The BIG News…

As promised, today is announcement day. It is with mixed emotions that I share all of this news and I’m not quite sure how to go about sharing everything – there is a lot here – so I’m just going to blurt it out and then ramble. Please bear with me!

1. I quit my job yesterday.

It is still difficult for me to fully grasp this concept as I type these words… I quit my job yesterday.

Although it would have made for some good YouTube video material, I wasn’t all “$%*# this!” while throwing papers up in the air and poppin’ champagne in the office. Not at all.

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I actually had trouble getting the words out because I was trying so hard to hold back the tears that had been forming for a few weeks. Thankfully, my manager is seriously the nicest person in the entire world and just kept telling me that it was okay and that my job should be the last thing I should be worried about at the moment. She has a great perspective when it comes to work-life balance and I am going to miss her. A lot.

For those of you that don’t know, I work for Target Corporation at their headquarters in Minneapolis. I LOVE being able to tell people that I work for Target, also known as: your favorite store of all time or the $50 $100 $200 store ;) I mean, who doesn’t love Target?!

Target was my first employer out of college and it has been the only place I have worked since graduating almost 4 years ago. Leaving a company like Target is difficult for many reasons – Target treats its employees like family, my coworkers are freakin’ amazing, I get a discount at Target (!!!) and unlike a lot of my friends, I actually do like my job. No, it’s not my dream job (still trying to figure out what that is…) but it has been a great job and I do like going into work every single day. Okay – I lied – maybe not every day, does anyone??! But most days, I really do enjoy my job.

Another great thing about Target? As soon as my larger team was informed about my decision to leave, my director reached out to me to let me know that if I ever wanted to come back to the company, just to let him know because they’d love to have me back. And again came the tears.

On a lighter note, the communication that was sent to my team called out the fact that in addition to the team missing my positive attitude and hard work, my baked goods would also be missed. I’m going to need some new taste-testers!

I think the most frightening part about leaving my job is that I do not have a new job lined up. I do have a few prospects in the works – more on that in a future post – but as of next Friday – August 9th, I will be a full-time blogger and a stay-at-home fur mommy to Mitchell. Pool time, long walks and marathon training, here I come!

2. I have a confession for you all, I might have told a teeny tiny little fib in one of my older posts. Remember when I said that Mitchell had to go to my in-law’s because of “work” we were having done on our condo? Well, we weren’t really having the kind of work I hinted at being done…

photo (35)

Kyle and I sold our condo. And you can’t have dogs in a condo while you’re getting it “show” ready.

This is the second – leaving my job was the first – most difficult of all three of my announcements. I love our condo. I mean, c’mon, just look at this view!


Yes, it might be small and it might not have enough windows for my liking and I hate our fridge but this is my – actually our – first place. It has been the first – and only – place Kyle and I lived after we were married and it was the first – and again, only – home that we have ever owned.

I remember immediately after closing and receiving our new set of shiny keys 3.5 years ago, we excitedly headed straight to our new place and popped open a bottle of champagne over our balcony. We later found out that any and all items (including corks!) are not allowed to be thrown off of balconies… oops… ;)

Owning a home is not easy. When something breaks, YOU have to pay for it, there is no landlord to pay the bills. Mortgages are frightening and frankly, I don’t want to own a home or a condo or anything similar for a long, long time.

Thankfully, our selling process was extremely easy. We received and accepted an offer on our condo before we even had the chance to put it on the market! I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have avoided the stress of multiple showings and the unknown of when our condo was going to actually be sold. And if all goes well, knock on wood, we close on the 19th of August!

I am going to miss our view and the sound of the mighty Mississippi at night and our downtown location – we have the BEST location in Minneapolis, but I know we are moving onto bigger and better things… or at least that is what I keep telling myself!

3. Now we’re to the final – and probably most exciting – announcement of the day. Deep breaths and drum roll please… 

Kyle and I are moving to Chicago! Well, actually, to be more clear, I am moving to Chicago… Kyle and Mitchell have been there since the beginning of July.


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Kyle was offered, and obviously accepted, a new position in the Chicago area that started a few weeks ago. It is an awesome opportunity for him and we have been wanting to get back to the Chicago area to be closer to family and friends so this felt like the perfect transition.

Whew! That was a lot, right?

I feel like I can finally breathe again. I have been wanting to tell you all the news for quite some time but obviously – for work-related reasons – I couldn’t spill the news until I was ready to tell my manager.

I could go on and on about all of the details and the stress – oh the stress! – that I’ve been under the past few weeks but I’ll let this news soak in and then update you on the specifics next week :)

Just a quick update on stress though before I go… I have been SO stressed over the past few weeks that my hair is starting to fall out. No joke. I paid a visit to my doctor earlier this week and she checked my hair for bald spots (I have none, thank goodness!) and prescribed me a shampoo that should help a little bit. Apparently it is quite common for women to lose hair during times of extreme stress! Unfortunately, pulling handfuls of hair out of my head while showering and blow-drying my hair isn’t helping my panic or stress levels. I’ve been eating a super clean diet ever since Monday full of eggs, walnuts, honey, avocados, lean fish/chicken, Greek yogurt and fruit and veggies as well as taking a daily women’s multi-vitamin and a hair/skin supplement so I hope that also helps me to not become completely bald by the time I actually get to Chicago.

Do you have any big news you would like to share? Do you live in/near Chicago? (Let’s hang out!) Most importantly, do you have any tips that will help me grow back my hair and prevent more from falling out?


  1. Wow! Lots of news here!! Congrats on it all. Love Chicago! I lived there for almost 10 years and it was a fun time.
    You’ll have to road-trip to Madison or we’ll meet up in Milwaukee!
    Nicole recently posted…Friday Round-UpMy Profile

  2. Wow! I am happy for you and the family!
    It’s going to get less stressful now that the news is out—I think anyway:)
    OMG—-how cool that the condo sold quick…………..I love that you’ll be in Chicago and close to his family!
    Congrats and I know you’ll miss MN but new adventures are on the way!
    Chicago is on my list of wknd getaways……….this Fall would be great otherwise next Spring. Thanks for opening up to us Becky!

    • Thanks Amy! You’ll have to let me know when you’re getting ready to visit. I’ll make sure to send you a list of great places to eat, shop and play!

  3. Congrats to you and the fam!
    I love this news and I know it’s so much at once…………’s going to be fun to be in a new town like Chicago!
    YAY you!

  4. What exciting news!! Though I’m going to miss feeling like I’m reading a neighbors blog :) When are you leaving? I feel like a blogger get-together/going-away party is in order!! Congrats on everything!!
    Taylor recently posted…red lentil coconut curryMy Profile

  5. :-) :-) :-) Yay for Chicago!! Such exciting times in your future–I can feel it!
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted…My Favorite Caprese SaladMy Profile

    • I hope so! We’ll have to plan a little get together when I’m settled in. We officially move into our apartment the evening of the 17th! :)

  6. So much exciting news! Congratulations. Change can be scary but it sounds like it all exciting change for the better. :) It must be such a relief to finally put it all out there!

    • I feel SO relieved, Sarah! After telling my boss yesterday, I felt like I could crawl under my desk and sleep for days. A lot of my worries just lifted :)

  7. Holy excited news! That is all so awesome and exciting. Everything will be just fine and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you! How exciting to be moving to Chicago, I’ve never been there but its on my list of places to travel, seems like such a fun place! Hey, now you can eat at RPM for me and let me know if it’s worth the trek from Oklahoma ;)

  8. WOW! Good luck with everything Becky! Everything is so exciting right now for you although I am sure it is stressfull! Take it all in stride and know that everything happens for a reason! I hear Chicago is amazing! You guys will love it!!! :)
    jackie recently posted…Where did July go?My Profile

  9. Wow, exciting news! Congrats! I look forward to reading about your adventures of living in Chicago!
    Shelly recently posted…How to Fix Tough DaysMy Profile

  10. Oh my goodness, Congrats to all your exciting news !! I am so happy for you guys that you will be closer to family. Don’t worry about finding a new job, I am sure the perfect one will pop up when the time is right.
    Ashley @ Life and Fitness recently posted…How I Make My OatsMy Profile

    • Thanks Ashley! I am actually not too worried about the job. I’ve been doing really well at saving money the past few months so I have a little back up fund for myself :)

  11. Wow this is all huge news! Congratulations on all of it and props to you for keeping it a secret for this long! I’m terrible at hiding things from anyone. It must have been really difficult. Chicago is gorgeous and I could love to live there someday. I’m sure you’ll figure out exactly where to go with your job once you move. Oh, and if you ever need a taste tester for baked goods… I’m your girl ;)

    • Thanks girl! Get ready for some baked goodies coming your way! ;) AND let me know if you ever plan a visit to Chicago!

  12. Wow Becky! This is seriously amazing. I admire your courage and I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. I definitely can understand the stress department — I find baking helps :) Congrats on this news, you will certainly find a job. Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted…Zucchini Crusted Spinach QuicheMy Profile

    • Thank you Amy! Yes, baking helps and come to think of it, I haven’t done any in weeks – maybe that is why I am so stressed ;) I might become a little baking machine next week.

  13. Congratulations! That’s a lot of change all at once, but it sounds like an exciting new chapter. Good luck with the move!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…The Lazy Girl’s Weeknight DinnerMy Profile

  14. OMG SO MUCH NEWS! Congratulations on moving to Chicago!! I’m sure it is hard to leave your job and your home but I know you have so many wonderful adventures ahead!

  15. Oh my goodness that is a lot of big news for one post! I’m so excited for you and Kyle to start your new adventure. No wonder running hasnt been going as well as you would have liked, I’m sure with all that stress you had going on it was the last thing on your mind. Too bad Chicago winters are not goin to be much warmer than Minneapolis.
    Nicole @ Fruit’n’fitness recently posted…simple summer chiliMy Profile

    • Not too much warmer but slightly and probably a little bit shorter ;) You’ll have to make a visit to Chicago now!

  16. Congratulations! This sounds like an amazing and exciting opportunity, and it’s going to be quite an adventure. Can’t wait to read about it!
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted…Back To School (Almost)My Profile

  17. This is exciting news! My family lives in Chicago, so we must meet up once you are all settled in! Lots of big changes can lead to some major stress, that’s for sure– take care of yourself lady!
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted…Feeling And Looking Great On Your Wedding DayMy Profile

  18. Wow, you were not kidding when you said you had a lot of big news! It’s a lot of change for you and your family, but you’ll be ok. I know it must have been a stressful couple of weeks, but once you’re all settled in I think you’ll be feeling better…and hopefully when the stress is gone the hair-loss problem will be too.
    Good luck with the move!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Five Things Friday 08/02/13.My Profile

    • Thanks Sam!! I am super excited for all of the changes but that doesn’t mean they don’t involve a ton of stress! As long as I don’t lose all of my hair, I think I can handle it ;)

  19. Wow, that’s a whole lot of big changes at once! You certainly weren’t kidding on the BIG NEWS! ;-) I think it’s awesome though and congrats! Once you get settled in Chicago, I’m sure things will slow down and you can take a breather!

    Good luck with everything and I look forward to hearing how it all works out!
    Holly @ EatgreatBEGreat recently posted…Tasty Bite ReviewMy Profile

    • Thank you Holly! Your sweet words mean a lot me to :) I am already looking forward to just being settled and getting to know my neighborhood a little bit better!

  20. Whoa!!! Congratulations! I wish I could hvea change like that… one day. :)

    Bonus: Chicago has the BEST food!!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Strange But Good: Tomato Brownie CakesMy Profile

  21. I am SO ridiculously excited for you!!! Mostly because I would love to quit my job and become a full-time blogger haha :) This post would’ve been even more amazing if you said you were moving to Philly :P but Chi town should be awesome. Congrats on all the big moves :D !!

    • Hahahah – should have convinced Kyle to find a job in Philly. I have actually never been so I need to plan a little east coast trip and include Philly on the list :) ORRRR you can come shop with me in Chi-town. I mean, I’ve seen all of your shopping bag photos and know you can do some good damage ;)

  22. I know this took a lot for you to write and quitting your job was so hard but the next chapter in your life is going to be so exciting!! Yay for being reunited with Mitchel man and Kyle! Congrats!!

    Thanks for making me feel better about not owning a home, haha!
    Sarah @ making thyme For health recently posted…Easy Summer Veggie Salad (vegan and gluten-free)My Profile

    • Thanks Sarah! And yes, home-ownership is overrated. I think it would be great to own a house/townhouse when we have kids but until then. Hellll to the no! Too much adult responsibility ;)

  23. Whoa girl!! What a post! Those are quite a few big changes to go through all at once!! Exciting for sure and very positive…but big nonetheless. No wonder you’ve been stressed. When I left my old job for where I am now in mid-January and then Joe came home from the army for good and moved in with me in the beginning of March, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Both were extremely positive changes, and I was so happy with each..:but they were huge nonetheless, and I was a little stress ball for a bit till I got more in the swing of things. I think it’s awesome that you had the courage to do what you needed to do job wise, and I can’t wait to hear about all your Chicago adventures!! Congrats love :)

    • Thanks Caitlin! Stress plays such a huge role in our lives during big changes, even when those changes are positive and happy!

  24. Congrats on the new adventure Becky!! I know Target will miss you too! I can only imagine how hard it was to tell your boss you were leaving. I know I would be a puddle if I had to tell my team and my boss I was leaving. On to bigger and better things girlie! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this blog in the coming weeks as you get to do it full time. :) Best of Luck!!
    rachel @ mY uRban Oven recently posted…Watermelon Feta Summer SaladMy Profile

    • Thanks Rachel! You’ll have to hold down the Target fort since I won’t be there any longer ;) Haha! Definitely let me know the next time you make it to Chicago!

  25. OMG, I am so excited for you, thats a whole lot of new in one post :) BUT now you are closer and I can easily visit Chicago because its only like 4-5 hours to drive. Not to mention I LOVE LOVE Chicago and I want to visit soon, so when I can I can stay with you right, lol ;) Congrats to your hubby too, and you will find a job :) I thought you were going to say that you were pregnant!
    sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted…My Crossfit Wish ListMy Profile

    • Thanks Sara! And yes, come visit me soon :) We can shop and drink and eat and run! Okay, maybe we can fit some crossfit into that as well, haha. And no, definitely not preggo, especially since I just drank my weight in wine a few weeks ago in Napa ;)

  26. Holy smokes, woman! Congrats!!! I know how stressful a big move and change like this is- last year we were living in Mankato, got married in Iowa, moved to ohio 3 weeks after the wedding and both started new jobs. If anyone can handle this, it’s you! Chicago is soooo amazing (i really hope we can move there next), and I think it will look good on you! We are in Chicago quite a bit and I would love to meet up with you one of these times! Actually, we will be in wriglyville tomorrow night…….. Hint hint! But congrats, again! So many exciting changes!
    Alisha @ alishasappetite recently posted…10 Ways To End Summer With A BangMy Profile

    • Thank you for all of the congrats :) I can’t imagine what stress you must have been in with everything you went through last year! And I’m pretty darn excited for tonight – eehhh blogger meet up!! :)

  27. All sounds so exciting! If we ever visit Chicago again, (which I hope sometime next year; I have family out there too), I will totally be making you aware!! Will you guys be right in the city?! All the best!!
    Dana recently posted…Bun-less Chicken Patty/Cake/ BurgersMy Profile

    • Thanks Dana!! And yes, you have to come visit!! We are going to be living right in the city, at least for the first year :)

  28. Yay! Now we can talk about your move!!! :)

    I can’t wait for lots of hang outs! I see a lot of fun adventures in our future-running, yoga, new workout classes, wine, new restaurants…the possibilities are endless! :)

    • Oh my gosh, I’m SO excited for this!!! I found this great diner/wine bar/bakery near me that we must visit. It has blogger written alllll over it ;) Plus Kyle and I are living in what seems to be a foodie neighborhood, yay!

  29. Well, we are thrilled to have you and Kyle in the Chicagoland area! Take it one day at a time. You are going thru so many changes but it seems as though it is all going along smoothly. Love to you both.
    ~ Barb& Phil

  30. Ahhhhh I am so so so excited for you guys!!! And can’t wait to come visit. ;)

  31. Eeeee! I’m so excited for you, girlie! :D I can only imagine how stressful it must be to be dealing with so many big changes at once, but just try to remember that no matter what, everything will be ok. Trust yourself to be able to handle whatever comes your way because you’re strong and going to kick some serious butt in this new chapter of your life :D
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. monthly favorites – july 2013 .My Profile

    • Thanks Amanda! It is just crazy how many changes we are going through all at once. Thankfully everything seems to be falling together perfectly which can ease some of my stress :)

  32. Oh goodness, congrats girl!!!! That is SO super exciting! Lots of awesome and amazing changes on the horizon for you!
    I totally understand the stresses – but I’m so positive this will be an amazing thing for you.

    • Thank you, Lisa!! It’s going to be an awesome move for us, as soon as I get over all of this stress :)

  33. a) WOW that is a lot that has been going on! I have no idea how you’re handling it, screw hair falling out if I were in your place my head may be falling off.
    b) That’s so exciting that you get to move to Chicago though! I grew up there and it is my favorite city on the planet and I’m a bit jealous that you get to live there. Someday Mitchell should have a playdate with my family’s black lab Halle!
    Ashley @ BrocBlog recently posted…At Some Point It Became AugustMy Profile

  34. Yaaaay Chicago! My mom has the same hair loss issues in times of stress! She tells me all the time about losing her hair in college. Sounds like you’ve got a handle on it though. You know my door (phone) is always open (text-ready) if you ever need to vent!

    • Thanks Katie!! You’re always so great at answering/dealing with my frantic texts ;) And it is also good to know that I’m not the only one who goes through hair loss – it gives me hope that it’ll grow back!

  35. Wow! Congratulations on all the big news! I can see why you’ll miss your condo – the view is amazing, but moving to Chicago will be a blast I’m sure. It seems like an awesome place to live. Target does sound like a great place to work, but think of this as an opportunity to find our dream job, because it’s out there somewhere. Oh and hair tips. I have very fine hair, so I worry about it a lot. I have been taking 2500 mcg of nature made biotin and I think it helps. I have also heard prenatals help. And I am going to try this highly recommended Kerastase Initialiste. It is rather expensive, but if things get bad, you might want to consider it.

    • Thanks Laura!! Chicago is pretty great :) And thanks for the hair tips! I just ordered some biotin shampoo and purchased some keratin supplements that I hope do the trick. I’m going to look into prenatals too – they seem good in an overall sense so it couldn’t hurt, especially if I am under so much stress!

  36. How exciting for this new chapter and adventure in your life :) There are going to be many fun times in stored for you there.

    I can imagine how stressful it’d be! Avocados are great for hair, as is coconut oil mix with olive oil massaged into the scalp. My sister had hair falling out issues and it helped. Oh, and lots of leafy greens.

    I worked at Target during some of my college years and I enjoyed it. I was a cashier/guest services person. Though the holidays were nuts!

    Congrats on this big move and wishing you all the best!! <3

    • Thanks Sonia! I have been eating avocados like it’s my job! I was nervous that putting coconut oil/olive oil on my hair would block the hair follicle pores and wouldn’t let the hair grow in? Maybe I’ll have to do some more research! Thanks for the tip :)

  37. Congrats to you and your husband. Change can be scary, but change is exciting too. Chicago is a great city. Looking forward to more adventures of wining, dining, fitness and fun from the windy city.

  38. Congrats to you and your husband. Change can be scary, but change is exciting too. Chicago is a great city. Looking forward to more adventures of wining, dining, fitness and fun from the windy city. Best wishes!

  39. Oops sorry. Duplicate comments. Tech difficulties.
    bezzymates recently posted…Welcome to my Kitchen Paul PlakasMy Profile

  40. Congrats on all your new changes! I hope you can relax a little now that news is out and I am sure your hair will be fine. Moving and packing is a great excuse for ponytails anyway ;)
    Casey @ Salted Plates recently posted…Peach CapreseMy Profile

  41. I feel like i caught up on your whole life right now, which is good! and i am so excited for you! Focus on enjoying time away from a 9-5 job. Soak it all up! <3 <3
    lindsay recently posted…Fitness Friday with #TeamPolar: Polar RC3GPSMy Profile

    • I must admit, I am pretty darn excited for a little break from the 9-5 (I mean, 8-5…) world ;) It’ll be nice to just relax and focus on what is important to me!

  42. No wonder you have been so stressed!! Between all the huge changes in y’all’s lives and keeping it all quiet I’m not surprised that your hair is falling out and that running is just adding to the stress.
    I hope the move goes smoothly – I’m sure you will be happy to rejoin your husband!!
    Kim recently posted…Real Life vs Vacation LifeMy Profile

    • Thank you, Kim!! I think all of the stress is a HUGE contributor in my issues with running lately. My body was already so stressed that it couldn’t take on the additional physical stress I was trying to put it through.

  43. May I ask what Shampoo was “prescribed??”

    • The shampoo contains 2% nizoral which is a type of anti-fungal cream but has been shown to also reduce hair loss in studies. I figure that I’d give it a shot! I am also starting to use shampoo/conditioner with biotin and just ordered some keratin supplements – with all of these things and better nutrition, I am going to be growing TONS of hair ;)

  44. I’m shocked – not at all what I was guessing! :) It sucks to leave a job you love, doesn’t it? I’m guessing the job you have doesn’t exist at the actual Target store? I used to work at a chain restaurant, and we would have people transfer in from other locations all the time, so that’s why I asked.

    I’m so happy you’ll be closer to friends and family! I’ve never been to Chicago (it’s on our list!) but I think you’ll enjoy it. I hear there’s tons to do and maybe the new scenery will help with those long runs :) Will you be able to finish your training for the nutrition certification from Chicago?
    Amanda recently posted…July Goals UpdateMy Profile

    • No, I actually work for Target HQ. I could transfer to a store as an HQ management level position but I don’t think I could handle wearing red & khaki everyday ;) I will be able to finish my certification from Chicago – it is an online program so I can do it from anywhere! Definitely let me know if you ever come visit – I’d love to have a little blogger meet up :)

  45. Wow!!! Omg so much exciting news!! I am so happy for you it sounds like it is going to be such a new adventure for you guys :) it’s a shame you have to leave a job you enjoy but I am sure you will find something in Chicago that you love or just become a full time blogger ;)
    Jan @ Sprouts n squats recently posted…Friday Favourites #22My Profile

    • Thanks Jan!! I like the full-time blogger idea… just need to start making big $$ and then convince Kyle ;)

  46. Sounds like some awesome changes! Don’t you just love the 20’s?! We’re about to hit the season you’re going through. I’m excited now but I’m sure it’s trying too! I’m sure you’ll find a job very soon with Target Corp. on your resume. Happy weekend!
    Carley @ Optimistic health recently posted…Thankful Thursday: July EditionMy Profile

    • Thanks Carley! Yes, definitely awesome changes but also very stressful! Let me know if you need any help with stress relief when big things start changing in your life – I should be an expert by now ;)

  47. Congrats! Big and exciting changes coming up :) I love Chicago, I didn’t make it there enough when I lived in Milwaukee.

    • Thanks Christina! It’s almost like we switched places… almost ;) PS. You should consider attending HLS – it is in Minneapolis this year!

  48. Congrats, girl! I understand the stress but keep in mind the excitement of things to come. Also, I feel like that run that didn’t work out last weekend should have an opportunity to happen now! ;) When do you officially get to Chicago? Maybe we need to celebrate new places, new faces and new journeys over a bottle of wine?

    • Yes, yes and YES! I love it :) I officially move here the 16th and Kyle and his brother are moving our stuff into our place on the 17th so anytime after that weekend would be perfect! I am so excited that I already have blends in the city :)

  49. Aaaaannnnd you can breathe. I am so excited for you and the next adventures of your life! I cannot wait to come visit you out in Chicago!
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted…In On the Yoga ActionMy Profile

    • Oh yes, a blend visit is definitely in order!! So excited to see you next week and to visit for HLS in a month!! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there to always answer my frantic texts and emails – you are seriously the best! <3

  50. I’m so happy for you!!! I went through a similar experience last year trying to leave a job (and people) that I felt very attached to. It was a year long process and the most stressful time of my life. I too lost hair and was constantly at the doctors – stress is no joke! I’m so glad you are “free” now and can enjoy all the exciting stuff going on. Chicago seems like an awesome city!
    Brittany @ proteinandpumps recently posted…August GoalsMy Profile

    • Thanks Brittany! I am guessing your hair grew back? I am just worried that I am going to keep losing mine and look like a bald granny in a few weeks!! It is crazy how much stress can impact your body and health. I have realized that this stress is why I haven’t been able to run well – or really at all – the past month. It has just taken over and sucked me of energy, motivation (and my hair!!) ;) And Chicago IS awesome! You’ll have to let me know if you ever decide to visit :)

  51. I’m planning my visit. Soon. Get ready.
    carly @ snack therapy recently posted…5 Ways You Know It’s Finals WeekMy Profile

    • YES. Kyle and I checked out a few of our “local” bars last night. I have a great selection for ya now ;)

  52. Wow, you have so many big changes happening in your life right now! I can only imagine how stressful that must be. BUT…it is all going to fall into place and I am sure that you will really enjoy living in Chi-town!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…“Healthified” Root Vegetable and “Sausage” Breakfast HashMy Profile

    • Oh yes, I know it will all work out in the end and I am so SO excited for the move, it just is always a little bit (okay, a lotta bit!!) stressful during the transition time period :)

  53. holy moly that was A LOT of news! CONGRATS on all of it. except for the stress and hair thing. it’ll pass and you’ll be fine again i am certain. i would LOVE to visit chicago and with it being so close to minneapolis i’m sure i’ll get that chance. so keep me updated on places to go:) enjoy your time off too.

    • Thanks Kendra! Yes, it was for sure a lot of news and changes all at once :) You and your family will have to make a road trip here! There is tons of stuff for the kiddos – zoo, aquarium, the lake, and more! :)

  54. Wow! That is a lot of news to handle all at once. You are one tough cookie and I wish you the best of luck in Chicago :)

    • Thank you, Sabrina! It’s definitely a positive change but it still involves a TON of stress! Now, I just can’t wait until my locks are full again ;) Haha!

  55. Wow, SO much news! Congrats on all fronts! I’ve never been to Chicago, but I’ve only ever heard great things about it!
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted…The One About NothingMy Profile

  56. I already tweeted you but CONGRATS girl! Sending big hugs your way! I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures. I’m so happy that you’ve taken control of your life and are going places! xx
    Katherine recently posted…Celebrating National Ice Cream Day! (Kinda)My Profile

  57. Haha – I think I need to go invest in a wig… or Rogaine… ASAP ;) Thanks for the well wishes, Erica!

  58. Congrats on all of the news! That’s awesome you guys are moving to Chicago. I’m from Northwest Indiana (about 40 minutes from the city), and I’m probably biased but it’s one of my favorite places ever! If you ever want to eat away from the chaos for a weekend, check out the wineries or beaches in Michigan. It’s an easy drive and they’re beautiful!

    • Thanks Kim!! I’m obsessed with little wineries and beaches so I will definitely be checking out Michigan :)

  59. OMG I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!! I’m so pumped for you to move to Chicago, seriously you will LOVE it there if you don’t already (which it sounds like you do). I am so freaking exciting for you I can’t even begin to tell you. What part of Chicago are you moving to? I will be moving back there in about 2 years :)
    Christina @ the beautiful balance recently posted…July Recap 2013My Profile

    • We’re moving downtown – at least for the first year! I want to figure out what neighborhoods I like before we decide to buy anywhere :) And now I’m excited for you to move back!!! :)

  60. Wow! Congrats girl!!! Lots of big and exciting changes happening for you! You will be closer to me in Chicago! ;)
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  61. Moving is always tough, but welcome to Chicago! Love love love it here. :)

    • Thank you so much, Jess!! I’m so excited and obviously a little bit nervous but it will a great new adventure for me :)

  62. Ahhhhhhh so much news in one post! So many changes! I am really excited and happy for you as you embark on this next piece of your life. :)
    De @ Cooking for the Other Half recently posted…pieces of weekends and summer daysMy Profile

  63. Wow that is a lot of news and a lot to be dealing with – no wonder you are stressed! Hopefully the stress will ease off and you can enjoy such a wonderful transition. I bet you will loooove Chicago! My sis-in-law lived there for a couple of years for grad-school, and she LOVED it, as did my husband (who got to go visit several times).

    Congrats on all fronts!
    Mrs. Herb recently posted…Summer Pasta with Zucchini and SquashMy Profile

    • Thank you!! I do love Chicago, at least as a visitor! I’m nervous to move there and have to learn a new city but I know it will be a positive change :)

  64. I’m just catching up from my weekend away and wanted to say I am SO excited for you!!! I’m glad to hear you are healthy and a-ok and it’s no wonder you were stressed!! But this is all so exciting and positive…congrats!!!!

    I am so excited to follow your moving adventure and new shenanigans in Chicago! I’m sure Kyle and Mitchell will be happy to have you back :)
    Emily @ The Good Era recently posted…Lake LifeMy Profile

  65. I’m just catching up and am SO excited for y’all!! I hope you absolutely love Chicago and being home.
    Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio recently posted…Weigh-In Wednesday: Fearing ChangeMy Profile

    • Thanks Ashley! I am SO ready for this transition period to be over and for the stress to go away. Almost there though, only 2 days left of work and then a week of packing :)

  66. Oh my goodness!! CONGRATS! That is alllll so very exciting!! <3

    I was waiting for the 4th…."and we're having a baby!" haha. that would've been even more epic than all of this already was! (and I prob only thought that b/c of my pregnancy. hah)

    So exciting for you guys! <3
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted…For Two Fitness® {Ambassador} + Friend LunchMy Profile

    • OH my gosh, I think would be fainting from stress every 2 minutes if that were my #4 ;) Haha! And if I were pregnant, I’d have some explaining to do considering I hadn’t seen my husband in a month when I wrote this post and I was drinking a bit of wine in Napa a few weeks before, hehe! Thanks for the well wishes :)

  67. Um, holy crap. Where have I been!? Such exciting news! Congrats on starting the next chapter of your lives. I hope you guys love Chicago! I hear it’s pretty great. :)
    elle | nutritionella recently posted…broccoli stem veggie burgersMy Profile


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