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Pregnancy Update – 37/38 Weeks

I’ve been doing updates after every appointment so far and now that we’re down to the weekly appointments, I figure I might as well provide an update each week. Honestly not much (if anything…) changes from week to week but every post could be my last (!!!) so I’m going to bombard y’all with a weekly pregnancy post for a few more weeks ;)

Post-spinning poodle hair made a comeback this week. Kyle’s quite concerned that our child is going to have my frizzy hair… He probably will eventually, haha, but I’m guessing he’ll be bald at birth. I also feel like I wear the EXACT SAME tanks and shorts in all of my photos… UGH. Obviously, y’all know that I love Advo but to be honest, the burnout tanks are pretty much the only workout gear that will fit me comfortably at this point, haha. Thankfully I have 4 tanks and 4 pairs of shorts that I can rotate!


How far along? 37/38 weeks

Due date? May 17, 2015

Baby’s size? 6 pounds <– We didn’t do an updated measurement today so maybe he is up to 6.5 at this point? We will find out for sure when he makes his appearance!

Total weight gain/loss: Around 18 pounds – I didn’t gain anything over the past week.

Maternity clothes? Yep! I am still wearing my non-maternity workout gear (rotating the 4 items I mentioned above, bahaha) and maxi skirts/dresses though.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: After I wrote about getting terrible sleep in my last post, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I’m still getting up to use the bathroom frequently (I drink 20 ounces of water before bed… Probably a poor decision on my part but I hate feeling dehydrated!) but I am falling asleep and staying asleep when I’m in bed. Yay!

Best moment this week: Feeling organized in our new house. Yes, I’d like to have a desk for the den but it’ll happen in time. Maybe one of our future visitors will be able to find one I like while they’re here, haha. Also, we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night – The thundercloud must have been right over Naples because it was so loud! Anyways, after one particularly loud boom, MJ started kicking and squirming around. It must have woken him up, LOL. It is cute while he’s in utero and can’t cry, but he better get used to those storms this summer ;)

Miss Anything? Wineeeeeeeee. I am going to pack a big ol’ wine glass in my hospital bag to go with my bottle of vino. I have considered just drinking straight from the bottle but I don’t want the nurses calling child protective services on Day 1 of motherhood, hahahahahaha.

Movement: He’s still moving around in there! He likes to stick his feeties out my right side until we can see their shape. Maybe this means he’ll be a soccer player? It’s pretty popular in SW Florida. Also, Kyle’s been wanting to feel him move more often… but it’s hot so I’m kind of particular about people touching me right now. I keep telling him that he’ll be able to feel him in real life very soon ;) Apparently that’s not a good enough answer and he still has to put his hot hands on MJ every night after dinner, LOL.

Food cravings: Sugar. Ugh. I pretty much ate that entire pan of brownies I mentioned making last week… again how I’m not gaining weight, I have no idea. What I do know is that I need to start cutting back on my sugar intake ASAP. I don’t want a sugar-addicted, screaming and flailing monster popping out of me!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all – I feel great!

Gender: Boy

Name: Dean Axel

Labor Signs: As of this morning, I am about 30% effaced and about “one finger” dilated (<– super technical term, haha) per my doctor. He said that is a bit ahead of schedule for a first-time pregnancy at this point but that it means the end is in sight. Note to self: I better get that hospital bag finalized and keep doing squats! Haha!

Symptoms: None that I can think of. We are currently experiencing a “cold front” in Naples… As in the highs are only in the low 80’s and it feels ah-maz-ing! I’m taking advantage of this weather and getting outside with Mitchell as often as I can. The heat hasn’t made me swell up yet, but again, I’m not crossing my fingers on that one.

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie.

Wedding rings on or off? On – It’s a good thing too because our 5 year wedding anniversary is on Friday :)

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m much happier this week now that we are feeling more settled!

Looking forward to: Celebrating our anniversary on Friday! We are going to a seafood restaurant that we’ve wanted to visit for months but haven’t been able to get into thanks to the snowbirds. So you better stay INSIDE until after we’re done eating dinner, ya hear that MJ?? Kyle’s looking forward to the upcoming “sports weekend” as he calls it – Kentucky Derby, Vegas fight, basketball, and I can’t remember what else… I told him I thought it would be funny if MJ decided to make his appearance over the weekend and ruin his sporting plans ;) We were married on Derby Day so it only makes sense that we would have a baby on that day as well.

Check out my other “baby” posts here!

#85 Treat Yourself Tuesday

I’m fairly certain I say this every week, but HOLY MOLY, is it Tuesday again?! In a few Tuesdays I’ll be holding a baby – MY baby, and that kind of freaks me out to say the least, haha. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose :)

Now, how about those treats from the past week??

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I finally got our home tour video recorded and published! Check out yesterday afternoon’s post to see our new house in action.


I had my first Chipotle salad in the new house… with a side of Pottery Barn. Seriously, does anyone have a home that actually looks like what is in this catalog?! I mean, we all wish we could have the Greek Isles in our backyard, but c’mon, LOL.


Our range was finally delivered and installed so our kitchen is complete (for now)! A kitchen that is ready for cookin’ is totally a treat :)


I received my NASM certificate in the mail – Now it’s time to whip some bods into shape. Who’s up for a challenge?!


I helped launch BODYPUMP93 over the weekend. And yes, I was practicing up until the last minute, haha! All I gotta say is OUCH – watch out for those lunge and shoulder tracks.


Date night at La Bazenne – moules e frites <– so good! And it was followed by homemade dessert on our back patio. An easy Saturday night is always wonderful in my book. Now, to add wine in a few weeks ;)

Date Night Collage

Finally, a post-spin donut! I had a coupon for a free donut and well, it just so happens that I needed to find a place with wi-fi and a Dunkin was on the way home from the gym. The stars aligned, what can I say? Hehe…


How did you treat yourself this week?

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Naples Home Tour!

Since I cleaned the ENTIRE house this afternoon, I decided it was time to shoot my home tour video! It’s not 100% complete yet, but I’ll keep y’all updated with photos once we hang more artwork and finish the den.

Also, below are the two wine canvas paintings that we will be hanging above our dining room table. I can’t wait to have more color in that corner!

And I wanted to get a shot from the back patio to the front entry and forgot! So, here’s a still image that hopefully makes up for it :)


Enjoy the tour!

Home Service Recommendations in SW Florida

I realize that the majority of my readers don’t reside in SW Florida, however, I think it is important to recognize exceptional companies and the work they do!

When looking for someone to repair my home or help with a home improvement project, I always utilize search engine reviews to help me find the best of the best. Today, I thought I’d do my part and return the favor for all of the reviews I’ve read in the past few months leading up to our home renovation!

Home Repair Collage

We have only been homeowners for a few weeks here in Naples, but I cannot express how grateful I am for all of the individuals who have helped us transition from renters to homeowners. As they always say, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, apparently, it also takes a village (or the entire SW corner of a state!) to buy a home in Florida :)

Now, for the village!

Realtor: Kyle and I worked with Lisa Denove of Premier Plus Realty Co. Between our search for homes in multiple price points and in multiple communities, Lisa was with us every step of the way. We knew next to nothing about Naples real estate when starting our home search and she took the time to explain things (often more than once) like the different HOAs, school districts, and Florida insurance to us. Also, when we ran into a bit of a last minute emergency two days prior to closing, she was able to find the necessary contacts and have our HOA application rush-approved in less than 24 hours. She also helped arrange contractors and has been more than willing to answer post-closing questions… and I have a lot of ’em!

General Contractor: As y’all know, we did a bit of renovation prior to moving into our home. Contractors in Florida can be – how do I say this, a bit sketchy. They’re not known for completing work on time and I’ve heard more than a few horror stories about home renovation projects. Kyle and I had quite a few contractors out to give us quotes on removing a wall and replacing flooring before closing on our home. In the end, we decided to draw up a contract with Naples Custom Homes per a recommendation from our realtor. Prior to beginning work, they were able draw up a schedule to meet our timeline and stick within our established budget. Everyone from the owners to the office manager were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process and not only did they clean up a minor (that could have been major) sewage disaster, they finished AHEAD of schedule, and made a visit post-project to assist with a cable wiring issue. We WILL be working with them again in the future and I highly recommend them for your next project!

Cleaning Service: Because I’m pregnant and trying to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, it was important for us to find a cleaning service to make our new home sparkly clean. After reading a few Google reviews, I decided to call Royal Maid Services of Naples. They were timely, cleaned what we had requested (and then some!), the owners stayed to help with the cleaning as it was our first service, and I felt safe and comfortable leaving my home while they were cleaning. Oh, and they brought doggie treats for Mitchell! Our home was left radiant for a great price. Now if it could only look like that every day ;)

Pest Control: Oh the joys of Florida living, haha! Going without pest control is something that you don’t want to risk… unless you like living with cockroaches, that is. (I definitely do NOT!) We are working with Massey Services in our new home. The first year, they visit twice for initial inspections and application and then follow-up quarterly. They also make visits within 24 hours (for no additional charge) if you are to ever see a pest in your house. So far, so good. The servicemen are also very professional and I’ve been happy with each of their visits to our new home.

Roofers: Another task that was new to this non-indigenous Floridian… leaky roofs! There is also bi-annual roof cleaning (to get rid of mold) and annual leak checks to remember here. During our inspection, we found a few leaks as well as some odd repairs past owners had completed on our roof. I called around to a few roofing companies and many were going to charge us for just coming out to do an estimate! No thanks… Absolute Roofing was able to schedule a free consultation for the next day as well as point out all of the issues that would need to be repaired in order to avoid further damage. They provided an estimate bill that we could take to the sellers and once we closed, they were able to finish the repairs in less than two days. Our roof is original to the home and will need to be replaced in a few years, but I’m glad we can keep it functional for as long as possible with Absolute Roofing!

Home Appliances: Besides a new air conditioner (that I am guessing we will be replacing this summer…), Kyle and I have replaced ALL of our home appliances since moving. Everything in the kitchen as well as the laundry room is brand new. And let me tell you, looking for new appliances is not an easy task. Every appliance center claims to be having a sale but when you add in all of the extra “fees”, the sales don’t look as hot. We didn’t originally plan on purchasing everything from hhgregg, but as it turns out, they had the best deals and the best customer service. We initially purchased our washer/dryer set there and after the delivery went smoothly, we went back for our kitchen appliances. The staff was very helpful and they honored their 30 day price guarantee by reducing our price on the washer/dryer when we noticed it was on sale for less the week following our purchase. The delivery men were efficient and installed our new appliances/took away our old appliances without leaving a scratch in our new home. I think hhgregg may be a southern chain, but if it is in your area, I highly recommend checking them out for your next appliance purchase!

Locksmith: When you purchase a new home, you should ALWAYS replace your locks. Previous owners, home cleaners, repairmen, and who else knows could have keys to access your home which is unsettling to think about. After a quick Google search and finding great reviews, I scheduled an appointment with “A” Locksmith. All of their technicians are background checked so I felt safe knowing the technician wasn’t going to make an extra key when installing new locks. They were also very efficient installing the new locks – less than 10 minutes and they were in and out!

Plumber: There were a few minor plumbing issues we discovered upon moving into our new home. The toilets were squeaky, one of the bathroom tub faucet handles wouldn’t work and there was a leak under the kitchen sink. I freaked and assumed the worst when it came to the cost of a plumber, but – amazingly enough, I came across Mike’s Plumbing of SW Florida. Many of the reviews online quoted both excellent service and pricing, so I held my breath and hoped for the best. Our plumber went above and beyond his duties and showed me how to turn off our outside water hook-up if there was ever a water leak emergency and also walked me through each of the repairs. He was on site for a little over an hour (I think?) and fixed everything I requested and then some. What made me happiest was that his prices were extremely reasonable. He was also on-site when the (unfriendly) Comcast technician was attempting to set up our cable. The Comcast employee left me with a bad impression and I think the plumber sensed that so he stayed until the Comcast truck was gone.

Plantation Shutters: We purchased our home with one plantation shutter installed. Haha! Long story short, our home was bank-owned and purchased by an investor so we are guessing that the foreclosing owners took the shutters on their exodus from the property around a year ago. Needless to say, we needed some shutters on our windows to block out the hot, Florida sun! We looked at a few places in Naples – as well as a self-install option online, and ultimately decided to partner with Shutter Concepts for our plantation shutters. They are the only shutter company in Naples that makes all of their shutters in-house. They were also able to “rush” our order and install our shutters on the day of our move-in, exactly one month after we placed our deposit. The owners were very knowledgeable and walked us through how to appropriately clean and open the shutters (new Floridians here, remember!) and the installers were efficient, yet careful. I also really appreciated that they did not pressure us into purchasing shutters for every window in our home. We may purchase sliding shutters for our glass doors in the future, but we never felt like it was something they were forcing on us.

Movers: Apparently you aren’t supposed to move beds or heavy furniture when you’re pregnant… at least that is what the books say ;) While Kyle and I moved all of our small items by ourselves, we decided to hire movers to assist with our larger furniture items. After a referral from Kyle’s coworker, we hired Rent-A-Mover. They have a super interesting business concept. You rent and drive your own Uhaul and they move your items in and out of it for you! While the owners/movers themselves are just two guys in their 20’s/30’s, they are able to keep costs down by not owning a truck. We were able to move all of our furniture in less than 3 hours for around $200, including both the Uhaul rental and the moving company! If we were to hire a moving company that owned their own transportation option, our costs would have been well over $1,000. I definitely recommend Rent-A-Mover if you’re in SW Florida!

If you live in SW Florida and ever need any of the above services, I cannot recommend these companies enough. Great customer service is #1 in my book and these companies definitely exceeded my expectations in both service and quality.

Unsweetened Almond Breeze Almondmilk Coconutmilk Review

I have a confession…

I hate coconut water… unless it is from a real live coconut which are few and far between here in the 48 contiguous states.

The flavor is not thirst quenching and it leaves an awful aftertaste. The thought of it kinda makes me gag. Just being honest ;)

Coconut milk on the other hand, I LOVE. It makes fabulous Indian cuisine. It’s super easy to incorporate into a recipe. It helps to satiate hunger. Plus, it’s good for ya! Win-win if you ask me.


When Almond Breeze offered to send me their new almond-coconut milk, I was worried that the flavor would be watered down and similar to the dreaded coconut water. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of Unsweetened Almond Breeze Almondmilk Coconutmilk!

A little almond milk-y. A little coconut-y. And oh so tropical. It’s not super heavy or watered down. And it’s delicious with oatmeal (especially overnight oatmeal – yup, I still love it even in hot Florida!) and poured on top of cereal and by the glass, especially with a lush, Florida view ;)

Did you also know that it has 50% more calcium than regular milk? Heck yes!

I didn’t create a new recipe for this delicious almond-coconut combination, but below are a few that would be oh so tasty with a slight coconut flavor! If you try them out, let me know!

What is your favorite coconut flavor combination? Any good coconut recipes you’d like to share?

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almond Milk. Thank you for your support!

How do I take Catalyst??!

The most frequent questions I receive in regards to AdvoCare are about Catalyst.


When do I take it? How many do I take? What does it do? Will it give me your shoulders?! 

Okay, I’m kidding on the the last one ;) But yes, it will up your shoulder and your bicep and your entire lean muscle mass game!


First of all, let’s chat about Catalyst. What is it? What does it do?

Besides being my second favorite Advo product (next to Spark, obvi…), Catalyst is an amino acid supplement that supports muscle tone as well as enhances strength and energy.

Per the bottle, the Catalyst supplement preserves, firms and tone muscles… [it] also enhances strength and provides sustained energy during physical activity.

It was part of my marathon training supplement regimen and it is something that I still take on a daily basis.

Catalyst is an optional add-on for the 24-Day Challenge (I always recommend it because, like I said above, it is my second favorite product and I take it daily!) and can be taken during the 24 days to boost results and continued on Day 25 and beyond.


Alright, so onto the next question… When do you take it?

The good thing about Catalyst is that there really is no wrong way to supplement with it. I recommend people start out with 2 pills upon waking with their morning Spark and then 2 pills with their pre-workout Spark in the afternoon/evening. I am one of the crazy Catalyst takers (yes, all approved by my doctor!), my supplementation is as follows… take 3 in the morning with your Spark, 3 mid-afternoon with your Spark, and 3 before bed with water.

Game. Changer.

Now, how many do you take?

The general rule of thumb with Catalyst is one pill per 50 pounds of body weight (rounding up), with a max of 9 pills per day. Most people will fall into the 3 pills/serving category. That is what I take, 3x/day. Once I added Catalyst to my BODYPUMP and running routine, BAM. Hellooooo lean muscles. And, what’s even better is that they didn’t disappear with my maniac marathon training schedule. Yup, I was able to maintain my lean muscle mass while running 20-30 miles per week.

Finally, will it give me your shoulders??!

You obviously can’t just take Catalyst and expect a miracle to happen – that isn’t what Advo is about – you gotta put in the work along with taking the supplements.. Thankfully, Catalyst will only up your game and get you to your goals quicker than you would get there on your own.

Plus, did ya know that Catalyst (and all of the Performance Elite products) are certified? That means there is nothing illegal or bad for your bod in the mix and athletes – professional and everyday, can feel 100% safe and confident taking Advo. Rock on my muscle-lovin’ friends. Advo’s got ya covered.

Now, let’s work on those shoulders!

Friday Things!


Happy Friday! I have a few exciting things that I thought I’d share with y’all this lovely Friday afternoon…

1. WE HAVE WORKING INTERNET. I repeat… OUR INTERNET WORKS!!!! Praise the Lord! We also now have cable but I rarely watch TV (and still need to set up Sling TV and hang the TV on the wall as you can see from the photo below…) so I’m much more excited about the fact that I can actually work at home now… and start responding to the 507 emails I have in my inbox.


2. Our new range was installed yesterday. And now the kitchen is complete, at least for now. I’m baking up a batch of these as I type to celebrate. Who’s coming over for a bite?


3. More decor has been happening in the house as well – I have a few more things to do over the weekend and then it’s video tour time :)


4. It’s for another challenge round – This one starts April 30th, AKA next Thursday. You’ll be done in time for Memorial Day AND to help me celebrate with a glass of vino and a margarita and an IPA and… well, you get the picture… post-birth. Perfect timing, eh? PLUS (yes, there IS more), Advo developed a new and improved and simplified Cleanse Phase that includes a tasteless fiber drink. Hallelujah! It’ll be awesome and you definitely want in on this round. Email me for deets or you can find more information here.


5. We launch BODYPUMP 93 at the Y tomorrow morning. I am teaching the first 3 tracks and then 3 other instructors are splitting up the rest. I still need to memorize the shoulder and lunge track for my Sunday class but from what I have done so far, they are KILLER. Watch out if you come tomorrow ;) And if you want more 93 reviews, check out Annette’s and Ashley’s awesome thoughts and tips for this release!

Alright y’all, have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to catch up with everyone on the interwebs :)

Whatcha up to this weekend? What’s new in your life? Update me, pleaseeee! 

Pregnancy Update – 36/37 Weeks

Whew! Just a little over 3 weeks to go… We’re down to the day countdown at this point and that just blows my mind. Everyone has told me that my pregnancy has flown by and I 100% agree! As much as I want a glass of wine and my Performance Elite products, I am not uncomfortable yet nor do I really feel ready to have a baby (Do you ever feel ready until it happens?!) so he can take the next 3 weeks to cook ;) Although, I may start doing some jump squats and other activities (I’m thinking long walks with Mitchell, spicy foods, pedicures <– only for the pressure points, obviously, hehe…) to encourage him to get the show on the road starting next week.

Excuse my poodle hair in the image below… I rushed from spinning –> gym shower –> baby appointment and had about 2.7 seconds to blow dry my mane. Plus, it’s Florida and the humidity gives me some nice… er, volume, let’s say ;)


How far along? 36/37 weeks

Due date? May 17, 2015 – He’s still measuring EXACTLY on his due date.

Baby’s size? 6 pounds

Total weight gain/loss: Around 18 pounds – Baby gained a pound since my last appointment and so did I :)

Maternity clothes? Yep! I am still wearing my non-maternity workout gear and maxi skirts/dresses though.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Eh… The past week hasn’t been the best but I’m not convinced it is 100% pregnancy related. I have always had issues turning off my brain and I’ll wake up at 2am to use the bathroom and 50 things that I need to add to my planner run through my head. Add that to the atmosphere of a new house and wanting to get everything done ASAP, it doesn’t bode well for the sleep department.

Best moment this week: Moving into OUR house!! It feels fantastic to be a homeowner (minus the lack of internet, haha) and while we owned a condo while living in Minneapolis, owning a single family home feels very different. I also wrote our first mortgage check this week… I guess it’s better than paying rent ;) Also, getting the nursery 99% done – I can’t wait to show y’all a home tour soon!

Miss Anything? Being skinny <– Okay, not skinny but y’all know what I mean, right? Like not turning around and realizing that both your butt and stomach run into a chair/wall, haha! Everyone tells me “I’ve done so well” (whatever that means) with this pregnancy but I am still looking forward to the day where I don’t have a basketball glued to my stomach ;)

Movement: Still squirming and kicking and hiccuping and doing these weird twist acrobatics when I try to sleep although he hasn’t cooperated for Kyle recently. I’m hoping this means that he will be the baby whisperer… But I kinda doubt it. Kyle’s been reading “Baby Wise” so we’re on the same page when it comes to parenting/baby sleeping and eating tactics and he keeps telling me that whenever the baby cries, the book says to hand it to mom. BAHAHAHAHAHA. No.

Food cravings: I’ve been wanting a lot of fruit lately, but nothing crazy intense. Oh and peanut butter!! I got a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels at TJ’s earlier this week and they may almost be gone… SO good. Kyle even agreed that they’re addicting ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all – I feel great!

Gender: Boy

Name: Dean Axel

Labor Signs: Nope! I have pretty frequent Braxton Hicks and some period-like cramping, but nothing out of the normal.

Symptoms: None? Honestly, sometimes I forget that I’m pregnant until I realize that I can’t have a glass of wine or run or someone asks me about the baby and I remember ;) I promise I am going to be a good mom and not forget about the kiddo, haha!

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie. I must have had a super deep belly button to begin with!

Wedding rings on or off? On – Although with moving and working at the gym, I haven’t been wearing my rings much. But every time I have put them on, they fit the same as always.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Errr… moody – sorry Kyle! Poor guy has had to deal with the brunt of it :( Between moving and coordinating a bajillion handymen for the house and getting everything organized, I have been a bit short at times. Once everything is in its place, I will feel A LOT better. Hopefully… #sendwine #formay17

Looking forward to: Having the house 100% organized and giving y’all a house tour :) Meeting the kiddo. Sleeping, although that may not happen for the next 18 years…

Check out my other “baby” posts here!

Still disconnected…

Well hello my long lost friends!

Sooooo… as you can probably tell by the title of this post, we are still without an internet connection here at the ONW HQ. At this point, I just have to laugh about it <– LOL, literally ;)

Apparently the cable that connects from the outside of the house to the inside hook-up has a bad connection so I’m working on getting an electrician out to solve the issue. I guess that is what happens when you purchase a home that was in foreclosure (We actually purchased from the investor that bought the property from the bank but – in my mind, it’s basically the same thing since no one has lived in there since it became bank-owned.) We can’t complain too much, all of the “issues” that needed to be fixed have been very affordable and we negotiated a fab deal on the sale price… plus, it could always be worse! I’m just happy we are able to fix everything before baby arrives and a few more days without internet isn’t the end of the world.

In the meantime, I’m trying to zen out without my trusty bottle of vino. And that, my friends, is no easy task.

I have a pregnancy update coming your way tomorrow and potentially a post on Friday (depending on if I get myself to a cafe or not tomorrow!) – And I CANNOT wait until I can catch up with all of your lives again :) Cross your fingers that the electrician gods are nice and we can get our internet up and running soon!

Tell me something exciting that has happened for you in the last week! 

#84 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Treat Yourself Tuesday! This post is going to be super short today – I’m currently camped out at Starbucks before BODYPUMP attempting to crank through a few things very quickly :) Also, if anyone happens to have connections with the CEO of Comcast, please pass on his contact information. I have a few choice words for him, LOL. AKA – We still do NOT have internet at home!

But, life could be worse and today is about treatin’ yoself not complaining so let’s get to it.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Froyo – There are always Groupons to “our” froyo place here in Naples… And now we live even closer to it <– danger zone! Kyle requested it a few times over the weekend so I had my fair share of sugar ;)


Moving into the new house – wahooooooo!! A treat for sure!

New plantation shutters – Apparently these babies reduce your cooling bill by a bajillion dollars/month here in Florida which I’m all about. Plus, they look pretty and I think they really pull the house together.


Decorating the nursery – It’s 99% complete (as is the guest room) and now I can focus on the rest of the house.


Date night at The Bay House <– SOOOO good! We ended dinner with beignets and they were worth every sugary, chocolatel-y bite and the tummy ache that ensued after  :) The top two photos of the collage below are from my dinner – a seafood dish (amazing!) and then dessert. We also started with delicious calamari for an appetizer and Kyle ordered a lobster and crab “pot pie” – Yup, sounds as good as it tasted!


Finally, a beach afternoon! We took a break from the moving chaos and headed to the beach to enjoy the gorgeous day. Floating in the Gulf should be required by law for every woman in her 9th month of pregnancy. Holy moly did that feel good! I’m tempted to head out myself a few afternoons over the next few weeks to enjoy that weightless feeling. But next time I’ll remember to put sunscreen on my legs… lobster legs down here in Naples ;)


How did you treat yourself over the last week? And more importantly, who’s coming to visit me?!

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