2017 New Year’s Resolution… Number 1

This year I’ve decided to type up my New Year’s Resolutions in separate posts. I like to do a little bit of explaining when it comes to goals and this will help me elaborate each goal without writing a novel! ;)

Resolution #1?

Reduce my/our (sorry, Kyle) unnecessary spending.

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The driving force behind this resolution is that I have been able to pay off debt by limiting our spending and paying off debt is one of the best feelings EVER! I checked my car off of the list back in June and my $30 grand of student loans will be DONEZO come the end of January if everything goes as planned.

We thankfully don’t have other debt (besides our mortgage) after my student loans have been paid off, but why not save our “extra” money for big item, fun things… Like remodeling our kitchen or putting in a pool/larger lanai or a trip to Europe? I’d much rather put my money toward these larger things than spend it on spur-of-the-moment, unnecessary splurges.

So, what do I consider unnecessary?

It totally depends!

Sometimes lunch out is NEEDED for my sanity, but most of the time it is an unnecessary expense.

That “sale” at the outlet mall? Yep, I most likely need to skip it unless I’ve been eyeing something for a LONG time or Dean has no clothes that fit ;)

My super expensive facial care line that I LOVE but that costs me $200+ every few months? *sniff, sniff* I don’t need it.

A pricey bottle of wine at our local liquor store? Maybe needed for a special occasion, but for most days, box wine does the job JUST fine.

Family dinner at a restaurant? HAHAHAHA – We always think this is a good idea UNTIL we sit down and Dean wants to run around. It’s much more pleasant to let him run around, jabbering up a storm at home while we make our own dinner (for a lot less money too!) than to stress about noise at a restaurant ;)

I LOVE a good mani/pedi so it pains me to say these are unnecessary, LOL. They are needed before a vacation or a fun girls’ day out, but (sadly) they are not needed weekly.

Weekly golfing trips during season. Sorry Kyle, not worth the crazy expensive price!

I would say that we already do a fairly good job of keeping our spending in check. I have a monthly budget Excel document that I update bi-weekly so we know where our money is going and can pull back if anything looks out of control. We also (normally) check in with each other prior to larger purchases.

I am excited to continue with this goal into 2017 and see what fun things we can do for our family with our savings!

What is one of your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions?


  1. I love this! I seem to spend within my means and that’s a good thing. When I have extra money, I always put some in savings. If I don’t have extra, I don’t spend it on frivolous stuff. I do spend when I need something and know I won’t find that item easily, i.e. winter boots and a winter coat at Target recently. Both will last for a good while—so I don’t feel guilty:) If I get a coupon for 25% or more, I’m going to find a way to use that too! i.e. suede sneakers from H&M, love them! Ha…………

  2. “Family dinner at a restaurant?”
    Ugh…some day we will learn that it’s not really worth it for us either. But oh it’s nice to get out of the house and not have to cook/do dishes with a toddler running between your legs ;)

    • Ugh I agree!! That’s why we always escape when our gym has parents night out and when grandparents are visiting ;)

  3. This is always one of my goals. That is exciting you are paying down debt and soon will have vacation money. I like to watch my savings grow and I have realized there are many things I don’t need to spend money on. Thankfully I am good at saying no, but then when I go on vacation or something, I do treat myself and it feels great because it really is a treat and not something I do all the time, like a manicure. I am happy I have been saving for a while so next year I get to travel with my fiance for a while. I really have learned less is more.
    Alicia @Bridges Through Life recently posted…Thanksgiving 2016: MIMM#97My Profile

    • You are so right, less IS more. I feel so much more content in life when I put more value in day to day experiences rather than stuff.

  4. Jealous of your student loan $$$! That is the bane of my budget every single month!

    • I am SO ready to pay off that bad boy!!!! Somehow I got put on the TWENTY YEAR payment plan (ugh) so I’ll have them paid off almost 14 years early.

  5. I’ve been so lax on spending the last half of this year, I’m already planning to take another look at our budget at the end of this month and get a bit more tight. The good news is, we’re really good at it. I’m thinking of writing up a post.
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted…Scenes From Thanksgiving Weekend 2016My Profile

    • I hope you do write a post! I feel like we become lax beginning in mid-October EVERY year but then crack down for the rest of the year so it works out :-)

  6. my money did okay in 2016, but I can definitely keep it more in check in 2017. I haven’t found a specific goal yet, leaning towards something in the “joy” department.
    katie recently posted…Wait: PlanMy Profile

  7. Oh man right there with you on the fancy face creams :( I know if I gave that up I’d save so much, but I love them soooo…..I’ve been trying so hard to stay on a budget but man some days you just need to TREAT yourself…which makes me think you need to do a ‘save all your money ‘ Tuesday instead of TYT! lol These are great goals!

    • It’s not necessarily saving, just making better decisions LOL ;) But yes, I don’t notice a difference when I use $100 creams vs. $15 so why spend more ya know?! We’re adulting so hard right now.

  8. Hi Becky! We use Mint to track all of our spending and set up budgets, etc. It’s really a great tool (and it’s FREE!). You basically set it up to pull in all of your accounts, and as you spend money, you can code it to a category (adding new categories that fit your family if needed). It’s pretty cool because you can see your overall picture/net worth on the main page, but dial down into different accounts or categories to see where your spending is going. I know some people get a little concerned about online security, but we’ve never had any issues and I can’t imagine life without it now! :)

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