Dean Axel – Ten Month Update

My little Deany is 10 months old! Here is what he’s been up to this month…


You can find his previous updates here:

No physical stat updates this month! We will have to wait until his ONE year old well baby check-up for those :)



  • Talking up a storm. He loves telling stories and then laughing at himself.
  • Crawling everywhere – He’s a speedy crawler.
  • Running with his walker – Yup, it’s legit running. I’m nervous to when he starts walking, LOL!
  • Putting everythingggggg in his mouth.
  • Reading books.
  • Bathtime – Splashing water is the best!
  • Standing and walking along furniture, walls, etc.
  • Playing peek-a-boo.
  • ALL the carbs – sweet potato, rice, crackers…
  • Playing with his toy sports balls.
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs.
  • Laughing in the mirror.
  • Banging everything on the floor.
  • Riding in grocery/Target carts.



  • Peaches – I think he may have some sort of sensitivity to them. He throws up every time!
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed.
  • Being tired or hungry.
  • Mama leaving the room.


Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Daycare! This was Dean’s first month in daycare and it has been a really smooth transition.
  • No traveling this month :)


  • My mom visited in late February.
  • Kyle’s mom visited in early March. Lots of grandma time this month!



  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany


I think the past month went faster than any other so far!

Dean has become a lot more independent this month even though he is going through a separation anxiety stage. I realize that sentence makes no sense, ha! He loves playing independently and he is definitely into exploring at home away from mom and dad. He is comfortable crawling into another room away from us BUT when I try to leave or say goodbye, he doesn’t like it at all. #mamasboy ;) He’s such a little stinker – He’ll be sad I’m leaving so I pick him up for one last hug and he’ll stop crying and give us the biggest cheesy grin EVER. It’s pretty cute… at least for now.

The transition to daycare went MUCH better than I anticipated. I think it is mainly because daycare is on my work site so I can see him/nurse him throughout the day. The first week or two he wasn’t sure what to think, but now I bring him in the morning, he wiggles to get down and immediately crawls to play with his favorite toys and friends. Man, so much for mom being a favorite, LOL! He did get one cold the first week of daycare – as did I so I’m not sure if it was from daycare or our plane ride/travels to Colorado – but other than that he’s been the same ol’ healthy Deany (knock on wood). I typically nurse him 1-2x/day at daycare and he takes 1-2 bottles/day depending on my meeting/class schedule.

Over the last week or so, food has become A LOT more appealing to him! Thank goodness! He is a little carb man and loves everything to do with carby foods. His current favorites are Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, sweet potatoes, rice, waffles with peanut butter, Cheerios, Gerber Graduates Puffs, ground turkey, and broccoli. He still only has two teeth so I think his slower than average teething is slowing down his desire to eat. Soon enough he’ll have no choice so I’m glad he’s warming up to the idea more every day.

Dean is an overall happy baby. He loves clapping and laughing and talking up a storm. He LOVES when his daddy comes home from work – He smiles and laughs and kicks his feet… and then he cries if Kyle doesn’t come say hello right away ;) He also loves Mitchell (and playing in Mitchell’s food/water bowls – ick!) and Mitchell is a good sport about it… especially when he can get food from Dean’s breakfast and dinner fun.

He’s getting better at sleeping in his crib (wahoo!) but has been loving waking up at the 4am hour the past week or so. It’s quite odd and he’s happy as a clam when he wakes up… I’m not sure if it is teething waking him up or the time change or what but I’m crossing my fingers he goes back to the 7am hour soon!

Dean is a total cuddle bug and loves affection and attention… unless he wants to be a movin’ and a groovin’. He loves car rides as well as riding in grocery carts <– he holds on and sits straight up, cheesing at everyone in sight! He also loves singing the Iowa State and Chicago Bears songs with his dad. One of his favorite things to do during the day is to watch fitness classes at the gym. I can’t make this stuff up! He loves bouncing to the music and watching people workout. Everyone at the gym knows him and they always tell me when they see him on his daily buggy rides.

We have a socialite on our hands… Dean is Mr. Social!! He loves talking to new people and will give almost anyone the biggest smile and clap. I am scared that I am going to have the child that gets in trouble for talking nonstop in school, haha.

Deany is our little love and it is so fun to watch him grow up!

Speaking of growing up… his first birthday invites are officially ordered and his birthday outfits (yes, I got more than one because I know he will spill on them) are currently in the wash. We are having his first birthday party on his actual birthday as it falls on a Saturday and I can’t wait to get more planning in the books.

Happy 10 months, Dean!


  1. Too cute! Do you get up with him in the 4 am hour or does he go back to sleep? Is he napping well at daycare? I’m always interested in hearing about naps and sleep at night from others :) Probably because naps here are a struggle and so is sleeping at night (all night.. what’s that?!) So glad the transition to daycare went smoothly! Can’t believe he is going to be 1 soon! Ahh where did that time go!
    Heather @Fitncookies recently posted…That Time I bruised my ribsMy Profile

    • Kyle’s been getting up with him ;) I guess he’s been going back to sleep fairly easily but I can’t say since I’m not there haha. He is napping well! He still typically takes 3 per day, especially on the weekends – around 9am/12noon/4pm. Daycare can be hit or miss depending on the day but he always has at least 2 there. UGH don’t get me started on sleeping at night after removing the swaddle, LOL. It’ll get better eventually!

  2. I can’t wait to see his birthday party stuff! Good call on the two outfits ;) I can barely get an outfit to last through one morning these days.

    I love how happy he is! And I’m so glad the day care transition went well for you guys.
    Melissa recently posted…Is Everyone “Doing Something” But Me?My Profile

  3. So glad to hear the daycare transition is going well! He is SO cute!
    Katie @ Live half full recently posted…A Simple Trick for Getting Dinner on the TableMy Profile

  4. Oh man I hear you on the random 4am wake ups. We’ve now gotten into the habit of 4am or 5:30 am….and I swear Sully is needing only two naps but the days he goes to bed at like 6 pm that’s when the EARLY rising comes in! Sooo brutal..and it’s the same, no tears, just chatter which is worse! We try to leave him until 6 am but then I’ve just been laying there listening to him! I swear Dean and Sully would be such good friends, the smiles kill me, Dean is such a happy guy ..I’ve loved watching him grow! Can’t believe he’s walking and already has two teeth..we’ve been teething since month 3 I swear…any day those little suckers are gonna pop out! I hope! lol

  5. You were just like that! You smiled at everyone and if they didn’t smile back you would get upset. Like Mama, like son.

  6. Always loving the updates – and the photos make my heart melt! Glad the daycare is going well. And I know mom’s secretly LOVE when their kid gets upset about them leaving – at least at first ha.
    alexandra @ my urban family recently posted…Moving Tips to Prepare for a MoveMy Profile

  7. I dont know about you, but I feel like in this transition from 9-10 months it’s like all of a sudden BAM – we practically have toddlers! All the personality, all the attitude – it’s crazy! I’m glad to hear that transition to daycare went so well though! One of these days we’re definitely going to have to get our little guys together, because it sounds like their personalities are quite similar. They can babble each other’s ears off! :)
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted…5 Things I’ve learned about postpartum fitnessMy Profile

  8. ohhhhhhh he’s just the sweetest little nugget!
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress)ss) recently posted…Ultimate Fudge Brownies with Toasted PecansMy Profile

  9. What a little cutie. Happy 10 months!! Such a fun age : )
    Brittany Holtz recently posted…A HIIT Track WorkoutMy Profile

  10. What a cutie!
    Emily recently posted…Growing Bump, an Arm Cast & Lots of CuddlesMy Profile

  11. So happy the daycare transition went well for you! He’s such a cute little guy :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee
    Edye recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #2My Profile

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