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Cyber Monday!

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving weekend – well, besides the food! – is Cyber Monday.

You’re back in the office after a long weekend, not looking forward to catching up on your inbox when BAM! Sales galore across internet-land!

Cyber Monday is even better if you have kids – No getting everyone into the car, dragging them around the store, waiting in lines… Just turn on that computer of yours and with a few clicks all of your Christmas presents (for others and yourself, hehe!) will arrive at your door within a few days time.

Pretty sweet if you ask me!

I’m especially excited for this Cyber Monday… Why is that?

AdvoCare is throwing their FIRST EVER Cyber Monday event! You guys. AdvoCare products never (like never ever ever EVER) go on sale and starting today, they are offering some pretty fab discounts on their best selling – and my favorite! – products.

I’m not going to admit how much Spark and Catalyst will be showing up at my doorstep in a few days… ;)

What makes this deal even better is that your member discount applies ON TOP of the reduced prices! Yes, please! Not a member? No biggie – Shoot me a note and we can get you the best price on the best energy, nutrition, fitness, and weight management products on the market.

The only thing better than Spark is Spark at a discount. Cheers to that!

Get your AdvoCare Cyber Monday deal here.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Who else was lovin’ the 4-day weekend over Thanksgiving?

We had an awesome time filled with some of my favorite “f” words… food, fitness, friends, fun, fresh air, fermented grapes, and family!

I kicked Thanksgiving morning off with an {almost} 5-mile run. It was breezy and warm but I like to get outside on holidays for some activity, especially now that I can take advantage of running without a stroller since Kyle is home to watch Dean.


Next up, mimosas! Was that even a question?! ;)


I prepped some tasty Coconut Nutella Brownies for our holiday dessert and they were AMAZING. I made my own whipped cream for the frosting rather than the recipe in the link and it worked out well! Don’t make these if you don’t want to eat the entire pan in a few days time <– soooooo good!


Obligatory Thanksgiving dinner photo…


Is anyone else obsessed with these?! French’s onions, marshmallows, and Cool Whip are my favorite holiday ingredients to snack on – Yeah, I know they’re crap for ya but I only have them a few times per year ;)


I failed in finding Dean a Thanksgiving outfit so I dressed him in a super cute Christmas onesie + pants on Thursday. A-dor-able! Is the red too girly? I thought it was Christmas-y but on second thought, it might be a girl outfit? Good thing he won’t remember, haha!


I’m not a supporter of Thursday night store openings and have totally lost interest in Black Friday ever since stores started opening on the holiday… I did head to Target at 7am though to pick up a few items (and I wanted the 20% coupon!). Of course most of my cart was for The Deanster. We headed to a larger mall in the afternoon (it was crazy!) and yet again, all I purchased were items from Gymboree for Dean. The line at Bath & Body Works was INSANE and J Crew’s sale wasn’t that great in my opinion… or I would have found a few things for myself as well ;)


After our mall fun, Dean visited Santa for the first time! He didn’t cry but he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the experience ;)

We worked on his push-ups and planks later on that evening. Hehe!


I kicked off Saturday by subbing a BODYPUMP class – I also taught spinning on Friday – Love that the room already has Christmas lights up!


Kyle declared that he could not possibly eat another bite of Turkey on Saturday so we headed to Naples Flatbread for a little pizza (and beer) action. I entertained Dean with my phone – The kid loves selfies!


I can’t remember what else Saturday entailed… It obviously wasn’t too exciting ;) I did put our chalkboard “nook” to use and decorated it for Christmas – Countdown begins on the 1st!! How is tomorrow December?!?


We hit up our favorite beach on Sunday morning for a family walk – I left my phone in the car so no photos but it was gorgeous as always. Naples has the best beaches!

I taught BODYPUMP on Sunday afternoon and followed it up with a SOLO grocery trip. It felt like a Christmas miracle, LOL. I am so happy Dean is taking a bottle again (he likes the Tommee Tippee brand <– Thank you to the mama’s who recommended that one to me!) as it allows me a bit more free time.


We finished out Sunday with tacos (peas for Dean) and then relaxed while watching football until calling it a night. Okay, I’ll be honest… Kyle watched football, I blogged ;)

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you get any good Black Friday deals? What was the best food item at your dinner?

My Thankful List

Here we are, one day after Thanksgiving and I’m just getting my thankful list posted.

Such is life. Maybe it is a sign that I need to be more thankful each and every day rather than reserving my thankful self for holidays.

The holidays are the perfect time of year to look back on the past 12 months and realize how #blessed (<– cringe… I hate that hashtag but it fits well here) we are in this thing called life.

Without further ado, here is my 2015 thankful list:

1. My boys, Kyle, Dean and Mitchell – It was a year of change with Dean entering our lives and though he likes to throw us curveballs (ahem, SLEEP), I am very thankful for my little guy, my husband and our furball.


2. My extended family – parents, grandparents, in-laws, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, and so forth – Dean is lucky to have you as family!

3. My friends, new and old – I’m also quite thankful for social media that allows us to stay in contact throughout the years, life changes, and many many miles.

4. Owning a home – I was apprehensive at first (a condo is much “easier” to own than a big ol’ house!) but having a place to call our own is a wonderful feeling. I could do without replacing all major appliances within a few months time, but I am thankful we are lucky enough to become homeowners and now have a space to make our own.

5. My health and my family’s health. Even though Dean and Kyle are fighting mega colds at the moment (please send wine…), we are overall a healthy bunch. Our health is one thing I will never take for granted!

6. My body – It’s far from perfect (is there such a thing?) but it allows me to be active and teach fitness classes that I love. It allowed me to grow The Deanster. And it allows me to experience the world. It also lets me dress it up in mostly Lulu without complaints ;)


7. Wine – I will forever and always be grateful for fermented grapes.


8. The ability to live in a safe community – We don’t realize how fortunate most of us are here in the US of A to live in safe cities and towns. We don’t have to live in fear of our government or war in our backyard or disease. Of course things are far from perfect but looking at the larger picture, we have it made.

9. AdvoCare – Two years ago I never would have thought I would be thankful for AdvoCare, but here I am today with the ability to stay home with Baby Dean, teach fitness for fun, and provide financially for my family… all thanks to AdvoCare. It also provides me with Spark and y’all know I am thankful for that ;)

10. This blog – It has allowed me incredible opportunities and introduced me to some pretty fabulous people.

11. The future – Although nothing is guaranteed, I look forward to each new day. Here’s to the rest of 2015 and to a fabulous 2016!

What are you thankful for today?

Dean Axel – Six Month Update

I can’t believe it! I have a 1/2 year old. Dean has now been a Naples resident for an entire 6 months. Here is what he’s been loving and hating and movin’ and groovin’ to over the past month.


You can find his previous updates here:

Physical Stats:

  • Length: 26.5 inches – +2 inches from his 4-month check-up, 50th percentile
  • Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces – + 2 pounds from his 4-month check-up, 8th percentile
  • Head circumference: 17 inches – + 1 inch from his 4-month check-up



  • Tummy time – I roll over to my tummy whenever placed on my back!
  • My Baby Einstein jumper… as long as I can see mom nearby.
  • Being with Mama
  • Christmas lights – I love looking at the tree and bright star in our house.
  • Library time – Reading books and singing songs are my favorite!
  • Looking at myself in my mom’s cell phone camera – Selfie king ;)
  • Naptime as long as I’m in my parent’s bed
  • Family walks
  • Playing with Dad after work
  • My Baby Bjorn
  • “Swimming” – AKA kicking my legs like a crazy man while Mom or Dad hold my head above water.
  • Being held.



  • Real food – I don’t necessarily dislike it, the texture it just weird to me!
  • When Mom is out of sight.
  • Sleeping alone in my room.
  • Strangers – Only when they’re holding me, I’m love to talk and smile at everyone when Mom has me.
  • Sitting still for too long.
  • Mom leaving me in the Y’s Child Watch



  • Pops, Nana, and Aunt Gabi visited me from Chicago!


Places I’ve been:

  • Iowa <– I made a trip to see my grandparents!
  • Nebraska <– Combined with my Iowa trip, I met my Great Grandpa Dean
  • An airplane (Delta <– AWESOME with kids!)
  • A few new-to-me airports – MSP, ATL, and DSM
  • The regular places (YMCA, Target, beach, etc.)


  • The Deanster
  • Deany Beany
  • Dude
  • Deans
  • Baby Dean

Dean is growing and changing by the day and it is so much fun to watch! Per the usual, he is a traveling man and we made a trip to Iowa and Nebraska over his 6-month birthday weekend to visit his grandparents and great grandfather. He was great on the plane and either nursed or played with Kyle or I the entire time. I’m sure traveling will be a bit more difficult once he wants to move around.


He is still a fairly laid back little guy… as long as I am near him or holding him. He is starting to show some separation anxiety which is totally normal (his pediatrician assured me it was fine!) and doesn’t care to be left with a sitter or at the YMCA’s Child Watch. That makes things fun when I teach during the week ;) He is good when I leave him but I am always told he gets fussy about 40 minutes after I leave. What can ya do? I am going to keep taking him so he can become more comfortable with the room/caretakers.

He loves to be active with either me walking around carrying him or with him in a stroller AND he is starting to move on his own. YIKES. He hasn’t quite mastered a full crawl yet, but he has made it a few arm lengths with the regular knee/hand crawl. He typically army crawls and rolls his way around the room. No more leaving him on a blanket = sad day for mama.


Everyone he meets comments on his strength as well as his alertness. He LOVES to take in the surroundings and looks like he is deeply analyzing his world with his facial expressions, haha. He also loves to stand and bounce and can sit himself up from a lying down position. Maybe I can lay off forcing him to take BODYPUMP classes for a little while… KIDDING ;)

We started veggies again this month (we tried at 4.5 months and he wasn’t having it!) and he is still unsure about the whole thing. I feed him when we sit down together at lunch as well as at dinnertime. His ped recommended this so that I don’t become a short order cook <– He learns to eat what we eat and that’s the end of the story! The texture is still weird to him and he had a few instances of gagging up an entire stomach of milk (UGH) but he is eating some and by introducing more and more veggies, I am told (again by his doctor) that it will help to expand his palate/reduce picky eating. We shall see. He doesn’t get any fruits or other foods besides veggies until he has tried at least 20 different vegetables. He is on #4 this week – Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, and now Peas.


Sleep is another issue we are dealing with. No longer are the wonderful “sleeping 11 hours straight” nights. Those were nice while they lasted! I think it is a combination of multiple things – teeth, sleeping more like an adult (REM/sleep cycles), not being able to sooth himself back to sleep, and growth spurts. He likes to be near us when he sleeps and we are trying to transition him to his crib, I think I just need to be a bit more firm in my transitioning but it is hard on me to have him so far away. I don’t love our monitor (it randomly restarts/cuts out sometimes) so I am going to look for a new one (any recommendations mamas!?) and then maybe I’ll be more comfortable leaving him in his own room for longer periods. We typically put him down to bed between 6:45/7:15pm and I feed him before I go to bed around 9:30pm. He’ll wake up twice more in the night (12:30am-ish and 3am-ish) and I’ll feed him (not sure he needs it or if he just needs soothing) and wake up for the day around 6:45/7am. So he is getting enough sleep, he just needs to improve his continuous sleep for my sake!

Thankfully, we figured out his eczema and even if it means no eggs for me, I’m glad that his skin looks a million times better! Now I’m counting down the days until I can enjoy my eggs – 1 year mark at the latest ;)


Dean enjoyed his first fall “holiday” – Halloween and was Superman as well as a sock monkey <– so cute!


I’m really looking forward to his first Thanksgiving and Christmas (he already has a few gifts under the tree) and seeing how much he changes over the next few months.

We don’t have any travel for the next few weeks (thank goodness!) but we will be heading to Orlando in January and Colorado in February. He’s excited to add more destinations to his travel list and mama is excited to get some cute photos of Dean looking at the snow/Mickey Mouse :)

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast {Healthy} Snack Ideas

Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming!

Although Turkey Day Pumpkin Pie Day isn’t my favorite holiday (Christmas has that in the bag!), I’m looking forward to starting a few fun family traditions this year. While I would be happy with a tradition of perusing the Black Friday newspaper ads and getting a head start on my online holiday shopping, I have to consider what the boys in my life would like to do as well.

Sports. ALL the sports, especially football on Thanksgiving Day. Even little Deany likes to watch the football players running around on the green turf. It must be genetic… and not from my side ;)


I like shopping. They like football. Thankfully we can agree on one thing, snacking during both activities is a must!

While the turkey is cooking and the potatoes are being mashed and the cranberry salad is being prepared, with the sound of football in the background and a few of my favorite stores pulled up on my laptop screen, snacks galore will be passed around the house. Since Thanksgiving dinner (and – ahem – the dessert) won’t be the healthiest of meals, I like to opt for a bit of tasty nutrition during the pre-Thanksgiving feast snack and game watching fest! We will have a cheeseball. There will be guacamole. Grapes are a must. And my favorite crunchy item?


Specifically, Blue Diamond Smokehouse and Wasabi & Soy Sauce almonds.


Super crunchy. Definitely savory. A little kick in the Wasabi & Soy Sauce flavor and my favorite smoky essence with the Smokehouse flavor. I love to pair them with a fruit and veggie platter – Their flavors add a little something to the sweet fruit and fresh veggies. The Blue Diamond canisters are also perfect for – as I like to call it – sofa snacking. Easy to pop open and close while being passed around during game time… and less risk for a mess makes me happy ;)


On Thursday, I’m going to throw a big ol’ bowl of guacamole (Kyle’s my expert guacamole chef – It is a football gameday favorite!), the aforementioned easy-to-make cheeseball (I’m actually going to use the Wasabi & Soy Sauce almonds on the outside – It’s going to be DELISH!), and homemade almond butter onto the platter as well. I’m almost as excited for the pre-feast snacks (and shopping, hehe…) as I am the meal.

Who says who have to sacrifice flavor when it comes to eating healthy on gameday? Just grab yourself some fresh produce and a can of Blue Diamond Almonds and you have yourself a healthy gameday (and holiday!) snack.


What is your favorite snack item to munch on while watching football? Favorite flavor of Blue Diamond almonds?

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Ditch the chips and grab some Game Changing Flavors this football season! Enter for a chance to win the Ultimate Football Party Prize Pack, get great savings and ideas for delicious snack hacks at


Happy turkey week! <– That is how I greeted my BODYPUMP class this afternoon and after a class a member told me I should have said “Happy PUMPKIN PIE week!” LOL.

I hope you’re getting ready to kick off a short week – Here is what we were up to over the weekend…

On Friday morning, Dean had his 6 month photos! He didn’t feel like smiling (he took a 2 hour nap afterwards!) but the two preview shots are still super cute. Oh, and of course he was super smiley and happy Friday afternoon. Life with a baby!



Kyle came home from work early on Friday so I escaped headed to the gym to fit in a quick workout before my pre-holiday staff meeting. Stairmaster + tricep pop <– I’m focusing on my triceps between now and Christmas!


I honestly can’t remember what we did on Friday night – It was obviously not photo worthy (I think I went to bed early? Dean hasn’t been sleeping the best lately – blech!) so let’s move right along to Saturday.

We hit up the gym as a family on Saturday morning – Dean spent some time in child watch, Kyle in the weight room, and me in BODYPUMP!


After doing some things around the house, which included realizing our old tree is MUCH too small for our house (I’ll get a new one next year!), we took Dean to the grand opening at Paradise Wine. #parentsoftheyear The grand opening involved a sampling of A TON of wine as well as live music and some tasty bites of food. The new wine shop has a fun indoor/outdoor bar (with very reasonable prices) and a huge tasting room for events – I think we’ve found our new favorite Naples wine location!


Kyle and I were laughing throughout… People in Naples (read: snowbirds) LOVE babies. I think we saw multiple photos of/heard many stories about grandchildren, how quickly children grow, and had to repeat Dean’s age and name no less than 127 times. It’s okay, I’m glad people like babies here!

After some vino tasting, we decided to try a new-to-us sushi restaurant. It was just okay – It was buffet style which is somewhat bizarre for sushi if ya ask me. I doubt we will be back but I’m glad we tried it out! We went early enough that Dean even behaved while we ate dinner ;)


Sunday morning started rainy and early. It would have been a super cozy morning to cuddle in bed but Dean was up and ready to go so I pulled out my Christmas mug and warmed up some Spark.


While Kyle and Dean ran to Lowe’s, I caught up on a few things including an at-home pedi! Woohoo!


Okay, quick weekending break to share a funny (to me) story… Kyle had quite the doozy of a day today. This morning he took Dean to Lowe’s and apparently Dean was playing with his paci in the cart and got it lodged sideways in his mouth (totally normal – he’s okay)… Dean started sobbing and shrieking in the middle of Lowe’s while Kyle was attempting to remove his paci. Poor daddy! All is well and the boys survived. Next up, Kyle took Mitchell for a walk mid-morning during a break in the rain. Well, 10 minutes out, it started down pouring <– If you have experienced Florida rain, you know what I’m talking about. He had to run back with Mitchell (who hates running) and then deal with a wet dog, LOL. Finally, Kyle took Dean to a local sports bar while I taught BODYPUMP so he could catch the Bears’ game at 1pm. While attempting to eat wings, hold a baby, and a drink a beer, he spilled his full beer all over the table. OMG I can’t keep a straight face while typing this out. I blame the sleep deprivation but of all the “dad things” that could happen, they all happened today! Bahahahaha.


The rest of Sunday was pretty laid back – BODYPUMP, a little nap with Dean (he slept 2 hours this afternoon – I wish I would have slept that entire time!), grilled burgers, and Thanksgiving dinner planning :)

I hope y’all have a wonderful PUMPKIN PIE week (hehe) and had a fun weekend.

What were you up to the past two days? Any funny dad stories you would like to share?

Friday Favs!

Well hello there, Fri-YAY.

To be honest, I have had no clue what day it has been this entire week. Our Iowa trip totally threw me off! I’ll never turn down a Friday though, so bring on the weekend.

What are your plans? Anything fun before turkey week?

We are going to lie low and hopefully get some rest (much needed after a lack of sleep last weekend!) while planning for Thanksgiving next week. Kyle has grand plans to cook up a tasty dinner on Thursday so I’m picking up a few basic items today and we will find the rest for his feast over the weekend :)

Other than that, I have BODYPUMP, running, a nap, and a big glass o’ wine (or three) on my schedule. Sounds like a plan if you ask me!

Since it’s Friday, and Fridays are for sharing our weekly favorites, here are a few of my favs from the week.

1. CHRISTMAS everything!! At least I waited until exactly one week before Thanksgiving… I accidentally (heh…) walked through Target’s Christmas section yesterday and it gave me some major holiday inspiration. I came home and got to work! At first I couldn’t find our tree so I thought I’d have to make another trip to Target (oh darn) but Kyle found it buried in our garage last night. Don’t worry, I’ll still find an excuse to hit up Target again today ;)


2. Dean’s 6-month photos! We are headed to our photographer’s studio this morning to grab a few of my 1/2 year old. I can’t wait to see what she has planned and to continue filling our hallway with his cute little mug shots.


3. MOPS “Drop ‘n Shop” in 2 weeks. Okay, okay… I know this is still two weeks away but I AM SO EXCITED! For $5, all members of my MOPS group can drop their kiddos off in the church’s daycare from 9am-12noon and DO WHATEVER WE WANT. WHATEVER. WE. WANT. For three whole hours! I have grand plans… a mani-pedi with a fellow mama, a leisurely trip to Target, and… I don’t know what else! I haven’t had three hours to myself in who knows how long so this time will be greatly appreciated.

4. Getting back to my workouts after a week-long break. Working out feels FAB but OMG am I ever sore. I’m sure my muscles appreciated the rest but man, oh man, is it difficult coming back.


5. The simple things in life have been making me happy this week as well… Afternoon walks with Mitchell and The Deanster, a long shower while Kyle watches Dean, painting my toenails (happening TODAY), putting up Christmas decorations, clean sheets and a freshly made bed, holiday candles… The simple things are the best!

6. Matt Bellassai is my spirit animal. Pants are pretty much the worst things ever and I’m all about this new campaign. #notopants!


Oh! And I want to quickly mention a fun challenge my Sparkheads team is kicking off on November 30th! 24 days to get closer to your fitness goals – I’m all about getting a head start before the New Years’ rush (although I’m excited for my gym classes to be packed come 2016!) and would love to help you reach your goals. Contact me and let’s do this together! I know I couldn’t make it through the holiday season without my Spark :)

I think that’s it for this week. Let me know what you’re up to this weekend in the comments – I need some ideas since our weekend is pretty much wide open. Happy Friday!

Linking up with Katie and Heather for today’s Friday Favs :)

Last week’s Iowa trip

Last Wednesday, Kyle, The Deanster and I jetsetted off to Iowa to visit my family! Per the usual, the trip flew by as our schedule was full. I brought my computer fully planning to type up a few posts while away, but I didn’t once take it out of my bag. I also didn’t work up a sweat for an entire week… Sometimes breaks are good for the soul :)

Our flight left super early Wednesday morning (I never understand why I book such early flights when the day comes…) and we made our connection in Atlanta without any issues. Woohoo! My dad picked us up at the Des Moines airport a little before 11am and we made our way to Ames.


Wednesday afternoon, Kyle and I walked around Main Street and luck would have it, the torrential Florida rain followed us to Iowa. In order to miss a downpour, we ducked into Olde Main for a quick beer while waiting for the rain to stop. Turns out Olde Main has $1 beers on Wednesdays… We didn’t complain!


The rest of the day involved Dean attempting to crawl and dinner with my dad and Sharon.


I had grand plans to run on Thursday morning but after looking at the temperature, I opted for pancakes instead ;) Kyle was craving The Grove Cafe – they make the BIGGEST pancakes ever – so while my mom watched Dean, we headed out on a breakfast date.


That afternoon we hit up Iowa State’s (cold and windy) campus, quickly grabbed a few photos of Dean, visited my friend Jessica, and then hit up The Cafe for lunch. I may have eaten at The Cafe four times in our short trip back to Iowa. Best place ever!



That evening, my friend Jessica hosted an AdvoCare event and went ALL out for it! Check out her sweet spread! Kyle and I drove down to Des Moines to attend while my mom watched Dean. He apparently screamed for an hour and a half while we were gone. Let’s just say he’s slightly attached to me. Haha – poor grandma!



Friday called for a road trip to Nebraska! We left super early which required a lot of Spark, especially with a baby that doesn’t like to sleep while traveling ;)



Dean got to meet his cousin (second cousin? not sure of the exact family title!) Maggie at lunch and his Great Grandpa Dean.


Now where are we? SATURDAY! Let’s see, on Saturday it was football day and Dean had his first Iowa State tailgating experience. He hung out with Kyle for most of the time and got to meet our friend Jana as well as some fellow future Cylcones. He doesn’t like to be bundled up but was a trooper and wore his hat the entire time.





We stopped by the Gamma Phi house (we parked right in front of it) on our way home to show Dean where I lived my sophomore year of college. He was thrilled ;)


The rest of Saturday involved a nap and that evening my mom made Thanksgiving dinner! Dean tried mashed potatoes and he wasn’t a fan… I’m sure he will be next year.

On Sunday, we headed over to my dad and Sharon’s house for the day. My dad’s birthday was on Monday so we brought a few bottles of wine as a birthday/sorry-we-drank-all-of-your-wine-on-Wednesday gift ;) Kyle was excited to finally watch the Bear’s play on TV (they aren’t televised in Florida often) and relax since we had been go-go-go the past few days.


We had grilled steak for lunch and Dean played on a horse that was my dad’s and mine as a kid.


Kyle and I took advantage of the babysitting and headed to Alluvial Brewery up the road for a quick beer. I really liked the Alluvial IPA but didn’t care for the pale ale they had on tap. You can’t win ’em all!


We called it an early night since our flight was super early on Monday morning (again, why do I do this to myself?!). And there you have it, our whirlwind trip back to the Midwest! It was great to see everyone but traveling with a baby is ROUGH. We are looking forward to spending a few months at home before our next trip :) I am also thankful that Dean is a rockstar traveler and that most of our flights to and from Ft. Myers are full of snowbirds (and they love babies!).

Until next time!

2015 Family Photos

As I mentioned last week, we had our first family photo session as a family of three (okay, four… but Mitchell isn’t allowed on the beach ;) ) a few weeks ago.

Today I’m sharing a few of my personal favorites from the collection! Rochelle Shucart did an incredible job and I cannot wait to see Dean’s 6-month photos that she is taking this Friday. If you are in SW Florida, I highly recommend her for your next photo session!







IMG_9912 bw




Baby Eczema – Update

I shared a few of my tips and tricks on dealing with Baby Eczema earlier this fall and had quite a few readers reach out to tell me they had similar experiences with their little ones. So, I thought I’d share a quick update on the status of Dean’s eczema.

Spoiler alert – I think we have figured it out!

When I first took Dean to his pediatrician to figure out his skin issue, she mentioned that it was probably a combination of a contact sensitivity as well as a food sensitivity. The contact sensitivity would be the more difficult one to pinpoint as our skin comes into contact with so many potential allergens on a daily basis and the food sensitivity, well, that would mean I would have to start cutting things out my diet. To be honest, I wasn’t really willing to do that.

I eat the same things day in and day out – at least for the most part – and didn’t think any of them could cause issues for him. For a general idea of what I eat, here is a list:

  • Avocados
  • Banana
  • Oatmeal
  • Apples
  • Sweet potato
  • Eggs
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Peanut butter
  • Cashews
  • Quest Bars
  • Chicken/Turkey/Beef (occasionally)/Salmon
  • Carrots/Peas/Mixed Veggies
  • Hummus

Overall, I eat fairly healthy – Lotsa nuts, fruits and veggies, lean protein and the sort.

I texted a friend of mine a few weeks ago to get her perspective on giving Dean Benedryl if his rash was really bad (she’s a pediatric nurse so I trust her opinion). As it turns out, her son had eczema when he was a baby as well and she finally figured it once he was a year old. He was sensitive to eggs. My first thought when I heard that was, “UGH. I eat A LOT of eggs.”

Like a lot, a lot, A LOT of eggs. I’m certain I went through at least 40 dozen while I was pregnant… But, I figured I’d try it out. Eggs wouldn’t be too difficult to cut out for a week or so. And cutting out eggs would be better than drugging the guy with Benedryl.

And what would you know? I cut out eggs (I wasn’t too careful about products with eggs, just plain eggs – omelets, HB eggs, and so on) and Dean’s skin improved dramatically. It was like night and day for the little guy!

So, eggs it is! No more eggs for me until he is done breastfeeding which is a bummer. However, I am glad that we finally figured it out!

He is still sensitive to Tide detergent and his elbow/knee creases have gotten rashy a few times since I have cut out eggs (I’m guessing he came into contact with Tide or I ate something with a high concentration of egg protein), but it is not close to where he was before. Thank goodness!

Obviously not every baby’s eczema is caused by an egg sensitivity, but it is a pretty simple one to try out if you can’t seem to figure out your little one’s eczema.

Also, the next time I can eat eggs, I will be throwing a celebration ;)

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