The Dinner & Par-tay!

Yesterday was our 3-year wedding anniversary. I shared photos of both Kyle and I getting ready and of our ceremony. Today comes the fun part – the dinner and dance photos! Everyone likes a good party, right?

And, because I love sharing wedding photos with you/can’t narrow down my favorites, I’m also going to post some A LOT of our outside portraits post-ceremony but pre-dinner :)





At this point in our photo shoot, a guy in a tiny speedo/thong ran by us on the path across the street. He was seriously wearing NOTHING and we all obviously thought it was hilarious ;)







The traditional “taxi cab” pose with a squad car instead :)


Okay, NOW we’re onto the reception. Our reception was held in the City Hall of Minneapolis. I know… When I told most people we got married in the City Hall, I get a very strange look. Once you see the photos, you’ll understand why we selected this venue.



Again, Kyle is thinking he’s President Obama ;)


Maybe it’s a BFF thing… Nick – Kyle’s Best Man – was doing the President wave too!


Cake time! There was NO smashing cake into my face… I let Kyle know that cake on my expensive make-up would be cause for an immediate annulment so he played nice ;)


Dinner time – Cheese Tortellini for her and Chicken Marsala for him plus a side of spanikopita and other hors d’oeuvres from our cocktail hour to share. Oh, and there was wine… Lots of wine!





Have I convinced you that the Minneapolis City Hall is an amazing venue? Yes? Okay, good :)






Showin’ off my shoes!


I have this photo on my desk at work. It is one of my all-time favorites of us!


So, that was our big day! It was the best day of our lives and I had so much fun reliving our wedding day through these photos.

Where did you have or where do you want to have your wedding reception?


  1. What a great looking wedding party, reception, etc. Love seeing pics around The Guthrie, downtown Mpls in general, cool!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos!!

  3. You are radiant – you’re happiness shines through in each and every picture.
    And, yes – beautiful venue!!

  4. Once again, beautiful everything! I love the venue and I love his president wave :)

  5. Ahh those shoes!! Want!! That is an AWESOME looking venue! Congrats again; hope it was a wonderful day!

  6. ok, 1. gorgeous venue. you have the most beautiful city hall i’ve ever seen. 2. i love your shoes! 3. your bouquet and flower arrangements are perfection. Looks like the perfect day! happy anniversary again :)

  7. More gorgeous pictures :D And I can totally see why you selected your venue – it’s beautiful. I’m pretty sure that I’d ask for an immediate annulment if I had cake mess up my wedding makeup as well, so good call on that one ;)

  8. I remember this lovely day/evening well! It was a beautiful event.

  9. OMG it is goorrrgeous!!! And I LOVE your shoes!!!

    And yeahhh Michael’s been warned there will be no cake shoving in my face, nope nope.

  10. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous! And what an amazing venue for the reception!!

  11. I always imagined having it outdoors. Not the beach but somewhere green.

  12. I still can’t get over how gorgeous your dress was, you looked absolutely amazing! What a great venue, The minneapolis court house is so beautiful.

  13. This pictures are absolutely beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing! City hall was a fantastic choice.

    We had our reception at venue right on one of Pittsburgh 3 rivers. It had an outdoor patio hanging over the river and was so perfect on a hot September day!

  14. Wow, that venue was an amazing place for a reception! Beautiful! I love all of the pictures of you and Kyle, they’re so pretty. And the President Obama wave is awesome, lol.

  15. Goodness your pictures look like a magazine shoot!! Love them!!

  16. absolutely breathtaking and beautiful! Loved it all!!

  17. Oh such gorgeous photos! I love them all! You made such a beautiful bride! Happy anniversary to both of you!

  18. Omg. I can’t even. These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You, the venue, the love, the cake, the dress… All of it!!

  19. Ok, convinced, beautiful venue!
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