Dean Axel – Eight Month Update

Dean has changed so much over the past month! He’s bigger, he has half a tooth (haha!), he’s moving at lightening speed, and he’s pulling himself up and starting to creep along furniture. It’s fun to watch him grow by the day!

 You can find his previous updates here:

I am unsure of his physical stats so I’ll update those after his 9-month appointment in February.



  • Yelling BABABABABABA and then laughing hysterically. He must have some pretty good jokes ;)
  • Crawling everywhere.
  • Petting Mitchell… It’s more like pulling his hair but he is definitely interested in the pup!
  • Playing with everything dangerous – Electrical outlets (yes, they’re baby proofed), charging cords, doors, etc.)
  • Eating shoes, particularly flip flops
  • Reading books
  • Bathtime
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Playing fetch <– I promise I’m not turning my kid into a dog, LOL, but he really likes to crawl after toys if I toss them across the room. I count it as his daily exercise ;)
  • Biting/chewing everything – Must feel good on those teethies!
  • Waving his hands


  • Sleeping – Okay, actually he is a pretty good sleeper as long as one of us is close by. We’re working on this…
  • Being held still when he wants to be crawling.
  • Mom’s home cookin’ <– he only likes store bought baby food!

Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Beach on Christmas Day
  • Orlando, Florida


  • When we visited Orlando, Dean visited my cousin and her baby (I guess toddler now!) and he also saw our friend, Michelle


  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany

I think I say this every month, but SO much changed over the past few weeks. Dean is now crawling like crazy and has mastered sitting up. He was able to crawl before he could sit which seems a little bizarre to me but now that he can do both, he is very happy with himself!

Just after the new year, his first tooth popped through! Front bottom left… It is coming in slowly but it’s definitely sharp. He seems to be more interested in trying food now that he has a tooth (I think that is fairly common). He prefers the store bought pouches to my homemade baby food and I think it may be a texture thing. The store bought ones are much smoother than I can get them at home. I’m a-okay with his preference – Not that making baby food is difficult, it is also just pretty easy to grab off a shelf ;)

We’re still working on the whole crib sleeping thing. He is sleeping his first few hours in the crib now and is getting a little better at settling himself to sleep. Obviously some nights are awful and some we are impressed with how easily he goes down – He’ll get the hang of it one of these days! He does really well with napping in his crib and still takes 3 naps most days.

He has started becoming more interested in Mitchell by the day and Mitchell now knows to just get up and walk away if he doesn’t want to be bothered. I’m sure they will be getting into trouble together before long!
Dean LOVES when Kyle gets home from work at night… as do I. I let the boys play and get some alone time! Dean has started “reaching” toward who he wants to hold him as well. It’s pretty cute and he almost always wants me to hold him ;)

He is still really easy to run errands with so he makes manyyyy trips to Target each week. I do try to avoid Publix
with him but only because every. single. grandparents. in the store feels the need to talk to me about Dean AND their grandchildren. It’s cute but I don’t have 3 hours to grocery shop each afternoon, haha! And I have now seen more photos of grandkids than I know what to do with.

Overall, everything is going great! Of course I would like more sleep (what parent wouldn’t?!) but there are much worse things we could be dealing with.

Oh! And we picked a theme for his first birthday party. I was debating whether or not to even have one for him but Kyle insisted so I think we’re going to have a few friends over, have a little cake, and enjoy some adult beverages <– I mean, he WILL be a whole 12 months… I kid, I kid! Milk for the babes, mimosas for the mommies ;)

Happy 8 months, Dean!


  1. Karen @karenlovestorun says:

    He’s so cute! Isn’t it amazing how things change daily? Just yesterday, Kaitlin started waving “hi” to us, out of the blue! So much fun :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Love watching Dean grow up! I hear you on the sleep thing, we partied at 3, 5 and then up for the day a 6! Like why my friend whyyyy…I contemplated going back to bed but then I got hungry! Arrgghhhh….I feel like Sully will be a crawler before a sitter because he is mad when he tries to move forward he’s working so hard on it! I think Sully’s tooth is coming in as well..far too slowly for my…hence why I drink ..A LOT….but I guess day by day no matter how hard it can goes WAY to fast! I see my friend with little newborns and I’m like awwww I want that stage back..buuut not really…because this stage of seeing them interact more and learn more is so much fun!

    • Dean has always been pretty happy but he got 10000000x happier once he was mobile. Definitely more work for us but it’s worth it so they can entertain themselves a bit more. He will be on the move soon, get those baby gates ready!

  3. He is so so cute! I know what you mean about the changing. I say it every month too but it seems like they just keep changing even faster.

    Claire is totally obsessed with plugs/cords and shoes as well! I have a really hard time keeping the cords away and the shoes put up! I found her chewing on my really old running shoes the other day. Oops!

    I’m at a loss for a first birthday party as well. Since we just moved here, I don’t have that many friends. I think we might do a birthday/going away party instead since we’re moving not too long after her birthday. Maybe it won’t be as awkward then? I want to do a luau themed party and you know why ;)
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted…9 Months Later: My Postpartum Fitness StoryMy Profile

    • LOVE the Luau idea :) She would be ADORABLE in a little grass skirt. Eeeehhh!! I can see it now. UGH, running shoes… Dean shoved my nasty flip flops in his mouth a few days ago. What can ya do? It’s just building their immunity ;)

  4. So cute :) And I love that you’re planning a birthday party for him already! And you deserve the mimosas.
    alexandra @ my urban family recently posted…Friday Favorites Week 21My Profile

  5. Happy 8 Months Dean!
    Katie @ Live half full recently posted…Thoughts on Returning to WorkMy Profile

  6. how cute! We have started thinking about first birthday themes for my girl – We are thinking Star Wars lol – mostly because her party is while we are at Disney for the Star Wars Darkside Run.
    Erin recently posted…Fitness Friday – Glass Slipper Challenge TrainingMy Profile

  7. Happy 8 months! Mine just turned 9 and he’s the same- prefers the store bought pouches but still love grabbing at real food (and mostly giving it to the dogs). Dean seems like one of the happiest little boys!!! Is it the weather? If so, I’ll need to present that to my husband so we can move! Haha
    Jen @nutcaseinpoint recently posted…Wesley Arlo- 9 MonthsMy Profile

    • LOL – He is a really happy baby. It MUST be the Vitamin D from the FL sun… better tell the hubs to start packing ;)


    and just…all the cutes. Everything. Always. Dean’s the cutest.
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress)ss) recently posted…Something Saturdays (1/16/16)My Profile

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