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#94 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Oh hey! Comin’ at you a bit later than normal this morning for TYT…

I had to deal with some super fun (<– note the sarcasm here) health insurance stuff for Dean’s pediatrician. Long story short, she switched the hospital she is associated with just before he was born and therefore her clinic is currently on “pending” status with BlueCross BlueShield. Because of that, our insurance sent us a HUGE bill yesterday and caused me to have a mini panic attack. The good news is, we don’t have to pay it (wahoo!) and she will eventually be “in network” so we don’t need to find a new doctor for Dean. I really like her and was worried we were going to have to switch before his 2-month appointment.

Now that I’ve told you my insurance drama, LOL, let’s get to the fun part of today’s post… The treats!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

A family walk last night! It has been blazin’ hot down here lately but last night was a cool 87 and cloudy (yes, that feels cool!). That meant we could get Mitchell and the babes out without worrying about the temps. It felt good to stretch my sore muscles :)


My Tevas arrived and I loveeeeee them. I mentioned them last week, and they really are awesome. If you’re on the fence about ordering a pair, I definitely recommend them. Super comfy and easier on your feet than regular flip flops.


Speaking of online shopping, I did little of that on Sunday. After getting your input on my Insta post (thanks, BTW!) – I ordered both dresses from White Plum. They are currently offering 50% off all orders over $40 (use code: AMERICANBEAUTY) so I knew I wanted to take advantage of that fantastic deal. I realized that I haven’t really purchased clothing or shoes since moving to Florida/being pregnant so I’m trying to find a few new pieces to freshen up my closet. I think the floral dress will be perfect for date nights and the chambray will be super cute over leggings or with chunky heels and a big statement necklace :)


Anddddd, I ordered my first Keep Collective bracelet. My friend Kim was having an online party and since I’ve been eyeing their fun designs for MONTHS (<– not kidding! I have wanted one since January!), I decided to finally purchase one for myself. I got a pink silicon “keeper” (bracelet part) and a few “keys” to place on it – I’ll show you the finished product once it arrives this week.

The weekend was a HUGE treat.

Also, I’m feeling like we are getting more into the swing of things and have more of a schedule with Dean and that, my friends, is a major success and treat for a new mama. He goes down to bed around 9 or 9:30pm (yes, we will be moving this earlier once he starts sleeping a bit longer) and wakes up once around 2ish and then for the morning around 5-6ish. He goes down for his morning nap from about 8-11am and the rest of the day is still kind of up in the air. BUT those two key parts of his schedule are keeping me sane and allowing me to get a few things done during the day. Wahoo! Oh, and if I want to ensure a long afternoon nap, we go for a little spin in the car. Works like a charm ;)


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Alright, enough of my treats… Now it is time for YOU! How have you treated yourself lately? Any fun purchases?


It’s been a heck of a long time since I have posted a little weekend update. Normally I’m all about ’em, but to be quite honest, weekends with a newborn aren’t very exciting. Unless you like to read about diaper changes, naps, milk, and timing your wine consumption ;)

Thankfully, Deany Beany is getting slightly more predictable (and by slightly, I know what time we will put him to bed each night and that’s about it, LOL) and mama is feeling more comfortable taking him out into the world, so we are starting to get back into having fun on the weekends. Wahoo!

Grandma Joy and Grandpa Scott met Dean for the first time this weekend! There were lots of cuddles and presents and being treated to wonderful dinners.


Friday afternoon naps for everyone! I’ll take bedhead any day as long as I can get a nap ;) Naps were followed by sushi takeout from Araya (BEST Naples sushi… and they deliver!)



Friday night bathtime for the little dude.



Saturday started with my first run back after baby!


And then it was family Spark ‘o clock… Life with an infant requires lotsa Sparkity goodness. (Gorgeous flowers courtesy of my MIL!)


Friday night dinner with a view and Sauvignon Blanc.


Coconut Jack’s – I definitely recommend this place if you visit SW Florida! Great service, fun bar, delish food, fab views, and kiddo friendly :)


Sunset view from Kyle’s parent’s weekend rental.


Sunday was my first day back at the YMCA teaching BODYPUMP! Whoop! Although I don’t recommend doing this and your first post-baby run in the same weekend… I can barely walk today, haha. Kyle joined in on the fun too while Grandma and Grandpa did a little babysitting.


We ended the weekend with a little Chipotle takeout, saying goodbye to the family until Labor Day weekend, and a littleeeeeee online shopping ;) More details on the treats in tomorrow’s TYT post!


I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend like we did with a little wine, a little Spark, a little fam time, and a few naps :)

When was the last time you were SUPER sore from a workout? Last thing you purchased online? Favorite restaurant spot? 

I did it!

I did it!

Yesterday I went on my first run since Christmas Day. My first run of 2015. My first run in Florida summer weather. My first postpartum run.


That’s a lotta firsts!

I survived, and to be quite honest, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. Granted, I set my expectations pretty darn low, but I’m in agreement with Colleen’s post, realistic expectations lead to happiness. And I’d much rather be happy than depressed about my first run ;)

My goal was 15 minutes. Once I made it to 15, my goal was 20. Once I made it to 20, I knew I’d need to hit 30 minutes to make it back home so 30 minutes it was. Postpartum running >>>>> Pregnant running, in my opinion.

My biggest fear was that I would have forgotten how to run. Ha. Apparently it’s impossible to forget that sort of thing!

I’m not going to lie, I’m all sorts of sore today. My inner thighs. My butt. My hip muscles. But I’m not complaining! I’m happy to be back in the runnin’ game and cannot wait to get out again (and sweat in that bajillion percent humidity!) this week.

Now, I’m off to stretch my sore bod before teaching my first BODYPUMP class since Dean was born. Lotsa fitness firsts this weekend and I’m lovin ‘it!

Have you ever made a fitness comeback?

Friday Favs!

Oh hey there! Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but I was a day ahead of myself alllll week long. That means I thought yesterday was Friday. Cruel joke, right?

The good news is that TODAY is actually Friday and I’m here to share some of my favs from the week with y’all.

Thanks to Katie, Heather, and Clare for the Friday link-up fun!

1. Dean’s first Trader Joe’s haul! We hit up one of our favorite food stores yesterday and picked up some essentials – Chocolate + Wine ;) Oh, and some healthy stuff to round out the trip because apparently one cannot subsist on dark chocolate alone… although I’d like to prove them wrong.


2. Visitors! Kyle’s parents are in town this weekend to meet Dean and to spend time with us. But really, they are here to see the baby, let’s be real – haha! And then my dad is coming next weekend to spend the 4th with us (and again, by us, I mean Dean) – Lots of grandparent time for the little dude and I’m sure he will love it!

3. Sriracha!! I seriously cannot get enough of this Sriracha Deviled Egg recipe. I’ve already made 2 batches and I may need to run out for some more Sriracha to make a third…


4. My new shorts! I mentioned them on Tuesday, and am happy to report that a medium fits perfectly (similar to a size 4/6 at Lulu if anyone is thinking of purchasing this brand) – How fun are they going to be for the 4th?!


5. I was cleared for ALL activities – that means YOU running! – at my 6-week postpartum appointment yesterday. Wahoo! I have yet to go on a run (maybe I fit one in earlier this morning since I am typing this Thursday evening) but once I find the time, you better bet I’m going to get out there and have my boot-ay handed to me ;) My last run was on Christmas Day, and I know that my first run back is going to be ugly. As long as I don’t have a heart attack, pee myself, or puke, I’ll call it a success. Setting my standards high, LOL.

6. Last, but DEFINITELY not least, I’m lovin’ the new Spark canisters and packets. Smaller canisters. Easier-to-pour packets (no more spilling precious Spark when mixing it up in a water bottle!). Only 4 tast-a-licious carbs. I was on fumes (a dusting? haha) of my final Spark canister yesterday morning so thank goodness my shipment arrived in the afternoon. A mom without Spark would be disastrous.


And that’s all she wrote, folks. Have a fab final weekend of June 2015 <– What the whaaa?!

What is your favorite from the week? …Food? …Purchase? …Drink? …Event?

Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Sriracha. It’s on the hot list for condiments at the moment. One of the “it” foods, if there is such a thing as a popular food item ;)

Who doesn’t love that spicy kick you get from adding a squirt of our favorite hot sauce to tacos or scrambled eggs or quesadillas or macaroni ‘n cheese or… you name it!

Sriracha (and all things spicy, to be honest) is a staple in our household so when Blue Diamond reached out about their new BOLD Sriracha-flavored almonds, I couldn’t jump at the opportunity fast enough. As soon as I received the canisters of almonds in the mail, I knew I wanted to create a fun, summer, party-ish recipe with these bad boys. So, as I snacked my way through one of the canisters, I came up with a genius idea.


Can recipes be genius? Maybe? No? Okay… maybe not a genius idea but a tasty one for sure!

Sriracha is amazing on eggs, am I right? We ALL love deviled eggs, am I right x2?

Yes and YES.

SOOOOO, why not combine two of our favorite items – Sriracha + deviled eggs = WINNING combination!

I’ll admit, Kyle was a total skeptic when I started whipping this recipe up last weekend. Once he had a bite, however, he decided that this twist on his favorite deviled egg was definitely a good one.

Sriracha Deviled Eggs.

Quick to throw together. Perfect for a party. Semi-healthy. A little kick of spice. And a side of traditional.

What’s not to love?


Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Makes 12 “halves”


  • 6 hard boiled eggs
  • 1-2 TBSP Sriracha
  • 2 TBSP dijon mustard
  • 1/2 cup mayo (or plain Greek yogurt)
  • 1/2 cup Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha almonds, broken into pieces


Slice eggs in half and place egg yolks in a medium bowl. Mix Sriracha, mustard, and mayo in with the yolks until smooth and creamy. Place one spoonful of the yolk “filling” in each of the eggs. Top with almonds. Store in refrigerator until ready to serve. Enjoy!

These will keep for 2 days in an airtight container… If they last that long ;)

What is your favorite way to enjoy Sriracha?

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. My love of Sriracha (and this recipe!) along with my opinions are my own ;)

#93 Treat Yourself Tuesday

You guys, I was SO productive yesterday!!

After barely being able to open my eyes at 6:45am when Kyle was leaving for work (I felt so bad because it was his birthday and I couldn’t get get up to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.), my entire day consisted of getting things DONE. Whoop – Talk about a big ol’ treat right there!

I sent out about 15 work emails, practiced BP, scheduled Dean’s 2-month appointment, arranged Kyle’s birthday gift (golfing lessons!), ran to Kohl’s and Target, made Kyle’s birthday cake, published Dean’s one-month update (1 week late!), did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, updated our budget, and had a quick phone call with a friend. Oh – I also cared for Dean, haha. Phew!

Now that I’ve told you my day from yesterday (it was a treat so there was a reason for the long intro ;) ), let’s jump into my other treats!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Celebrating Kyle’s first Father’s Day! Okay, so while this was technically a treat for the mister, I was able to enjoy my first mimosa in FOREVER and a chocolate crepe for breakfast… I think that’s a pretty good treat for it being his holiday, not mine ;)


While we are on the topic of celebrating Kyle, we also celebrated his birthday yesterday! The guy has a lot to celebrate lately. He turned the big 2-9 and yesterday I made him a tres leches cake (per his request) and then we went to Rosedale Brick Oven Pizza for his birthday dinner. We had plans to go to a fancy restaurant on the beach, but the last thing I wanted was to have a screaming child on our hands at a nice restaurant, haha! We figure that we can go back in a few months when Dean (and his parents) is ready for a sitter :)


Cake + pizza + wine = TREAT!

A Sunday afternoon nap – Heck to the yes. Sleep is a prized possession these days and while, yes, I do realize that it was Father’s Day and I should have let Kyle nap, I was able to treat myself to a little midday shut eye.

These shorts. Super cute, right?! I ordered them on Sunday and CANNOT wait for them to arrive. They will be perfect for lounging on the 4th!

I also treated myself to this pair of Teva’s. We wear sandals all year down here in Naples and I need a little bit of a sturdier pair than the flip flops I’m used to wearing. I saw a girl wearing this during our beach incentive trip two weeks ago and LOVED them. They aren’t super pricey so if I like the way they fit, I’m totally ordering another pair!


Finally, I ordered all of Dean’s newborn photos which means I was able to get his birth announcements in the mail AND order a couple of canvas prints. If you’re looking for a canvas deal, check this one out! (Not my affiliate link, just too good of a deal not to share, haha!) I got the 2-16×20’s below for $49.95! Sweet!

Alright, your turn! Tell me how you treated yourself this week! Good eats? Good sales? Good apparel finds? Tell me everything!

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Dean Axel – One Month Update

On June 14th, Mr. Dean turned one month old!

I thought it would be fun for me to have a sort of online “baby book” to look back on as he grows up… mainly because I can’t seem to find the time to get his actual baby book updated. One of these days ;)

Kyle and I are enjoying being new parents! It is a lot of fun to watch him grow and discover new things every day. The lack of sleep is rough some days but we know it will improve with time and little Dean is worth it.

Here’s an update on Dean’s first month!


Length: 20 inches – 5th percentile

Weight: 9 pounds, 14 ounces – 25th percentile

Head circumference: 14.5 inches – 30th percentile (I think… I can’t find the papers but this is what I recall!)


  • Being swaddled for nighttime and naps
  • Eating – Sometimes I eat so quickly, I inhale my milk! Mom has to consciously slow me down so I don’t choke ;)
  • Smiling and laughing when Dad holds me
  • Baby art cards
  • Bathtime (I started liking these around 2 weeks)
  • Sleeping on Mom’s chest
  • Scratching my face… Mom makes me wear socks on my hands even though I look silly.
  • Walks in my stroller
  • Car rides


  • Tummy time – I like to flip myself over so I don’t have to work so hard pushing up!
  • Diaper changes
  • When mom eats Quest Bars… She had to give them up and I hear she’s sad about it.
  • Being hungry – I have a really good hangry scream, you should hear it sometime.
  • Shots
  • Sun shining in my eyes


  • Grandma Joyce
  • Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler
  • My favorite Sparkheads (Lauren & Greg, Breanna & Brian, Sarah & Greg… and about 100 others!)

Places I’ve been:

  • Target
  • My pediatrician’s office
  • The beach/Gulf of Mexico
  • Outlet mall
  • Naples Beach and Golf Resort
  • Chipotle


  • Deany Beany
  • Baby Dean
  • Stinkman/Poopman <– I promise they are said lovingly, LOL!
  • Sparky
  • ET (He does this neck stretch thing while wrinkling his forehead and he creepily looks almost identical to ET… a face only a mother could love, ha.)
  • Squeakers

Overall, everything is going well! We are still trying to figure out a good night sleep schedule for him. We get at least one 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night and then typically two 2.5-3 hour stretches. We are slowly establishing a bedtime routine – Right now it is bathtime followed by cuddles and eating and then swaddling before being placed in his bassinet with a fan nearby for white noise. The timing of his bedtime varies based on how he eats throughout the day and we have to be careful not to overstimulate him at night or bedtime does not happen!

As far as eating goes, the guy loves his milk! I was initially concerned that he wasn’t eating enough per feeding (he only eats one side for 15-20 minutes before being done-zo) but once I started pumping, I realized I make way more milk than he needs on each side. No wonder he doesn’t need both sides, his stomach would explode! He is also gaining a healthy 8 ounces per week on average – exactly where we want him, and making about 12 wet diapers and 6-8 solid diapers <– aka, he is definitely getting enough, LOL. If we don’t burp him VERY well or if he eats too much too quickly, he tends to throw up his feedings. That was a fun discovery… I have also noticed that I can no longer eat Quest Bars (wahhhh!) – It gives him WAY too much fiber at one time and then he struggles to go to the bathroom. And that isn’t fun for anyone involved!

Month two is going to bring more visitors (we have LOTS of grandparents coming down to Naples!), the Fourth of July (we will see how fireworks go with him), hot weather, and mommy going back to teach. We are excited to see how much he grows and changes over the next few weeks!

Waffles with a {Dairy-Free} Cream Drizzle

With it being Father’s Day, I thought I’d dedicate a recipe post to my Mr. Kyle, my husband and father to our baby and furbaby.

A few weeks ago, I opened up one of the many Amazon Prime packages we receive each week (Does anyone else have this problem with Prime?!) to find a waffle maker! While I was surprised at the time, I should have known it was coming because Kyle LOVES his waffles.

Unfortunately, our previous kitchens have been much too small to house a waffle maker in our precious cupboard space. When he saw the size of the kitchen in our new house, he started his search for an appliance to make his favorite breakfast treat.


With a new toy in his possession, Kyle requested that I pick up waffle mix, strawberries and whipped cream ASAP – The man NEEDED his waffles.

We are obviously not fancy and use pre-made waffle mix… Ain’t nobody got time for waffles from scratch, especially with a newborn! To his dismay, I forgot whipped cream on my weekly Target run… Gasp! Waffles without whipped cream? Saturday brunch was almost ruined…

Thankfully, my mind had been brewing on the idea of a dairy-free “cream” drizzle ever since I received a carton of Almond Breeze Original Almondmilk. It was time to get to the kitchen!

After a few attempts, I found success.

Oh yes. A sweet, creamy, and easy sauce that makes any waffle (yup, even those boxed mixes!) 100x better. And did I mention that it is dairy-free and vegan? You know, if that kinda thing is important to ya.

Perfect for waffles and pancakes and ice cream. Heck, this drizzle is even delectable on top of a big pile o’ fruit or chocolate cake!


Waffles with a {Dairy-Free} Cream Drizzle

Serves 4


  • Boxed waffle/pancake mix
  • 1/2 cup Almond Breeze Original Almondmilk
  • 1/2 cup oil (any oil EXCEPT coconut oil will work)
  • 2 TBSP powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla


Are you ready for this? Add ALL ingredients (minus the waffle mix) to a bowl and whisk until blended. Store in refrigerator until ready to serve. That’s it! Easy, right? Make waffles per instructions on box, top with fruit of choice and drizzle with your Almond Breeze cream. Enjoy!


I don’t know about you, but I’m craving something sweet… Time to work on Kyle’s Father’s Day dessert!

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. As always, all opinions are my own and I will take claim for this delicious recipe as well ;)

{One Month!} Postpartum Update

Baby Dean turned ONE month old on Sunday, June 14th. Seriously, where has the time gone?


He is {magically} asleep at the moment, so I thought I’d drop in and give y’all a little one month update on all things mama!

I have been thinking about the categories I want to recap in each of my monthly updates and I have decided on the following:

  • Physical – Body and Fitness
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Baby – Breastfeeding, Care, etc (Dean will have his own monthly updates)

Sound like a plan? Sweet – Let’s get to it!


As far as my body goes, I’m feeling a bit more normal with every day that passes. I was able to fit into my non-maternity shorts and tops at around 2 weeks postpartum, but things were a bit snug which is to be expected! At 4 weeks, my clothes fit SO much better and while I am definitely not at my pre-baby “shape” yet, I’m happy that most (not all…) of my clothes are fitting, even if they are fitting slightly differently than before.

I’m still taking it easy on the fitness front until my 6-week appointment later next week. I have been practicing BODYPUMP at home (minus the core track) when I get the chance and walking with Dean and Mitchell in the mornings. I CANNOT wait to get out on a run when I am cleared for exercise. Holy moly. My last run was on Christmas Day and my legs are itching to get some movement. I know my body will start to take back more of its form when I can get back to running and teaching BODYPUMP. On that note, I plan on going back to my Sunday classes as soon as I get the okay from my doc! I think my Tuesday morning classes will have to wait until Dean is a bit older and can go to the gym daycare… I will just be happy to get out and about for a bit and back to the gym :)

Some of you have asked about the Bellefit that I ordered prior to Dean being born. Personally, I LOVE it! I don’t think my abs separated as much as I originally though when my belly was stretched with a baby (they feel pretty normal when I test them now), but I do notice a huge difference in the appearance of my mid-section when I remember to wear the girdle. I was really discouraged the first 2 weeks postpartum when I couldn’t get it to zip (totally normal, BTW), but soon enough, the girdle zipped all of the way up! I can even see a 2-pack peaking through and I contribute that to wearing the Bellefit as much as possible in order to pull my muscles back to their correct positions. Plus, it made it much easier to fit into my pre-preggo clothes a little sooner by holding my belly in… And, if anything, that helped my confidence when going out in public. I know, I know… it shouldn’t matter (I did JUST have a baby!) but it’s the small things when you are learning how to care for a human and want to feel like yourself in public.


I was cautioned to watch for postpartum depression by basically everyone (friends, family, my doctor, complete strangers…) prior to giving birth so I have been keeping a close eye out for it. I know that it could still happen, but so far, I’m feeling really great mentally! It really helped that Kyle was home for 2 weeks with Dean and I, although I did have one blow up moment when all I felt like all he was doing during his paternity leave was sitting on the sofa watching sports while I was caring for the babe ;) (Blame the hormones!) After I exploded, I felt much better, LOL. I also had a moment of sadness on the day that Kyle went back to work. I really just wanted him to be home with us forever and ever and not have to leave his family during the week. I think it was partially knowing that I was going to be left alone with an infant for the first time ever and partially that I got used to seeing him 24/7. He was great at checking in throughout the day and after surviving a few days alone, I felt a lot more confident in my abilities.

I am by nature a homebody (#introvertprobs), but around Week 3, I started to feel a little home bound. The hospital and pediatrician cautioned us about keeping Dean away from most public places until he was a month old (due to germs and a newborn’s immature immune system), so I was terrified to take him ANYWHERE. Now that I feel a little bit safer taking him out and about, I feel a lot more “free” and able to do daily errands even if they are somewhat limited because I am toting around a little man. The little guy has now been to Target (multiple times), a wine shop (priorities), the beach (to meet his fellow Sparkheads), the USPS, and a few other places… and we survived!


While I am happy that breastfeeding came naturally to both Dean and I, I can’t say that was “easy” for me. Yes, he latched on and ate well from the beginning but it HURT like no other for the first 2 weeks. He had the correct latch (I had a lactation consultant confirm this), but his mouth was so small, he was basically pinching me every time he ate. Talk about PAIN. So, the hard part with breastfeeding for me came from more of an emotional standpoint than a physical standpoint. I knew I didn’t want to give up, so I kept at it – and thankfully after the 2nd week (and using the Motherlove cream that Molly gave me) things improved immensely. It also sucks to know that you are the only one that HAS to get up each time the baby is hungry at night. Yes, I have been pumping and he does take a bottle well, but even if Kyle gave him a bottle at 2am, I would still have to wake up and pump to keep my milk supply up. Kyle has asked if I want him to wake up with me each time during the night, but – in my opinion, it is silly for two people to be exhausted when one of us can be sleeping!

Thankfully, I have stopped waking him up every 2-3 hours at night (This was recommended by my lactation consultant for the first 2-3 weeks in order for me to establish and maintain a proper milk supply… and because newborns need to eat that often to stay hydrated.) and just allow him to wake up on his own. Most nights he is pretty good and only wakes once or twice… except for last night which was every 2 hours, hiya growth spurt!

All of my worries about knowing how to care for a baby pretty much dissipated a day or two after he was born. You learn very quickly how to become a diaper changing pro and what a hungry cry sounds like vs. a “I just want to be held” cry. The only thing I still dread doing is cutting his nails! After a recommendation from Ashley, I purchased an electric nail file and it has been a LIFE SAVER. I no longer fear chopping off his little fingers, LOL.

As far as my “free” time, it really varies on a day to day basis. Some days he sleeps A LOT and I can get more than I expect done and others, not so much. The past few days it has been on the more “not so much” front and I haven’t been able to catch up on my favorite blogs (I’m talking to all of you who haven’t seen a comment from me in forever – wahhhh!) or clean the kitchen or practice BP. We will get the hang of things eventually and I realize that I just need to be patient and flexible as he is adjusting to life outside the womb right now :)

Phew! What an update. If you’re still here, props to you! I feel like I could go on and on and on some more about life as a new mom – Is there anything you would like to see in my next monthly update? I promise to include more photos next time!

#92 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Y’all. I have no clue what day of the week it is at this point in my life.

Apparently a lack of sleep (although it hasn’t been THAT bad), and caring for a baby will do that to ya. Thank goodness for Treat Yourself Tuesday’s… it at least keeps me on track for one day each week ;) #momprobs

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Since it is Tuesday – at least I think it is, haha! – let’s jump into the treats :)

My biggest treat from the past week was this weekend. It was such a treat and I am still feeling so blessed and grateful for the experience.


Eating lots and lots of cookies… Sometimes ya just need some chocolate!


Technically this is a treat for Kyle, but he received this book from his brother and sister for his birthday. I am looking forward to treating myself to some of these meals ;)


When Dean was born, Kyle’s parents gifted us a week’s worth of meals from Fit Fresh Foods, a healthy meal service in Naples. Since we were busy over the weekend, and grocery shopping with a newborn is next to impossible, we decided to cash in and treat ourselves to our meals this week. Last night we had a delicious Cuban-style beef dish served with a sweet potato-rice pilaf. Tonight is pesto chicken along with some veggies (can’t remember exactly what it is!) and I’ll find out our other two dinners when I pick them up tomorrow. The service is surprisingly affordable and we may look into it if we ever have a super busy week or month! And, it is a total treat to not have to worry about preparing dinner.


I treated myself (and Dean) to surviving one month of parenthood! It wasn’t as difficult as I expected (knock on wood…) and we all lived. Woohoo! I plan on writing a little one month update after his appointment on Thursday :)


And finally, a humble brag… A HUGE treat (mainly because I cannot buy an entirely new wardrobe) is that I mostly fit back into my pre-preggo shorts! They’re a bit tighter than they were, but again, it has only been one month. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym – and to running! – to tone up and get back to wearing my clothes a bit more comfortably.


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How did you treat yourself this week? Have you tried a meal service before?

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