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Our weekend at Disney

Last weekend, Kyle, Dean and I spent a few days in Orlando. It was Dean’s (and mine too!) first time visiting a Disney Park so, of course, I need to recap it on the blog. His reaction to all of the characters and the shows was adorable and we cannot wait to go back!

Early Friday morning, we packed up Kyle’s new car and make the 3-hour trek up to Orlando. The drive is actually pretty easy and Dean was a good little guy the entire way.



(Gross gas station restroom break along the way… Too much Spark on the drive, haha!

On a side note, next time I think it’ll be totally worth it to stay at a Disney resort… Between parking + the trolley + the tram, just getting to the ticket office is a bit crazy. The resorts drop you off at the entrance and that is worth every extra penny ;)




Our first Disney stop was Magic Kingdom! Ahhh… I was so excited, I have wanted to visit a Disney Park for probably 25 years and it was finally happening!




Of course we had the obligatory castle photo upon arrival. It was hot, hot, HOT the day we visited Magic Kingdom so we decided to take the photos before we were all drenched in sweat ;)

After our photos, our first stop was a snack break… Per Kyle’s request we treated Dean to his first ever taste of Nutella. He LOVED IT and ate his Nutella waffle with pure joy.


Next up, we decided to cool down (yeah, we were already HOT) with a short, 3D film. Dean seemed to like it but without wearing the glasses, I’m not sure he knew what was going on, LOL.

We had our Fast Passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride next – It was our first official “ride” at Disney. Dean seemed to enjoy all of the characters and he, obviously, loved playing the play area for kiddos after the ride.




The MOST important ride was next… The Little Mermaid ;) I like how they incorporated the music from the movie into this ride. Dean’s facial expressions were so funny with the fish and bird characters. It was most definitely his favorite.


We had a little break between our Fast Passes then so we walked and walked and walked some more! We tried to stay in the shade but man, it was still a super warm day.

Kyle took Dean on the carousal for a break in the shade… I avoided it so I wouldn’t get nauseated, haha.


After meeting a few princesses (Dean was confused) and Ariel, Dean picked out his very own Mickey Mouse and we called it a day. We were all super hot and tired and had seen our fair share of the park.





Friday was the only day we actually hit up a Disney Park while we were in Orlando. Kyle and I had a leadership event with AdvoCare on Saturday and on Sunday, Kyle’s parents were in town (they watched Dean on Saturday) so we decided to spend time with them rather than boil at another park. We still have 3 days left in our 4-day passes and are excited to enjoy another long weekend in Orlando when the weather cools.

Oh! Before I forget, we hit up an AMAZING restaurant on Saturday night for dinner called Cafe Tu Tu Tango. It is a tapas-style restaurant with a super fun atmosphere. I love sharing small plates and all of the art in the restaurant is designed by local artists. They had live music and a live artist while we were there – fun, right? It was loud (aka – kid friendly, haha) and I can see it as a good place to get together with friends.

prAna Fall Style – Fashion Review + Discount Code

As part of the #pranafallstyle campaign, I was given the opportunity to review two of prAna’s fall pieces!

Yes, yes… I know… I live in Florida, I still have a good 2-3 months until fall weather hits. Please don’t remind me! Fall is my favorite season and I love getting in the cool weather mood early. I don’t know about you but my cool weather mood involves cute and comfy fall fashion along with everything pumpkin and candles.

Thanks to prAna, I was able to try out two of their pieces – the London Jean in Dark Indigo and the Stacia Sweater in charcoal. I only have one photo and it is inside because it was 95 degrees the day I decided to take photos ;) #notsweaterweather


I look casual chic, yes?! ;)

Both pieces are not only the perfect fall fashion pieces, they are also super comfortable and will be great for a day of football watching with friends. The jeans and the sweater are both made with organic cotton and the Stacia Sweater is also fair trade certified! The dark hue of the London Jeans is very flattering – I also love that these jeans are not super low cut… No worries about your undies showing when you sit on the ground or move around.

I already know that I am going to LIVE in the Stacia Sweater during this Florida winter! I love the loose fit and it would be easy to layer if you choose to do so. I’m a huge fan of the color gray and the slight pattern of the stitching adds a unique touch to this lightweight piece. I also own a pair of prAna’s Meme Pant in Cargo Green and this sweater is going to look FAB when I wear them together.

We have a family trip next month to the mountains and you better bet that I’ll be wearing both of my new prAna pieces to stay warm! Cute, comfy, fashionable, and easy to wear – What more could you want for fall fashion?

Now, it’s time to get yourself some fall fashion! It is your lucky day as well… prAna has offered my readers a 15% discount on all prAna gear until 10/31/16! Use the following code at checkout to save yourself some serious cash… and look cute while doing it ;)

For 15% off prAna gear, use the following code:


Now, until fall hits, you’ll find me with the AC cranked way down chillin’ inside in my new jeans and sweater.

What is your favorite thing about fall? What piece of fashion do you always find yourself wearing once the weather cools?

AfterShokz Headphones Review + Challenge

I have a fun (and pink!) review for y’all today. A few weeks ago Aftershokz sent me a pair of their Trekz Titanium Pink headphones to review… Wireless PINK headphones? I was pumped to give ’em a try!

Copy of 2016-08-01

Before I get into my review, here is a quick overview of Aftershokz:

AfterShokz launched in 2011, bringing patented bone conduction technology to the consumer electronics industry with their unique headphones. What sets AfterShokz headphones apart from any other brand is the unique open ear design, allowing users to remain aware of their surroundings while they listen to premium stereo sound. AfterShokz headphones are Bluetooth enabled, wireless (woohoo!), and they allow you to listen to music and/or take a phone call all while being able to listen to your surroundings.

When I look for a pair of headphones to use while working out, my primary focus is running because that is when I’ll be using them! I need my headphones to stay in place, be lightweight, preferably be wireless, provide great sound while allowing me to stay tuned into my surroundings (you  know, to avoid getting hit by a car, LOL).


I’m happy to report that the Trekz Titanium Pink headphones meet all of my requirements and then some! The headphones are not only pink (!!!), but they are super lightweight. I would actually forget I was wearing them if it weren’t for the music in my ears ;) Even though they are feather light, they don’t move out of place which I love. I don’t need to adjust my ear pieces at all when using my Aftershokz. The design makes it super easy to switch between music and my phone… not that I would need to chat on the phone while running but it’s nice to keep my options open. And – as safety is most important – I like that I can still hear the outdoors (and my running partner) while listening to music. I am always nervous wearing headphones while running as it is very important to be able to hear your surroundings. Thankfully, with my Aftershokz, I don’t have to choose between my tunes and safety!

I give the Trekz Titanium Pink headphones TWO thumbs up! They’re cute. They’re easy to use. They sound fantastic. And they promote a safe running experience. WOOHOO!

#AwareWithPink Campaign

With October right around the corner, AfterShokz is joining the fight against breast and ovarian cancer by going (Bright) Pink! Our limited edition open ear Trekz Titanium Pink headphones are designed to keep you aware, but in more than one way. For every unit sold on through October 31st, 2016, AfterShokz will donate 25% of proceeds to Bright Pink, a non-profit that focuses on breast and ovarian cancer awareness and action. Every time #AwareWithPink is used on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, AfterShokz will donate an additional 25 cents to Bright Pink to extend the awareness. Spreading the hashtag will fund Bright Pink’s ongoing efforts to educate and drive awareness about how being proactive can make all the difference.

In addition to the donations to Bright Pink, AfterShokz is offering all of YOU a free gift with purchase through October 31, 2016. AfterShokz will send a hard storage case as an additional gift for every purchase of Trekz Titanium Pink to the Fit Approach community. Just add the small portable storage case to your cart, and use code PinkGift at checkout to grab yours for FREE! YAY!! 

You can order your AfterShokz here.

Have you ever worn AfterShokz headphones? What is your favorite music to listen to while running?

Weekending – Labor Day Style

Oh man, the Sunday (errr… Monday?) night blues are hitting me hard right now. We had a great holiday weekend! 

Lotsa fitness. Date night. Beach time. A new car. The zoo. Shopping. Golf. Sushi. Wine. And Oktoberfest beer. Booking a Disney vacay. New home decor.

It was the perfect last weekend of summer… Even though summer will be around for a few more months here in Naples ;)

Check out some photos from the weekend!

How was your holiday weekend? Any good eats? Fun sales?

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