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Dean Axel – 12 Month Update

Oh heyyyy, TODDLER in the house!!

My wild man Dean is officially out of the baby zone and into his toddler years. He’s starting to show it too between eating like a big boy and having a few “toddler moments” <– they’re kind of like senior moments but with screaming and arm flailing happening ;)

Here is what Mr. Deany has been up to the past month!


You can find his previous updates here:


Physical Stats:

  • Weight: 19 pounds 15 ounces – Probably over 20 pounds as I type this post, he’s been an eating machine!
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Head Circumference: I believe it is around the 40th percentile but that is all I remember.


  • EATING!! (FINALLY!) His current favorites include: broccoli, Cheerios, zucchini, Swiss cheese, Goldfish crackers, popcorn, yogurt, blue tortilla chips (he doesn’t get these often), chicken breast, and steak.
  • Playing with Mitchell – Dean likes it more than Mitchell at this point ;)
  • Throwing balls.
  • Walking with anything he can push – his walker, chairs, end tables, LOL…
  • Having conversations – He sure knows what he is saying and we just play along!
  • Riding in shopping carts.
  • Being on the move, the kid doesn’t sit still… ever!
  • The beach/swimming – Little fishy.
  • Reading books
  • Kissing Mom and Dad – He thinks it is hilarious when he tries to kiss us.
  • Playing in Mitchell’s food/water bowls (UGH)



  • Diaper changes – Thankfully, giving him a toy helps to distract him.
  • The car seat – We transitioned to a convertible car seat and he doesn’t like it as much as his infant one.
  • Not being able to crawl around when he wants to.
  • Wearing hats, including a bike helmet – I force it when we are outside at the pool or beach but he does not like it!


Places I’ve been:

  • Ft. Myers to see friends in town!


  • Grandpa Mark & Sharon
  • Nama & Pops
  • Friends for his 1st birthday party!



  • Deany
  • Deany Bopper
  • Dean Man


Dean is a toddler – YAY! We made it through the first year mostly unscathed ;) His first birthday party was on his actual birthday – May 14th – and it was a lot of fun with family and friends. He loved the attention and the frosting even more.

Right now Dean is super into toy cars and sports balls. He loves driving the cars/trucks around the house and throwing the balls to anyone nearby. Both will keep him busy for hours!


Dean now has FOUR teeth – He’s super slow with the whole teething process but he’ll get there eventually. Thankfully, he has really started to LOVE eating (FINALLY!) real food and eats basically whatever we eat. I am doing a “veggie of the week” since it can sometimes take up to 15 tries of the same food for a baby/toddler to start to like the new flavor. We’ve done zucchini and green peppers so far… and he gets broccoli every week because he loves it so much. He’s also a big fan of Cheerios, bananas, and yogurt for breakfast. Swiss cheese is also a favorite around here! He has figured out the sippy cup (both the straw and regular versions) and loves drinking milk from them!

Dean is still nursing 2x/day – I am cutting it back to 1x/day this week with the goal of being 100% done by July. That’ll mark basically TWO years of having this kid tied to me between pregnancy and breastfeeding and – while I love the dude – I would like to have my body be 100% my own again. LOL. I am impressed with how long I lasted (not a brag, just impressed with myself!) – My initial goal was to make it to 3 months and when I hit that, 6 months… then 9 months and then I figured I was so close to the year mark I might as well stick it out. BUT I am ready to be done so his time is limited ;)


This kid does not like to sit still… ever! He is constantly on the move and I fear the day he starts walking (probably running, LOL). He’s a speed crawler and is standing for a few seconds at a time but he still prefers crawling as his main method of movement.

Sleep is hit or miss – Some nights he does REALLY well and others not so much. The “bad” nights have been coinciding with teething or colds which is understandable. Tylenol almost always makes it a good night but I don’t like to overuse it so I only give him a dose if he seems to be in pain. Soon enough he’ll be able to talk and tell us what is wrong!

Dean LOVES the beach and the pool and his water table… heck, any body of water and he is a happy camper. His doctor doesn’t recommend swimming lessons until he can walk so I am holding off until the end of the summer for those. We take him to the pool and to the beach at least once each per week so he stays comfortable with the water. He loves splashing and kicking – We may have a swim team member on our hands.

He is still a chill little dude and doesn’t get worked up about most things. He does let us know when he doesn’t like something – mostly that happens when we are holding him and he wants to be crawling around.


Between Dean’s birthday, our 6th wedding anniversary, my first Mother’s Day and a few more things, we celebrated a lot this past month! Here’s to year two – I hope it is as good as the first one :)

Weekending – Memorial Day!

Long weekends are the best. I hope y’all had a great weekend and enjoyed an extra day with your family and friends! This Memorial Day weekend has felt long… and in a good way ;)

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days…

Getting my floors cleaned (with a little rest break!) on Friday afternoon. He’s a goofball… and I’ll hire him out if your floors need scrubbed, LOL.



Pizza at The Crust on Friday night.


Dean loving his new sippy cups.


Giving myself a pizza detox with a killer kettlebell workout at the gym on Saturday morning. Pool deck + weights + hot summer sun = alllll the sweat! #gymhairdontcare


On Saturday afternoon we made a family day date to Momentum Brewhouse – Dean loved the Jenga pieces.




The boys… up to no good I’m sure.


Playing with the water table in the front yard. This was his first time in grass – He didn’t mind it!


On Sunday I taught BODYPUMP – It was like old times!


Then Kyle went golfing and I got lots of cuddles with this cutie. He was having a hard time waking up from him nap.


Waiting for Dad to get home…


Monkey see, monkey do – He had to play with Mama’s wine glass ;)


This morning (Monday) – I ran almost 6 miles and ended at the beach. A dip in the Gulf was the perfect ending to my run!


Kyle and Dean met me after my run and we spent the morning as a family on the beach. It was the perfect day! And Dean lovessssss popcorn – We bought a popcorn maker this weekend so we can pop fresh kernels (sans salt/butter) for him to snack on. He probably ate 2 cups while we were at the beach!


We napped after the beach and Dean played hard for the rest of the afternoon. Kyle grilled dinner while the boys watched… steak and potatoes. It’s like we’re from Iowa or something ;)


I hope y’all had a wonderful long weekend – Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any fun plans for the summer ahead?

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I know, I know… everyone hates Tuesday’s. Thankfully, we are talking treats today and that makes any day – even Tuesday – better.

Last week, one of my friends from grad school was visiting so I had the chance to meet up with her and her family for dinner and pool time! It’s always a treat to see friends… and I must say that it is super nice that people want to come visit where we live ;)

IMG_1833 (1)

After a work meeting on Friday night (not a treat!), I had a super busy and fun Saturday.

It started out with a run and running without a stroller is most definitely a treat.


After cleaning up, Dean and I hit up Target and found him some cute outfits. LOVE the shark tank ;)



Beach day = treat day – Dean is obsessed with the water!


On Saturday night, Kyle and I took advantage of the Y’s Parent’s Night Out and had a date night at Cooper’s Hawk Winery. The wine and the bruschetta were both delicious.



Earlier in the week, we picked up a bike helmet for Dean… He obviously isn’t a huge fan of it being on his head, haha.


Now we can go on family bike rides though which will be a huge treat!


I finally had a chance to check out a new-to-me farmers’ market on Sunday – LOTSA fresh fruit and veggies for cheap. I will be back!


Check out this fun tank I found at Old Navy. Yes, it is now mine ;) I have gym hair allll the time and I definitely don’t care!


I also picked up some new shoes for Dean at Old Navy… I couldn’t resist, look at that cuteness. The kid gets treats more than I do!


How did you treat yourself over the past week? Any fun treats to report?

Friday Favs!

Hey, hey – Happy FriYAY!

Whatcha up to this weekend? You know how I mentioned a weekend surprise the other day? Well, we changed our mind… We were planning on hitting up Disney for a quick trip over the weekend but it’s supposed to be super rainy and I wasn’t too keen on driving up to Orlando by myself with The Deanster (Kyle was there for a conference this week). That’s the nice thing about living so close to Disney, we can go whenever we want!

So, this weekend will be a lot of relaxing, a date night out on Saturday and that’s about it.

Let’s chat this week’s favorites!

Since it was still less than a week ago – Dean’s 1st birthday party is my favorite favorite <– LOL. It was so much fun and although I’m glad to be done planning, I am happy how it turned out!


Friends vacation in SW Florida! Dean and I visited a friend for pool time and dinner last night – One of the perks of living in paradise, people want to vacation where you live ;) They rented an amazing condo on the beach not too far from where we live… It was great to see them!



Toddler cuddles – Deany was having a whiny day earlier this week which meant lots of cuddles. I think another tooth is getting ready to pop through. Send wine and Spark and alllllll my mama juices!


My new Plum Paper planner arriving in the mail! Yayyyyy – I added in both a fitness and a meal planning section (I need some motivation lately!) and while my planner starts in June, I have already started jotting notes in it. LOVE IT!


Kicking off my Two Week Tone Up program in a few short days (the day AFTER Memorial Day, to be exact!) – I have a good group coming together for it. It’s so easy to commit to only 14 days. Can’t wait!

Two Week Tone Up!

And on that note, I’m also mailing out Spark to a few of my friends who need an energy boost – If that is you, give me a shout! I’d be more than happy to send one your way as well.

Last but definitely not least, a new running schedule! I am not training for anything specifically at the moment but I am making time to fit in a few runs during the week in addition to the weekends. It feels great to get out there before work and fit in a few miles.


Linking up with Katie and Heather for Friday Favorites!

What are a few of your favorites from the week? 

You just gotta do you

As the old saying goes, you are your own work critic… unless you choose to share snippets of your life online, that is.

I knew sharing that I would now be working part of my hours from home would bring on criticism and was actually shocked when I saw zero judgmental comments. Then I decided to clean out my spam folder since it was borderline full and I found out where everyone was hiding!

Sometimes you just have to laugh. At first I was a “bad” mom because I was sending my kid to daycare and now I’m delusional because I am working at home with a toddler. Oddly enough, I am typing up this post while Deany Bopper is playing nicely on the other side of the room. Sure, a car may whiz past my feet but it is no more of a distraction than a 20+ member fitness class happening in my office ;)

Thankfully, I don’t let others’ opinions get under my skin. Those opinions come from a place that has nothing to do with me whether it be anger or jealousy or a total misunderstanding. I’m confident in myself and all of my personal and professional decisions.

Also, these critics have obviously never managed group fitness/personal training at a large gym. They don’t understand that a majority of my hours are actually before the 8’o clock morning hour or after the 6’o clock evening hour when Dean is either sleeping or Kyle is at home. Instructors/trainers don’t work the gym during the normal 9-5 day (for the most part) and issues typically only arise early morning/at night when employees call in sick or class subs don’t show up.

My gym has over 10,000 members and I manage over 100 individuals – WOWZERS. It is a great role that I love even though it can drive me crazy at times. I don’t have a real office at the gym (my computer is set up to the side of a group fitness room!) so you can imagine with that many members/instructors requesting class changes/providing their opinion on whats best, I actually am much more productive at my home office setting. Shocking!

Moral of the post, you just gotta do you! There will always be those that think your life decisions are wrong and will provide their opinions – regardless of whether you share bits of your life online or not. Only you know what is best for YOU.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Oh heyyyy, it’s Tuesday! That means another round of treats are coming your way.

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of treatin’ these days but nothing comes to mind… I’ll do my best to remember all of my treats ;)

Dean’s birthday party going off without a hitch! Woohoo! It was so much fun to celebrate with friends and family. He LOVED it too. In case you  missed it, you can find his birthday recap here. And now I have a ton of free time since I’m not party planning… Hopefully that means more time to blog and RELAX in the evenings.


I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but Dean’s last day of daycare was on Friday. After doing the math of paying for daycare and not getting paid to teach classes anymore (I’m salaried so it is included in my overall “sum” now…), I realized I wasn’t coming out that much ahead financially. I spoke with my boss about it and we agreed on a new work-from-home schedule. I come into the gym a few hours per day to teach/handle bigger “gym” items and then I complete the rest of my work at home. Dean can stay in the child watch while I am working and then he’s home with me when I am plugging away on the computer. It is only day two, but so far, so good. I never had a real office (my computer is in a fitness closet – no joke, LOL) so having my office to work in at home is so much nicer!

New shorts! I totally forgot to cancel my Fabletics for the month of May – whoops… I had some additional credit and I needed a few more pairs of shorts so I treated myself to some Fabletics goodies. They are supposed to arrive on Thursday – I can’t wait!


Speaking of new things, I also ordered a new Plum Planner. It should arrive this week as well. Of course I ordered it right before Mother’s Day and then ON Mother’s Day, Plum Planner was offering everything at 50% off. Go figure! I ordered the fitness and meal planning add-ins to keep me motivated. I’ll share it with y’all once I start using it :)

A fun weekend ahead! I’ll share more come Friday, but we have fun plans for the weekend. Yay for surprises!

More running outside – If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve noticed more running posts lately. I have been trying to get back to a normal running routine. It is such a great exercise and although it is starting to warm up here, it feels good to just step outside and go!

I think that is mostly it for the treat realm this week. Well, I guess you could say I am also treating my body by getting back to clean eating this week. Phew – There was a lot of wine (and chocolate… and FROSTING…) involved with planning Dean’s party, LOL. I’m in need of losing a few pounds of water bloat so I am back to eating well and taking my beloved AdvoCare supplements like a champ. Yay for Spark, Catalyst and a few of my other favorites gettin’ the job done.


How have YOU treated yourself lately? Any fun purchases, trips, good eats, etc. to report?

Dean’s First Birthday Party!

On Saturday, May 14th, Dean turned ONE! Kyle and I decided to throw his party on his actual birthday as it fell on a Saturday. We (by we, I mean mostly me, LOL) had a ton of fun planning the festivities and I’m excited to share them with y’all today.





First things first, the theme! I wanted something fun and summery and baseball seemed like the perfect theme for a baby boy’s first birthday party. Since we are Chicago Cubs fans down here in SW Florida, we decided to go for a Cubs-themed par-tay. It was a hit and the theme made it quite easy to find pieces for decor, food, and party favors.


IMG_1663 (1)

I ordered Dean’s invitations from Zazzle – It was the first time I used the site and I was really impressed! Easy to customize and the shipping was fast. I love how they turned out! (I obviously blocked out our address and phone number but the rest is the same :) )

Dean's Invite

I found most of the decor for the party on Amazon and the rest I purchased at either Party City or Target. I had never been in a Party City prior to this spring and oh my goodness, I LOVE IT! They have ALL the things you would ever need for a party and then some. It will be my first stop for all things par-tay from here on out.


Thank GOODNESS for Pinterest. I am not artsy or creative at all, but thanks to Pinterest, I looked the part on Saturday. I had a secret board and continued to pin ideas that I liked for the party. I was telling a friend on Saturday how easy it is to spend and spend and spend some more for kid’s parties. There is always something else you can add on for fun – At a certain point, Kyle and I (okay, mostly Kyle…) said no more, LOL. I think the decor turned out perfect for little Deany!

IMG_1673 (1)

We set up a “concessions” station – I found the concessions print out for FREE here – for the lunch items. We served burgers, Chicago dogs, chips, Annie’s branded crackers for the kiddos, and beverages (beer, obviously – we are talking baseball here!). We used hot dog trays for plates to keep with the theme and I used tin pails from Target for the condiments and used baseball cutouts for the labels – I really like how it all turned out!



We also had a dessert table over in the kitchen where I placed Dean’s smash cake. I served cupcakes in mini Cubs’ baseball helmets, offered a “healthier” dessert option of Annie’s chocolate bunnies, and had the wine, mimosas and lemonade stationed there.



Speaking of the smash cake, it was a HIT! Dean loveddddd the frosting and after his first bite, he decided it was faster to just put his face directly to the cake rather than mess around with the whole hand thing. Those hands slow the sugar and butter entering your mouth ;) I don’t think there was much cake eaten but it was quite entertaining to watch the little guy going to town on that cake!






I used a basic funfetti box mix for the cake and the cupcakes (I knowwwwww… I was just worried about messing up the recipe and didn’t want to worry about that the morning of the party!) and made the frosting from scratch. I used this recipe and it turned out perfectly. It was quite delicious if I do say so myself! And yes, I know there is Crisco in the recipe. Yes, I know how bad it is for you… Butttttt we rarely have cake and frosting so I deemed it okay for a day. Plus, birthday <– TREAT YOSELF.



I found inspiration for the cake topper on Pinterest and used two straws I found at the dollar section at Target, string, and a gift bag to make the baseballs and banner spelling out D-E-A-N. Super easy and it added a nice touch to the cake!


Finally – at least on the decor front – I wrote out the “Take me out to the ballgame” song on our chalkboard in the kitchen. Another Pinterest find… I’m not that creative!


I made both kiddo and adult party favors because, yes, I am that mom. I love party planning, what can I say?! For the kids, I placed a baseball “stress” ball, Cubs sunglasses, and Annie’s bunnies in a mini Cubs baseball hat. I wrapped it all up in a favor bag and included a baseball tag that said “Thank you for coming – I hope you had a BALL!” The baseballs were quite popular and I am continuing to find them around the house, haha. For the adults, I threw a packet of Spark and a packet of Oasis in with a bottle of water and a fun poem about how much parents need Spark! <– My fellow Sparkheads will agree ;)


We invited a few friends, coworkers, and our immediate family – our house isn’t that large so I was worried about inviting too many people! We had a great turnout – Kyle’s dad and Joy, my dad and Sharon, Kyle’s coworkers, and our friends (mostly from the gym because that is where we hang out for fun, haha!) joined us to celebrate Deany. I think everyone had a great time. I mean, how could you NOT have a great time when there are Chicago dogs, adult beverages, and sugary treats to be enjoyed?! ;)


Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Dean’s first year! Dean had a BLAST and he was spoiled with toys galore! He’s lucky to have so many wonderful people in his life.

My current “dislike” list

We all have things that we love to hate. I mean love to dislike… Am I right?

Dislike. Yes. Hate is a strong word so while I must admit, I do hate some of these things – LOL – I am going to stick with the word dislike ;)

Today I’m chatting the current things that are getting under my skin – It always feels so good to get these off of my chest!

  1. Using the word “milestones.” Thankfully, I rarely hear that word/phrase when chatting with my mama friends, but when I see it on social media I start twitching. WHY MUST YOU SAY MILESTONES? Can’t you say something along the lines of Yay, my baby just took his first steps! or She is now loving to eat real food? The word milestones is totally unnecessary in my book.
  2. Constant excuses. Own up to your mistakes and be honest. Can you tell this is a managerial pet peeve? I can spot an excuse miles away – You aren’t foolin’ anyone!
  3. Along the same lines, people that continue to discuss the SAME topic over and over again after I’ve repeatedly told them no. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? If you KEEP asking me after I’ve told you no, it is going to make me want to say no that much more. Stop bothering me. LOL.
  4. The fact that avoiding wine makes my muscles pop. UGH x2, haha! I love a good glass of wine in the evening but I notice a huge difference in my muscle tone after a few days of avoiding vino. I’m all about everything in moderation but if I want to look my best, no wine for me!
  5. Baby cries. Does anyone like hearing baby cries? I think not. Before having Dean, I always told myself I would be one to ignore them and let them figure it out on their own (to a certain point, obviously…) but now that I’m actually a parent, that never happens. Ha! I wouldn’t say I’m a pushover as I’m still fairly stern when I tell him no, but you better bet I come running when he’s crying ;)
  6. Social media brags. I’m allll about social media. If you know me at all, you know my love of Instagram runs deep. The one thing I cannot stand about social media, however, are the “brags” you often find. Not everyone gives themselves obvious pats on the back but those that do grind my gears. Don’t be passive aggressive and give yourself a false image. We can all see through it! Be real. Be honest. At least as much as you can be on social media ;)

Phew! I like to say I’m a very positive person but every so once in a while, I need to share what drives me bonkers.

What is currently on your “dislike” list?

Weekending – Mother’s Day fun!

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all you mama’s out there had a great time celebrating your day.


Our weekend didn’t start out on the best foot but it turned out to be a great one and I am just realizing that I did ZERO prep for the week ahead. Whoops! At least I had fun avoiding it ;)

Friday started out with a little breakfast… sans clothes for Deany. He loved it! #littleham


Halfway through my day, I received a call from daycare. Dean had a high fever and they thought it might be an ear infection. Sure enough it was – Poor dude! He – obviously from the morning photo – was acting perfectly fine. After his first dose of meds and a long afternoon nap, he was a happy little man again.


Mitchell and Deany playing through the glass door… It will never be clean again!


We called it an early night (after a few glasses of wine) and were up bright and early on Saturday morning. Dean didn’t sleep the best – we are guessing it is a combo of a few teeth getting ready to pop through and his ear hurting… but we survived. I started my day out with a run in the cool morning temps.


It was “free day” at the Naples Zoo and while the zoo may be small, Dean loves looking at the animals so we try to hit it up once a month. He rode like a king on Kyle’s back!


After the zoo was lunch at Stage 62 Deli – Dean ate SO MUCH FOOD. A few pickles, half of my fries, some chicken, crackers, bread… And he figured out how to drink through a straw so he got a few gulps of water too ;) Growing boy!


Since he ate a good lunch, Kyle shared his ice cream cone – Peanut butter cup… He loved it!


Kyle decided it was nap time so Dean and I made a trip to Target where we found a lot of things we obviously needed. LOL. After Target, I started decorating for Deany’s birthday party next weekend! I’ll share more after the party, but here is a little photo collage of Baby Dean. He looked like such an alien as a tiny baby haha.


We ordered in pizza and garlic knots on Saturday night – SO GOOD – and relaxed at home. #parentlife

Dean woke me up at 5:30am this morning singing HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY at the top of his lungs. At least that is what it sounded like to me… ;) Thank goodness for a new canister of Spark!


After a quick run followed by a walk with my boys, we visited our favorite brunch location – La Bazenne – for Mother’s Day breakfast. They took polaroid photos for all of the mama’s and also gave each of us mini macaroons for dessert. So sweet! My macaroons were raspberry and butterscotch (my least favorite flavors EVER, LOL) so Kyle benefited too ;)


IMG_1541 (1)


For brunch I ordered a delicious, smoked salmon crepe. YUM! It was most definitely a winner. I also ordered a mimosa… or two. #treatyoself Dean enjoyed a croissant and his baby crackers.


On the way home, we picked up adult beverages for Dean’s party and stone crab for dinner. Stone crab will never ever get old!



The rest of the afternoon involved attempting a nap…


… That ended with snacking on Goldfish…


… and sending Kyle to the grocery store (woohoo!!) It was obviously Mother’s Day but Mitchell waited at the door until Kyle arrived back home from Publix. That’s true love!


It was a wonderful weekend and a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

My perfect Mother’s Day

My first official Mother’s Day will be on Sunday. And while I have yet to get my own mother’s gift in the mail (sorry, Mom!), I thought I’d share what I envision my perfect Mother’s Day to be like.

And just so we’re clear, my perfect Mother’s Day is a completely fictional day and will most likely never happen ;)

I wake up fully rested after a full night’s sleep (10+ hours – woohoo!) around 7am. Glorious.

After sipping chugging my morning Spark-Rehydrate combo, I head out for a run in the cool morning temperatures. I had new running shoes waiting for me when I woke up (Thanks, Dean!) so I had to give them a try. The skies are sunny and it is a gorgeous day! My cardio session is followed up by a long, leisurely shower where I have time to actually shave my legs and wash my hair during the same shower.

My life sounds so glamorous, LOL.

I take my sweet time getting ready and put on mascara (#winning) and REAL clothes and then my boys treat me to brunch. Brunch involves an unlimited pitcher of mimosas. I don’t care about the food… Just bring me the bubbly! Dean behaves like an angel while I slowly sip on my favorite drink and eat croissants. My champagne glass looks incredible against my freshly manicured nails.

I forgot. There MUST be croissants at my Mother’s Day brunch. A basket of croissants.

A long post-brunch nap is in order for the early afternoon. Ahhhh… 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Priceless!

While I nap, Kyle meal plans for the week and takes Dean grocery shopping. They pick up my favorite bottle of wine as well as all of the necessary food for the week all while staying within budget. A girl can dream!

We enjoy a family walk on the beach just before sunset. The skies are still clear (as they were during my morning run, remember?!) and we sip on a glass of vino at our favorite beach bar taking in the beautiful sunset.

Dean goes to bed like an angel and Kyle cooks up a deliciously healthy dinner and even cleans the kitchen afterwards.

I watch an episode of SATC while relaxing before bed. While crawling into bed, I realize that our sheets have magically been changed and I soak in the “new sheet” smell while drifting off to sleep.

That, my friends, is my version of a perfect Mother’s Day. Ironically, this appears to be Kyle’s Sunday every week, LOL. The work of a mother never ends but it’s the BEST work ever.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mama friends and family – I hope your Mother’s Day is the BEST!

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