Muesli Fusion Banana-Chocolate Truffles


Tiny balls of rich peanut butter or fluffy mousse or gooey caramel or – if you’re unlucky, at least in my opinion – hard fruit taffy all coated in a chocolate-covered deliciousness.

Truffles 3

They’re small. They’re decadent. They’re the perfect gift for holidays including Christmas and Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day and any other holiday you forgot to think ahead and purchase a gift ;)

Oh the seemingly innocent balls of chocolate seem so divine and much too easy to eat one two, okay, FIVE until you take a peak at the nutritional facts and have a minor panic attack due to both the ingredients and the caloric content.

So truffles might have a bad rap – even if you ignore the nutritional facts – they still have multiple ingredients that are impossible to pronounce. If I’m going to indulge, I at least want to know what I’m putting into my body, right?!

If you’re like me and love truffles but don’t want to guilt – or the unnatural ingredients in your treat – I have the perfect recipe for you today!

Truffles 4

It’s my Muesli Fusion Banana-Chocolate Truffles.

Just as delicious as a store-bought box of candy but made with ingredients that you can pronounce and that are good for you. Yes, you heard me right – A healthy truffle!

Bananas. Coconut. Dark Chocolate. Almond Butter. Muesli Fusion An Ox Muesli.

Truffles 2

That’s it. Five, FIVE, FIVE ingredients in these mind-blowing, non-diet busting truffles. Do I have your attention yet?

Awesome. Now that you’re totally intrigued I’m going to tell you a little bit about Muesli Fusion. Muesli Fusion was one of the sponsors of Blend and their muesli is ah-maz-ing. Seriously. I’m secreting hoping this post will inspire Ian to send a case of each of their flavors to my door (hint, hint!!) :)

Muesli Fusion doesn’t add sugar to their muesli and they try to use organic ingredients when they are available. An all-natural, sugar-free breakfast snack any-meal-of-the-day option? I’ll take it!

Truffles 1

Plus, Muesli Fusion is currently hosting a recipe contest that I’m hoping to score either a Lululemon or a Whole Foods giftcard for posting these sinfully healthy truffles. One of the winners is selected by the Pinterest pin with the most repins. I’d love it if you headed to my pin of Muesli Fusion Banana-Chocolate Truffles and repinned it to your heart’s desire. And tell your friends ;)

Okay, now where was I? Oh yes, truffles. Healthy, real-food, no-sugar added truffles.

They’re delightful. They’re rich. They’ll satisfy that I need chocolate in a bad way but still want to be healthy kinda craving. They’ll save the world.

Okay, I’m just kidding on that last one. Kind of… These truffles involve chocolate and chocolate makes people happy and happy people WILL save the world. No? Okay, just promise me that you’ll make these soon. You’ll love them and be super happy too :)

Muesli Fusion Banana-Chocolate Truffles

Makes 16 Truffles


  • 2 very ripe, large bananas
  • 2 cups Muesli Fusion muesli (any kind will work!)
  • 1 cup shredded coconut, unsweetened
  • 1.5 cups almond butter
  • 8 ounces dark chocolate, melted per package directions


In a large bowl, mash bananas and almond butter together until no chunks of banana remain. Stir in muesli and coconut then place mixture into fridge and allow to cool for one hour. Once cooled, roll into 16 balls and place into freezer for 30 minutes or until hard. Dip each truffle into melted dark chocolate and place on cookie sheet in freezer. Allow to cool until set. Store in airtight container in freezer. Allow to come to room temperature for 2-3 minutes before enjoying.

Truffles 5

Made with real, all-natural ingredients, you have no reason not to enjoy these delicious bites of Heaven. Just make sure to have a few bags of Muesli Fusion in your pantry because once you taste your first healthy truffle, you won’t be able to stop ;)

Are you a muesli fan? What about a truffle fan? What is your favorite type of candy or baked good to give someone for a holiday?


  1. Yum those look really good!

    I do like muesli but I don’t have it very often. I’m more into my yoghurt mix ups, porridge or banana breads for breakfast.
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted…Marvelous in my Mondays #11My Profile

  2. The title makes these sound almost healthy.. lol well, I mean, for truffles they are pretty darn close but in moderation of course ;)
    Emily @ Have Your Cake And recently posted…Sun Warrior ProteinMy Profile

  3. Oh my goodness, these looks SO good!! And seriously, any dessert that contains whole, natural ingredients (and only 5??) is totally a winner in my book :).
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…Butternut Squash Tostadas with Zucchini and Carrot Tostada ShellsMy Profile

  4. Those look awesome! And what a creative way to use muesli!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Weekend Update: 6/2/13My Profile

  5. Oh holy yum!! Yes please!
    dANA recently posted…Challah French ToastMy Profile

    • Speaking of yummy, let’s talk about your Challah French Toast! My husband makes a mean loaf of Challah – next time I’m going to have to con him into making some French toast deliciousness out of it!

  6. yessssss-brilliant. These truffles look SO tasty!
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted…Coffee Cake Muffins with @ZulkaSugarMy Profile

  7. these look some serious deliciousness! I’m with you and want my truffles with fruity flavors, so even better when it’s actual fruit (and not some crazy additive a chemist came up with).
    Kelly @ Hidden fruits and veggies recently posted…Coconut Curry Fudge Pops (Vegan)My Profile

    • Thanks Kelly! And yes, I agree – the more real fruitiness, the better!! I hate the fake filling that you can’t decipher between cherry or strawberry or raspberry or who knows what!

  8. It’s official: you’re a genius. These are beyond amazing. I seriously LOVE every single ingredient in these. I NEED to make them, ASAP!!!!!! Pinning these bad boys, for sure.
    carly @ snack therapy recently posted…Photo-Worthy?My Profile

    • Mmmhmm… these ARE super tasty! But I gotta warn you, they’re addicting. I may or may not have eaten an entire batch in less than a week. That’s about 2.3 truffles per day. At least they’re made with real ingredients?

  9. OMG i want to make these this weekend! Miss your face :)
    Sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted…Vacation Scenes and Food!My Profile

    • I miss your {super tan now} face too!! And eat away my friend, no more beach vacay to worry about ;)

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhh these are amazing!!!!!! You rock. I can’t wait to try them!!
    De @ Cooking for the Other Half recently posted…sneak peek of the weekMy Profile

  11. Oh my! These look divine! And I love the ingredient list. Easy and healthy. Also–very nice pictures, too. :)
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted…Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna SteaksMy Profile

    • Thanks Michelle! The insides of these truffles aren’t the prettiest but they sure taste amazing :)

  12. Oh YUMMY!! These look and sound wonderful :)
    Beth Sheridan recently posted…Marvelous In My Monday #2 + FitnessGloMy Profile

  13. These truffles look incredible! I seriously wish I had one right now to munch on. I especially love the addition of almond butter in the middle…so yummy!!
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Where I’ve BeenMy Profile

    • Thanks Sarah! The almond butter adds an amazing flavor to these :) Glad you’re back to the bloggin’ world!

  14. Wowzas! These look delish!

  15. totally the best of both worlds here! YUM! Well done friend.

  16. Definitely a creative use of muesli! I’m all about chocolate and sweets, so I definitely appreciate a healthier version.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…MIMM: Mexi-Pug and Pork Balls.My Profile

    • I can’t stop myself when it comes to chocolate so I thought that I better figure out a way to make it healthy ;)

  17. These sound amazing! I would never have thought of stuffing a truffle with muesli or granola or anything at all healthy like this.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted…shopping and dog parksMy Profile

    • They are SO good, Nicole! I knew I wanted to make some sort of dessert but also something healthy so these truffles were born :)

  18. Um I’m seriously drooling over here! I will be in your neck of the woods in TWO DAYS so save some for me k?? :)
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…{MIMM #20} Giveaway: Delicious Gluten-Free Bread!My Profile

    • EEK – I just ate the last one tonight! Now I have an excuse to make more ;) Safe travels up north!!

  19. Sounds like a great idea for a party dessert – easy to pick up and eat on the run. Pinned! I hope you win :)
    Amanda @ the giraffe life recently posted…Welcome to SummerMy Profile

  20. Holy deliciousness, Batman — these sound amazing! I love the idea of a super-healthy, super-delicious dessert, and this fits the bill beautifully. :)

    Also, at the risk of sounding incredibly random, I think we have the same cutting board. If the one in the picture is from Crate & Barrel, then we both obviously have great taste in kitchen appliances! :)
    Lillian @ Seize the Latte recently posted…MIMM: A Weekend of R&RMy Profile

    • Haha – yes! It is from Crate & Barrel! I love it and use it in probably waaayyy too many food photos but it is just so pretty ;)

  21. YUM!! I will gladly take a bakers dozen.
    Christina @ The Beautiful Balance recently posted…Dixon, IL 2013 [Part 1]My Profile

    • Are you still in IL? You should ask the pilot to make a quick detour to MPLS and I’ll run some to the airport ;)

  22. Those are super creative! Wow. Thanks for sharing!
    Steph recently posted…Gusty Cooks Club: FiyuelosMy Profile

  23. This looks delicious!! Totally repinning your pin and good luck!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Pin It Party – Take 2!My Profile

  24. The last time I had muesli was when I still lived in Poland (over 10 years ago) and haven’t had any since but I do remember one thing – I LOVED THEM. These truffles are amazing!
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted…100 Most Irresistible Seasonal Recipes with Summer FruitMy Profile

    • Thanks Kammie!! The truffles turned out SO good. I like that I can eat one without feeling super guilty since they contain only “good-for-you” ingredients :)

  25. Love these!! YES, PLEASE!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted…JetLag and Eggplant and Mushroom DalMy Profile

    • You’ll have to let me know if you try them! They are definitely a summer grilling food – so good :)

  26. these look awesome!


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