What ARE you?

Hi, I’m Becky and I’m a human.

becky in mexico

At least I act like one most of the time… as long as I have my Spark or coffee every morning ;)

Between my multiple Instagram posts from everything to Passover to Easter to Christmas to Hanukkah, I’m afraid that I’ve confused y’all when it comes to my religion!

[Insert Religious eCard here. Seriously, I was going to place one here but after Googling, I decided the language wasn't quite blog-appropriate... Google it and get a good laugh for yourself!]

So, today I thought I’d explain my celebrate ALL the holidays social media posts :)

First things first, I don’t really like to talk religion on my blog or in my personal life. In my {not-so-humble} opinion, religion is a VERY personal matter and what God someone believes in should not determine how you portray them as a person. But to clear things up, I figured that I would share my background (and Kyle’s out of default) – at least as far as it comes to all things religion.

photo 1 (2)

I’m Christian. (No, not Christian Grey – Don’t you go all 50 Shades on me right now, hehe! ;) ) My mom was raised Methodist and my dad was raised Catholic and my sister and I were raised Lutheran. Same difference, right?!

photo 2 (2)

(The day I was baptized, I think…)

I was baptized and confirmed and I went to Sunday school and Christian church camp in the summertime. I take communion and I believe that Jesus is our Savior. Kyle and I were married in a Lutheran church and said Christian vows.


With that being said, I don’t attend church frequently. I do not believe that someone needs to attend a religious service in order to consider themselves religious. Yes, it is nice to connect and have fellowship with others who share the same beliefs as you, but does it make you a better, more religious person? Nope. I believe that there are ways to connect religiously outside of the church walls, and, to me, how you live your life each day matters a heck of a lot more in the long run than the hour you “put in” each week.

And what about Kyle?

Well, he’s also a human… at least as far as I can tell from our {almost} 4 years of marriage!

photo 4 (1)

Kyle’s story is a little different, kind of… let me explain. He is Christian in all aspects of the word – he was baptized and confirmed and went to Sunday school at least a few times. And believe it or not, he was there when we said our Christian vows… The proof is in the photos, hehe ;)


The difference is that his mom’s side of the family is Christian and his dad’s side is Jewish. Yep, that’s where my Hanukkah and Passover posts come into play! With Kyle’s family, we celebrate BOTH religions – Christmas and Easter with his mom’s side and Hanukkah and Passover with his dad’s side.

photo 3 (1)

(Yep, Kyle still gets those looks at family dinners!)

I think some of you figured this situation out (I mentioned it briefly here on ONW around Christmas) because I’ve gotten some emails, comments, and questions – some good and some just plain rude (oddly enough, those were anonymous…), and I’m going to answer a few of them below.

Wait, doesn’t celebrating holidays from multiple faiths make you a hypocrite? Umm… no. (And, as a side note, whoever sent me this question should be smacked! #thatisall) It’s actually been a really great experience for me! I honestly had NO exposure to the Jewish faith until meeting Kyle. I had a general concept of Hanukkah (8 nights with presents and candles!) but that was it… farm country in Iowa isn’t very diverse when it comes to religion… From the moment I met Kyle in 2007, I was welcomed with open arms by both sides of his family and introduced to some really cool traditions that I LOVE celebrating now.

Understanding the multiple faiths that exist in our world does NOT make someone a hypocrite. Accepting different religions and cultures makes you an educated member of society who embraces – rather than discriminates against, the amazing differences in our world.

In addition, learning more about the Jewish faith has refreshed my memory of the Old Testament which is part of the Christian faith. And, my friends, there ain’t no hypocrisy in that!

Will we attend church once we have kids? Probably. Yes. I mean, we don’t have kids yet so it’s hard to know! Our kids will be raised Christian if that better answers the question.

I mentioned to Kyle that I thought it would be cool if our future kids went to Hebrew school along with Sunday school and he gave me the strangest look! I guess that might confuse them, but I think it would be an awesome experience for them to learn about both religions (and learn Hebrew!) while growing up.

How do you manage all of the holidays between both of your families? To be honest, we’re still working on it. Thankfully, both of our families are super understanding and flexible. Sometimes we have plans to go to Iowa to visit my family but then one of us has to work or it snows or something comes up and we can’t make it. When that happens, we show up for Kyle’s family gathering and are always welcomed. We would love to be able to spend more time with everyone, but it is what it is and we do the best we can!

Phew! I think that’s about as much religion talk as I can handle for a week year, so I hope it cleared up my reasoning for celebrating ALL the holidays :)

What holidays do you celebrate? I celebrate ALL of the holidays! #winning

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, Christmas, and MORE Christmas – I will never get tired of running to the tree to open presents at the speed of light :)


  1. I think its great you’ve got even more holidays to celebrate :)

    I think Easter is possible one of my favourite holidays because of all the chocolate and food generally involved.

    Off to google that ecard now ;)
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted…A bunch of food prepMy Profile

  2. My parents always encouraged us to check out any religion we were interested in…they believed it was important to connect with something we believed in, not necessarily something they believed in. So I went to temple with my Jewish friends, read books by the Dalai Lama, Christian sleep away came, Presbyterian youth group, and Catholic Mass on Christmas and Easter. I love that I had the freedom to explore everything and find comfort in the different teachings each view has to offer. Enjoy all your holidays :)
    Runnergirleats recently posted…WTF?! WednesdayMy Profile

    • What an awesome set of parents you have! It must have been a great experience for you to explore different religions and beliefs growing up.

  3. Ahh this is really great and people are rude for calling you a hypocrite…wtf. Being open about religion, especially the religion celebrated by your significant other, is very important I think. You don’t have to beeeee the same religion obviously but it’s good to have an open mind. I’m Catholic but I don’t attend church–I don’t feel it’s necessary and, like you said, there are other ways of going about faith. My favorite holiday is Christmas by far–the whole atmosphere is just so joyful! (cheeeeeeeesy)
    Erin @ the almond eater recently posted…Sweet Potatoes, Oh Sweet Potatoes..My Profile

  4. Really love this paragraph – “Understanding the multiple faiths that exist in our world does NOT make someone a hypocrite. Accepting different religions and cultures makes you an educated member of society who embraces – rather than discriminates against, the amazing differences in our world.” – amazingly said :)
    I hope you have wonderful holidays!
    Lauren-Kate recently posted…My Food PhilosophyMy Profile

  5. A hypocrite? Really?!? I think being open and respectful of different religions and beliefs is a beautiful thing. But that’s basically why I don’t talk about religion on my blog either… It’s a touchy subject as well as a personal one. I’m Catholic, though, and Christmas is the bees knees :mrgreen:
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … just add [the good stuff] .My Profile

  6. Great post! Everyone is different and that is perfectly ok! Celebrate it all girlfriend!!!!
    Jackie recently posted…Superset workout!My Profile

  7. More holidays = more presents (ummm, I mean, family time?)! Whoever sent that hyprocrite question definitely needs to be smacked! I kind of see it as by celebrating those holidays, you’re supporting his dad’s religion and family traditions. I don’t really align myself with any faith, but I wouldn’t miss a family member’s bar mitzva (spelling on that?), confirmation, or wedding in a church! There’s a difference between being a hypocrite and embracing everyone :)
    Kelly @ hidden fruits and veggies recently posted…Brancott Estate Wines Flight Song #Sponsored #MCMy Profile

  8. I like humans.
    I also like humans who are open minded and loving towards a variety of backgrounds.
    Rock on human Christmas lover.
    Cori @olivetorun recently posted…United to RememberMy Profile

  9. So…in a multicultural world where people are starting to marry and intermesh different faiths, celebrating different religions is a bad thing? Would whoever asked you that question prefer that Christian or Jewish fathers disown family members that marry people outside their religion? Ridiculous. Faith is definitely a touchy subject for a lot of people – and I agree that you don’t necessarily have to go to church to consider yourself religious or spiritual.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: Finding Balance.My Profile

    • Awesome questions/points, Sam! It is most definitely a touchy subject and I was hesitant to post about it but received a fairly good response so I’m glad I did :)

  10. I think it’s cool you get to celebrate ALL the holidays and have knowledge and appreciation of multiple religions. THAT is pretty freaking cool! World religion was one of my favorite classes throughout my academic “career”. I loved it at the lower level, in grammar school, all the way through the college level. I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school (in New Orleans, you either go to Catholic school, or you go to public, and the public schools system here is TERRIBLE). I was part of the CYO (Cath Youth Org) and went on all the youth trips (they were FUN!). Once I got to high school and got my driver’s license, I stay involved in the CYO activities but stopped going to mass. Then it was college time, and I stopped all of it-activities and mass (I think this happened because it is literally forced down your throat down here!!). I really don’t have any strong views, and I hate to say it, but religion isn’t really super important to me (my parents go to church every since Saturday at 4pm like clockwork, rain or shine). I feel most spiritual when I am outdoors in a beautiful place–I really do feel there is a presence out there, and I feel at peace. Who ever I end up with in life–it will be his religion that will determine that ceremony of our marriage and our kids, etc., as long as it isn’t too extreme (which I wouldn’t go for to begin with). I absolutely love learning about other culture and religions! SO fascinating.

    • Oh, and I celebrate all the holidays, plus make up some :) teehee!!
      My fave–New Years!!
      and screw all the peeps who call you a hypocrite, etc, blah blah-’tards!
      my dad’s side of the family were Jews, too! Two great uncles died in the camps :-/ found theirs names on the wall in D.C. at the museum

    • Great comment, Dotsie! I know a lot of areas that you HAVE to send your kids to a religious, private school in order for them to get a good education.

  11. I don’t really talk about religion either, probably because I’m not really sure I believe in God and that doesn’t typically get a good reaction. I was literally the little kid asking big questions about God and His existence in my Catholic first grade class. So I think whatever someone believes in is awesome if it works for them.
    Laura Dembowski recently posted…Microwave Caramel SauceMy Profile

    • Yes! Everyone has reasons to believe in their religion. Most of us could learn to be more accepting of others’ differences – it would make the world a much kinder place!

  12. I totally agree that going to church for an hour a week isn’t what makes a person “good”. Whatever religion you are, it’s important that you live it out in your every day life. I also totally agree that it’s so important to learn about different religions, and it’s so stupid to judge people based on their religions and beliefs. We are all different and we need to love everyone.

  13. I think religion is a very personal topic, and I applaud you for even discussing it. I have a lot of the same viewpoints as you. I don’t think you necessarily have to go to church to get the most out of God. God knows what we believe and he’s there for us. Being married to someone of a different faith, though, has shown me that everyone needs to be more open to others’ faiths. I won’t lie, I have been attacked numerous times for being Catholic, but that’s how I was raised and what I believed. It’s wrong for people to criticize you for religious- just plain wrong!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…Angel Food Cake ParfaitMy Profile

  14. You did a very nice job explaining your family’s various religious practices. I don’t think I had ever seen pictures of Kyle as a little boy. Lovely dimples!

  15. I’m Catholic and always went to church and CCD as a child. Now, I don’t attend church and I feel pretty much the same exact way as you as to why I don’t feel like I have to attend church to be religious.

    As far as holidays, we celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc., but I’d have to same my absolutely favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! :-)
    Holly @ eatgreatbegreat recently posted…My New Favorite DrinkMy Profile

    • Thanksgiving?! I have a lot of friends who same the same thing – mainly because it is just eating and drinking LOL ;)

  16. I love how you embrace all the religions!! We need more people like this!! And I can’t help but agree with the “how you live your life each day matters a heck of a lot more in the long run than the hour you “put in” each week.” That is exactly how I feel!
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…The Benefits of HydrationMy Profile

  17. SO happy to hear you were human. I was starting to think you were actually a form of SUPER human… Don’t try and figure that out. It sounded funnier in my head but I haven’t had my coffee. ;)
    Katie @ Talk less, Say more recently posted…Mad to Live…Er, Run!My Profile

  18. I think it is great that you celebrate both religions!!
    Leslie @ Life begins @ 30? recently posted…Fun things from around the web…My Profile

  19. I can’t believe someone called you a hypocrite – so sorry! I think it’s great that you can embrace so many traditions :)
    Megan (The Lyons’ Share) recently posted…Changing Up My PlanMy Profile

  20. Very cool! I don’t know much about the Jewish faith, so I’d be interested in learning more if I had the chance to! I was raised Catholic and my husband was raised Baptist, so we compromised and now attend a Methodist church. It works for us!

  21. Love diverse families! I always say mine needs a map to follow. Two mothers, a father, a full brother, a half sister, a step brother and an adopted brother. Two of us are black, one of us is Jewish, two of us have been baptized Catholic, two lesbian (yeah the moms) and a whole lotta love. I think the most important lesson it has taught has been tolerance. Though we may not agree on things at times, we always respect someones right to believe in whatever they want!
    Ashley@ashleyunfiltered recently posted…Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 3My Profile

    • You do have a diverse family! That’s awesome. I love how we learn to get along and accept differences among ourselves – I think this lesson could be used across the world!

  22. So in feedly you only get to see a little snippet, and I was super curious to see what this post would actually be about! My mom is lutheran and my dad is catholic, and so I refer to myself as a half-catholic. I did all the baptism, communion, confirmation as a lutheran, so I can’t participate in catholic communion (which always confuses people) but I’ve found myself in more catholic ceremonies (weddings and funerals) these days than at my own church. I am totally on your side to at least explore the jewish faith with your children, if nothing else, a kids book or two! I’m sure Kyle’s dad’s family would appreciate it!
    kATIE recently posted…Yogatta Try This: Class & Snack with Blue DiamondMy Profile

    • I’m glad you clicked through, Katie :) I actually went to a lot of Catholic service growing up because my grandparents were Catholic and so was my BFF!

  23. This is an AWESOME post, Becky, and I’m so glad you shared your story. I’m actually a bit shocked someone would accuse you of being hypocritical for celebrating religious holidays from more than one faith, as if there’s some sort of rule that only *insert religion here* members are allowed to celebrate their own holiday. If that’s the case, we should probably ban all non-Christians from Christmas and Easter in their entirety, since it’d be awfully hypocritical of an atheist to celebrate Christmas (<– sarcasm). I'm a Christian and my faith is the most important facet of my life, but the vast majority of my coworkers are Jewish. I've learned SO much about the Judaism just by virtue of working in this office, and I'm incredibly grateful that I've had the opportunity to learn about their faith (even though I do get a little jealous when they take their religious holidays off work and I still have to come into the office :P ). And I REALLY like the point you make about the Old Testament. In my experience, a lot of modern Christianity tends to shy away from the Old Testament–even the church I go to, where we read from the Old Testament every Sunday, doesn't often do much more than read a passage from the Old Testament (the sermons are usually New Testament/Gospel based)–but the Old Testament is important, too! And though I've never attended an actual Passover seder, I can't imagine that celebrating Passover would do anything but complement your observance of Holy Week. After all, the whole reason Jesus was even IN Jerusalem was to celebrate Passover. Maundy Thursday? The Last Supper? All of that happened because of Passover. Thanks for being brave enough to put this post up — I applaud you! :)
    Bethany @ accidental Intentions recently posted…Catching UpMy Profile

    • Thank you for the great comment, Bethany! I love learning about others beliefs so I thought it would be fun to share mine :)

  24. I love that you wrote this post. I could not agree more that knowing, understanding and ACCEPTING other religions in the world makes you an overall better person. I don’t consider myself very religious, but I love that religion provides a wonderful community for each individual, I think it’s a very great thing. I also love learning about other culture’s traditions and practices, I find it very interesting!
    Marissa @ Barefoot Colorado recently posted…12 Things You Must Do In ColoradoMy Profile

  25. This is such an interesting post. I truly cannot understand why anyone would all you a hypocrite. Especially since, in your case, the Jewish religion informs SO many Christian practices. Ridic. One of my best friends is Jewish and when I was abroad, her family came to visit for Passover. We spent Passover in Paris doing a traditional seder and then heading to an orthodox church. It was an amazing experience, and I’m so glad that I had it. They even let me do a reading. I felt really special! Love that you get to experience both cultures all the time!
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…Fast Foods – Berry Breakfast SmoothieMy Profile

    • That sounds like an awesome Passover experience, Amy! And I agree, the Jewish religion most definitely shares and informs many Christian practices.

  26. I think it’s awesome! Celebrating more than just one and having a good understanding is great :)
    Mia @ MakeMeUpMia recently posted…{Glam Series} Beauty SecretsMy Profile

  27. More holidays for you = more presents for you ;) hehe!

    I think it’s awesome you get to have ‘both’ worlds!

    I am super religious/spiritual whatever you want to call it, and I am grateful for the faith I have because it gives me hope and sustains me. I also love that it helps me live true to who I am, and with a sure knowledge of my relationship with God. I love Easter and celebrating our Savior :) It is so personal yes, and so I think for anyone to judge another by his/her beliefs is actually hypocritical of them…sorry you received such a rude comment! <3
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted…My Eating Habits LatelyMy Profile

  28. great post — i love hearing about people’s religious backgrounds. i agree that faith is a personal thing, and although i am open about mine on my blog, i very much believe it’s something that should be rooted within and not a “showy” aspect of someone’s life. have fun celebrating alllll the holidays! i celebrate the Christian holidays (my whole family are Christians) but i’d happily go to any holiday celebration from any faith if invited by friends!
    Shawna recently posted…WILW {4.16.14}My Profile

    • Thanks Shawna! I definitely agree that religion should not be a showy thing, that isn’t what it is about.

  29. I love that first picture of you :) You look so incredibly happy, and I mean, there is wine on that table, so it totally makes sense :D

    Dan was raised Jewish, and I was raised Christian, so we have a bit of mixed Holiday celebrations in our family now. I actually minored in Religion in college. I think it’s fascinating to learn about other’s belief systems!
    Kate @ Baking in yoga pants recently posted…{Really Good} Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Granola BarsMy Profile

  30. I think it pretty awesome you get to celebrate everything! I was brought up Catholic bit consider myself a Christian non denominational. I dont like to be committed to one thing probably why I’m not married yet lol! Christmas is absolutely my favorite holiday. I try to celebrate it the entire month of December.
    MegaN @ the skinny-life recently posted…Comment on Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Skinny-LifeMy Profile

  31. I cannot believe you received negative comments on this. What a well written way to respond and explain :) Happy celebrating!
    Christina recently posted…Adult Spring BreakMy Profile

  32. I celebrate all the holidays! I was raised 100% jewish but I completely agree with you that learning about other religions is totally fascinating. I also just love christmas spirit so even though I don’t celebrate christmas I like to decorate because shiny things, cookies, and pretty lights are for everyone. (in my opinion)
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted…Coconut Honey AlmondsMy Profile

    • My SIL (on the Jewish side) loves Christmas too and she always puts a small Christmas tree up – I love it :)

  33. Awesome!!! I think it’s great that you celebrate a bunch of holidays! Holidays = more fun! And I think I applaud you for being brave and confronting this on your blog!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Has Anyone Seen My Veggies?My Profile

  34. Wow I can’t believe someone called you a hypocrite….. how do people even have time for these things…..
    Andrea @ Pencils and Pancakes recently posted…“PB” and J Waffle/Egg SandwhichMy Profile

  35. Love this post!!! And agree that the person with the hypocrite comment should be smacked, seriously! I have tried to educate myself on all of the religions of the world, though there are still some I don’t know a lot about. I think being open to other faiths (and celebrating with them) is an amazing thing. There are so many families that have multiple faiths these days, this is a good thing, not something to be questioned. In addition to celebrating traditional Christian holidays, I also celebrate some pagan holidays (like solstice) and have looked into incorporating some other celebrations into my life from other faiths. The more we celebrate life, the better in my opinion.
    Oh, and I too am a human… unless you ask the kitties, then I’m just another big cat that provides them with food.
    Michelle @ Tales of a Fit Kitty Mama recently posted…A Big Win for MeMy Profile

  36. Ugh. Massive eyeroll at someone calling you a hypocrite. I mean really!

    I think it’s so cool that you get to celebrate the Jewish holidays in addition to the Christian holidays. I took religious studies courses in school and I loved learning about different faiths.

    I was brought up nothing, but now consider myself a Christian, who like you, doesn’t always go to church. Oops. :)
    Ange @ Cowgirl Runs recently posted…WIAW – Minus DinnerMy Profile

    • Thanks Ange – I now wish I would have taken a religious studies course, I think it would have been super interesting!

  37. Let it be known that your top ad is currently a site for people looking to convert to Judaism. My people are calling youuuuuu!

    Jk jk. Okay so here are my thoughts. I very much identify as a Jew. That being said, I don’t speak a word of Hebrew, have no clue what is happening in synagogue when I go 2 times a year and I just ate a sandwich on Passover. For me it’s more about family and the food (duh). At the same time I also love dating someone who isn’t Jewish. He’s not religious at all (his parents got married in a “church” that had a picture of a galaxy instead of jesus lol) but he does celebrate Christmas aka we make pizzas and exchange gifts. Pretty much the same idea as my family, spending time with loved ones and good food.

    Ironically it doesn’t thrill my parents that he isn’t Jewish. But at the end of the day we have the same values and they’re coming around. I totally agree on celebrating ALL THE HOLIDAYS!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…5 Tips To Improve Your SEOMy Profile

    • Hahahha – Google ads knows what it’s doing ;) You must be using your computer to search your religions, lol!

  38. Amen Sista! That is all!
    Brooke@SweeTnSweaty recently posted…Remember that One Time, Dry Shampoo, & a Long Lost SnackMy Profile

  39. PREACH.

    I like you married into interesting religious dynamics. We are both Christian and I come from Christian roots but his extended family is Muslim. I’ve learned a lot and it’s made me realize how COMPLETELY ignorant I am on a lot of things.

    We don’t attend church regularly now either mostly because we can’t find one we both like.. ha. You’re right though, it doesn’t make a person any more or less righteous. We are all sinners saved by Grace. No matter church or no church.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Carley @ Optimistic Health recently posted…Snow Showers… Bring Spring and SunshineMy Profile

    • Thanks for your comment, Carley! It’s so interesting to learn about different religions and traditions – it really makes us appreciate differences!

  40. First of all, I’m dying at all of Kyle’s baby pictures. I can’t wait to see what y’alls kids look like if they’re half as hilarious as Kyle was as a kid!! Bwuahaha. Secondly, I think accepting/respecting other religions is actually an essential part of being religious- opening your heart to others is a fundamental facet of religion (in my opinion) and the world would be a better place if more people did!

    One of my majors in college was Global Studies and manyyy of my core classes centered around cultural ideologies, global religion and religious conflict/terrorism, and I think it’s all super fascinating. However, even as someone who doesn’t self-identify as religious, learning about the role it plays in so many lives all over the world has led me to understand its importance and significance, and it’s hard not to respect that! Well done broaching a touchy subject, girlie!
    Katie @ Blonde Ambition recently posted…Weekend in PhotosMy Profile

    • Lord help us if they act like he did as a child… thank goodness he had dimples or I’m sure his parents would have left him on the curb, LOL! Great thoughts on religion. Maybe we should discuss this on our next Blend trip although I’m pretty certain you, Carly and I all have similar beliefs when it comes to religion :)

  41. Some people are just mean! You rock and it is awesome that you get to participate in all the holidays! I also LOVE christmas! I love getting my whole family together and being with everyone….. the presents are pretty great also :)
    Alex @ alex runs for food recently posted…Treat Yourself Tuesday 9My Profile

    • It’s a good thing I have a pretty thick skin and don’t let things get to me! :) Thanks for your kind words, Alex – YOU ROCK!

  42. Loved getting to know these snippets about you guys!

    I am a holiday manwhore and have dabbled in many various religious holidays….mum coming from a Muslim background, Dad Christian and growing up in Australia…pretty cultured.

    The bonus- all the New Years! Persian, Chinese, Standard.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Peanut butter loss and fig custard fail.My Profile

  43. Your post brings up some great topics. Like you said, why should it matter what someone titles themselves – denomination/religion wise? Believe Jesus is our one Lord and Savior is all we need. I also think it’s important to understand other people’s viewpoints and religions. However, I don’t necessarily believe that we should accept all religions without question. For example, Buddhists worship Buddha. While I respect their choice, I do believe that I have the responsibility to share with them the truth that Jesus Christ is the only one who can save, not Buddha.
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted…I Surrender AllMy Profile

  44. I love you and the way you handled this and every single thing you said in this post.

    That is all :D
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted…Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast PastriesMy Profile

  45. I’m a Christian who is kinda jealous (oops, that’s coveting ;) celebrating the Jewish holidays has taught/reminded you of so much from the the Old Testament. So often, we get so excited about Jesus (which is not a bad thing) and tend to focus on the New Testament, but the Old Testament is just as much apart of God’s plan and points to Jesus. Our Pastor taught on the Passover from Exodus last night, and I kept thinking, ‘how awesome would it be to still celebrate this’ because God put so much emphasis on the Israelites doing so to remember His bringing them out of Egypt.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…My Pregnancy Eats @ 22 WeeksMy Profile

    • LOL, sorry the coveting part made me laugh ;) But yes, we need to remember that ALL parts of our religious history are important!

  46. I LOVED (and still love) celebrating Christmas AND Hanukkah, Easter AND Passover. I feel more connected with my culture and even though I don’t identify as any religion, I love learning about all of the different beliefs out there.

    Um, and screw the assholes who sent you messages. JERKS ;).
    carly @ snack therapy recently posted…Inner Bitch vs. Inner NarcissistMy Profile

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