Things I’ve learned…

Today, I am wrapping up my second 24-Day Challenge.

My results are to be announced (Since I’m still sick, I refuse to step foot into my gym – where I measure myself, because it irks me when people cough and hack and sneeze all over the workout equipment! #endrant), but regardless of my inches or pounds, I can tell from my toned arms that Advo did the trick again. Although, my toned arms are not what convinced me that AdvoCare is pretty much the bomb dot com this time around.

Okay, I obviously already think it’s the bomb dot com, but stick with me here. I promise there’s a moral to this post!


What kept me riding the Advotrain over the past 24 days was what I learned about myself throughout the past few weeks. Apparently clean eatin’ and fabulous supplements make my brain work a little better, and I realized that when I truly pay attention to my body – how it’s feeling and performing, I can easily learn what keeps it running at its best.

This is what I figured out over the past few weeks…

1. As much as I love a good glass of wine, I don’t enjoy alcohol as much as I thought I did. I don’t like how I feel after drinking more than two glasses of wine (or beer or vodka or whatever…), and I would much rather feel well-rested and refreshed in the morning than have a wild night out. Alcohol makes me bloated, slugglish, and it gives my skin a “dull” look. While I won’t be giving up my vino anytime soon, I do plan on becoming more selective about when and what I drink. I don’t plan on imbibing on weekdays (unless there is a special occasion) and I will stick to my two glass limit when out to dinner on the weekends.

Wine "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom   #LiquorList

2. Sugar hangovers are much, MUCH worse than alcohol hangovers. You may think I am joking here, but I kid you not. I dare you to go without sugar for 24 days and then indulge. Once you’re able to pull yourself out of bed, lemme know how you feel… The reason we don’t typically feel this way when consuming sugar is because it is in everything we eat – from the obvious offenders like Chobani and Nutella to the less obvious like salsa and bread. While enjoying sugar in moderation is 100% fine by me – don’t think you can take my Reese’s or froyo away from me! – I plan on making sugar a treat which is how it is meant to be enjoyed.

3. If I had to give up one type of macro nutrient, it would be protein. I could never ever give up carbs. Fruit, whole grain bread, rice, pasta – the stuff is golden in my book. And with my love of peanut butter and avocados, fats aren’t going anywhere either. As much as I like sushi and fish, I would much rather eat a peanut butter sandwich every. single. day. of my life than chow down on a steak or grilled chicken breast. Obviously, I’m not cutting protein out of my diet, but my 24DC made me realize how much I really do love REAL, unprocessed carbs (and the carbs in froyo too, hehehe!).

4. My arms are the first muscle group on my body to tone up when I am actively trying to gain lean muscle. Part of it’s running (yep, it tones my arms), part of it’s Body Pump, part of it is that I carry 50 pounds of my life with me to and from work each day, and part of it is genetics (I think?). Now, if I could only get my stomach and booty to tone up as quickly… ;)

5. When I am eating well and filling my body with optimal nutrients, I have SO much energy. Like clean the entire apartment including the laundry, bathe the dog, run 5 miles, and type up 10 blog posts kind of energy. (Spark might help too, haha!) Sugar, processed foods, dairy (yep, even my beloved cheese), and alcohol all weigh me down and make me feel sluggish and ain’t nobody got time for that! As I said above, I won’t be eliminating any food groups completely from my diet, but I at least know what to expect when I consume them. My skin will dull when I eat dairy. I’ll get a headache if I drink too much vino. And if I eat too much sugar, I’ll get a tummy ache. #nobueno

Basically, what I’m trying to say with this post is that AdvoCare is SO much more than solely “physical” results. I don’t want/need to lose more weight, especially with my upcoming marathon training, so that isn’t my aim with my future 24DC’s and other AdvoCare products. My goals are to feel good, put optimal nutrients into my body, fuel my body for a marathon, and maybe get a tad more toned in the process.

And personally, I think those are pretty darn good goals to have.

What have you learned about yourself/your body recently?

Do you have any health goals for the next few months?

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