Baby Boy #2 Wishlist

We are excited to welcome Little Brother into our family in June!

I was (not-so) secretly hoping for a second boy – I had images of bunk beds and a baseball-themed room and brothers in my head, PLUS boy meant we didn’t need any new baby items. Although, let’s be real, if it were a baby sister on the way, she’d end up wearing lots of blue ;-)

Thankfully, a second boy it is – Deany gets a brother and mama gets her bunk beds!

We’ve had family and friends offer to show throw us a baby shower for the little guy, but because we need NOTHING, we’ve kindly turned down offers.

That being said, we do have a bit of a “wishlist” as our family grows. Most of these are all wants rather than needs (besides diapers!), but it is still fun to look!

So, here is our wishlist for Baby Boy #2.

1. Diapers. Obviously. We used Pampers brand with Dean until he was a size 4 then we switched to Target Up & Up brand which has worked well for us. We are hoping they work just as well this time around.

2. Pacifiers. Again, I’m stating the obvious here. Glow in the dark is KEY if you ask me ;-)

3. Instant Pot. Okay, you can laugh. But seriously, this thing can make shredded chicken in about 15 minutes. SOLD. Quick meals are lifesavers with toddlers and babies… Yup, totally on the wishlist.

4. PacaPod Madison Leather Baby Bag. DROOL. How gorgeous is this diaper bag?! I know, I know… the price tag is hefty but when you will be carrying something every. single. day. for at least two years, it is worth it! I also love that this can be adjusted to be a shoulder bag or a backpack. I’ve been eyeing baby bag backpacks lately and would love to carry this beauty around daily.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Pan/Scan/Zoom Video Baby Monitor, 3.5"

5. Summer Infant Baby Monitor. This is more of a need on our list. Our current Motorola baby monitor is AWFUL. It never keeps signal and beeps LOUDLY when it loses connection with the camera… which is typically right when I’m falling asleep so it not only wakes me but also Dean. Lovely. I can’t wait to throw it away and hopefully replace it with this monitor that comes with glowing reviews!

Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller with 2nd Seat, Onyx

6. City Select Double Stroller. I do NOT like wide strollers. You know, the ones with two seats side by side. They don’t fit on sidewalks, you can’t walk past them, and they’re just HUGE. I wasn’t sure a “double decker” stroller existed but some mama’s in my mom group pointed me to the City Select. The price tag is hefty, but again, this is something that we will be using for years. I like the multiple configurations for this one and considering we can go on walks outside 365 days/year in Florida, it is worth it!

7. City Select Double Stroller Carseat Adapter. We gotta be able to connect the infant car seat to the stroller… A little add on to #6 :-)

That’s what is on our list currently… I am looking for recommendations for a RUNNING stroller for 2 kiddos. We won’t need it until around December 2017 as I like to wait 6-ish months before running with little ones. If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

Second time mama’s, what was/is on your baby wish list?


  1. I could use a baby shower haha I have alll girl things lol We actually got a new monitor on Black Friday for a ridiculous steal since it came with 2 cameras for basically the price of one additional camera for our old monitor. I found our double stroller for a steal on Amazon one day. I hate side by side so I went with the Graco Room to Grow (I think?) The multiple options to sit and having a standing position totally sold me. I honestly haven’t thought about a running stroller yet. I personally think BOB strollers are crazy price and it doesn’t need to be. I’ll be searching Craigslist, ha. Since I doubt I’ll be running much when it’s actually warm in the summer/fall, I think I’ll wait until next year. Well, or just take one of them in the jogging stroller I have. Whew, sorry for the long comment all about me (ha did not mean for that to happen!).
    Heather @Lunging Through Life recently posted…Dinner at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse + The Perfect Weekend mixMy Profile

    • I’ve heard great things about BOB strollers but yeah, the price! I can kinda justify it because we can use it year round but I have a feeling that my running will be more on the treadmill or just with one early in the morning/in the evening when kyle is home. Such is mom life haha!

  2. A lot of the moms in my Strollfit group use the City Select as a jogging stroller. I don’t know if you’re supposed to (maybe if you’re only jogging, rather than running), but they all rave about it!

    • Oh that’s good to know! I’m sure it’s safe as long as you’re not sprinting which would be difficult with 2 kiddos.

  3. ahhh I hope you get all of it <3 I'm so excited for your lil man #2!
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted…Weekly Meal Plan Menu (Week 3)My Profile

  4. Isn’t it amazing to think about all the things you THOUGHT you needed for Dean and now this is basically all you need?

  5. Target diapers- YES!
    Instant Pot- Hell yes! I love this thing and use it at least once a day.
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  6. Congratulations on Baby Boy #2!

  7. Fiona MacDonald says:

    We have the City Select Stroller and I am obsessed. We now use the chariot for the snow but that bad boy was soo handy for year round when Sully was little…they did tell us if we were planning on two kids we should have gone for the double stroller right away butttt that seemed like a jinx to me…that instapot is insane too just when I’m getting onto the crockpot..jeeze…

  8. Congratulations! I love my City Select stroller! We have been using it for 3.5 years (we bought it with just one seat for my first) and it still looks like new, for the most part 🙂 .

  9. I’m looking into that diaper bag for myself! So gorgeous!!
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  10. Congratulations on baby #2! We only have one child but we LOVE our BOB stroller! We also have the Britax B-Agile stroller and I definitely prefer the BOB for everything, not just running. It’s great for running too- steers very well! The Double BOB is the stroller of choice for the other moms in the Fit4Mom exercise classes we do.
    Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

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