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Before I jump into SYS, I want to thank you all for your awesome, sweet, and hilarious (especially Carly, haha!) comments on yesterday’s post. As usual, y’all rock my socks :)

I’ve always had “bad” skin. By bad, I mean oily, prone to breakouts, largish pores, and now that I’m approaching the big 3-0, it’s starting to show a few wrinkles. What gives, skin?! Can’t you just make up your mind? I can take acne alone, I can probably deal with a few crinkles around my eyes and lines on my forehead (I blame the fact that I tend to show my emotions on my face…), but both at the same time? You’re playing a cruel, cruel trick on me my skin-y friend.

Needless to say, I am slightly critical when it comes to skin products. The only product that ever worked for me was Proactiv, so I used that until it started drying out my face to the extreme in college. So, even something that “worked” probably wasn’t the best for my skin even though it cleared up my acne.

When AdvoCare announced the release of a new skincare line, SYS (Supplement Your Skin), at Success School, I honestly rolled my eyes.

SYS™ Bundle

Errrr… Advo? You’re a supplement company, not a beauty company. This is dumb. Give me more performance elite supplements, girlfriends got some major running to do this summer and would appreciate more things like O2Gold. Word on the street is that facial moisturizer doesn’t increase your running stamina.

As you can most likely anticipate by reading this post, I eventually caved and decided to try out the new line.

Okay, fine AdvoCare. It’s a good thing the prices are reasonable (especially with a discount), because I’m willing to try skincare products if 1) They’re affordable, and 2) I hear great reviews.

When the products arrived, my first initial reaction was “Woah, these bottles are HUGE.” That’s always a good thing (at least to me) when it comes to skincare. I hate, hate, HATE paying a bajillion and two dollars for a bottle of cream that is 0.0003 ounces and lasts for maybe 3 weeks.

Being a girl, I immediately had to try the products out – Don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this! My SYS skincare order included: daily facial cleanser and exfoliant, rejuvenating serum, day moisturizer with sunscreen, night skin renewing moisturizer, and body firming lotion. The only product I didn’t receive was the eye cream – It was just released yesterday. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I ordered it and it should arrive tomorrow!

The cleanser, serum and night moisturizer were the first products I used as it was the evening when I opened the package. All of the products smelled super refreshing and as I quickly found out, a little goes a long way. So, not only are the bottles huge, you don’t need to use a lot of the product. I’m guessing these bottles will last me between 4-6 months – Whoop!

So my initial reactions… Big bottles, great smell, this is gonna last forever.

SYS™ Serum

To be honest, I was very nervous about the serum (you use it both in the AM and the PM) and the day cream. Like I mentioned above, my skin is like an oil warzone and I tend to shy away from putting any product on it during the day.

Because I love Advo, I took a leap of faith and tried out the combo one morning and was pleasantly surprised with my lack of an oily aura. Most mornings I typically only wear the serum but as I am quickly approaching my move to Florida, I know the SPF in the day cream is going to be vital to preventing any future wrinkles and skin damage from the sun.

Since I’ve only been using the products for a few weeks now, I can’t claim any dramatic benefits from the body firming lotion. I can say though that it has a ginger-y, refreshing smell and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. So I like it from that aspect. Has it firmed up my tush? Maybe? But so does excessive running and BODYPUMP, haha!

The one thing that disappoints me is that they did not release a toner. I still use a toner a few times per day and would love it if I could use one from the same line. Hint, hint!

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by the SYS line. Spark, O2Gold and Catalyst will forever be my favorite Advo products, but I am happy that their skincare line doesn’t make me breakout, leaves my skin with a healthy, non-greasy glow, and smells amazingly fresh.

What skincare products do you use? If you are an Advo-lover like me, what are your favorite AdvoCare products?


  1. I am a tried and true ‘Eminence’ fan. It’s the line that my spa uses and when I started going for facials regularly and just using the SAME products all the time I really noticed a difference in my skin. When I was younger I was always changing face products the minute my skin would breakout but now I have a good face regime going and I’ve really noticed a huge difference (those facials always help too ;)

  2. Cost?

  3. I 100% agree!! I especially LOVE the cleanser. So amazing. And not spendy – which I love. :)
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…How to get stronger in BODYPUMPMy Profile

  4. I think once I run out of my current Philosophy face wash I’ll try this one. It’s not a bad price at all and I’m definitely a fan of good size bottle too :) Thanks for sharing!
    Mia @ MakeMeUpMia recently posted…Easy Weeknight Crock Pot RoastMy Profile

  5. I have tried so many face washes and lotions to get my face to not freak out that my bathroom could double as a skin care sampling area. I’ve had pretty excellent luck with the Simple Skincare line, but who knows, maybe I’ll have to add another brand to test out!
    Kat @ life by the laces recently posted…Treat Yourself Tuesday: In PicturesMy Profile

    • I feel ya, Kat! I’ve never heard of the Simple brand before – I feel like I’m so out of the loop when it comes to skincare, ha!

  6. Is it all natural?? I try to get as close to natural as possible haha. But I’m actually on Accutane for my acne right now, so I’m actually not sure what works for my skin right now haha.
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…Dreams { TOL #26 & Healthy Habits }My Profile

    • LOL – I’m not sure natural and Accutane belong in the same sentence ;) My friend had to take that back in college and it was some serious stuff! As for SYS being natural, there’s more in it than like vinegar and honey but most of the ingredients are natural :)

  7. I’ve been looking for new beauty products. Thanks for the advice!
    Megan @ Skinny Fitalicious recently posted…Why My First Acupuncture Experience Was IncredibleMy Profile

  8. You’re not lying…I watched you roll your eyes because I did too right next to you. Here I am a month later and completely shocked by how much I love it. Ive tried lots of things and leave it to AdvoCare to make my favorite. I should have assumed that would have been the case lol. But seriously that one order will last 4-6 months easily I agree!
    heylaurenrene recently posted…September Treat Yourself TuesdayMy Profile

    • Lol – I express my feelings on my face. That darn eye roll probably gave me another forehead wrinkle too ;) PS. My eye cream comes TOMORROW and I’m stoked!

  9. Thanks for sharing!! Keep us updated on your long term results with it! I’m a skincare junkie as you may know!!

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