Our 3-Year Anniversary

On May 1st, 2010 I married by best friend, my confidant, my partner-in-crime, my lover.


It was, by far, the best and most perfect day of my life.

Yes, things went wrong. The color of our dads’ vests was not what we had selected (What formal wear company sends BROWN vests to go with a black tux when you ordered silver??!) and the bustle on my dress broke (after the photos, thankfully!) but those things didn’t matter. What mattered is that we were celebrating our love with our family and friends.

Since it was such a special day and I could go on for hours describing it, I’ve decided to share it with you through a photo story. Today I will be be posting photos of us getting ready and of our wedding ceremony and tomorrow I’ll share photos of our dinner and reception!

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as I enjoyed sorting through the hundreds of photos to decide which ones to share here on ONW! Seriously, I know there are a TON but I had a difficult time narrowing down my favorites :)


Kyle sent flowers to me at the church :) I love the expression on my mom’s face in the mirror in this photo, she looks so happy!



The “getting ready” process for men is so difficult and stressful… and apparently involves Goldfish poker ;)



My mom and Jana were rockstars when it came to tying me into my dress!






Kyle, all ready to go. Looking only slightly nervous ;)


Isn’t my grandpa adorable? My grandma passed away 3 weeks before my wedding so this photo shoot with him was emotional and the only time I cried during the entire wedding. Right after this photo, I also fell, face first down the stairs in front of me. Thankfully I didn’t break my flowers or my dress!



Kyle and I chose to have only a Maid of Honor and a Best Man so Kyle’s sisters (on the left above) and my BFF’s, Heidi and Jana (to the right) were my personal attendants.


My gorgeous sister, posin’ for the camera.






My dad, on flower duty.



Kyle, his best man and grandpa and my dad peeking into the church.


We didn’t do a “first look” so this was the first time that Kyle saw me the day of our wedding. He was very emotional.



Our church, Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis was stunning.



I tried to put Kyle’s ring on the wrong finger during our vows – oops! Good thing we could all laugh about it :)



This is one of my favorite photos of the entire day. My face is just beaming with happiness :)



Kyle likes to wave like he’s the President.


Check back tomorrow for photos of our dinner and reception!

**A HUGE thanks to Mike from 1012 Photo for taking our photos! He was the easiest photographer to work with and I highly recommend him if you live in or around Minneapolis!**

If you’re married, did you do a first look? Why or why not?


  1. You looked so beautiful on your wedding day! I love your dress it was gorgeous.
    Congrats on your anniversary.

    My boyfriend and I aren’t married but are soon to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.

    • Thank you Jan!! 4 years is impressive for your dating relationship. Hopefully you’ll get to do something special together :)

  2. Becky, you looked absolutely stunning, and your wedding… brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful, and elegant. I hope you and your husband have the most wonderful anniversary celebration <3 <3 Always continue to love one another, and cherish every moment you have together!

  3. Becky – These are absolutely incredible!! You look stunning and SO happy in all of them :) Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for sharing this look into your beautiful wedding!!

  4. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful bride, a beautiful couple. So glad we were there to share your spectacular wedding! Congratulations on three years! Here is to at least 70 more! xoxo B

    • Thanks Barb! I can’t wait for Neysa’s wedding in September! Our fam is so much fun to celebrate with :)

  5. You are GORGEOUS! These pictures made me cry. I can tell just from them that you guys ave a very beautiful relationship :)

    • Don’t cry!!! :) We do have a great relationship and can be goofy together which is how we can get through difficult situations without killing each other ;)

  6. Happy Anniversary beautiful! These photos make me want to cry. Just like you said, when looking at wedding photos you can’t help but think of your own wedding and relive the amazing memories of the day.
    You look absolutely stunning. These pictures are incredible and I can’t wait to see more!

    • Thanks Melanie! I loved looking through some of yours a few weeks ago :) Sometimes I want to have another wedding so we can renew our vows and I can wear my dress again!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Congrats on your anniversary

  8. Happy 3 years!! Your pictures are stunning and so is your dress! You were a beautiful bride! I’m looking forward to doing a post like this. We got married in october of 2010. Time flies when you’re having fun! :)

    We decided not to do a ‘first look’. We both thought it would be that more special to see each other for the first time at the altar. I always like leaving room for a wonderful surprise!

    • Thanks Dana! I can’t wait to see your photos in October! :) We were so tempted to do a first look for the sake of photos but Kyle really wanted to be traditional and wait. It was a great decision!

  9. OMG these are breathtaking and beautiful! I loved looking through them all!! I am getting married this year, and I cannot wait to have all of these pictures! I can’t wait for tomorrow ;)

    • Thanks Heather!! I’ve been following your wedding posts and CANNOT wait to see your photos :) You’re going to be a gorgeous bride!

  10. I love looking at wedding pictures and loved these ones! Your dress is stunning! Can’t wait to see more. Happy anniversary!!!

  11. Oh love love love these photos!! Your dress is stunning! And I love your dad on flower duty…so precious :)

    • Isn’t that photo so cute? He was so careful with them and didn’t let the wind blow any of the petals away :)

  12. What a GORGEOUS wedding!! Your dress is stunning!! You both look SO happy, I love the expression on kyle’s face when you’re walking down the aisle. I can’t wait to see pics of the reception! Happy anniversary!!

    • Thanks Charlotte!! My photos for tomorrow are my favorites :) And, yes, Kyle was a MESS when I was walking down the aisle and I didn’t shed a tear – funny how those things happen!

  13. Stunning. You look beyond gorgeous (and so happy), the pictures are amazing, and your love just radiates. Happy anniversary <3.

    • Thanks Carly!! It was such a fun day and awesome to have all of our friends and family together to help celebrate!

  14. So many gorgeous pictures!
    Happy Anniversary #3!!

  15. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    It looks like a beautiful day and you looked gorgeous. So sweet :)
    (I can’t wait til I have some of these lol! We’re not gonna do a first look, I like the idea of the first time he sees me being me walking down the aisle, we’re also pretty traditional so ya :D)

  16. Happy Anniversary!! Loved seeing all those BEAUTIFUL pictures. Looks like it was an incredible day!

    • Thanks Michelle! The day was so special. Come back tomorrow – my favorite photos are the ones after the ceremony! :)

  17. Happy Anniversary!!! These photos are absolutely stunning!! :)

    We didn’t do a first look for the exact reason as your photos above. It is so beautiful and Kyle looks so overwhelmingly happy! My favorites from our wedding day are of Johnny’s face when he first saw me.

    Hope you have a great day celebrating!!!

    • Thanks Emily! I agree, it was great to not do a first look. Yes, it would have been easier for photos but it was so special to see each other for the first time walking down the aisle :)

  18. Gorgeous photos, girl – thanks for sharing! I love looking at peoples’ wedding pictures and seeing the happiness and love. And the bloopers! It’s all the little things that go wrong (like putting a ring on the wrong finger ;) ) that make those times more memorable.

    • Thanks Amanda! Haha… the bloopers are the best part. Good thing our dads aren’t high maintenance and didn’t care about their awful, non-matching vests ;)

  19. Congratulations on 3 years together!! You two make such a cute couple and your wedding was gorgeous! Your grandfather is so adorable and I got teary eyed hearing about your grandmother’s passing. I’m sure she was there with you all in spirit. You were a beautiful bride!

    • Thank you Sarah! It was an emotional time for my family with her passing but it was wonderful that my grandfather was able to be there at my wedding!

  20. You are stunning. Seriously, stunning. I hope to look as beautiful and happy as you did someday. Just gotta find that special someone first ;)

    • You’re so sweet, Sarah! You will look stunning and glow on your wedding day… when you find that special someone!

  21. Happy anniversary! I LOVE everything about your dress and veil. You look so gorgeous! And the pictures of Kyle seeing you are so touching :)

    • Thanks Katie! Some days I want to pull my dress and veil out from underneath my bed and wear it. Totally acceptable business attire, right? ;)

  22. The pictures are gorgeous! I adore the one of you and your personal attendants…such attitude ;-)

    • Thanks Sam! I loved the attitude photo too, especially with my friend who was pregnant at the time ;) Attitude with a baby bump is cute!

  23. Um, these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! The one with your grandpa is so precious and priceless. This was just so lovely to read through! Happy anniversary!

  24. Happy Anniversary!!! Love the pictures! I actually know quite a few people celebrating their third anniversary today; 5/1/10 must have been a popular day!

  25. Yay! Happy anniversary :) Your dress is gorgeous!

    We didn’t do a first look, either. I actually lied to my husband throughout our engagement (because he kept bugging me about what my dress looked like and didn’t stop even after I told him that was against.the.rules!) and told him I was wearing a short sundress (we got married on the beach so he bought it). Then I came down the aisle, he was SHOCKED to see me in this. Ha! It was one of my favorite moments of the day :)

    • GORGEOUS dress, Amanda!!! I can’t imagine try to walk on sand wearing it thought. You go girl! I bet your husband’s face was priceless :)

  26. you look beautiful and that church is amazing! i just love weddings so much. i need to make some single friends so i can go to more of them. all our friends are married. this was a fun post thanks for sharing and happy anniversary:D

    • Thanks Kendra!! Most of my friends are married too. Luckily, my husband’s friends are just starting to get married so we have tons of weddings to still attend :)

  27. Aww..happy anniversary! I love that you shared all these pictures of your special day, your dress was absolutely stunning! And you looked beautiful!

    • Thanks Meghan! It was so much fun going through all of our photos. I want to get out my dress and wear it again ;)

  28. You look beautiful and your grandpa is adorable!

  29. Congratulations to you both!! And thanks for sharing the memories. I love looking at wedding pictures, especially the candid behind the scenes shots. That said, you’ve got some really good ‘posed’ shots that look candid. Just beautiful!
    It’s great that you have funny moments to remember about your special day, too :-)

  30. Thanks for sharing these! I loved looking through them this morning! Happy 4th wedding anniversary!

    To answer your question from this post we did do a first look to save time on photography after the ceremony so we could enjoy our cocktail hour. Also, we wanted to have a little time together before the ceremony to calm our nerves.
    kelli h (made in sonoma) recently posted…Asian Turkey Burgers with Spicy MayoMy Profile

  31. I’ve lost both of my grandfathers and that’s such a sore spot in my heart. The pictures with you and your grandpa made me cry. How special that you got to take photos with him before he passed away. He was absolutely beaming with happiness in those pictures!
    Colleen @ the lunchbox diaries recently posted…Easy Iced LatteMy Profile

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