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While we didn’t have the most exciting weekend here in Naples, I’m working on getting back into the habit of blogging (SHOCK! Haha!) so here’s a little recap of what we were up to the past few days.

After arriving in Naples on Monday and then both Kyle and I catching up on work the rest of the week, Friday night was a much needed relaxing evening. Kyle cooked up Zucchini Shrimp Scampi (sooooo good!) and we watched Tiny House on HGTV.

I taught spinning on Saturday morning and then Dean and I hit up Trader Joe’s to stock up on goods for the week.


When Kyle got home from work, it was Daddy and Deany time while I napped. #bestdealever


I honestly have no recollection of what we did on Saturday evening. The plan WAS to watch the sunset but it started storming around 6pm so we decided to stay in. Gosh, we are super old, haha. It’s okay, we had pretty exciting weekends the past two weeks ;)

On Sunday morning, I hit up a couple of my new favorite classes – BODYATTACK and CXWorx. So. Much. Fun! And so much sweat, but we won’t talk about that ;)


I ran into work to show a new instructor around midday and then Kyle, Dean and I hit up Tacos and Tequila for a late lunch. T&T has two-for-one margaritas on Sundays so we (obviously) took full advantage ;)


Dean colored for the first time and ate a lot of chips. It was a great atmosphere, we will definitely be back.


The rest of the afternoon we relaxed while Dean napped… I played around with Snapchat (haha)… and then Kyle grilled up some delicious BBQ chicken for dinner.


Oh! And I set a workout plan for the week which I haven’t done in longer than I’d like to admit. I’m trying a new(ish) women’s bootcamp gym for the next month with my friend – I’m excited!

It was a super chill weekend and I’m ready for the week ahead.

How was your weekend? What was the most exciting part of your weekend?

Our week in Chicago

Okay, it was technically 10 days but “week” sounded much better in the title of this post ;)

Kyle, Dean and I recently arrived back home from a wonderful time in Chicago. It was a fun and busy trip. I wore makeup more often than not (shocking!), fit in a ton of running (yay!), saw a bunch of friends, and enjoyed two nights downtown. Because it was 10 full days, I’m not going to recap it day-by-day but instead share bits and pieces of the entire trip.

My little plane lover – Getting ready for a flight to Chicago!




Lotsa running and new-to-me fitness classes – It was fun to try new things and get outside on a few cool(ish) runs. I also exceeded my goal of running 20 miles in the month of July! YEAHH!!! Currently up to 23 miles for the month :)

IMG_3227 (1)




(Running on the lakefront will always be my favorite!)

Date nights and fun outings with Chicago friends :)





We visited some friends who are movie directors (I know, so cool, right?!) and Dean had to wear the director’s megaphone on his head, LOL.


Wine, obviously…


And so much delicious food!!! My pants were a bit snug at the end of this trip, LOL.



Naptime snuggles and park time and a visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo with my munchkin <3





First time visiting Lincoln Park Zoo to this last week (gahhh!!)


Mani-pedi times 2… #spoiled



Last but definitely not least, wedding fun!



Back home… #gorgeous


Have you taken any fun trips this summer? When was the last time you were in Chicago?

Tuesday Thoughts

Dean is sleeping. I’m all caught up on work (for the moment…). And I haven’t posted in a hot minute. Looks like it is time to blog!

I’m lacking any and all genius blogging topics at the moment, so how about a collection of the thoughts currently rolling through my head? Also, forewarning… There are zero photos in this post. Whoops!

We are heading to Chicago in a few days and I’m excited! I’m excited for the time in Chicago but I am NOT excited to pack (UGH – I currently have a big pile of my items and Dean’s items… send good packing vibes!) or for the actual flight. Y’all know how I feel about flying… and flying with a toddler is going to make it about 1,000x worse. I’m hoping he’s in a cuddle-bug mood for the 2 hours we are in flight!!

My friend just signed up as a Thirty-One consultant. I know nothing about the actual company or the items they sell, but I’m allll about supporting my friends’ businesses. Any suggestions? Or Thirty-One lovers? I’m 31 so I’m guessing I’ll like all of it, LOL.

Y’all seemed to be interested in my recent carb cycling post. I’m glad I didn’t come off as too crazy ;) I like to try new trends as long as they aren’t dangerous – and I think this was a great way to assess my carbohydrate consumption and get it back in check with where it should be.

One of my July monthly goals is to run 20 miles. I know it may not seem like a lot to many of you, BUT it is summer in Florida and my running comes to a screeching halt in the hot months. I ran a 5k yesterday AM and am looking to finish out the rest of my 20 miles (ummm, I have just under 17 left and it’s halfway through the month, haha!) while I’m in Chicago. Wish me luck!

We’ve been in our house for over a year now and we FINALLY purchased a dresser for our master bedroom over the weekend. YEAH! I hateeeee decorating – honestly, I really need to just hire an interior decorator and be done with it – so I’m taking my sweet time. I’m excited to have another piece in our bedroom. I’ll show you photos once it is delivered – hopefully this evening!

I have been trying out new Les Mills classes lately, mainly CXWORX and BODYATTACK. BODYCOMBAT is on my list next! CXWORX is killer on the core and the booty and the shoulders and glutes (okay, almost everywhere haha) and ATTACK is basically aerobics on speed. It’s insane and I love it! I’d love to bring both CX and ATTACK to my gym and I’m considering the GRIT series as well. The only sad thing is I cannot find GRIT anywhere in SW Florida! Are there any Chicago readers out there that attend a gym with GRIT? If so, can I tag along next week? Pretty please??

I’m back on my beloved MNS3 and could not be happier. I feel a million times better when I take my supplement strips daily. Oh how I’ve missed you!

How is that for a random collection of my thoughts?

Happy Tuesday! Tell me something random on YOUR mind.

My experience with carb cycling

I received quite a few requests for a post on my experience with carb cycling after mentioning it last week. Now that I’m in the midst of round #2 – and feel like I have enough experience to be somewhat knowledgeable! – I thought today would be a great time to share the ins and outs of carb cycling with y’all.

Before I get started, I have a few caveats…

  1. Carb cycling is NOT a lifestyle – well, I suppose it may be if you are prepping for a bikini competition but most of us do not fall into that category. It is meant to be a short term eating plan that will provide fast results.
  2. I will not be sharing the specific plan that I am following. If you’d like further details on that plan, please reach out to me via email ( or request information in the comments below.
  3. Carb cycling is not for everyone (particularly those who are pregnant/nursing), but it DOES work for everyone if they choose to give it a try.

Okay, phew – Now that those points are out of the way, here is my experience with good ol’ carb cycling.

Carb cycling

Let me begin with answering the question, What IS carb cycling??

In a nutshell, carb cycling is alternating days of consuming a lower carb diet and a higher carb diet without decreasing overall calorie consumption. On lower carb intake days, individuals should increase their fat/protein intake to keep calories at their goal consumption level. There are different ratios/styles for high and low carb days that I will mention later on in this post, but the desired goal is to get your body to burn fat rather than your carb intake for fuel. This results in body fat loss and major muscle poppin’!

At first I was skeptical about the whole carb cycling trend (to be honest, I am still give the side eye to programs that last more than a handful of days because as I mentioned, it is NOT a lifestyle and should only be used short term…), but I decided to give it a try when I found a program that was only 13 days in length and allowed me to adjust the high to low carb days as I saw fit. I also wanted to burn through my milk supply (AKA decrease it to ZERO) as quickly as possible and drastically reducing your carbs will do that… anything for comfort, haha!

What were/are my carb cycling goals?

As I eluded to above, one of my goals was to decrease my milk supply. I also wanted to see more muscle tone throughout my body by decreasing my body fat. Finally, I didn’t want to feel restricted/bored with eating. I hate to disappoint, but I didn’t measure my body fat prior to beginning my program so I can’t report on body fat loss BUT others who have followed the same program as I did have lost more than 5% of their body fat during the 13 days (say what?!). I DID see a huge increase in my muscle tone so I know I did decrease my body fat percentage, but unfortunately I can’t report on how much I actually lost. BUMMER.

My milk supply definitely decrease – Not 100% as I had hoped, but it shrunk drastically. THANK GOODNESS. This is why I do not recommend and highly discourage nursing mothers from carb cycling. You need those carbs and the nutrients they provide your body to make the best milk for your baby.

I did feel slightly bored when it came to eating. Protein and fat. Fat and protein. UGH. Part of the reason I was bored was because Kyle was out of town and I am extremely lazy with meal prep/recipes when he is gone. I hate cooking for one… Now that he is here while I am carb cycling, I have found quite a few delicious recipes (particularly on Skinny Taste!) that meet requirements and will definitely not bore my taste buds. Thankfully, the program I followed was only 13 days in length and considering I’m doing it again, it must mean it wasn’t THAT bad ;)

What plan did I follow? What did my macro intake look like?

Like I mentioned above, my plan was 13 days in length. I followed a 2:1 ratio (two lower carb days to one higher carb day) and know others on the plan who have followed a 3:1 ratio with insanely great results. I have a friend who recently decided to do a 1:1 ratio and she was even impressed with her results <– I’m sharing this to illustrate you don’t need to do anything drastic in terms of carb cycling to see changes in your body.

As an example, I would have a lower carb intake on Monday and Tuesday followed by a higher carb day on Wednesday and then return to lower carb intake on Thursday and Friday. Starting on Day 9, I really had to mentally prepare myself to follow the plan. Items I don’t normally consume – think cupcakes, pretzels, etc. – started sounding super appealing!

Anyways, to my macros… On lower carb days, I aimed to consume between 50-75g of carbs and on my higher carb days, my goal was 150-175g carbs. I was by no means perfect and fell out of goal range more than a few days. Also, I should note that 30-40 of these carbs were fiber so they don’t technically count in my overall consumption number. I didn’t have fat/protein macro goals, I just ate until I fulfilled my daily calorie goal of 1,750-1,850.

As a side note, I have seen other thoughts on carb cycling and ratios that are along the lines of 1:1:1 with one super low carb day, one medium carb day and one high carb day. Individuals find what works best for their body type and adjust from there. I think as long as you find something that works for you (and doesn’t harm your body while doing it), go for it! There isn’t necessarily a right or a wrong way to do this.

My results?

Like I mentioned, I sadly don’t have any body fat percentage numbers to share (whomp, whomp…) BUT I did weigh myself and was down just under 5 pounds during those 13 days. Some of that was most definitely water weight, but considering how much my muscle tone improved, I know some was body fat loss. I didn’t have a lull in energy like some report while carb cycling. Overall, I was impressed with how great I felt and how my muscles looked.

Final thoughts on carb cycling…

I really like it! I am a tried and true “carb girl” so if I can complete this program, ANYONE can complete this program. I realized that a lot of the carbs I have been consuming have been junk carbs. I’m all about fruits and vegetables and whole grains, but processed foods are never a great way to consume carbohydrates. The main negative I can think of is the amount of NUTS you consume during the 13 days, LOL. If I see another almond in my near future, it ain’t going to be pretty ;)

Carb cycling will provide FAST results. If you’re wanting to see more muscle definition for an event or a vacation – or if you’re looking to shed body fat quickly, carb cycling is most definitely something you should look into. Obviously some of the weight is going to return if you go back to crazy high carb consumption and/or eating a lot of processed foods, but if you follow a mostly healthy eating plan, your results should stick.

I hope this post helps to clarify some of the carb cycling questions y’all have! Again, please reach out if you want further details on my specific program or if you have additional questions. I’d love to help if I can!

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