drive home. Because really, everything IS going to be just fine. So get out there this Monday afternoon and get your cha cha on. Do it… I dare ya. xo

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Weekending Lessons

5th avenue christmas

1. Mitchell is bored with me. In other news, Kyle is his favorite person in the entire world. This video is what he does every. single. day in anticipation of Kyle’s arrival home from work. 2. Whoever created the bagel is the best person ever. That is all. 3. Bistro 821 is amazing. It’s especially […]

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Friday Favs

christmas gifts

Fridayyyy! Are the weeks flying by or is it just me? I have to go in for blood work this afternoon (booooo…) – It’s just a normal pregnancy screening for spina bifida but I hateeeee hate hate needles so I’ll be treating myself to Chipotle post-needle stab ;) Seriously though, if they told middle and […]

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Pregnancy Update – 17/18 Weeks

ultasound 17 weeks

As I said before, I don’t plan on doing these posts every week. I’m thinking every few weeks or after each of my doctor appointments – who knows. We just have to wait and see what my pregnant mind decides to do ;) I do know that all of the grandparents and future aunts/uncles will enjoy […]

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