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Thanksgiving Day Recap

Is it just me or does Thanksgiving already seem like it was forever ago? Time flies…

This was the first Thanksgiving it was just Kyle and I so I bravely took on the challenge of cooking an entire dinner for the two of us. Thankfully, it {mostly} went off without a hitch and I felt like an official chef. I prepped A TON of the dishes on Wednesday which I think was key to the successful holiday dinner!

Thanksgiving Mitchell

I made everything from my Thanksgiving menu plus my freakin’ amazing cheeseball recipe and I only burnt the pie. I’d call that a success if I do say so myself!

thanksgiving run

I kicked off the day with a 30-minute run while Kyle went to the gym… It was GORGEOUS outside so I decided to enjoy the outdoors rather than hit up BODYPUMP. I wore my new tank and had a few people read it, glance at my stomach and then smile. It made me laugh :)

thanksgiving 2 Collage

After my sweat sesh, I cleaned up and got all crazy with a glass of sparking cranberry juice. Be jealous.

thanksgiving apps

Then it was time for food. #duh Spinach dip + Cheese ball (turned cheese plate because I failed and used low-fat -BLECH – cream cheese rather than regular) for the win!

photo 5 (96)

And you can’t forget the deviled eggs… Mitchell may have gotten one of these babies too.

This was the first time I was able to use a lot of our wedding china. I know, it’s been almost 5 years and I have yet to use my serving platter. We finally have space for it and I figured I should put it to use!

thanksgiving spread

A full table full of delicious food (and wine for Kyle…).

The funny thing about preparing a huge meal (FOR EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT…) is that you really aren’t hungry once it hits the table. I had all of this delicious, home-cooked goodness in front of me and I didn’t even clean my plate… except for the stuffing and green bean casserole. Let’s be honest, those poor suckers had no chance ;)

thanksgiving plate

After our 4pm dinner, we relaxed on the sofa and called it an early night. Cooking + eating your weight in food makes for a long day!

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you cook anything up for your dinner?

My favorite Instagram accounts

It’s quite apparent that Instagram is my favorite social media channel.

Photos of food. Photos of rockin’ muscles. Photos of vacations. OOTDs. And selfies. LOTS of selfies. What’s not to love?!

{P.S. Do you follow my ‘gram? I’m all about sharing my eats and workouts and attempting fashion, mostly in the fitness form, so we should totally be friends. You can find me here or search for beckyklap on Instagram!}

Today, I’m going to share six of my favorite Instagram accounts with y’all. Some are my “fitspiration” (not the workout ’til you puke kinda inspiration but a lil’ kick in the booty to get me to the gym), some have a closet full of clothes that I need, some are full of adorable pups, and some are just plain fun!

1. mommasgonecity

Jessica has four of the most beautiful children in the world. They are not the star of the show, however. That would be Theo, the family’s newly adopted puppy who is known for his adorable naps with her youngest children. If you don’t like kids or dogs, Jessica’s photos will make you want to adopt both a cute little boy name Beau and a pup named Theo. #heartmelting

photo 1 (6)

2. tunameltsmyheart

Sticking to the dog theme, I would love to introduce y’all to Tuna. Tuna is somewhat awkward looking but his overbite and shrivel neck are what make him adorable. Plus, his owner rocks and raises A TON of money for dog shelters across the country. Tuna will definitely add a smile to your day.

photo 2 (3)

3. knockedupfitness

Ahhh… fitness and pregnancy, everyone seems to have an opinion! That is why I love Erica’s ‘gram and blog. She spreads the truth about how good fitness is for both mama AND baby with great workouts, tips, facts and a fab workout series that covers everything from pre-natal to post-natal fitness health and safety for mamas everywhere.

photo 3 (3)

4. lifealawife

Alyssa, a little mama to be, has the best OOTD every. single. day. (OOTD = Outfit of the day) Even during her pregnancy, she has better fashion than 97% of the population. I seriously want to raid her closet… or at least fly her to Naples for a weekend so she can style me ;) Also, she’s where I got my pregnancy announcement inspiration – Thanks Alyssa!

photo 4 (2)

5. getfitandthick

Nikki is some serious fitspo (I know y’all don’t like that term but let’s just go with it for today, mmkay?) – She shows us that we women can embrace our curves and all shapes and sizes and still be fit. Butts and boobs don’t mean that you can’t be the face of fitness! Embrace those curves and follow some of Nikki’s workouts (or attend one of her bootcamps) for a killer boot-ay.

photo 5 (1)

6. bevcooks

Bev is freakin’ high-lar-ious! She has cutie patootie twin babes, cooks amazing food, has simple yet elegant decor all combined with descriptions that will have you LOLing in your cube. Follow her. NOW.

photo (11)

All photos were sourced from their respective Instagram accounts linked above.

What are a few of your favorite ‘gram accounts?

Thanksgiving Funnies


Are you up getting the turkey ready for it’s 5-hour long bake in the sauna? If so, props to you! If not, relax in a bed a bit longer with these Thanksgiving funnies that are sure to make you grin.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo 5

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

Is anyone else Black Friday shopping? I’m not going out tonight (I think there is something seriously wrong with you if you have to go to a store on Thanksgiving…) but I will be up and at ’em tomorrow morning!

A rude awakening

On one of my multiple pee breaks throughout the night, I noticed that it was peacefully raining (okay, downpouring) outside. Ahhh… The perfect noise to fall back asleep to at 4:30 in the morning.

The pitter patter of rain drops with an occasional thunder boom, perfection.

Little did I know that Kyle and I (and Mitchell) would be jolted out of bed a few, short minutes later by our emergency alarm system. Or let me correct myself… The ENTIRE complexes emergency alarm system. All 20 buildings in our Naples compex had the joy of waking at 4:37am to sirens… FOR NO REASON.

Kyle, Mitchell and I quickly went onto our patio because the noise was so loud we couldn’t hear each other inside. I called the emergency hotline just as I saw the Naples Fire Department pulling into the drive. After what seemed like a good 20 minutes (and it was actually 23 minutes…), the alarm system fell quiet and the dogs stopped howling.

I am well aware that there are much much MUCH worse things in the world than an (extremely loud and ill-timed) alarm system waking a few hundred people. However, management better get this shiz figured out by May because I am fairly certain there may be nothing worse than an angry mama bear who’s baby cub was scared awake in the middle of the night by a broken alarm.

I had a fun post planned for today but I chose to sleep in and provide this little rant instead ;)

Ending this on a happy note… Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I’m currently prepping my pecan pie and cranberry salad and my apartment smells lovely :)

Tell me something that annoys you. Let’s get our rants out of the way so we can be super thankful tomorrow!

#63 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Before I jump into this week’s treats, I have to share this video with you. I am the star (hehe!) – I was hanging out at the YMCA post-BODYPUMP demo last week and was asked if I wanted to demo their weekly workout challenge in the gym. I’m never one to turn down a challenge so I took up the offer! I always think it is fun to see fellow bloggers in video so I thought I’d share with y’all… And the workout is a great one to beat treadmill burnout in the winter months. My part begins around the 40 second mark, you can excuse my awkward smile/looks for the first 40 seconds :)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you’re new to TYT, head over here to read about why I am a supporter and advocate for treating ourselves – even in the smallest of ways – everyday! I promise you will fall in love with the idea and once you do, please link up below :)

I forgot to share a couple of treats from the past two weeks, so let’s start with those, shall we?

I finally spent my Lulu gift card on a new vest! It’s the Rebel Runner Vest and I LOVE it! It’s supposed to be chilly over the Thanksgiving weekend so I cannot wait to wear it on Turkey Day :)

lulu vest

Secondly, I purchased a new pair of Nike shorts a few weeks ago from Nordstrom’s. I had a gift card there as well plus they were on sale PLUS they match most of my wardrobe so I had to get them!

photo (10)

I treated myself to the next BODYPUMP release over the weekend, 92. I finally tried it out yesterday (yes, barefoot… I don’t recommend that – haha!) and it is going to be a toughie – good luck walking out of those classes without a limp ;)

BP polish

And, can you tell my toes look nice and pretty in the photo? I gave myself a pedicure with my new nail polish and I LOVE it! I’m never buying another brand again. I only had to use one coat and it went on evenly and perfectly.

There was of course the required bagel and Chipotle treats and planning out our Thanksgiving meal. If I get it all done on Thursday, that’ll for sure be a treat!

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How did you treat yourself this week? What is your favorite brand of nail polish?


Happy Monday!

Since I shared my Thanksgiving Dinner plans yesterday, I’m here today with my weekend recap. Spoiler alert – It wasn’t very exciting ;)

On Friday night Kyle and I headed out for burgers at the #6 burger place in the USA. It was semi-cool outside so I sported one of my favorite fall scarves.

friday night outfit

Brook’s Gourmet Burgers and Dogs was just okay. Not rankable in my books but apparently someone out there likes it! Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing ;) Either way, my burger craving was satisfied and Kyle got his chocolate milkshake with dinner.

brooks burgers

Kyle is in Chicago through tonight so on Saturday morning, I dropped him off at the airport and then headed straight to the gym for BODYPUMP! The drive was quicker than I expected so I burned some extra time on the treadmill before the class started. Hunger struck while I was walking. Thankfully, I had a DB9 bar (tastes like a caramel almond latte!) in my gym bag and decided to look like a total weirdo and eat while working out ;)

saturday gym Collage

Post-PUMP my hunger returned so I made a pit stop at Chipotle on my way home. SO good!

photo 5 (95)

I downloaded the new BODYPUMP release on Saturday afternoon and I cannot wait to check it out. I must say that I do NOT like the new downloading system but it is the way Les Mills is going so I’ll have to get over not having my DVDs.

I got a couple of fun packages in the mail on Saturday – a Running For Two tank top from my MIL and a Christmas ornament from a fun ornament exchange I did with my AdvoCare team :)

Saturday packages Collage

Saturday night involved a Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hampton’s marathon and Hunger Games before bed.

Sunday morning kicked off with a semi-empty spin class… A lot of people are traveling back home this week for Thanksgiving so I think my classes will be calm over the next few days.


Everything bagel + veggie cream cheese for the post-spin win!

everything bagel

The rest of Sunday involved deep cleaning the apartment. Mitchell apparently loves clean carpet and was rolling around like a crazy dog.

photo 5 (94)

I got a great start on our Christmas cards Sunday night while watching 90-Day Fiance… worst show ever but watching the disasters is pretty fun ;)

How was your weekend? Any fellow burger and bagel eaters over the weekend?

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Thanksgiving is four days. FOUR DAYS!!

IMG 1177

{I saw this on Janae’s blog yesterday and couldn’t resist sharing!}

I hit up Target yesterday to get the remaining ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was cray to the zay. Get your birds and your stuffing and your cranberries while the getting’s good!

Since it is just Kyle and I this year, I thought I’d share the recipes I plan on making Thursday.

First of all, I have to send a HUGE thanks to Laura for sending me the most incredible and useful spreadsheet I’ve ever experienced… and I’ve seen A LOT of spreadsheets ;) Basically, you enter your Thanksgiving recipes and it creates a grocery list and a Thanksgiving Day timeline that will have all of your dishes done at the same time based on how many people you will have at your meal. Here is a link to her spreadsheet if you want to use it for your dinner as well!

Now, for the good stuff… Carbs and protein and fat… and sugar galore!

For breakfast, I’ll be making cinnamon rolls with a side of bacon (maybe I’ll even make pancakes for the mister) and we’ll be snacking on black olives, deviled eggs, Hawaiian bread with spinach-artichoke dip, and hummus with baby carrots throughout the day. There is a lot of snackage because I have to “time” dinner thanks to a noon-time football game. #boys But don’t worry, Kyle and I will either be running a turkey trot or hitting up BODYPUMP before we shove our traps full of holiday goodness!

I must say, this time of year may be the best to be pregnant… Halloween… Thanksgiving… Hanukkah… Christmas… NYE (oh wait, this one will suck…) – Bring on the food because I’m already in my stretchy pants! And, I can blame my turkey belly on the baby ;)

What is on your menu for Thanksgiving Day?

Friday Favs + A Survey

Fridayyy! Did this week fly by for anyone else? Just me?

Let’s jump right into this week’s favorites!

1. BODYPUMP! First, my video is submitted – wahoo! I’ll know by December 2nd whether I receive a “pass” or a “resubmit.” Second, I am one of two instructors that was chosen to teach the YMCA’s launch of BODYPUMP on the 29th! Holy moly, I was so excited when the Group Fitness Director told me this. I think my eyes popped out of my head, haha! It’s a huge compliment and I have been working my booty off to show them that I’m dedicated and want to teach… I’ve gone to almost all of the practices and other instructors’ certification filming sessions.

2. On the topic of fitness, the director casually brought up the topic of spinning earlier this week. She asked if I liked it (I told her I have recently gotten into spin) and if I would be interested in obtaining a spin certification and teaching at the gym! They are looking for one more spin instructor and want to give the opportunity to me if I’m interested :) Kyle doesn’t want me over-committing myself so I want to learn more about spin certifications and what they entail, but needless to say, it’s been a good week for all things fitness here in Naples!

3. I failed at the photo op for my next favorite… I finally met Christa on Wednesday evening for a walk! We found out that we live super close (like literally almost across the street from one another, ha) so we took the pups out for a stroll. It was great to meet another young person here in Naples (and a blogger at that!) who’s into fitness and fashion and healthy living. We have a margarita date penciled in for May. I CANNOT wait ;) Definitely check out her blog – She’s super fun and I know you’ll like her!

baby gifts

4. Y’all know how much I love my blends. I seriously have the best ones and they continue to prove this to me daily. I got some awesomely sweet gifts from some of my blends this week. A pregnancy book from Katie (I totally needed this… except heads up, do NOT read the labor section, you will want to vomit.), an adorable bear bib from Carly, and the cutest onesie ever from Lindsay! Thank you ladies! Laura also sent me some gorgeous nail polish so I can pamper myself – That’s what I’m talking about :)

chanel polish

5. Finally, my Christmas corner is complete! We somehow lost our tree during our move but I found a cheap one ($25!!) at Target this week. It isn’t the fullest tree ever but I have some “holly” berries that I decorate with to fill it in. Christmas decor makes me happy :)

christmas corner

Now, onto the survey! I was tagged by Christa, Ashley and Katie so I figured it was time for me to get going on answering the questions :)

1. Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

  • Becky
  • Beckster
  • Cutie (Kyle calls me this ;) )
  • Becks

2. Four jobs I have had:

  • Teaching assistant (Agronomy 101, if you’re interested in anything related to soil science, I’m your girl!)
  • Barista at The Cafe in Ames, Iowa
  • Target Corp (yes, working for Target HQ was amazing – maybe I can get them to relocate to FL ;) )
  • BODYPUMP Instructor!!

3. Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  • Love Actually
  • The Little Mermaid
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • The Matrix

4. Four books I’d recommend:

Umm… I’m really bad at this. I don’t have any!

5. Four places I have lived:

  • Ames, Iowa
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Naples, Florida

6. Four places I have been:

  • Santorini/Athens, Greece (honeymoon)
  • Las Vegas (4 times…)
  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7. Four places I’d rather be right now:

  • Las Vegas (I love that city… but obviously, it’s not a great place for preggos)
  • Paris
  • Venice
  • Tuscany

8. Four things I don’t eat: (I’m not a picky eater…)

  • Eel
  • Cashews (I think I’m kind of allergic? My stomach hurts when I eat them.)
  • Moldy bread
  • Gruyere cheese (the smell makes me want to vom)

9. Four of my favorite foods:

  • Avocados
  • Black olives
  • Seeduction bread (from Whole Foods bakery – so good!)
  • Peanut butter

10. Four TV shows that I watch: (I don’t really watch TV… I know, I’m lame… so some of these are going way back!)

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Anything HGTV
  • Sex and the City

11. Four things I am looking forward to this year: (I’m counting the next 12 months…)

  • Our 5-year anniversary in May
  • Mitchell Junior’s arrival
  • A huge platter of sushi, brie, an undercooked hamburger and a mimosa post-baby
  • Teaching BODYPUMP!

12. Four things I’m always saying:

  • MITCHELLLLLL!!!!!!! <– that’s me yelling
  • I’m so tireddddd.
  • Ummmm… <– it’s a real problem
  • It’s in the first drawer to the right… Look under the papers! (Kyle can NEVER find anything… anyone else’s hubs have the same problem?!)

Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet? What was your favorite moment from the week? 

I’m linking up with Katie, Heather, and Clare again today to share some of my favorites from the week.

Pregnancy Thoughts #1

You guys ROCK. Like seriously rock. Thank you SO much for all of your recommendations on yesterday’s post! I think I got every comment replied to but if not, I will be getting there shortly. I added the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat, a Graco Pack ‘n Play and the Aden and Anais swaddlers to our registry and kept the Medela pump and BOB stroller on there as well. Also, apparently witch hazel is the way to go! I’ll be on the lookout for it over the next few months. And I’m hoping For Two Fitness has good Black Friday sales! I’ll be getting their tank after y’all said it was awesome. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as the time passes and I sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort y’all took answering each of my questions.

Now, continuing on with baby week here on Olives minus the Wine ;)

I don’t plan on doing a preggo update each week (I’ll still take photos weekly but plan on posting updates on a monthly basis… I don’t think that much changes each week honestly. If it does, I’ll post more often!) nor do I plan on doing these “Pregnancy Thoughts” posts weekly. Buttttt, I have a lot of thoughts and have had a few questions about how I’m feeling and exercise and AdvoCare while pregnant so I thought I’d get them out today, especially since Amanda is hosting Thinking Out Loud :)

Also, sorry for the novel. I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled (aka – doesn’t take you an hour to read…) blogging tomorrow!

1. I’m never registering for a marathon again. Kidding… kind of ;) The first time I register for a marathon, we move to Chicago. The second time, we move to Florida AND I get knocked up. I don’t even want to think what a third one would add to the list…

2. On the topic of marathons… YES, I did injure my knee. It wasn’t a fake injury to get out of running the marathon because I was preggo. Actually, I made the decision not to run the race before I even knew I was pregnant. It’s practically impossible to prove this, but my OBGYN thinks my knee pain was due to the increase in hormones during the first tri. My knee starting hurting a week or two after I got pregnant and stopped around weeks 12-13. Seems like too much of a coincidence to not find some sort of correlation there!

3. Getting all of the fitness thoughts out of the way… Yes, I can still run. I can swim. I can spin. I can do yoga. I can do BODYPUMP. My doctor is a-okay with all of the activities I did prior to becoming pregnant. And heck, I was running 30+ miles/week the first month and everything looks great so far. I don’t need to worry about heart rate or sweating or anything like that, the only thing he told me to be cautious of is overheating… so no hot yoga. The heart rate worry is apparently a myth (there isn’t any true science behind it) plus, he said that the more fit you are, the faster your heart beats once you start working out so there isn’t a good method of determining what is too high for some women vs others. I’m just listening to my body and stopping if I’m overly tired which hasn’t been an issue yet. I have realized that I need to eat a HUGE breakfast (like 700-800 calories) before a workout or I get lightheaded and I typically try to take a nap post-workout if I can.

4. Overall, I’ve been feeling okay the past few months! I’m super thankful for this because me + nausea do not mix. The only thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been extremely exhausted. It really hit me after moving to Florida. I was sleeping 11-12 hours/night and taking a 2-3 hour nap each day. Wowzers. Growing a human is no joke. As long as I ate every 2-3 hours during the first tri, it kept the nausea away (my appetite has decreased dramatically now that I’m into the second tri… if you ever needs tips on how to eat 3,000-3,500 calories/day, let me know LOL!). I’ve been noticing more lightheadedness now that I’m a little further along as well. Apparently this lasts throughout the rest of the pregnancy – yay. #sarcasm Also, I’m very very thankful I have been working from home (THANK YOU Advo!) so I’ve had the ability to rest when I’ve needed to… Seriously, maternity leave needs to begin when women find out they are pregnant and last for a full 2 years.

5. I have been feeling well BUT I cannot read recipe posts. Like they make me gag. I don’t know what it is. The pictures are fine, I love food and I’ve never been a picky eater (not even now) but I cannot read about food to save my life. So, if you write mostly about recipes, I’ve been absent lately, haha. The only exception to this rule is Katie’s recipes. I could eat everything on her blog – helloooo Crockpot Chicken Cream Cheese Chili and Special K Bars!

6. It’s amazing I only gained 1 pound during the first trimester. Frankly, I don’t care AT ALL how much weight I gain during the next few months. But, I was eating so much during the first few weeks that I thought I would at least gain 10 pounds – haha! I actually tracked it one day because I was curious and I logged in almost 3,200 calories… and that was a typical day. You really only need 300 extra calories each day when you’re preggo but I am super active so I know my body needs 2,000 calories + 300 + whatever I burn off while working out each day. So honestly, 3,200 is probably a fairly accurate assessment of my energy needs right now.

7. As for cravings, the only thing I’ve really been craving is cream cheese. I legit go through at least one tub per week. And it is amazing, haha! I mix it into pasta sauce, eat it with bagels, put it on English muffins… once I even put it on Nacho Cheese Doritos. Don’t judge. That combo is amazeballs but I’ve actually made Kyle promise that he will never bring home a bag of Doritos again (even if I’m crying and screaming in a hormonal rage…) because I cannot control myself around them and they are not good for me or the baby and there are many other avenues for scooping cream cheese into my mouth… like with a spoon ;) I also really like egg-cheese-bacon sandwiches on English muffins. Yes, I’ve put cream cheese (and butter) in them and that only adds to their amazingness. And I’ve only gained a pound… I told you growing a human was no joke! Oh, and the only thing I don’t really like right now is froyo. It’s a sad, sad story. Sweets just aren’t my thang these days. The proof are the 2 bags of Reese’s in my freezer that I have no desire to touch. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

8. AdvoCare makes you fertile <– KIDDING. I am not making a medical claim here (Just clarifying for all of the legal stuff out there…) What I do think makes you fertile is being at a healthy weight, being active and fit, eating clean foods and filling in any gaps with high quality supplements (whether you think so or not, you do have nutritional gaps in your diet unless you are harvesting ALL of your produce from your own garden that is grown on the most fertile soil on Earth and you’re eating everything that you harvest within an hour or two… just sayin’). I’ve always been fairly healthy but AdvoCare has really reinforced good habits in my day-to-day life so I’m happy that I’ll be able to pass that onto Mitchell Junior once he is here :)

photo 5 (92)

9. As for how I’m fitting AdvoCare products into my pregnancy… First, I’d recommend taking all of your supplements (Advo or not) to your OBGYN for approval. I took mine in and he okayed them. Anyways, you can have one Spark/day while pregnant and breastfeeding. I’m also incorporating Rehydrate (great for workouts!), CorePlex + Iron (great prenatal for you mamas out there!), OmegaPlex (good for you and your baby’s brain), AdvoBars and MRS. I have trouble with pills right now (they make me gag) so I’m only taking the necessities, but you can also take Catalyst, my all-time favorite Advo product! You can contact me if you have any questions about this. There are a lot of AdvoBabies on my team and any of the mamas would be happy to provide advice!

Life jacket

10. I’m not worried about Mitchell. Believe it or not, he’s actually really good with puppies and small children. He will stand still and let them jump on/pet his face without any issues. Needless to say, I know you need to be careful with any animal in the house so I’ve been doing some reading on pets and babies. Apparently, you’re supposed to practice with a doll, so Kyle and I will be getting a life-sized baby doll for the purposes of training Mitchell, LOL. I’ll use the baby-wearing wrap (it’ll be good practice for that too!) when doing day-to-day activities so Mitchell can get used to me paying attention to another “animal.” I will also practice swaddling the doll and holding it while watching TV and placing it on a blanket on the floor. I want to let Mitchell know that it is okay to smell and lick the doll (FYI – I’m not a germaphobe and do not plan on bleaching the apartment before baby arrives. I’ve read a bunch of studies and babies/kids that grow up with a little dirt/germs/pet hair are much less likely to have allergies and end up with a stronger immune system sooooo a less than perfect house and a baby that gets licked by the dog is what you can expect to see if you come to visit!) but that it is not okay to lie on it or wrestle with it or try to overly cuddle it. I’m going to have Kyle practice the same things because I’m more worried about Mitchell being jealous when Kyle’s with the baby. Mitchell LOVES Kyle but he has to know that he can’t jump on or wrestle with Kyle when he has the baby. Right now, I’m letting Mitchell sniff everything we get for the baby. But he isn’t going to be allowed in a crib or a bassinet (he’d probably break it anyways, LOL) or a stroller or a car seat. Poor furball is going to have a rude awakening come May but I’m sure the two boys will be BFF’s in a year or two :)

Phew! And to think, I have about 20 more thoughts ;) I’ll be doing round #2 in a couple of weeks – I hope you come back!

I don’t really have any questions today, I think I got them all out yesterday, but as always, any tips/ideas are welcome! 

Mamas – I need your help!

Okay, since I already claimed that it is baby week here on ONW (maybe I should call it “Olives minus the Wine” until May…), I’m recruiting the help of experienced mama’s today.

Yup, if you’re a mom, that means you! You guys have been awesome so far with your recommendations so keep ’em coming!

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to babies and kids (I’m an expert with dogs though, LOL) so I don’t know what I need or what brands are good. Thankfully, I have your opinions and advice! I have a few items that I know I’ll need but I don’t know which brand/type to put on the registry (and yes, Mom, you can search my name on for the registry I’ve started).

1. Maternity workout apparel – Let’s start with the next few months first, shall we? Where did you find your fitness shorts/capris/tops when you were pregnant? I have been looking at For Two Fitness – I’m lusting after the “Running for two” tank top, but their clothing is kind of pricey, especially since I’ll only be wearing it for a few months. I really don’t want to stretch out my current lulu active wear, plus I hate when pants are too tight on my stomach, so I’m looking for brand/store recommendations that won’t break the bank. Kyle also mentioned that he is going to be getting me a pregnancy gift (I’m not sure where this thought came from but I’m going to let him keep thinking that this is appropriate ;) ) and I’d love some workout gear so send as many suggestions my way as you’d like!

2. Running/Jogging Stroller – I currently have the BOB Revolution stroller on my registry. Thoughts? I want to make sure I get a good one since they are expensive and I want the babe to be safe! Also, at what age is it safe to take a baby running? I probably won’t want to run until September at the earliest (it’ll be hotter than heck down here in the summer), so he’ll be 4 months by the time I get around to using it. Is that a safe age? Also, I think I’ve read that some strollers have an attachment for car seats to make it better for babies. Am I just making this up or do these attachments actually exist?

3. Car seat – I’m clueless here and I hate reading consumer reports so I’m asking y’all ;) Actually, Kyle really enjoys looking into that stuff so I’ll probably let him pick out the car seat. What brands are good (Graco?) and is there anything specific I need to be aware of when selecting a model?

4. Backpack carriers – This is Kyle’s ask. Ever since I can remember, he has mentioned wanting a backpack carrier for when we have kids. He wants one that is free standing so he can just prop the kid up when he takes the backpack off (LOL), similar to this one on Amazon. Has anyone used this type of backpack before? Thoughts? I’m thinking it’ll be good for walks when we don’t want to bother with a stroller.

5. Stroller – I’m guessing I can’t use the running stroller for everyday use. I’m looking for a SMALL, easy to manage stroller. I hate the big ones that take up entire sidewalks – they annoy me to no end and I refuse to be that kind of parent. I kind of like Tina’s but have no idea what brand/style it is. It looks like her car seat just clicks right into the stroller which is cool.

6. Baby monitor – You know, so Mitchell can watch the baby while he’s napping ;) For real though, what brands/models are good? The little guy will be sleeping in our room for a while and after that he’ll be about 10 steps away but I know I’ll want a monitor to make me feel better.

7. Health items – I’m totally clueless here, what do I need?! Thermometer? Nose sucky thing? Medicine? Baby first aid kit? Helppppppppppp.

8. Bras – Errrr… awkward but where do I find the best (aka – bigger and supportive and NOT pretty, LOL – sorry Kyle!) bras for pregnancy and nursing? VS’s have too much umph (#ifyaknowwhatimean) and I am not looking to have the sexiest bras over the next few months.

9. Post-birth – I think I’m going to do a hospital bag post in a few months, but what personal items do I need to have at home when I arrive home from the hospital? This is going to be way TMI right here but what type of underwear, pads, creams, medicines, etc. should I have ready? I don’t want to have to send Kyle to Target to buy feminine products (poor guy is already going to be going through a lot, haha!) so I want to make sure I have enough personal items on hand for a few weeks until I can get out again… Or until my mom gets here and she can go to Target for me ;)

10. Breast pump – I do plan on breastfeeding. (Although, if it doesn’t work out, I’m cool with formula too.) What pumps do y’all recommend? I’m currently registered for the Medela Pump because it was recommended on but am open to suggestions!

11. Diapers – I am planning on going the cloth route… at least for the first few months. I always told myself that I would do this if (and only if) there was a diaper service that would take care of washing the diapers for me. Lo and behold, there is a diaper service in Naples (and yes, it’s for babies… hehe!) So, what do I need to go with cloth diapers? Covers? Anything else?

12. Bassinet – What did you use for your baby while it still slept in your bedroom? There are some pretty expensive bassinets out there and I’m just not sure what I need!

Okay, I think that’s it! I probably should have split this up into 3 different posts but I’ll just put it all out there at once ;)

Thanks in advance!

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