Must-have splurges for your new baby


I'm all about saving money when it comes to purchasing baby items, especially the ones that won't be used for long. (Did you catch my post on what I recommend skipping prior to the birth of your new …Continue Reading

#98 Treat Yourself Tuesday


The sun! It’s out and shining – Talk about a treat! It’s been RAINING consistently ever since Saturday so it’s nice to see the sun in the sunshine state ;) Kyle’s mom and grandma are visiting so I know they’re happy to finally have a beach day! How about we talk about a few of […]

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A Naples Adventure


Living in a new place is always an adventure! While Kyle and I have lived in Naples, Florida since October, it is our first summer in SW Florida and we had (and still have) no clue what to expect. We were told to get used to heat and rain and humidity, LOTS of rain and humidity. […]

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Day in the Life


I love reading “day in the life” posts and it has been a long time since I’ve done one myself (my last one was in January 2014!), so I thought I’d share a typical day with y’all. Starting at midnight because… well, with a baby your day really IS 24 hours long ;) 12am – […]

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What you DON’T need for your new baby


When we first found out that Dean was going to be coming into our lives, we were bombarded – not to mention slightly intimidated, by how much we were told we would need. Strollers (yes, multiple) Diapers and wipes of all shapes and sizes and scents Crib, bassinets, sleepers Outfits for every occasion under the […]

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Dean Axel – Two Month Update


On July 14th, Mr. Dean turned 2 months old! You can find his previous updates here: One Month Update Welcome Dean! How about an update on what Dean was up to his during his 2nd month? Length: 22 inches – 25th percentile, +2 inches from last month Weight: 12 pounds 8 ounces – 50th percentile, […]

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#97 Treat Yourself Tuesday


Hey! Happy Tuesday! Baby Dean had his 2-month appointment yesterday (an update on him is coming your way tomorrow) which included his first major round of shots. He took ’em like a champ and was only a little sad right before bed when his leg started hurting. Thank goodness for Tylenol! He is back to […]

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{Easy} Chocolate – Peanut Butter Cake Balls


On Saturday I planned to photograph my newest recipe. I opened our fridge to find the following… Hmm… Apparently someone thought they were pretty darn good, and I don’t think it was Dean or Mitchell ;) I’ll admit, I had my fair share. I mean, I had to try them out before posting them… to […]

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{Two Month!} Postpartum Update


As of Tuesday, Mr. Dean is now two months old! All I can say is WOOHOO! Some new moms seem a bit sad as their babies grow older, but I’m thankful. First of all, he gets easier with each day (at least in this stage) and secondly, getting older/bigger is what is supposed to happen. […]

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{Dairy-free} Easy Chocolate Pudding


For the love of chocolate… Chocolate milk, that is! Do you remember chocolate milk days in grade school? If I recall correctly, we could choose to have chocolate milk with our lunches on Fridays. The only issue was that it cost more than regular ol’ milk (which I STILL don’t understand the reasoning behind…) so […]

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