HLS13 Saturday and Sunday

Okay, I think it’s time to continue on with my HLS 2013 recap! If you didn’t catch my recap of Friday, you can find it here.

After a not-so-great night of sleep on Friday, Katie and I were up before the sun (literally) to embark on an 8-mile run. I led her around my old running paths and it felt great to be back running along the Mississippi!

HLS Run Collage

Following the run and some a gallon of coffee, I joined the HLS bloggers for breakfast at the hotel. We had a great buffet full of eggs and potatoes, cheddar-pepper biscuits that were to die for, fruit, yogurt and pastries. Everything was delicious!

hls breakfast

Throughout the day, I attended 4 conference discussions – Blogs in Transition: Embracing Your Blog, From Blog to Job: Utilizing Your Personal Blog to Elevate Your Career, The Organized Blogger and Blogger and the Brand: Building Relationships – and visited our amazing sponsors’ booths.

I didn’t take a single note during any of the conference sessions (oops) plus I’m not great at educational recaps… HOWEVER, if you’re interested in reading about what we learned, both Caroline and Amanda have great recaps of these sessions!

Driscoll Collage

I mentioned that I visited and talked with our sponsors, right? Well, I am just going to get it out there and say that our sponsors were freakin’ AMAZING! We snacked and snacked and snacked some more throughout the day on delicious things like Driscoll Berries and Blue Diamond Almonds and homemade Nutella via a Ninja Blender and Wild Harvest popcorn and Sargento cheese sticks. In addition to some serious snackage, we also had some fun opportunities for photo shoots (had I known this, I would have actually done my hair and worn makeup…) and giveaways – we seriously could not have had better sponsors :)

Photo Op Collage

Oh and my recap wouldn’t be complete without mentioning lunch! We had a tasty fajita salad buffet along with a Diablo Chocolate Cake – I was tempted to eat 5 pieces but then decided that I shouldn’t do that at a healthy living conference ;)

HLS lunch Collage

After a full day of sessions, the roomies and I had plans to go out for dinner and drinks. The idea of showering, putting on makeup and real clothes along with the rain storm outside had us thinking that staying in the hotel room for a girls’ night was a much better option. We trekked out into the storm to grab some wine (obviously) and Chipotle (of course!) and headed back to our room for some girl time. It was great to spend a Saturday night without make up and bras (oh wait, that’s just me that hates wearing ’em, hehe!) and talking with my ladies :)

HLS dinner Collage

On Saturday night, I found out that I won the contest for a Ninja Ultima Blender!! I was so freakin’ excited, I couldn’t believe it! My old blender (that was probably $15) died just before I made the move to Chicago and I haven’t had the chance to make smoothies since. I can’t wait to receive a ($200-ish) blender and make soup and smoothies and pestos and other deliciousness that I can share with you all!

As a little side note – and to keep you awake for the rest of the post, I will be hosting a Ninja GIVEAWAY in the near future! Get excited!

sunday morning Collage

Sunday morning was welcomed after a much better night of sleep with a cup of Starbucks (my beloved downtown Dunn Bros doesn’t open until 9am on Sundays – whaaa??! People need their coffee, Dunn!) and a walk to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden with the whole HLS group. I had a great time chatting with Hannah, Casey, Sam, Chelsea, Gina and Kim along the way!

Next came a sleepy breakfast followed by more giveaways. Us bloggers love things to review on our blogs ;) I didn’t win anything but Katie did and she gave me her HUGE bag of EnergyBits (another giveaway that I’ll be having soon!).  Thanks Katie!

Energy Bits Collage

Before packing up to head to the airport, I said my goodbyes to SO many amazing women including Amanda and Katie (who were at our dinner on Friday but I didn’t get to talk with them that much since they were on the other end of the table – bummer!), Kelsey, Tara, Katie and Katie (who lives in Chicago!).

P.S. If you ever forget a blogger’s name, just go ahead a shoot for Katie – you have a 72% chance of getting it right ;)

phillip lim

Once I was all packed, I hit up Target for some Phillip Lim action with Jen and then she was kind enough to drive me to the airport. I stopped at my favorite MSP hangout (go here the next time you’re at MSP!) – Surdyk’s Flights – and ordered a flight of reds along with the Minneapple panini – turkey, brie and apples.

HLS Surdyks Collage

I have yet to sort through all of my swag although Kyle is quite excited about some of the Wild Harvest snacks I brought home ;)

Phew! It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I’m so excited and happy that I was able to meet and spend time with so many wonderful and inspirational women!

What was your favorite session if you attended HLS? How many Katie’s do you know? I think I’m up to at least 150 ;)


  1. All of those eats look marvelous!! So cool you were back in your old City. ;)
    Dana recently posted…Another week…My Profile

  2. Congrats on winning the Ninja- that is so awesome! I am looking forward to your giveaway.. hehehe (fingers crossed). Glad you got to hang out in one of your favorite cities with blends eating good food! I will get myself to a conference one of these days, just have to decide what location is most exciting to visit :)
    Marisa @ Uproot from oregon recently posted…Cheddar, Apple, and Arugula SandwichMy Profile

  3. So glad you had fun!!!! I want a blender too!!! I hope I can get it :-)
    It looks awesome!
    Jackie recently posted…{Tasty Tuesday} Summer Corn SaladMy Profile

  4. Bahaha, there were SO MANY Katie’s! It was great to finally meet you, and I’m glad you made it home safe after our scary plane conversation Sunday morning. And I totally agree that no makeup and no bras is the best way to chill out!
    kATIE recently posted…Can I Go Back? #HLS13My Profile

  5. That guacamole on your chipotle >>>>>
    Congrats on winning a Ninja! Those things rock! And you’re giving one away? Heck yes!
    Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake recently posted…I Love Crackers! (Review)My Profile

  6. Ugh all that food looks amaaaazing! I’d have to say Chipotle has some tough competition with the rest of the food (which is rare!) I’m definitely having one of those “gallon of coffee” mornings today.. Blah.
    Julie recently posted…What’s the Deal with Introverts?My Profile

  7. I’m always the girl that would rather get wine and takeout and hang out at home in my yoga pants, so that girl’s night looks super fun! The whole conference sounds amazing, glad you had a good time!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…Just Suck It Up And GoMy Profile

  8. I don’t think the Canadian Targets have the Phillip Lim collection… wahhhh! K but love this recap because I feel like I am living vicariously through you/all the Katie’s. So fun about winning the blender… I am crossing my fingers your giveaway is open to us Canadian folk because I have been at a war with my darn blender.
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted…Recent Eats [WIAW 13]My Profile

  9. Everyone is posting pics of that chocolate cake and now all I can possibly fathom eating at the moment is a piece (or entire cake) of that goodness!!! Not cool friends! Ditto to Amy’s comment, hope it’s open to canadians!
    Davida @The Healthy Maven recently posted…No-Bake Mint Chocolate Protein BarsMy Profile

  10. I was so freakin’ excited for you when I saw you won the blender! It seriously looks like an amazing one. And holy.snap were the sponsors ever generous. They were literally throwing stuff at us, and I wish I would have left more room in my suitcase so I could have taken more home!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … pesky peanut allergies .My Profile

  11. I have to admit my jealousy over that Ninja blender is SUPER high! I SERIOUSLY could use something other than my little $15 one cup blender that is losing it’s life… :( haha!
    Katie @ Talk less, Say more recently posted…What I Ate At HLSMy Profile

  12. There’s no way I’d be able to have only one slice of that cake.
    Runner Girl eats recently posted…WTF?! WednesdayMy Profile

  13. All the food looks delicious from the conference.
    And that Chipotle salad bowl looks epic with all that guacamole! Just amazing. I still can’t believe I’ve never tried it before.
    That’s also super exciting you won a blender!
    Lisa recently posted…Comment on Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer by LaurenMy Profile

  14. Aw what a fun weekend! I wish I could’ve been there for wine and Chipotle girl’s night..my perfect kinda night! P.S. I am cracking up over the Katie comment. SO true! Ashlee is such a popular name too but I rarely see other bloggers named Ashlee. I had 6 Ashleys in my class of 40 people in high school though ;-)

  15. So awesome you won the blender!!! I am in desperate need of one as well. And you’re right, I cant believe how many bloggers are Katies!!

  16. Congrats on winning the blender! It sounds like you had so much fun at the HLS with all the friends and food. Whenever I go back home to MN I always have to stop at Caribou, I would have been so sad if they werent open when I went ot get coffee.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted…WIAW – after late night snackingMy Profile

  17. cant wait for those giveaways, PS. did you get my email about the hotels?
    sara @ Fitcupcaker recently posted…Update: What’s Happening This WeekMy Profile

    • I did! Let’s wait for Carly to get back from Italy to decide since it’ll be you guys that will be staying there so I want to include her in the conversations!

  18. A Ninja giveaway! I’ll be there the second it posts! My favorite session was Blogger Self-Care (really, they were all amazing!)! I thought it was not only applicable to blogging but to life in general. Love the idea of a girls’ night-in! And I’m surprised I went the whole weekend without some coffee…maybe that is why I was so tired!
    Kelsey @ Ramblings of Change recently posted…Getting the Knots Out.My Profile

  19. Cheddar pepper biscuit = want.

    Congrats on the blender! I’ll be on the lookout for your giveaway; mine is ancient and on its way out, too.

  20. Haha, you are so right…there are a million Katie’s! ;)
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…{WIAW} Healthy Living Summit 2013 Recap: The Food!My Profile

  21. Sounds like a great time!
    PS. I’m with you on the no bra thing ;)
    Michelle @ 3cheaprunners recently posted…Liebster AwardMy Profile

  22. I’m still thinking about that cake…it was so good! And between the lunch saturday and all the Chipotle I ate, I think it’s safe to say that it was a pretty Mexican-ified weekend for me ;-)
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: At the HLS Sessions.My Profile

  23. So great to finally meet you, wish we could have spent more time together but the weekend was packed with fun. I am also still thinking about that cake, the hotel should post the recipe for us since we all adored it haha
    Casey @ Salted Plates recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday- Day One of Healthy Living SummitMy Profile

  24. Oh my gosh I am so jealous you won the blender! It seems like quite a convenient win, though!

    I’m also sad we didn’t get to chat much at dinner, but we will see each other soon! :)
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…A Healthy Living Summit Un-RecapMy Profile

  25. The From Blog to Job session was my favorite!
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted…Healthy Living Summit 2013 {Day Two}My Profile

  26. Sounds fantastic. All of it! I love Driscoll’s berries and buy them weekly. Are they out of California? They’re shipped here, but are always so fresh and sweet.
    bezzymates recently posted…Must Tries and DiscoveriesMy Profile

  27. Haha I know a TON of Katies. Maybe more Sarah’s though… My favorite session was Blog/Brand. I really value all the brands I work with and I recognized I definitely want more of a relationship with most of them. Missing youuuuuuu!
    Caroline recently posted…Breaking it Down, Bullet Point Style.My Profile

  28. Staying in and eating chipotle in our hotel room, in our sweatpants, was by far the best decision of the weekend!
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted…WIAW: What I Have Been Eating LatelyMy Profile

  29. I love girls nights that you don’t have to wear a bra or makeup!!!
    I can’t wait for the ninja giveaway… Fingers crossed I win :)
    Looks like it was a great conference. I will definitely be attending next year.
    Alex @ Alex runs for food recently posted…Things are getting better!!My Profile

  30. Ahhh, so exciting that you won the blender! I saw your pic on Instagram! haha
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted…WIAW – Week 54My Profile

  31. How exciting that you won the blender! Can’t wait for your giveaway! All the food looks amazing, especially that chocolate cake! So glad you had such a great time!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…{Guest Post} Toxic BeautyMy Profile

  32. Loved reading your recap- it looks like you ladies had a blast! Gotta love wine and Mexican with your girls!
    Heather Murphy recently posted…Black Bean and Quinoa Burger recipeMy Profile

  33. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I heard next year’s is in Madison…I’m THERE!
    ALISHA @ ALISHA’S APPETITE recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday: Open WindowsMy Profile

  34. Sounds like so much fun!! I love the funny pic btw :)
    Brittany @ DulceVie recently posted…Heeello Santa Clara :)My Profile

  35. OMG it looks like a blast girly!! And omg that Chocolate Diablo Cake!

    And the Josh wine! I sold that at work lol

    • AH!! I KNEW I had seen that wine somewhere before so I thought I would go for it! Now I remember seeing it on your instagram, lol!

  36. HAHAHA so true about the Katies!

    Totally jealous of all your swag, but super grateful that you included me in the Ninja contest! We have some awesome smoothies and other various recipes in our future!
    Katie @ Blonde Ambition recently posted…New Obsession: MixMyOwn MuesliMy Profile

  37. OMG that sounds like the most awesome weekend! Congrats on winning the blender! Mine died awhile ago, so I’ve been using my food processor to make smoothies.
    Laura Dembowski recently posted…Bistro Joe’s ReviewMy Profile


  1. […] I’ll provide a full update later this week but overall, I think I did pretty darn good for not training since moving to Chicago almost two months ago and having my last “long” run with Katie a month ago at HLS! […]

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