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Remember that time Kyle and I visited Jamaica?

photo 3 (3)

Yeah, me neither… It was barely two months ago, but it seems like ages since I’ve seen hot temperatures and had a hint of color on my skin. Oh the life of a Chicagoan…

Anyways, today I’m back to share with you the fabulous eats we enjoyed while on vacation at Couples Resorts – Tower Isle! The food was one of the best parts of our trip and it will most definitely convince you to book a trip to Tower Isle ASAP.

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To start, Couples Resorts – Tower Isle has a variety of restaurant options for dinner along with a poolside grill, breakfast/lunch buffet, a juice bar (YES!!), and in-room dining. There were too many options to choose from so upon our arrival, Kyle and I decided we would just have to eat (and drink) our way through the week ;) #challengeaccepted

Since I have a ridiculous amount of food I need to recap, I’ll start with the buffet.

Truth be told, buffets just aren’t my thang. I get a bit grossed out and the food has always been somewhat iffy to me… if ya know what I mean… But Tower Isle was SO different. I looked forward to the buffet every morning! I mean, check out this delicious lox – there is no way I could not be won over with this on the menu ;)

photo 3 (1)

The buffet had TONS of options including a fresh smoothie bar and mimosa bar at breakfast (obviously, I spent a good chunk o’ time bellying up there, hehe!), fresh fruit and veggies, fish, cured meats, eggs, and all of the traditional breakfast staples like pancakes, sausages, cereal, and bagels. They didn’t miss a thing!

photo 4 (3)

During the lunch hours, they had this FABULOUS crab (yes, it was probably imitation but it was so good, I didn’t care!) salad and I ate at least 50 pounds of it while visiting. It’s pictured below with feta cheese and a seafood jambalaya salad. #bestillmyheart

photo 5 (2)

When in Rome Jamaica Tower Isle… :) Now if I could only convince Couples Resorts to send me the recipe…

photo 2 (57)

Now… the juice bar! Can you believe Tower Isle makes their own juice fresh each day? Talk about a resort!

Juice Bar Collage

Along with fresh juice, they offered coconut water straight from the coconut (my favorite), light plates including salads and wraps, and the most amazing dips I’ve ever tasted.

photo 1 (1)

When you visit Tower Isle (and I know that you will), make sure to get the smoked marlin dip from the juice bar. O to the M to the G. A creamy, smoky dip that is fabulous with fresh veggies or veggie chips. It also went perfectly with the view… although it’s hard to find anything that doesn’t go well with the view from Tower Isle!

photo 1 (54)

The Tuesday evening of our vacation, Kyle and I made dinner reservations at Bayside, an Asian-fusion restaurant. It sits atop the Caribbean Sea and it is absolutely magical to listen to the ocean waves cresting beneath your feet as you enjoy your evening meal. The meal comes out in courses and we enjoyed fabulous dipping sauces, curry soup, salad, and fresh fish.

photo 5 (3)

To be honest, I was so mesmerized by the view (and my seemingly unlimited glass of champagne – our server topped it off each time he passed our table!) and the sounds of the ocean, I don’t remember the meal. I’m certain the food was divine and even if you aren’t a fan of Asian cuisine, go to Bayside for the ambiance. You will not regret it!

photo 4 (4)

Our final dinner was most definitely the cuisine highlight of our trip. Again, we made reservations (As an FYI, make these as soon as you arrive to the resort. Times fill up quickly!) for dinner, but this time we made them for Eight Rivers, a Jamaican-style restaurant with Caribbean flair.  This restaurant does require men to wear slacks and closed-toe shoes (business casual wear) so plan accordingly if you would like to dine there.

We were ready earlier than planned (story of my life… if I’m not 10 minutes early, I’m late!), so we decided to head down to the bar to grab a drink before dinner. I mean, we were on vacation ;)

photo (1)

We both decided we were a little tired of sugary, beach drinks and switched over to wine. As you can imagine, islands aren’t known for their wine so it wasn’t the best, but it was wine so you didn’t hear me complaining! Once our table was ready, we were seated in a very romantic, candlelit setting, wine in hand.

photo 5

Before we could glance at our menus, the restaurant manager stopped by to inquire about our wines. His exact words were (don’t ask me how I remember this, I just do – haha!): “It looks like you two are wine connoisseurs.” {We nod… obviously…} “That wine you’re drinking doesn’t look the best.” {We laugh and say, no – it definitely isn’t but it’s from your restaurant!} “Well, I think I have a bottle of something good here for you.” {Okay?} He pulls out a bottle with a card and Kyle says no, this isn’t for us. I glance at the card and realize that our travel agent – Dana from Travel Made Real, sent us a bottle of wine. A bottle of goooooood wine – good wine on an island?! Heck yes!

photo 4 (1)

The resort mixed up our names but we were willing to play the part for a delicious bottle of Cab with dinner ;)

The wine was obviously the highlight of the dinner – it just speaks to the fabulous service at Couples Resorts – Tower Isle AND to how an amazing travel agent can make your trip that much more special.

The meal was similar to our other dining experiences at the resort. It was served in courses and every bite was better than the last.

photo 1 (2)

If you are a foodie looking for a beach vacation, you cannot pass up Couples Resorts! In my past experiences, island vacations are never associated with high quality food (don’t get me wrong, fish tacos and ceviche are fabulous but I don’t think they make the fine dining list!), but this trip most certainly changed my mind.

Couples Resorts has set the bar high when it comes to food, service, views, and overall experience for all other island resorts. They’re a winner in my book and I cannot wait to go back… and to make a trip to the Au Naturel Island ;)

Since I’m sharing my eats on a Wednesday, albeit a Wednesday 2 months after the fact – I’m linking up with Jenn for some WIAW action!

What is your favorite thing to eat on a beach vacation? Fish tacos, guacamole, and margaritas!

Where have you traveled that has had the best food? Napa, Switzerland, and Chicago!


  1. Girl if you love buffets like this, you would love buffets in Europe! The selection is out of this world crazy.

    I can’t believe its been 2 months?! It seriously feels like just yesterday you were baskin in the sun & having a few beverages for me. I was jealous then – and somehow or another, I’m even more jealous of your whole trip now! Wahhh I wanna be drinking sugary drinks w/ the sunshining down upon me.
    Jessie recently posted…WIAW: Tuesday April 8thMy Profile

  2. I know what you mean about it feeling like forever since you were in someplace warm. It’s been just a little over a month since I was in Hawaii and it feels like it happened last year. Ugh. But at least warmer weather is on the way! And I seriously had to laugh when I read the names on that card… My first thought was that you’re living a double life ;)
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … 50 shades of orange .My Profile

  3. Robert and Alice?! ha! I really hope you guys called each other that the rest of the night. Your eats look fantastic! I contacted Dana for our honeymoon…I have no clue where we want to go!
    Katie @ daily cup of kate recently posted…Change.My Profile

    • Hahaha – I was mad at Kyle for trying to refuse the bottle of wine and then I saw the names! Dana will find you two a GREAT honeymoon destination – I can’t wait to hear where you decide to go!

  4. Ugh still crazy jealous. I’m definitely ready for a vacation. Or even just summer. I’d probably settle for a nap on the couch with dreams of a beach at this point lol
    Kelly @ hidden fruits and veggies recently posted…Tofu Paneer SaagMy Profile

  5. Ahh, this just makes me want a tropical vacation so bad!! It’s been a few years, so I think I’m due ;-) Whenever I’m in Mexico, I basically just eat guacamole at every meal. I’m fine with that!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: My Favourite Things.My Profile

  6. Your pics are making me so excited for Mexico in just a few short weeks. I’m always iffy about food at all-inclusives, but it’s usually worth it for all the cocktails you get!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…I’m ready for my closeupMy Profile

  7. I’m now drooling and STARVING!!!!! everything looked so good!!!
    Alex @ alex runs for food recently posted…Black Bean and Corn BurgerMy Profile

  8. What a fantastic trip!!
    Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio recently posted…WIAW: Celebrations at Lia’sMy Profile

  9. I feel like resorts always have the best food! I like to eat basically everything and try the food that is local to that region. We had the best food when we went to Mexico and Antigua!
    Holly @ EatGreatbegreat recently posted…WIAW #39 – What’s in My Work Snack Drawer?My Profile

  10. Lol! Can I refer to you as Alice from now on? So funny because I don’t think that name fits you at all, but hey you can call me whatever you’d like if there’s free wine involved ;) lox and bagels is one of my breakfast faves so I’d probably have to get that on repet at the buffet :) and a Bloody Mary or 4 :)
    Leslee @ her happy balance recently posted…Under Armour Marbella SunglassesMy Profile

  11. Anything seafood is in my opinion the best way to go if you are by the beach! This vacation looked fabulous! I can’t believe they had a juice bar too! So neat!
    Hilary recently posted…WIAW-Full Day Of EatsMy Profile

  12. And now I 100% want to go to this resort. Holy food! I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to buffets; usually not too impressed, but this one on the other hand is a whole different ballgame! I’m so glad you two were able to enjoy such amazing food and drinks while on vacation!
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted…Treat Yourself: Sweet Treats, Sunshine & Clothing BargainsMy Profile

  13. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun !!! Coconut water straight from the coconut !?!? All of the food looks so good! And how nice of your travel agent !!!
    Lauren @ LoveChocolateLife recently posted…WIAW #6 In a fogMy Profile

  14. I think one of the best parts of vacations is trying new foods that are made by super awesome professional chefs! I would so love to try that crab you mentioned. I am a HUGE crab lover, but never seem to have it much. I’m so glad y’all had such a fun time.

  15. I wish I was at this resort now!
    Jackie recently posted…What I ate Wednesday!My Profile

  16. Such an amazing post, just seeing your pictures and reading your recaps, I feel like I could have been there! And I love places that have amazing food. For pizza, Chicago and New York. Houston has some amazing restaurants and New Orleans beignets are out of this world! :)
    Kate @ Baking in yoga pants recently posted…Treat Yourself Tuesday – Making My Soul HappyMy Profile

  17. You would love the buffets in Asia. When I was working in Singapore & China, I have never seen such a spread in my life. Everything from pancakes, fruit, sushi, soup & even pizza. It was insane! My favorite place by far was Italy though. The food was incredible.
    Megan @ The Skinny-Life recently posted…Comment on Strawberry Banana Muffins by FitBritt@MyOwnBalanceMy Profile

  18. My husband and I plan to take a trip next winter for our 10th wedding anniversary….I’m leaning towards this gem of a place you loved so much! Which room type did you stay in? This place looks fabulous!! Did you use that travel agent via the online source or is she located in Chicago?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Erin! I honestly am not sure what room we stayed in besides that it had an ocean view :) Dana booked it all! You can reach out to him at – He did all of our planning via email/phone and he saved us a ton of $$! I definitely recommend him!

  19. When I’m in mexico I usually go for the sugary drinks during the day, but thankfully they import wine from Chile, so we were able to get some decent wine in!
    kATIE recently posted…Yogatta Try This: Part 2 of 6, Types of Yoga!My Profile

  20. Your vacation looks amazing! I am so ready for a beach vacation!! I will definitely keep Tower Isle on my radar for the future. My fiance and I are heading to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon in October. It seems like FOREVER away!
    Leslie @ Life begins @ 30? recently posted…Salad, Sand, Sunset, and SisterMy Profile

  21. Ugh wish I went here for our honeymoon… The food on our honey moon sucked, huge disappointment
    Andrea @ pencils and pancakes recently posted…Homemade Granola BarsMy Profile

    • Oh that’s a huge bummer! Good thing you two have many, many years together and can make a visit to Tower Isle :)

  22. THis sounds incredibleeeeee!!! We don’t drink, but the fresh juices and all those yummy foods & the views??!? YEssssss. Once baby L is a bit older, we do want to take a little vacation somewhere –hopefully next year some time!

  23. I love vacation food so much. It’s nice to step away from your usual eats and try all new foods. It looks like you had some delectable eats! Beautiful views by the way. :)
    Natalie Staeckeler recently posted…The Big Plates Are Back (WIAW)My Profile

  24. I’ve GOT to stop reading these WIAW posts before lunch – I’m STARVING now.

    Random: before “The Separation” I was going to go to Couples Tower Isle and I’m SO SAD I never go to go. Maybe I can take the next boyf there? That wouldn’t be awkward, would it?! Heh.
    Ange @ Cowgirl Runs recently posted…A Day of Food: Sick DayMy Profile

  25. Looks like you had some great eats, Alice!! ;) I would love a juice bar!! Fresh juice that you don’t have to make yourself is so much better! When I was in the Dominican last month I ate a ton of olives, blue cheese, and capers. So want their buffets back! not everything was the best quality but those items and the bread, tapenades, and herb oils were DELISH!
    Mollie @Sprinkles of Life recently posted…Paint Sample Easter Egg GarlandMy Profile

  26. If we ever go back there, we are definitely staying at this place!! Looks and sounds awesome!
    Dana recently posted…His and Her MuffinsMy Profile

  27. Michelle says:

    My husband and I went to Couples Negril for our honeymoon and LOVED it. Glad to hear Towers Isle was great too!

    • Negril looks fabulous too! I want to take a year off of work and visit alllll of the Couples Resorts :) One can dream, haha!

  28. OMIGOSHHHH so amazingggg!!!!
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted…White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese with Truffle Sea SaltMy Profile

  29. I want to go to thereeeeee.

    This makes me want to get married just so I can go on a honeymoon to an all-inclusive resort! I’ve never done that before (the closest I’ve gotten is a 5-day cruise) and it sounds amazinggg.
    Katie @ Blonde Ambition recently posted…I’m going going back back to… Utah?My Profile

    • This was our 2nd all-inclusive resort. We went to one in Mexico and it was fun but there were wayyyyy too many kids for my spring break liking.

  30. Can you guys pretty please adopt me? Seriously. I’m available.
    Runnergirleats recently posted…Wedding: ReadingMy Profile

    • Hahahahahaha! Yes, but you have to come as a couple to their resorts so we’ll adopt you a brother too ;)

  31. Umm, I want to go there. I mean, come on! They could even tell you love your wine! Everything about this resort sounds heavenly. I’m so glad you guys had a fantastic time while away, and lived it up!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…AFAA Group Fitness CertificationMy Profile

  32. I want to go to Jamaica! I’m totally with you on buffets. I’m germaphobic as it is and they totally freak me out. I would have guessed the crab and all of the fish would be really fresh in the carribean.
    Laura Dembowski recently posted…Vegan White Bean ChiliMy Profile

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