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Friday Favs

1. Dean’s first Halloween! On Tuesday night Kyle and I took Dean to a kid’s night at a local outdoor mall in Naples and it was so much fun. We dressed him up as Superman and walked him around while taking photos. He definitely has the Superman pose down ;)




2. Ms. MRS. Kayle’s Giant Double Chocolate Cookies. O to the M to the G. Kayle posted these guys on Monday and I made them Tuesday evening. Holy majoly are they good! I made half of a batch and ate my fair share of cookie dough. Definitely make these if you’re craving chocolate – Super easy to throw together and the cookies are thick and gooey. So good!

3. We booked a winter ski trip to Breckenridge! Kyle’s family typically goes on a ski trip and/or a beach trip each winter and since we now live at a beach (so convenient!), they decided to head to the mountains in 2016. My sister lives near Denver so we will get to see her as well while we’re visiting Colorado. I don’t plan on skiing (I am plain ol’ awful and it’s more frustrating for me than anything!) but Kyle will snowboard and his parents can watch Dean while I sleep ;) Is it sad that I’m looking forward to extra sleep 4 months in advance?!

4. Okay, so this isn’t a favorite yet… But I am working on finalizing our family photo outfits! We have our first ever family photos next Thursday and I’m causing myself more stress than necessary regarding our outfits. I found one for Dean on Monday but I need to find something for myself! I have some color combos given to me by our photographer so I’m hitting up a few malls today (pray that Dean cooperates!) and hopefully finding a dress or pants/top for me and a shirt for Kyle.

5. I know that everyone is OBSESSED with this song, but I had to jump on the bandwagon and list it as a favorite… Adele’s new single, Hello. So so good! What do you think of it?

6. I had to update this post after scheduling it… A new favorite – Dean finally took a bottle again – WAHOO!!! I received a few suggestions from friends and bought a Dr. Brown bottle as well as a Tommee Tippee bottle (this one is still coming in the mail from Amazon – Thanks for the recommendation, Jessica!). Yesterday afternoon, Dean took 5 whole ounces from the Dr. Brown bottle. I think the key is waiting for him to be VERY hungry (aka – crying) and lying him on a blanket on the floor to feed him. If we hold him, he expects something else is coming his way ;)

He’s never been a picky eater so the Avent bottles we had been using must not be his favorite any longer.


Milk drunk, LOL.

Linking up with Katie and Heather for some fun on this lovely Friday!

What are a few of your favorites from the week? Anyone have big plans for the weekend??

Key West Adventures – Key West Express & Eden House

Before I get into part one of our Key West vacation, I would like to congratulate Kate on winning my Mighty Nut giveaway! Congrats, girl – Check your inbox for an email from yours truly :)

I gave y’all a photo recap of our Key West adventures last week and now it is time to provide some more details. Sit back, relax, and pour yourself a drink – True Key West style!


Since we live so close to the par-tay island, we could have easily driven but as a Christmas present to ourselves last year (it just took us a while to redeem our gift, ha!) we purchased Key West Express cruise vouchers. The Key West Express is a 3.5-4 hour cruise that travels from either Ft. Myers or Marco Island to Key West.


On Thursday morning, we left the Ft. Myers port at 8am on our way to Key West! Overall, the cruise was an awesome experience. There were probably around 400 people on board, most were snowbirds (as you would expect from SW Florida) and they all loved babies ;) Thankfully, Dean was really good on the cruise! The rocking motion put him to sleep and he loved being held by us the entire time. The boat offered a full bar and a few (unhealthy) food options. You could also bring your own food on board if you wanted to have something besides pretzels and chicken fingers.


We each enjoyed a few mimosas and were quite thankful when we arrived in the Key West bay as both Kyle and I were feeling somewhat green in the face. Neither of us felt ill on the way home to Naples even though the water was a bit rougher, so we’re not sure why we weren’t feeling it on Thursday morning. Regardless, we survived, had a fun time cruisin’ to the island and enjoyed some tasty cocktails and the views along the way.


I definitely recommend the Key West Express if you plan to head to Key West from SW Florida. It would be PERFECT for a bachelor/ette party or a birthday party or a large group of people. They had cruise games on the way down and we hear a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ from the lower deck ;) Fun times to get everyone ready for the Key West atmosphere!

Oh! And before I forget to mention it. Key West is not an island where you need a car. Honestly, a car would almost be a pain (and semi-dangerous) there. The island is TINY and moving around by foot or by bike seems to be the thing to do. It gives you an excuse to do some more exploring and get those daily steps in as well!

Kyle is the vacation planner in our family (as much as I love traveling, making the accommodation, transportation, and entertainment arrangements really stresses me out!), so he took to the internet to find us a hotel. It was a bit trickier than we anticipated because, first of all, Key West is not cheap. You’re talking about spending at least $300/night for a decent hotel room in the off season. And secondly, many hotels/resorts do not allow children. The no kids part totally makes sense to me – Key West is not a destination where I would intentionally bring a child. We did have Dean with us since it was just a quick trip and were surprised to see a fair amount of kids while we were there… But it is a party island – A place where you can drink while walking down the street, day pool parties, loud night parties, lotsa bar action, drag shows… You know, things that I want to do WITHOUT my child ;) We are already planning on making another “parents only” trip once Dean is a bit older!


BUT, Kyle was successful and found us a great place to stay that allowed kids (they even had a Pack ‘n Play for us to use!), and was a quick walk from Duval Street (the main drag with many restaurants, bars, shops, and the like) and the Key West Express port. #winning


We reserved a room at The Eden House – a small, independent hotel that had a funky atmosphere and super friendly staff. The room was small (like really small) but we rarely spend time in our room on vacation, plus The Eden House had a ton of outdoor space that was available to everyone staying at the hotel so we never felt too cramped. They had a great pool area, relaxing upper and lower front porches, a hammock courtyard, and a complimentary, serve yourself (heheheheh) happy hour on the pool deck daily. Every morning they had fresh coffee brewing and it was nice to have a chill place to stay. The Eden House does offer larger rooms and even HUGE suites, but we didn’t think it was worth the extra cashola since we were only staying two nights and planned to either be out and about or sleeping the entire time.


Although I was initially a little disappointed, I am SO thankful we decided against staying at one of the larger hotels near the “beach”. First of all, there is hardly a beach on the island, LOL. It is maybe 1/8 mile long if that – Key West is not a beach island… It’s a pool ‘n party island! And secondly, that hotel was almost triple the amount we paid, I’m guessing because of its location. Honestly, it was really nice to be a 5 minute walk from Duval Street… It meant that we got quiet nights and were able to experience some of the shops, restaurants, and wine bars (!!!!) off the main drag. Definitely worth it!


Kyle and I both recommend The Eden House if you are looking for a relaxing place to stay in Key West. We will definitely consider staying there on our next visit!

Before I close out this post, I have one random observation from the island… There are roosters and cats wandering EVERYWHERE. Like everywhere. Roosters on the sidewalks. On the streets. In the alleys. I even chased one while on my Friday morning run – It freaked ;) And the cats are not “normal” house cats. They appear to be a mix of your regular ol’ cat and a bobcat. No, I’m not joking. The cats themselves are quite large but their tails… Their tails are massive. Maybe they’re the Key West panthers ;)


So, in a quick summary – Take the Key West Express for a partayyyy to Key West, otherwise, driving would probably be a bit easier (plus you’re on your own time). And definitely consider The Eden House if you plan to travel to Key West. Super chill. And a complimentary happy hour. That’s “free” booze and wine, people!


I’ll be back with some restaurant and bar recommendations in a future post.

Have you been to Key West? If so, where did you stay? How did you get there? 

Dean Axel – Five Month Update

Here we are… FIVE months! What a big guy! On October 14th, Dean turned 5 months old (don’t ask me about the weeks, I’ve totally lost count) and it is about time a share a little update.


You can find his previous updates here:

Physical stats…

I don’t have an update on any of these except for his weight. I had to take him in right before we left for Key West because he had a little fever (nothing was wrong – go figure!) and he was up to 14 lbs 12 ounces! + 1 pound, 4 ounces from his 4-month appointment. Can we say growth spurt?


  • Being swaddled at night.
  • Tummy time, but only in my crib so I can look around.
  • My whirly ball toy (Can’t remember the specific brand of wire ball he has!)
  • Bathtime
  • Talking, talking, talking! I don’t like to be quiet.
  • People watching.
  • Taking selfies – I’m a champ at these ;)
  • Mom – She’s my favorite and sometimes I’ll scream until she holds me. Mwahaha.
  • Story time at the library – I’m the youngest in my group but love singing Mother Goose songs and listening to the story each week.
  • Chewing on EVERYTHING. If I can get my hands on it, it goes into my mouth. #nomnom
  • Running with Mom. It’s the perfect opportunity for a nap.
  • Swimming – Kicking in the water is so much fun.
  • Jumping and using my legs, basically anything where I can be movin’ and groovin’


  • Sleeping through the night – I’ve decided that’s for the birds!
  • Bottles
  • Big kid food – I’ve tried carrots and avocado and sweet potato and I much prefer milk at this point.
  • When Mom and Dad sit down to eat – It’s the perfect time to wake up and need attention.


  • No visitors this month (I don’t think? The days are blurring together, ha!) but we traveled to Key West for a family vacation!

Places I’ve been:

  • Key West
  • Key West Express – Cruise ship!
  • Collier County Library for story time
  • YMCA Child Watch
  • Gulf of Mexico to watch a few sunsets


  • Deany Beany
  • The Deanster
  • Little Man/Guy
  • Twin <–  Kyle thinks he is my identical twin ;)
  • And like last month, anything ending in “man”… Whinyman, Tiredman, Rashman (from his eczema – LOL we only call him these things at home ;) ), Happyman, etc. :)

Whew – What a month! Dean is definitely growing and becoming more alert each and every day. And with that comes the need to eat more… or at least wake himself up at night which has been fun. #sarcasm.


Dean loves to look around and take in his surroundings. He is very observant and we get comments from local grandparents that they notice how much he likes to take everything in. While we were in Key West, an older shop owner saw us taking photos and came over to tell us how she loved that he looked at the camera when we took photos. He likes selfies, what can I say? ;)

Overall, he’s still a very happy baby. Around 6:30pm each night he gets fussy and then we know it’s time for his bath and bedtime routine. Other than that, he’s happy as long as he’s getting attention… ATTENTION. Key word! I think that’s been the biggest difference since his 4th month update. He has “woken up” as they say and it isn’t as easy to just set him down and get things done. He wants to play!


He likes reading books, splashing in the bath/pool, looking at his furry brother, eating (but not from bottles – UGH), cuddling (he sleeps the best when he is in our bed), laughing, and being held by Mom or Dad. He prefers me and sometimes he will cry until I pick him up, even if someone else is holding him. That’s fun… but it is a mom perk I guess! Babies always want their mamas.

We have transitioned him to his crib and it’s going okay. We had to move him out of his bassinet and take him out of his swaddle at the same time (he’s rolling over and pushing himself up on his hands/feet so he can’t be in his bassinet or a swaddle safely any longer) which has made the transition a bit difficult for the little dude. As much as I don’t like sharing a bed with him, we’ve caved a few nights at 4:30am and put him in the middle far away from pillows and sheets (and us) and he sleeps SO much better when he knows we are nearby. We have a king sized bed so thankfully we have lots of space. I don’t want to get in the habit of bed sharing but sometimes you just need sleep. I think my fellow parents will agree. He still wears his little alarm on his diaper so we would be alerted if something went wrong while he was with us.

He’s starting to sit up on his own as well. He sits like a gorilla with his hands on the ground and his body leaning forward. It’s pretty funny. He can’t crawl forward yet but he can crawl backward if that makes any sense. He’ll push himself around and get frustrated that he isn’t getting any closer to his toys, haha!

We think that he is also teething as he is gnawing on his hands and putting anything he can get his hands on in his mouth. No teethies yet but soon! Maybe he’ll start sleeping then – Fingers crossed!

Other than that, he’s still our sweet little Deanie. If any mama’s out there have any bottle recommendations, I’d love to hear them! (I have a few recommendations from friends, I just don’t want to spend a ton on a variety of bottle brands to not have them work…) It’s hard to leave him with a sitter when we know he won’t eat if he’s hungry while we are out.


I took some close-ups of his face for this month’s update. I should have taken these each month to see how he’s changing… Better late than never!

Happy 5 months, Dean. Can’t wait for all of your 6 month milestones!

#110 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Make sure you enter my giveaway for Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter! I’m selecting a winner tomorrow morning :)

Well hey there, Tuesday. How about we share some treats?

If you’re new to Treat Yourself Tuesday, pop on over here and read all about it!

After launching BODYPUMP 95 on Saturday, Kyle, Dean and I headed to Naples’ Stone Crab Festival. We attended last year right after we moved to Naples so it was fun to head back for our 2nd annual trip. Stone crabs + wine + a late lunch at Captain & Krewe (I ordered the seared ahi tuna BLT… AHHHmazing!) = a fun Saturday afternoon!





I enjoyed some “me time” at the gym on Sunday afternoon without having to worry about watching daycare time limits since Dean was home with Kyle. A little StairMaster action followed by teaching BP. Felt great!


On another fitness note, I treated myself to my longest run since last August yesterday morning! It was a warm one and I was exhausted but those 5 miles felt great. Can’t wait to get out there more often now that The Deanster can join me in the stroller.


BEST mail day. Can’t run out of my favorite flavor of Spark! Advo orders are always a treat :)


Quest Bars – They’re supposed to arrive today! It’s much more economical to order them in bulk so I have a few boxes arriving from GNC any minute now.

Stocking up on wine… Precious cargo right there ;)


A sunset on the beach. Naples is the best!


Teaching this guy how to sit up. I am taking full credit – I’d like to thank all of the BODYPUMP I did while pregnant. KIDDING. I swear you can’t teach babies how to do anything… They’ll catch on in their own sweet time. The Deanster is much happier now that he can be upright and rollover. Muscle control is a good thing.


Now it is your turn for the treats! How did you treat yourself over the past week? What is your favorite flavor of Quest Bars? Farthest run this year?

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Spicy Zucchini-Peanut Noodles & Giveaway!

Disclosure: I was provided with 2 bottles of Mighty Nut as well as compensated for this post. All opinions, the recipe, and my love of peanut butter are my own :) Thanks for your support!

Let’s talk peanut butter.

Peanut butter is by far my FAVORITE nut butter. It’s creamy. It adds a delicious flavor to pretty much anything. And peanut butter + chocolate… Need I say more?

Today, I have a recipe for you that has my favorite peanut butter flavor but instead of being made with regular ol’ peanut butter, a key ingredient is Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter.

Powdered peanut butter? Have you heard of it?


I’m still fairly new to the powdered peanut butter bandwagon (I know… I’m so behind the times!) so when Peanut Butter & Co offered to send me two bottles of Might Nut, I jumped at the opportunity! Mighty Nut has 85% less fat than regular peanut butter AND it offers up 6g of protein per serving. All of the flavor and ability for recipe creation with only 45 calories per serving… I’m not one to complain about that.

I decided to try my hand at a recipe with the “original” flavored Might Nut Powdered Peanut Butter. And can you believe that it doesn’t involve chocolate?! Be shocked and amazed ;)


This is a healthy recipe and it packs a punch of protein, a serving of green veggies, and spicy kick all with my favorite peanut butter flavor. Yes, please!

So, without further ado… Spicy Zucchini-Peanut Noodles!


Spicy Zucchini-Peanut Noodles

Serves 3


  • 2 large zucchini
  • 3 TBSP Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter, Original flavor
  • 2 TBSP coconut aminos (you can sub soy sauce)
  • 1 TBSP garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp oil (I used sesame)
  • 1 TBSP honey
  • 2 TBSP rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp chili hot sauce (more for a spicier recipe!)
  • 1/4 tsp ground ginger


Using a spiralizer or food grater, make your zucchini noodles and place in a large bowl. In a small bowl, combine remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth. Pour Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter sauce over zucchini noodles and stir until combined. Serve chilled as a side along side your favorite protein. Enjoy!

These noodles would be delicious served with grilled shrimp or chicken. They add a healthy and flavorful Asian-inspired kick to your favorite meal!


Now, for the fun part… One of YOU will win a bottle of Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter in a flavor of your choice.

A little more about Mighty Nut:

Peanut Butter & Co just launched Mighty Nut, their new powdered peanut butter! Each batch of Mighty Nut is created from quality USA grown peanuts. The peanuts are roasted, then pressed, to remove most of the fat.  What remains is protein, fiber and delicious peanut buttery taste.  Mighty Nut powdered peanut butter can be rehydrated and used as a spread or dip, or as an ingredient in baking, cooking or smoothies and it is available in four delightful varieties:

  • Original
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Flax & Chia

Giveaway entry methods: 

  • Leave a comment below on what recipe you would make if you won a bottle of Mighty Nut.
  • Follow @GoMightyNut and @olivesanwine on Twitter
  • Follow @GoMightyNut and @beckyklap on Instagram
  • Tweet about the giveaway. Sample tweet: I would LOVE to create recipes with @GoMightyNut! #EatMighty @fitapproach #sweatpink
  • Pin a picture from

U.S. only. One prize per person. If you win this giveaway, and have already won another prize from Mighty Nut through another blog, please disclose that you have already won so we can choose another winner. 

I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday (10/28/15) morning!

Pumpkin Week 2015 – Link up!

Welcome to the day of the Pumpkin Week link-up! I’m sharing a few of my favorites from the week in this post, but I’d love for you to link up your favorite pumpkin recipes below. The more pumpkin recipes, the better!

Pumpkin Biscotti Cookies with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Umm… yes, please! Crunchy biscotti is the perfect snack and these look perfect for Sunday morning snacking if you ask me ;)

pumpkin biscottis with dark chocolate drizzle via @semihealthnut at -- perfect for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee. w-2

Vegan Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Bread

How gorgeous is this loaf of bread? Red chunks of cranberry, chunky walnuts, and a slight hue of pumpkin… I will be making this for Thanksgiving Day breakfast!

vegan cranberry walnut pumpkin bread via @ExSloth |

Pumpkin Nutella Cookie Bars

If you know me, you know the word Nutella draws me in without question. These bars are no exception!

Wine Pumpkin Hummus

Wait… Wine + pumpkin + hummus?! You’ve got to be kiddin’ me! Three of my favorite foods (yes, wine is a food group) in one recipe? Count me in!

Combine pumpkin and red wine to create this genius gluten free vegan wine pumpkin hummus party dip that will get the (adult) party started! Get the Recipe at

Pumpkin Banana Soft Serve

Pumpkin “ice cream” sounds delightful, especially with the coconut milk Katie added to this recipe. A perfectly healthy fall treat!


Maple Pumpkin Butter

I’m allll about maple syrup this time of year! Add in pumpkin and I’m one happy gal. This “butter” looks absolutely delish!

Maple Pumpkin Butter - gluten free, low fat, vegan and packed full of pumpkin flavor! Ready in just 15 minutes, good on toast, pancakes, oatmeal, English muffins, you name it! |

Garlicky Pumpkin Stew

It is a little known fact that I LOVE garlic… almost as much as Nutella ;) This stew has chicken. It has pumpkin. It has pumpkin beer. It is also calling my name!


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Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls – #pumpkinweek2015

Warm and gooey homemade cinnamon rolls with a fall twist… Pumpkin spice! 

There isn’t much better than a homemade pastry. Maybe that’s why I’ve posted not one but two of them this #pumpkinweek2015!

One of my favorite homemade treats is an ooey gooey, sticky, sweet cinnamon roll. Not only do they make your kitchen smell incredible while baking, they’re pretty easy to make (if you’re willing to wait out the dough rising times), and they’re crowd pleasers. Cinnamon and sugar, who is going to say no to that delicious combo?


I made a similar recipe a few years ago when we lived in Minneapolis but I called them my “Secret Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls” – Secret ingredient, eh? Yep! Sweet potato – tricky, huh? Get some healthiness in with that sugar ;)

For Pumpkin Week, I decided to change up  my infamous sweet potato cinnamon rolls and add, you guessed it, PUMPKIN into the mix.

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls.

I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised. The pumpkin made them a gorgeous orange hue and with the addition of pumpkin pie spice to the filling, these are the perfect fall brunch treat.


Cinnamon. Sugar. Pumpkin spice. Cream cheese maple frosting. Could you get any more fall into one delicious bite?

You can find the full recipe here. For the pumpkin spice version, sub out the sweet potato for 1 cup of canned pumpkin and add 1 TBSP pumpkin pie spice to the filling.

It’s a fall treat you definitely don’t want to miss!

What is your favorite fall breakfast item? I may have to go with oatmeal on this one – It hits the spot when the days begin to get cooler and shorter.

#pumpkinweek2015 promo for IG UPDATE 10-12

Make sure to check out the other lovely #pumpkinweek2015 hosts and join us as we share pumpkin recipes on our blogs and social media for one pumpkin-y week ending in a giant pumpkin recipe link-up on Friday!

Lovely co-hosts:

Amanda from Diary of a Semi-Health Nut | Instagram

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Want to join in the fun?

Simply tag your pumpkin recipes on Instagram with #pumpkinweek2015 and/or join in the link-up on Friday! We will each be picking our favorite posts from the hashtag to share on our blogs Friday, so be sure to check each of the co-hosts’ blogs. (Please note that participating means we can share your photos—with credit—on our blogs and social media.)

Pumpkin Pie Truffle Bites #pumpkinweek2015

Decadent bites of pumpkin pie drizzled in a rich, white chocolate will have you counting down the days until the holiday of pumpkin pies… Thanksgiving!

Raise of hands, who likes pumpkin pie?

While Thanksgiving may not be my favorite holiday, I can never resist a big ol’ slice of my favorite gourd pie on the last Thursday of November. Add in a big ol’ dollop of whipped cream on top and I’ll be your friend forever.

I’m not sure if it is the creamy texture or the spicy taste or the flaky crust or the smell of the pie baking in the oven, but pumpkin pie is definitely my favorite part about Thanksgiving!

I may have created something even better than pumpkin pie in my kitchen earlier this afternoon.

I know. Is that even possible?


It has the same creamy texture. The same spicy pumpkin pie flavor. The only thing it doesn’t have is that baked in the oven smell because these babies require zero baking… And I don’t think any of y’all are going to complain about that ;)

The white chocolate drizzle also reminds me of my favorite dollop of whipped cream.

Pumpkin pie in a bite-sized snack? Yes, please!

Make these for your Halloween party or for your coworkers or heck, make them for Thanksgiving if you don’t want to mess with the whole pie thing. Everyone will thank you and ask for more!

Pumpkin Pie Truffle Bites

Makes 15 “bites”


  • 8 oz cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice, plus extra for sprinkling
  • 6 TBSP powdered sugar
  • 1 sleeve graham crackers
  • 10 oz white almond bark (1/2 package)


In a stand mixer, place all graham crackers in mixing bowl and turn on medium speed. Allow the mixer to run for 2-3 minutes, until crackers are broken into small pieces. (You can also use graham cracker crumbs for this, but hearing the mixer crunch the crackers is half of the fun!) Add in pumpkin, cream cheese, pumpkin pie spice, and powdered sugar and mix until well blended. Place bowl in freezer and allow to cool for 30-60 minutes, until the “dough” is hardened. Remove from freezer and roll into 15 small balls. Place on plate and set plate in freezer for another 60 minutes. Meanwhile, melt your almond bark per packaging instructions and line a large plate or container with foil. Roll “bites” in almond bark, making sure that all sides are covered (if not, the pumpkin pie filling will stick to the foil) and place on foil. Sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice and store in refrigerator for up to 1 week. Enjoy!

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Lovely co-hosts:

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Suzie from Suzlyfe | Instagram

Erin from Table For Seven | Instagram

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Pumpkin pie – Yay or nay? What is your favorite pumpkin treat on Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin – Nutella Bars #pumpkinweek2015

Alright y’all. I am going to have a BRAND NEW pumpkin recipe for you later today.

Why not now?


Well, I started baking yesterday and realized I was missing a key ingredient… So, I’ll be making a post-SPIN run to Publix this afternoon and will be getting a tasty treat your way shortly after ;)

In the meantime, enjoy this treat that I pulled out of the archives.

Pumpkin – Nutella Bars with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Glaze.

Pumpkin. And Nutella. In a dessert. Together. What’s not to love?!

Enjoy and swing by in a few hours for something pumpkin-y that you don’t want to miss!

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Make sure to check out the other lovely #pumpkinweek2015 hosts and join us as we share pumpkin recipes on our blogs and social media for one pumpkin-y week ending in a giant pumpkin recipe link-up on Friday!

Lovely co-hosts:

Amanda from Diary of a Semi-Health Nut | Instagram

Suzie from Suzlyfe | Instagram

Erin from Table For Seven | Instagram

Becky from Olives n Wine | Instagram

Katie from Talk Less, Say More | Instagram

Giselle from Diary of an Exsloth | Instagram

Want to join in the fun?

Simply tag your pumpkin recipes on Instagram with #pumpkinweek2015 and/or join in the link-up on Friday! We will each be picking our favorite posts from the hashtag to share on our blogs Friday, so be sure to check each of the co-hosts’ blogs. (Please note that participating means we can share your photos—with credit—on our blogs and social media.)

#109 Treat Yourself Tuesday

We are taking a quick break from #pumpkinweek2015 this morning to share our weekly treats! It’s not a Tuesday without Treat Yourself Tuesday, right?

If you’re disappointed in the lack of pumpkin in this post, maybe this will hold you over until tomorrow ;)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

But enough chatting… Let’s talk treats! I plan on sharing our Key West vacay – eats, where we stayed, what we did, etc. – next week but since the trip involved all of my treatin’ last week, I’m going to do a little photo recap. It was a fun, long weekend so come back if all things wine, delicious food, and roosters roaming around an island intrigue you!

Cruisin’ down to Key West on the Key West Express! Bright Dark ‘n early so there was a gorgeous sunrise and mimosas to be had.



Dean loved it… Kyle and I got a little green in the face with an hour left in the trip. Let’s just say we will be driving next time ;)






First stop… A chocolate-covered piece of key lime pie on a stick, for Kyle.


Photo at Dean’s second hotel stay. We stayed at Eden House and it was great! More info to come :)


LOTSA swimming. We have a little fishy on our hands!




Family photo – Not the best of us but we are all dressed well ;)


Wine. LOTS of wine. Wine at happy hour and dinner and just for fun ;) And we found THE BEST wine bar ever. Uva. Go there if you visit Key West, no excuses.




A solo morning run followed by a family walk on a gloomy Friday morning… We laughed at all of the roosters and randomly roaming the island.




Cuddles with The Deanster.



Naptime… at least for the baby.


And the FOOD. OMG the food. Definitely more to come on this – So so SO good!







Whew! How’s that for a photo dump? I’ll be back next week with more details :)

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Now it is your turn! Tell me how you treated yourself over the past week – Best eats, best purchase, best glass of wine?

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