Peanut Butter Berry Bars

Two recipes in one week? Who am I?

I’d like to blame (or thank?) Laura for this conundrum but before I get to that, I have a confession to make.

I love peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Like love love LOVE, could eat for every meal, reminds me of my childhood, always puts a smile on my face kind of love.

PB Berry Bar 1

I know, they’re not the fancy type of food that healthy living/food bloggers should like (or admit that they like…) but peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are wholesome and innocent and they just taste so darn good!

Oh PB&J’s, if only everything in life could be as wonderfully simple as you…

Anyways, on Sunday Laura posted a recipe for Caramel Peanut Butter and Jelly BarsI knooooow, right? And I immediately knew I had to make them ASAP but there was a problem.

A big problem.

PB Berry Bar 4

I needed to remove the processed sugar and delicious butter from the recipe so that I could devour enjoy them. That or I could make the recipe as Laura wrote it and be required to give the entire batch away… The latter was just not an option! Priorities my friends, priorities…

I quickly got to work in the kitchen and I’m pleased to report that my Peanut Butter Berry Bars were the result! A rich blend of peanut butter, oatmeal, coconut oil, honey and berries – the flavors combine perfectly to taste just like my favorite childhood PB&J’s.

Pure and innocent happiness <3

PB Berry Bar 3

Peanut Butter Berry Bars (Inspired by Pies and Plots)

Makes 16 bars


  • 1 cup peanut butter (I used creamy)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup honey (I used slightly less)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 cups oatmeal
  • 1.5 cups frozen berries


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Melt peanut butter in a medium bowl in microwave for 45 seconds, until warm and easily stirred. Mix in coconut oil, honey, vanilla and cinnamon until combined then stir in oatmeal. Press 3/4 of oatmeal mixture into bottom of pan. Sprinkle frozen berries evenly over oatmeal base then crumble the remaining oatmeal mixture on top. Bake 20 minutes, until edges are slightly browned. Allow to cool completely prior to lifting parchment paper out of pan. If you can wait, cool in fridge for 2 hours before enjoying! Store in airtight container in fridge.

PB Berry Bar 4

I’m linking up with Jenn today because these Peanut Butter Berry Bars are what I’ve been eating lately. Believe it or not, they taste even better the next day :)

And here’s another confession, I had to put half of the recipe into the freezer to keep myself from eating the entire pan!

  • PB&J’s – yay or nay? Yay, of course ;)
  • What is your favorite childhood, comfort food? PB&J’s, Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese with peas, Grilled cheese sandwiches – My love of carbs was formed at a very young age…


  1. I would never have thought of this combo……….I have to make this:)
    There is just something super satisfying about baking at home—I don’t feel too bad when there are some healthy ingredients added—yay!

  2. Love it…..I love everything PB&J too…..Paleo fail
    Andrea @ Pencils and Pancakes recently posted…Rx Bar ReviewMy Profile

  3. I’m going with nay ;) No peanut butter but I definitely had my share of jelly sandwiches! haha My favorite comfort food was hot dogs and mac and cheese (won’t lie- that was dinner last night, too) grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and pizza!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…WIAW Catch up and a Tilapia {Recipe}My Profile

  4. I love pb&js too! I’m thinking of taking the plunge and trying Advocare in February – definitely filing this recipe away for that!
    Kim @ Racing Bananas recently posted…People Will Never Forget the Way You Made Them FeelMy Profile

  5. My favorite childhood food was definitely peanut butte sandwiches.. as a child I was super picky so I wouldn’t eat jelly, but now I have no idea what I was thinking
    Elise @ recently posted…Buffalo Blue Black Bean BurgerMy Profile

  6. A couple times a year, I’ll remember how delicious PBJ’s are and eat them for dinner (and sometimes also lunch) for about a week straight, and then several times a week for like a month. Still in the throws of a PBJ kick, so I’d like to eat a whole pan of this. I’m with you on grilled cheeses and boxed mac and cheeses — they just taste like child hood. I also have a soft spot for pierogies, chili, and sloppy joes. And buttered noodles. Basically everything I ever ate as a child ;-)
    Kelly @ hidden fruits and veggies recently posted…Tempeh Cashew Curry “Chicken” SaladMy Profile

  7. Love everything PB & J! I make something really similar to this but such a good idea to add coconut oil. Keep them healthy recipes coming :)
    Amy @ THE Little Honey bee recently posted…Back to the Classic {WIAW 27}My Profile

  8. PB&Js are a big nay for me, but AB&Js are a definite yay ;) And to be honest, I -still- eat them pretty frequently, HLB approved or not. That being said, I never actually ate them growing up, but that’s because my parents didn’t want to confuse me with my peanut allergies, so they told me I was allergic to -all- nuts. I didn’t have my first taste of AB until I was 24 :shock:
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … when I like something… .My Profile

  9. you know the way to my heart lady!! YUM. I need to pin some of these recipes youve been making lately! They all look so good.
    sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted…Lighter {Low Fat} Sweet Potato CasseroleMy Profile

  10. I actually hate jelly (I know, I know) , but I love pb and banana sandwiches!
    Katie @ daily cup of kate recently posted…Guest Post: Cold Weather, Sweaty Workout: 5 tips to keep you motivated this season!My Profile

  11. Oh my goodness, these bars are heaven! They look amazing!!! Oh and a big YES to PB and J! Always a favorite of mine. My favorite comfort food as a child was grilled cheese and tomato soup!
    Holly @ eatgreatbegreat recently posted…WIAW #28 – Sunday EatsMy Profile

  12. DUDE you just topped your muffins. I didn’t think it was possible but peanut butter and berry is such an underrated combo that you just so epicly owned in these bars. In fact I’m eating blueberries and peanut butter right now (with a donut…don’t judge) but I’m wishing I had these bars of goodness in my face!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip BlondiesMy Profile

  13. Excellent. I made my first batch of granola bars this past weekend, and they are now gone, so I need to make more this weekend. And now I have a new recipe to try ;)
    Caitlin recently posted…Gaining Some PerspectiveMy Profile

  14. I’m going to have to make these this weekend. Omg I live for peanut butter and jelly!
    Jackie recently posted…What I ate WednesdayMy Profile

  15. I love what you did with my bars! I can’t wait to try them this way too :). I bet the whole berries are a great compliment. Pub and j sandwiches aren’t that unhealthy. I loved those, Kraft macaroni and cheese, and big breakfasts – eggs, bacon, sausage – as a kid.
    Laura Dembowski recently posted…Caramel Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars #SundaySupperMy Profile

  16. Whhhhat? Another amazing recipe from your kitchen. These bars look unreal. I need to get my baking on asap. PB&J sandwiches are an all time favourite of mine as well. I was also obsessed with cheese slices as a kid (weird) and these pizza pop things that you put in the toaster. I don’t think they even make those anymore.
    Christine @ Gotta Eat Green recently posted…Top 10 DIY Wedding Favour IdeasMy Profile

  17. I may be the only human on the face of the earth who does not enjoy PB&J sandwiches. I like plain peanut butter on bread because I feel like the jelly makes it all soggy. I know, I’m not normal. I could totally dig these bars though. They don’t contain actual jelly so we’re good to go! ;)
    Leslee @ Her Happy Balance recently posted…Nesco Dehydrator and Jerky Maker ReviewMy Profile

  18. OMG I will actually have to try this recipe! I am no chef or baker and I usually don’t even look at recipes, BUT this is wayyyy too yummy and easy not to try!!

    PB and J is my childhood fave, duh!! And uh, maybe add some chocolate milk with it :)

  19. Who says healthy-living/food bloggers can’t like PB&Js?! I still eat them! ;)
    Katie @ Talk less, SaKy more recently posted…My Top 3 Tips For Going Gluten-FreeMy Profile

  20. Anything with PB is a big yay! I do love PB&J though as a favorite. Childhood comfort food was plain spaghetti o’s with a slice of American cheese melted in or two eggs on toast with bacon on top and America cheese melted on top. My love of cheese started with the cheap stuff and just grew out of control.
    Ashley@ashleyunfiltered recently posted…Mexico Day 3- Part 2My Profile

  21. At the end of last week, my grocery situation was dismal and I ate two PB&Js in one day… One for lunch, one for dinner. Oh, the life of a college student ;) (<< I love it).

    You're killing it with the recipes lately! I suppose not being able to eat refined sugar kind of necessitates it.
    carly @ snack therapy recently posted…Everything I Stuffed Into My Face on TuesdayMy Profile

  22. I love love love this!! I will definitely be making these as well at some point for the boyfriend. Pinning!
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…Benefits of Dark Leafy GreensMy Profile

  23. I’m loving all these recipes! These look delicious and I have everything to make them, so I definitely will be :) Also, I LOVE PB&J’s too, they will always be a fave!
    Mia @ MakeMeUpMia recently posted…{Naked3 Palette} My Go To Look & SwatchesMy Profile

  24. Welp, it’s decided.. I’m making these today. I already have all the ingredients and I need a snack for my day of travel tomorrow!
    Taryn recently posted…Pinterest Challenge: Spicy Mexican Quinoa CasseroleMy Profile

  25. Oh my gosh, I’m definitely pinning these. I eat PB&J all the time and it never, ever gets old! Aside from that, tomato soup & grilled cheese was another childhood favorite. My mom also used to make mac n’ cheese with chicken and peas and it was the best thing ever.
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…Slow-cooker beef stewMy Profile

  26. PB & J = yay! When I was a kid I couldn’t bring them to school because of kids in my class with nut allergies, so I didn’t really experience them until I was 17-18….that’s a lot of wasted delicousness ;-) Although when it comes to childhood comfort food, anything super cheesy is where it’s at. My mom’s homemade mac and cheese (which she makes with cheese whiz…) or grilled cheese with copious amounts of ketchup for dipping.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: Back to School.My Profile

  27. I am LOVING these, Becky!! I need to make these for snacks for the week…or maybe even breakfast? ;) And I am totally with you. If I could only eat a few things for the rest of my life, PB & J sandwiches would definitely be on the list. I love to make my “grilled” like a grilled cheese. Have you tried that? It’s heavenly!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…WIAW: January 15, 2014 – Protein Problem? Not Here! + Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

  28. These look absolutely amazing! I love anything PB&J (PB&J oats are probably my favorite winter breakfast food ever), so I’m all about this recipe! I’m definitely going to have to try this one out soon!
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted…WIAW: Willpower EditionMy Profile

  29. I’m definitely putting these bars on my short list for breakfast rotation. I want one like right now. Thank you for sharing!

    I was a carb kid myself. Grilled Cheese was a Sunday night after church ritual in my house. I still get excited to have them with tomato soup now!
    Brooke@SweeTnSweaty recently posted…I think I found my “Sole” MatesMy Profile

  30. I can see why you had to put them in the freezer. . . however, I would think that they would taste pretty darn delicious right out of the freezer! ;)
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Why working out makes me a better MomMy Profile

  31. Wow those look great. I need to invest in coconut oil – so many recipes I want to try have it!
    I have tofreeze stuff a LOT to keep my hands out of it! Haha
    Ashlee@HisnHers recently posted…WIAW: Protein, Smoothie & Thai!My Profile

  32. I think that berries, PB and oats are another holy trinity of cooking. These bars look delish! My favorite childhood comfort food was either cereal, I love the stuff, or this steak and ketchup gravy dish my mom would always make.
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…Wednesday WisdomMy Profile

  33. These look so delicious. I will devour anything with berries in it!
    Anna recently posted…Fruity Greek Yogurt PopsMy Profile

  34. I love PB&Js – I don’t eat them very often but I love them anyway and I have a feeling I would lovee this recipe made too, perfection.
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted…My Favorite Stress Relief Techniques That Don’t Cost a FortuneMy Profile

  35. Fiona MacDonald says:

    PB and J are always necessary, along with PB and banana, PB and honey, as well as homemade Mac and Cheese ..or spaghetti and meatballs..

  36. Oh man, these sound incredible as well! Definitely going to have to make these!
    Bethany @ accidental Intentions recently posted…Educational WeekendMy Profile

  37. Well, I’m allergic to pb, so that’s a no, BUT Kraft Mac and Cheese is definitely a childhood comfort food. I used to eat it with ham or turkey. Gahh, a meat eater even as a baby. What can I say?
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…I Want That Wednesday – Workout GearMy Profile

  38. I literally ate PB&J every single day for lunch in elementary school my mom would tell me that I was going to turn into a PB&J but I didnt think that was possible.
    Anyway, the point is that it’s a killer sandwich.
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted…New Foods In My LifeMy Profile

  39. I didn’t like peanut butter and jelly as a child – the smell of peanut butter used to make me gag. But I have to say I was seriously obsessed with Kraft Mac & Cheese, but now I don’t eat cheese, and I love peanut butter and jelly . Things have definitely changed …
    Jordan Lynn // Life Between Lattes recently posted…Are Juice Cleanses Worth the Money?My Profile

  40. PB&J the world :) I actually would rather cut to the chase and take a spoon into both jars. Maybe some celery to cleanse the palate but I could forgo the bread :) Foods like Digornio pizza or Kraft Mac with Nesquik chocolate milk were staples when my parents went out and the babysitter was over. That or Ritz-Bits peanut butter :)
    Kaitlin recently posted…Meal Plans with Food & PhoodMy Profile

  41. These sound even better than the Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal muffin recipe that you posted the other day..and those muffins sound pretty darn good.

    I’ve already decided that I am making these..very soon! thanks so much for sharing! :)

    • I’ve made these multiple times (yet haven’t made them in a while). I can never remember whether or not you begin with solid or melted coconut oil when you measure. Can you help me out? I want to make them again🙂

  42. Literally making these bars right now! I know my little guy is going to love having one in his lunchbox tomorrow. :) My favorite childhood meal is grilled cheese with Campbell’s tomato soup.
    April recently posted…Marvelous Monday! And My Non-Perfect Life Disclaimer…My Profile

  43. These look fantastic! I think PB & J is one of the best combos ever. Right behind peanut butter & chocolate. ;) Mmm, I can just smell them baking!
    SArah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Almond Joy Energy Balls {no-bake, vegan and gluten-free}My Profile

  44. I am all about PB & J! And these bars look awesome. You have the best recipes!! Send some of these to Texas?! Haha ;)
    Kate @ Quarter century southern living recently posted…Focus on the NowMy Profile

  45. Pb and J anytime, every time! At least you put half in the freezer cause I definitely just went through an entire batch of brownies solo in a few days.

  46. PB&J is not a huge thing here in Australia, I’ve had PB&J together but never in a proper sandwich, must change that soon.

    Bring on more PB recipes I say!
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted…Thinking out loud – fitness editionMy Profile

  47. Oh my goodness I am absolutely making those bars this weekend. It’s not an option. PB&J was pretty much all I ate for the first 12 years of my life or so. I still enjoy it on toast and english muffins and even the occasional sandwich. Other childhood faves that I still can’t say no to include ants on a log (more peanut butter, I know!), Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, and Velveeta Shells & Cheese. I, too, have loved carbs for a long time!
    JEN@tWENTY-sOMETHING&sTARVING recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday #10My Profile

  48. These look SO good! Not a huge fan of peanut butter (gasp! I know I know) but I think these would be equally amazing with sunflower seed butter ;)
    Christina @ the beautiful balance recently posted…Baked Chocolate DoughnutsMy Profile

  49. definitely YES to pb&j.. these bars look so GOOD. are they chewy? do they hold together well?
    Tatum @ Eats from the oil patch blog recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #1 + some thoughts on nail polishMy Profile

    • Yes to both! They have the perfect chewiness to them and they hold up very well as long as they’re stored in the fridge :) They are my new favorite “dessert”!

  50. Okay these look fabulous! And I’m so glad that you’ve been posting some Advocare friendly recipes so that if I get an urge to bake something in the next 20 some days I can make something of yours!!!
    Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In recently posted…A Day In The LifeMy Profile

  51. I just found your blog – these look really good, but what can I sub for coconut oil?
    Liz @ Carpe diem and run recently posted…Smile at the Mirror: Self AcceptanceMy Profile

  52. These are on my to-make list for the weekend! I’m doing my second 24 day challenge and am always trying to find good dessert options! I’m new to baking with coconut oil so i apologize if this is a rookie question… Do I use the pressed coconut oil or the liquid kind? Thanks!!

    • Good luck on your 2nd challenge!! Love AdvoCare :) I actually don’t know the difference between those coconut oils haha so not a rookie question at all! I use the oil that’s in a jar and solid when it’s cool and liquid when it’s warm. I hope that helps? I’m sure either kind would be fine though!

      • Thanks, Becky!! I started out with the kind that you have but recently found a liquid one that is in a bottle, like canola or olive oil would be.. Ill stick with the one you used!


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