Monday Favorites

I tend to post my favorites of the week on Friday’s, but why not on a Monday?

Okay, you got me… I didn’t have a chance to post this past Friday so I’m posting a few days late ;) BUT, favorites are favorites so let’s kick off MonYAY on a happy note!

1. Date night on Saturday night! Kyle and I grabbed drinks at M Waterfront, dinner at Yabba Grill, and then dessert (AKA lotsa ice cream!) at Kilwin’s. It was a great way to spend date night!


Saturday morning was fun too with a rainy trip to the farmer’s market :)


2. The Olympics – While I’m not glued to the TV, it’s fun to watch updates and catch the competitions when I can.

3. Blue Raspberry Spark!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!! <– Because I didn’t have enough explanation points to begin with, LOL.) This is another limited time flavor and I’m super pumped for it! TBD on when it will be available for purchase – sometime this week – but if you want it, you gotta get it STAT. It’ll sell out quickly just like the other limited flavor – Pineapple Coconut – did earlier this summer.


4. The Fit Squad Virtual 5k – My fitness group came together on Saturday to run a 5k together! I was bummed I had to run mine inside on a DREADmill (boo to storms in Naples), but I loved seeing everyone’s photos and excitement for doing something fun and healthy together.


5. Burn Bootcamp! I plan on doing a full review once I’ve completed my first month, but so far so good. As in it hurts so good, LOL. The workouts are INTENSE and I’m actually somewhat concerned for the new-to-fitness women trying out Burn, but that story is for another day. I’m thankful that I have fitness knowledge and know when I should/shouldn’t do something to avoid injury… But for now, I’m loving it! If you have one in your area (and are currently in decent fitness shape), I recommend trying out their Groupon. $35 for a month which is much better than their normal $150/month!

6. Spark Variety Packs! I only have TWO left so let me know if you would like to claim one of ’em for yourself.


7. The new Snapchat-ish style of Instagram – At first I hated it (I’m not super into Snapchat…) but now I like it. I probably won’t use it a ton but it’s nice to share little blips into my days without creating a full post. I do wish they had cool Snapchat filters though ;)


How was your weekend? Share a MonYAY favorite to kick off your week!


  1. MonYay is a relaxing start to the workweek and taking things slow! I am glued to the Olympics, lol. Well, they’re on during the day a lot but I don’t necessarily pay attention to them then.
    heather @Lunging Through Life recently posted…The Olympics! 2016My Profile

  2. Wow, Yabba Grill looks really good:) I had to cehck out their menus—hopefully we visit Naples again! It was a really good wknd had lunch + shopped with a pal, found a new dress + cute casual tops at Len Druskin—wow, sale prices were awesome:) that stores spendy. Had a short fun trip to Home Depot Sunday with Steve-ha. Got a wkout in late afternoon. Feeling great on this Monday:)

  3. I am excited to try some new exercises for MonYAY leg day! And I’m pretty stoked about taking Friday off from work and making this week a 4-day work week :)

    …anything blue raspberry flavored (slurpees, dum-dums, etc) is a win so that sounds very exciting!
    Leslee @ Her Happy Balance recently posted…Six Beauty Must-HavesMy Profile

  4. Blue Raspberry!! That’s like the best flavor. I actually just got the email and I need to try it but I just stocked up on limeade, but blue raspberry…(the thoughts in my head..)
    Looks like a good weekend minus the rain. I saw that Florida was getting tons of rain!! I don’t know if that is by you or farther north in the state where I heard something crazy like 10 inches?! Try to stay dry.
    Alicia recently posted…Weekend in a Flash: MIMM#82My Profile

  5. Did you guys get a babysitter on Friday? If so how did you find them!?
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted…Work Life: Finding My FlowMy Profile

    • We actually used our Y’s Parents Night Out program :) When I have found a babysitter though, I have asked a few of the girls that work at the gym daycare. It’s worked well since Dean knows them and they have experience with kids!

  6. Over the weekend me and my family took a road trip out of town. We stayed in a little cabin/tiny house and explored the neighboring towns. It was pretty fun :)
    Edye recently posted…9 Back To School DIY’s!My Profile

  7. Your date night looks so great! Can’t go wrong with wine and ice-cream and I love the dress you wore!

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