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A day in the life, Becky style.

Since Mitchell’s post a few weeks ago was such a hit, I’m here to show him up today with a post about a day in MY life.

Ah, who am I kidding? Mitchell will always be the favorite but that doesn’t mean I can’t share my typical day with y’all!

photo 1 (33)

Here goes – get ready for a peek into my day-to-day, super exciting (but not really) life! :)

5am: Alarm rings – turn it off.

5:01am: Second alarm rings – whine, listen to Kyle tell me to stop setting multiple alarms and roll out of bed.

5:05am: Chug a Spark, change into my gym clothes and read a few blogs on Bloglovin’.

5:30am: Walk to the best place in the city of Chicago, my gym <3

photo 1 (42)

6am: Groggily start a group fitness class – typically Play Hard, Boot Camp, Body Pump or Spinning (although we all know how I feel about spinning…) – only to wake up 10 minutes in and realize I’m getting a great workout in!

6:45am: Head home to shower, eat breakfast and get ready for the day.

7:30: Panic because I need to leave for work in 15 minutes. Quickly throw some makeup on my face (maybe even mascara if I have an extra 2 minutes and want to feel pretty although this is a rare weekday event), rummage through my closet to find something acceptable, accessorize and glance in the mirror.

selfie before work

7:45am: Kiss Mitchell’s nose and head out the door!

8am(ish): Arrive at work and prepare my 2nd Spark of the day :)

8am-12noon: Work work work work work work work.

12noon: LUUUUNNNNCCCHHHHH! <– Obviously my favorite part of the day! Lunch is typically leftovers from dinner the night before or Chipotle. Okay, I’ll admit it… It’s Chipotle more often than not ;)

photo 4 (33)

12:59pm: Instagram my lunch because well, I’m obsessed with social media.

1pm-5pm: Work work work work work work work.

5pm(ish): Freedom! Ahem… time to leave work.

5:45am: Arrive home after a walk that potentially included stopping at Target, Sephora, Macy’s and Starbucks.

photo 3 (39)

6pm: Take Mitchell out and pick up the packages I received that day so I can hide them before Mr. Kyle gets home ;)

photo 2 (40)

6:45pm: Kyle gets home from work and I start making dinner while drinking wine because it’s not dinner without wine. Normally dinner has a Mexican theme because the guy LOVES tacos!

7:30pm: Dinner time!!

photo 5 (33)

8pm: Clean the kitchen, fold laundry and finish other random chores around the apartment. Sometimes I also blog during this time if I didn’t get a post written over the weekend.

9pm: Realize I need to start wrapping things up for the night because girlfrand is tired. Kiss Mitchell’s nose, then kiss Kyle (he stays up later than I do and he hates that he is kissed after Mitchell, hehe!) and head to bed.


9:15pm: Do one final social media check – You guys, I have a serious problem… and read for a few minutes before turning out the lights.

And that’s a wrap! Not as exciting as I promised, huh? Someday my life will be more exciting – you know, when Kyle finally says okay to that housewife gig I keep mentioning and applying for on a daily basis ;)

What time do you typically wake up/go to bed each day? 5am/9pm (give or take depending upon the day!)

What is your favorite place to eat if you’re buying lunch? Chipotle or Jimmy Johns :)

It’s okay…

It’s okay if…

It’s okay if you manage to hold it together during a rough week only to let something small and insignificant – like smudging your new pedicure – break the final straw. It’s also okay if the only thing you can utter when your husband asks what is wrong is that your new pedicure is now ruined. This event may have happened recently ;)

It’s okay if you want to lose weight and choose to go on a diet. There has been a recent push against dieting in the HLB world (which I totally understand, we should all love ourselves regardless of our physical appearance) but it is your body and you have the freedom to do what you want with  it. In my opinion, and considering the increasing rate of obesity in the United States and the impact it is having on our nation, a healthy diet and exercise is an awesome way to kick start your journey to a healthier body – both mentally and physically.


It’s okay if you eat the same thing for lunch every single day for a week. (ahem, Chipotle…) Sometimes the only thing that will quench that craving are multiple servings over many days ;)

It’s okay if you order things online just so you can receive a package in the mail once or twice a week. Who doesn’t love mail especially when it involves a package?!

It’s okay if the only reason you offer to take the dog out in -20 degree weather is because you’re just 20 steps away from your 10K daily goal.

It’s okay if you disagree with your best friend. The world would be a boring place if we all had the exact same opinions about everything. Just avoid conversations about politics or religion at happy hour if you value your friendship ;)

It’s okay if your materialistic and like to own nice things like purses and shoes and dresses and jewelry. We’re all motivated by different things in life and if your gorgeous necklace gets you up and out of bed in the morning and gives you the confidence to tackle a new day, then work those sparkles girl!

It’s okay if you want to wear the same outfit all weekend long. Changing out of those wunder unders is just too much work on a Saturday ;)

Thanks to Carly for the “It’s okay” theme inspiration and to Amanda for hosting the Thinking Out Loud link up!

Now it’s your turn – It’s okay if…

Favorite Things – WINNER!

I selected a winner for My Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway last night!

Favorite Things Giveaway

Congrats to Jackie Mac!


I’ll be emailing you soon :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

#20 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday from Chiberia! Seriously, I know we’re all complaining about it but SERIOUSLY… -40?! Can someone tell me why my office has not mandated that we all work from home until summer?

Since it is too cold to do anything but catch up on blogs, eat and do some much needed online shopping (who’s with me?!), I’m going to do my best to entertain you today with my Treat Yourself Tuesday – Birthday Extravaganza edition! Lots and lots of treating happened over the weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it :)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you’re new to TYT, head over here to read about why I am a firm supporter and advocate for treating ourselves – even in the smallest of ways – everyday! I promise you will fall in love with the idea and once you do, please link up below :)

photo 2 (35)

After a rough week (My credit card was stolen and my birthday dress wasn’t going to be delivered, among a few other things…), I moved my mani/pedi to Friday evening. My gym was having a special and a little pampering after work was much appreciated! My manicurist also kept oohing and ahhing over all of my jewelry – she definitely knew how to make a girl feel better :)

photo 1 (37)

Saturday morning I woke up and IMMEDIATELY updated my countdown. It was wine day!!

photo 3 (35)

After a quick run at the gym, I headed to my beloved Starbucks. Holy deliciousness. I forgot how amazingly good coffee tastes. I treated myself to a plain black coffee on Saturday but splurged on Starbucks’ new Caramel Flan Soy Latte on Sunday (my actual birthday). Now that’s a drink y’all need to try ASAP! It’s not overly sweet like many of their sweetened lattes, I definitely recommend it!

photo 5 (30)

After getting ready for the day, Kyle treated me to a Whole Foods shopping trip! To be clear, he only treated me because I did not yet have my credit card… I guess that incident turned out in my favor ;) Oh, and you better bet I broke my 24-day wine fast at Whole Foods. A glass of Cabernet never tasted so good… or put as big of a smile on my face.

photo 4 (30)

RTR was able to make up for the birthday dress debacle by over-nighting a new dress to me. While I was bummed I didn’t get my original choice (I wanted the red one!), the one they sent fit perfectly. And by perfectly, I mean I couldn’t breathe or move very well but it looked pretty darn good ;)

photo 1 (38)

Kyle took me to Allium – a restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel that serves modern farm-to-table fare. It was absolutely gorgeous and, since we arrived early (story of my life), we decided to check out the bar before dinner.

Allium Collage

I ordered a flight of champagne to enjoy while we waiting for our table. #treatyoself!

photo 4 (31)

Kyle treated me to a bottle of Dom Perignon with dinner! I was so excited – I have wanted to try a bottle of Dom for basically EVER and, even though he’s not the biggest champagne fan, he decided to sacrifice for my birthday… although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a huge sacrifice ;)

Allium Dinner

Allium serves mostly sharing plates so we ordered a few plates to share – a cheese plate, bison tartare, Brussels sprouts (pretty sure they were deep fried) and a procuitto and frisee flatbread. It was all so so SO good! I definitely recommended a trip to Allium if you live in or visit Chicago.

photo 2 (38)

On Sunday, I woke up and it was my birthday!! Woohoo!! ;) After reading all of your sweet and loving texts and Tweets (thank you so so SO much – you definitely made my day fabulous!), I made another quick gym/Starbucks trip and got ready before meeting Kyle’s parents for brunch. Oh, and there was birthday present opening in there too… not only did Kyle treat me to a bottle of Dom, he also gave me diamonds, lululemon and more Spark! He sure knows how to make a girl happy :)

We met everyone at Flo – a Mexican restaurant – for brunch. There was a bit of a wait but thankfully, they offered free coffee while waiting :)

photo 4 (32)

Once we were seated, I was told their special drink of the day was a mimosa flight. Heck yes – come to mama! I also ordered a vegetarian burrito and I was surprised with birthday flan after brunch!

Flo Collage

Check out the new boots my inlaws gave me – these are going to be perfect for when Chicago decides to warm up (please be soon!) and I have to walk through the mucky sidewalks ;)

photo 3 (38)

After brunch I had big plans to be productive but decided I needed a nap and oh was it ever glorious. #blamethemimosas

photo 1 (41)

While I lounged around for the rest of the day, Chef Kyle got to work on dinner and my cake. Bison steaks with asparagus and sweet potato chips for the win!

birthday cake

And, in addition to the cake I made, Kyle also played baker for a day and whipped up a delicious Funfetti cake mix ;) And yes, I had a slice of each! #treatyoself

I had a wonderful birthday weekend full of Treat Yourself Tuesday fun and am expecting something BIG from Mr. Kyle next year ;)

How did you treat yourself last week? Are you a birthday princess when it comes to your special day?

Peanut Butter Cup Cake

Thank you all for your kind and loving birthday wishes yesterday! Kyle also suggested that I thank you for dealing with my obnoxious birthday Instagrams over the weekend… ;)

With a birthday comes one of my favorite things… cake.

Chocolate and sprinkles and frosting and candles – I love the entire experience of selecting a recipe, decorating the cake, blowing out the candles and, of course, enjoying each sugary, chocolate-filled bite.

This year’s cake was a very important decision. I knew it had to be the best recipe EVER since I hadn’t had cake (or any dessert for that matter) for the past 24 days. Thankfully, Davida’s ingenious suggestion a few weeks ago provided the perfect inspiration for my cake.

PB Cake 2

You are going to have to forgive the photos today – both the quality and quantity. I was much more focused on wine and chocolate and birthday-ing myself through the weekend than spending time taking pretty photos. If you want to see pretty cake pictures, head over here to see a very similar cake :)

What matters most is that this cake is absolutely delightful in every single way.

Because the cake is flourless, it is as dense and gooey as a brownie. The center provides a thick, peanut-buttery filling that tricks your brain into thinking you’re biting into a giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. And the frosting, oh the frosting – rich chocolate encases the mouthwatering chocolate and peanut butter layers creating perfection.

Pure, cake-alicious perfection <3

Before looking at the recipe, you have to promise me one thing… Ignore the quantity of butter in this blissfully decadent dessert. Birthday cakes aren’t meant to be slimming, #amiright? And, if you’re worried about health, just remind yourself that this baby is gluten-free. And gluten-free – as we all know – means it is the epitome of health ;)

PB Cake 1

Peanut Butter Cup Cake

Serves 16


  • 18 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 1/2 cups plus 6 tbsp butter
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 9 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1 cup powdered sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees and spray a 9-inch springform pan with non-stick spray.
  2. In a medium sauce pan, melt 12 ounces of the chocolate chips and 1 1/2 cups butter until completely melted and combined. Pour into large mixing bowl and add sugar, eggs (one at a time) and cocoa powder. Mix until just blended.
  3. Pour half of cake mixture into springform pan and bake for 20-25 minutes, until there is a thin crust on the top and the middle is just firm to the touch. You do NOT want to over-bake the cake! Remove from oven and allow to cool in pan for 10 minutes. Once cooled, remove outer edge of pan and flip cake over onto a serving platter. (I find it easiest to hold both the bottom of the platter and the pan in each hand to have a smooth cake transfer.)
  4. Repeat Step 3 with remaining cake batter.
  5. While cake bakes, combine powdered sugar and peanut butter to create cake filling. Spread on top of bottom cake layer and top with second cake once cooled.
  6. Melt remaining 6 TBSP butter and 6 ounces chocolate chips in saucepan. Once melted stir in milk, honey and vanilla and pour over cooled cake, allowing the glaze to drip down the sides of the cake. Place in refrigerator to cool completely, approximately one hour.
  7. Enjoy!

Yes, I managed to bake up a birthday cake that includes two of my favorite things – chocolate and peanut butter. This year’s birthday is going to be difficult to beat!

What type of cake do you request for your birthday? Chocolate, always chocolate!

These are a few of my favorite things!

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Nope, no crying today because it’s my birthday!! :)

(Image Source)

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday smile you’re 29… Happy birthday to ME!

As Kyle so kindly told me yesterday, I am the most annoying birthday person EVER. I mean, c’mon, I was only bouncing around the apartment changing the lyrics of every song I heard to something about my birthday… “It’s my birthday so you should do what I tell you, do what I tell you, do what I tell you….” <– Yeah, that’s me ;)

To make up for this annoying behavior, how about a GIVEAWAY?!

Yep, it’s my birthday and I’m celebrating with chocolate cake and mimosas and brunch and mimosas and presents and mimosas. Did I mention mimosas? Oh, and I’m also celebrating by giving something to you because I’m just that awesome ;)

The truth is that I just love y’all so much. Seriously, you are amazing and I don’t thank you enough for your continued love and support throughout my life and ONW.

So I decided to do a little giveaway for you to spread the birthday love <3

The package is going to include all (okay, not all… there’s no wine…) of my favorite things! What’s even better is that I’m opening it up to my international friends with one caveat – you are required to walk me through the international shipping process if you win ;)

Favorite Things Giveaway

  1. Nutella – Don’t tell me you’re surprised with this one! I even found cute individual packs to prevent the dreadful “I just ate the entire jar in 5 minutes” feeling… Wait, that’s just me? ;)
  2. Island Coconut Candle – Two words: This winter. We could all use a little island in our lives.
  3. Baby Lips – I expressed my love for this lip balm last week. It has quickly become my favorite lip item and I promise you will love it.
  4. Peanut Butter M&M’s – Mmmm…. yeah…. Try not to eat the entire bag in one sitting ;)
  5. Polka Dot Notebook – Thoughts come and go, especially when you’re drinking wine, so I like to keep a notebook nearby at all times to jot down that next great blog topic or shopping list. Mostly the latter…
  6. Argyle Socks – Who doesn’t love fun socks? I bought these a few weeks ago and looooove them! The design is great and they’re soft on my tootsies :)

As a side note, if you’re allergic to the nuts of the pea variety and happen to win, I could be convinced to keep the M&Ms and trade it for something more allergy-friendly. I mean, you might have to twist my arm but I’ll probably give in ;)

Please enter using the Rafflecopter below! I’ll select a winner on Wednesday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

AdvoCare 24DC – Results!

Welcome to Day 25!

What’s Day 25 you ask? It’s a day for wine and champagne and coffee and chocolate. It’s also known as the day before my birthday as well as the day I share my AdvoCare 24DC results with the world! Yep, there are some pretty fabulous photos of me later on in this post. And by fabulous, I mean completely awful so don’t judge too harshly ;)


If you missed my previous AdvoCare 24DC reviews, you can find them here:

Today I plan on sharing the schedule I followed during the Max Phase of the 24DC, the pros and cons of the 24DC, what I plan on doing next and finally, my results. As always, if I don’t answer your questions, please send me an email:

14-Day Max Phase Schedule:

  • Upon Waking: 1/2 serving Spark mixed with 24 oz water + 2-3 Catalyst + “Pre-breakfast” supplement pack, wait 30 minutes
  • Breakfast + 2 “with breakfast” supplement packs
  • Morning Snack + 1/2 serving Spark mixed with 24 oz water
  • 30 minutes before lunch – “pre-lunch” supplement pack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner + 2 OmegaPlex
  • 2-3 Catalyst with water before bed

AdvoCare 24DC Pros:

  • Energy – I know I wrote about this in my last review but seriously… ENERGY! The first few days of the Max Phase I thought I was going to go crazy – I felt like the velociraptor in Jurassic Park with my eyes peeled open, ready to pounce and conquer the world. (Imagine that for a second!) Thankfully, I accomplished A LOT in those first few days and my energy eventually leveled out. I still had a ton of energy but I wasn’t bouncing off of the walls like a toddler on sugar ;)
  • White teeth – I normally have fairly white teeth but going without coffee or red wine for 24 days has brightened up my pearly whites even more :) Now that’s an added bonus if you ask me!
  • Digestion – Through clean eating and beneficial supplements, my stomach hasn’t been bloated and I haven’t had the awful digestive pains/cramping that are typically associated with eating poorly.
  • Water Retention – Before I started the 24DC, I noticed that I was retaining A LOT of water, especially in the mornings upon waking. I would wake up with swollen fingers and eyes and it was not a pretty sight. A few days into the challenge, my morning puffies (as I so kindly refer to them) had almost 100% disappeared! I’m sure some of this had to do with a decrease in salt intake but a clean diet and great supplements played a huge factor as well.
  • Money – By cooking at home more often (it’s much easier to know you’re eating clean if you make it yourself!) and not spending money on daily coffee, lunches out,  happy hour, processed foods or wine, I saved a lot of cash! Granted, I spent what I saved on shoes and makeup and Stitch Fix but if I weren’t a shopaholic, I would have definitely saved more than what I initially spent on the 24DC!

AdvoCare 24DC Cons:

  • It’s hard – Like really hard you guys. Turning down happy hours or resorting to soda water sucks. There’s no sugar-coating that one. And I confess, I did have buttery movie popcorn last Friday night. But you know what? I felt like crap the next morning! Salt and processed, who-knows-what drizzled on popcorn does not make a body feel good. I also had a sip, and by sip I mean barely got my tongue wet, of Kyle’s wine one evening while we were out. He claimed it was amazing so I had to try it <– verdict: not so amazing ;) There were multiple temptations during my 24DC and I am proud of myself for navigating as best I could!
  • Cost: Yep, it’s not cheap but I can say that it is worth it. I needed a little push to get back to healthier eating – who knew Nutella wasn’t meant for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! – and the cost is a huge motivator during the challenge. I found myself repeating more than once – “Yo, you spent a lot of money on this, don’t screw it up!”
  • Strange Looks: I had more than one person give me a strange look and ask me “why?” when I told them that I was eliminating coffee, wine, dairy and sugar from my diet for 24 days. As a healthy living blogger, it is easy to forget that not everyone thinks or discusses healthy living on a daily basis so don’t take it personally when your friends, coworkers and the random stranger on the corner think you’re an oddball for eliminating processed junk from your diet ;)

So what’s next?

Since I feel absolutely amazing, I’m going to continue the Max Phase (I’m taking the MNS 3 supplements) for an additional 2-4 weeks. I have a lot on my plate over the next few weeks and I don’t want to give up the tremendous amount of energy that I have! I am also planning on continuing to take the following AdvoCare products: Spark (I’m trying the grape flavor next!), Catalyst, Meal Replacement Shakes (for hectic mornings) and Carb-Ease (you know, for those wine-filled girls’ nights out). When it comes to marathon training time (eeehhh!!!), I am going to take O2 Gold (<– read about this super cool supplement, it helps reduce muscle fatigue by increasing the rate at which oxygen gets to your muscles!) and Nighttime Recovery (no more sore body pump hamstrings!).

There are many other AdvoCare products available too! From wellness-focused to daily multi-vitamins to muscle builders, AdvoCare has something for everyone.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for… My results!

Over the course of the 24DC, these were my results:

  • Total Inches Lost: -11.5
  • Total Pounds Lost: -9.8

And check out my pre-challenge vs. post-challenge photos. I don’t know about you but I can definitely see a difference!

AdvoCare 24 DC Results

Have I convinced you to give the 24DC a try?

My AdvoCare group is hosting another 24DC in early February (there’s still time to join!) for those that missed the January challenge. Let me know if you’re interested in joining in on the fun!

Have you tried AdvoCare? If you were considering purchasing an AdvoCare product, what would you be looking for in the product (performance, wellness, weight loss, etc.)?

Confessions, Part V

It has been awhile since my last confessions post so today I’m back to reveal all of my deep, dark secrets… or at least the ones I want to share ;)

A big thanks to Amanda for hosting her Thinking Out Loud series!


Confession: Although I miss chocolate and Nutella. And I definitely miss a cold beer and a glass of wine on Friday evenings, I think I have missed coffee most of all during the 24DC. There’s just something comforting about my morning coffee routine and I cannot wait to sip on a hot cup o’ java Saturday morning!

I need coffee ecard

Confession: Speaking of Saturday, it’s my birthday weekend and my beautiful friend Nicole is taking me to a BYOB nail salon before my night out with Kyle. That’s right – mimosas and pedicures. Life is good and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. <– okay, this wasn’t really a confession, I just needed to let you all know how excited I am for a mimosa!!

Confession: Not having a credit card is hardddddddd. And yes, I’m being completely, totally and utterly serious. I could use my debit card but I like to keep my spending in all one place so it can easily be tracked. All I know is that my bank better have my new card to me TODAY or they’re going to hear it. Girlfrands gotta have her plastic on her birthday weekend especially since her sugar daddy already refused to hand over his wallet. It’s like he knows better or something ;)

Confession: I twerked tweaked my back somehow last weekend and it does not feel good! I think it is a combination of lifting incorrectly in body pump (Katie I need you to watch and correct my moves!), running more on the treadmill and gracefully falling on the ice and snow in Chicago. Either way, it doesn’t feel good and I’m taking it easy the next few days…

Confession: I want to move to California. I know, I know… Kyle and I just moved to Chicago but there is just something about the land of the sun and eternal summer that continues to call my name. Wine country, Southern California, I don’t really care. As long as it has that California feel, I’m in :)

See? California looks gooood on us :)

Confession: I’m not the biggest fan of spinning classes. I know it’s a great workout and I definitely work up a sweat but for some reason, I just never get excited about going! My goal is to motivate myself to attend class once per week (they’re one of the few morning classes offered at my gym) – I’m thinking the more I go, the more I’ll like it!

Confession: I can’t believe I’ll be 29 in a few short days. I always thought I’d have it together by the end of my 20’s but the older I get, the more I realize you never really feel older and you never really feel like you have it together… Until you see next year’s college freshman however, that is when feel oldddd… Like seriously, they’re old enough to live on their own? Whaaa?!

Confession: Hair grosses me out. Not hair in general, it actually doesn’t bother me if a woman chooses not to shave. What grosses me out is when a girl sitting in front of you on a bus or train or in a meeting throws her long locks over the back of her seat and her hair is in your space. BLECH!! For some reason, this gives me the heebie jeebies and I get overly disgusted. What’s even weirder is that it doesn’t bother me when my friends do this… I guess I like their hair better ;)

Your turn, what is your confession today?

A Very Veggie Giveaway!

Today is a very special day, it’s my friend Kelly’s one-year blogiversary!

hidden fruits and veggies

To celebrate this milestone, Kelly is hosting a “Hidden Fruits ‘n’ Veggies”  giveaway :)

Some of the goodies include Bob’s Red Mill (One set for the main winner, plus extra for a 2nd prize), Nasoya (veganaise and coupons for free tofu), Amy’s (coupons for free Amy’s products), $40 worth of chocolate from Theo, liquid smoke from Stubb’s, a tofu press and Happy Herbivore’s newest cookbook (Light and Lean).

Head on over to Kelly’s blog to wish her a happy blogiversary, enter her giveaway and to check out her amazing, veggie-filled recipes! Trust me, you will definitely leave Hidden Fruits and Veggies hungry and ready for a vegetarian treat ;)

#19 Treat Yourself Tuesday

**Just an FYI, today is the last day of the AdvoCare 24DC sale! It won’t be on sale again until this time next year, so if you’re even slightly interested in trying the challenge soon, today is your day!**

Happy Tuesday!

This Tuesday is actually happy because it is my birthday week!!! Actually, let’s be real, this week starts my birthday month – a celebration (and shopping spree) for ME! #sorrynotsorry

And don’t lie, you do this too when it comes to your birthday ;)

Anyways, this Tuesday is going to be a normal TYT and next Tuesday will be my birthday extravaganza TYT since the big day is on Sunday. (I promise I’m not this self-obsessed most of the time… Kyle might disagree but I’m not!)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you’re new to TYT, head over here to read about why I am a firm supporter and advocate for treating ourselves – even in the smallest of ways – everyday! I promise you will fall in love with the idea and once you do, please link up below :)

So, what treating happened this week?

weekend fitness

An easy, relaxing weekend! The weekend was verrrrry laid back, like did nothing besides run errands and work out and lounge with Mitchell and Kyle kinda laid back. The coming weekend will be busy with birthday activities (and wine and mimosas and birthday cake and coffee, FINALLY!) so I wanted to take it easy and that I did :)

photo 4 (28)

An at-home mani and reading on Saturday night – Kyle asked me to go out with his group of friends but honestly, going to a bar and ordering a soda water with lime feels is so lame. Instead, I treated myself to a relaxing night in and was refreshed and ready to go on Sunday while Kyle was recovering in bed ;)

photo 3 (33)

Chipotle!! Yes, you can have Chipotle salads on the 24DC (minus the dairy ingredients) so I treated myself twice last week to this delicious lunch. It’s always the perfect way to break up my day!


A mini-shopping spree ;) I don’t have all of the goods yet since I did my shopping online but I can’t wait to show y’all what I found – shoes and natural makeup and a dress for my birthday (thanks for all of your votes!) I’m glad I had my little spree last week because I found out yesterday that my credit card was hacked – someone attempted to charge $10k to my account – and now I have no credit card until my new one comes in the mail :/ I asked my bank if they could overnight my new card to me and when they told me no, I almost broke down in tears and proceeded to tell them their profits might suffer without my spending… #dramaqueen

photo 1 (35)

Stella & Dot – In addition to my purchases above, I also treated myself to some bling action ;) The reasoning behind this splurge will come later this week but if you want a sneak peak, you can head on over here. And yes, I did treat myself to this beauty that I put on my birthday wishlist! #treatyoselfandthensome

Needless to say, I had quite a bit of treating this week and am really looking forward to my birthday weekend ahead! … And to Jamaica – 25 more days!

How did you treat yourself this week?

Do you create countdowns for big events? Obviously – birthdays, wine, vacations, you name it!

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