Baby Boy #2 Wishlist

We are excited to welcome Little Brother into our family in June!

I was (not-so) secretly hoping for a second boy – I had images of bunk beds and a baseball-themed room and brothers in my head, PLUS boy meant we didn’t need any new baby items. Although, let’s be real, if it were a baby sister on the way, she’d end up wearing lots of blue ;-)

Thankfully, a second boy it is – Deany gets a brother and mama gets her bunk beds!

We’ve had family and friends offer to show throw us a baby shower for the little guy, but because we need NOTHING, we’ve kindly turned down offers.

That being said, we do have a bit of a “wishlist” as our family grows. Most of these are all wants rather than needs (besides diapers!), but it is still fun to look!

So, here is our wishlist for Baby Boy #2.

1. Diapers. Obviously. We used Pampers brand with Dean until he was a size 4 then we switched to Target Up & Up brand which has worked well for us. We are hoping they work just as well this time around.

2. Pacifiers. Again, I’m stating the obvious here. Glow in the dark is KEY if you ask me ;-)

3. Instant Pot. Okay, you can laugh. But seriously, this thing can make shredded chicken in about 15 minutes. SOLD. Quick meals are lifesavers with toddlers and babies… Yup, totally on the wishlist.

4. PacaPod Madison Leather Baby Bag. DROOL. How gorgeous is this diaper bag?! I know, I know… the price tag is hefty but when you will be carrying something every. single. day. for at least two years, it is worth it! I also love that this can be adjusted to be a shoulder bag or a backpack. I’ve been eyeing baby bag backpacks lately and would love to carry this beauty around daily.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Pan/Scan/Zoom Video Baby Monitor, 3.5"

5. Summer Infant Baby Monitor. This is more of a need on our list. Our current Motorola baby monitor is AWFUL. It never keeps signal and beeps LOUDLY when it loses connection with the camera… which is typically right when I’m falling asleep so it not only wakes me but also Dean. Lovely. I can’t wait to throw it away and hopefully replace it with this monitor that comes with glowing reviews!

Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller with 2nd Seat, Onyx

6. City Select Double Stroller. I do NOT like wide strollers. You know, the ones with two seats side by side. They don’t fit on sidewalks, you can’t walk past them, and they’re just HUGE. I wasn’t sure a “double decker” stroller existed but some mama’s in my mom group pointed me to the City Select. The price tag is hefty, but again, this is something that we will be using for years. I like the multiple configurations for this one and considering we can go on walks outside 365 days/year in Florida, it is worth it!

7. City Select Double Stroller Carseat Adapter. We gotta be able to connect the infant car seat to the stroller… A little add on to #6 :-)

That’s what is on our list currently… I am looking for recommendations for a RUNNING stroller for 2 kiddos. We won’t need it until around December 2017 as I like to wait 6-ish months before running with little ones. If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

Second time mama’s, what was/is on your baby wish list?

Baby Boy #2 Questionnaire

I saw this questionnaire on Heather’s blog and thought it would be a fun way to share some details about Baby Boy #2. I’ve also had a few questions for more posts about baby, so here ya go! ;)


What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

I felt hungover ALL OF THE TIME. And super tired. That sucked… I wasn’t even enjoying wine and still felt awful, LOL!

What was your first reaction to your pregnancy?

It better be a boy. No joke… That was my first thought!

How far along were you when you found out?

6-7 weeks. Way TMI here, but I didn’t get my period back until I stopped breastfeeding Dean and then it took two months… SO, I only had it once since Dean was born and my doctor told me it could take some time to get back to a regular cycle so I thought my body was just out of whack.

How did your parents/family react?

Surprised? Excited? Normal family reactions.

How did you tell your friends?

I texted them the photo I shared on Instagram and Facebook prior to posting it publicly. We weren’t super creative this time around! Sorry second child…

Baby Details

Due Date?

My doctor says June 6th… I say June 12th. We shall see!

Will you find out the sex ahead of time?

Done and done. BOY! Woohoo!!! Bunk beds here we come!

Do you have any feelings about whether you’re having a boy or a girl?

I totally thought it was a girl because I was never sick with Dean but alas, this little guy is already giving me a run for my money.

Any names?

Not really. Dean was SO easy to name but I haven’t come across any boy names that I love yet. Kyle told me last night he has a few ideas and we are going to start a list on our chalkboard. I obviously like traditional names that aren’t overused… Hopefully we can find one!

How many ultrasounds have you had?

Two. My doctor does them each visit. He has 3D capabilities this time too which is cool but also a bit creepy!

Have you felt the baby move?

I don’t know. It is so hard to tell early on. Who knows! He was moving like a crazy man in both ultrasounds though so maybe I have and just haven’t recognized it ;)

Will you be sharing weekly pregnancy updates on the blog?

No. I didn’t share that often with Dean because I think weekly updates are somewhat boring. I’ll pop in and share every now and then though!

Pregnancy Details

How have you been feeling?

Crappy! I think I’m starting to feel mostly better and am definitely sleeping better/have more energy.

Do you have any cravings/ aversions?

CARBS, LOL! I’ll like something one day and then cannot stand the thought of leftovers the next. It’s super fun…

Have you experienced any crazy pregnancy related emotions?

I think I get annoyed more easily. Kyle will tell you this is normal ;)

Any mood swings?

I feel like I’ve still been pretty level-headed. I do get crabby if I’m tired!

How far along are you now?

Per my doc’s calculations… 17 weeks on Christmas Day.

How has work/teaching been going?

Good! I actually ended up telling one of the girls who shares my office about my pregnancy early on because I felt so awful and didn’t want her to think I was a miserable person. LOL. She is pregnant too so it’s been fun in our office! Teaching has been GREAT. It helped to keep my mind off of my nausea for an hour at a time. I’m not modifying anything yet except my bench is tilted in BODYPUMP. Better safe than sorry in my opinion.

How do you think Dean will react to having a little brother?

He is going to hate life. Haha. Okay, not laughing about this but I guarantee he will act out for a good 6 months. He is a mama’s boy so seeing mama cuddling another baby is going to drive him crazy. Fingers crossed! They will (hopefully) eventually get along because they are getting bunk beds whether they like it or not. #momgoals

If you have any specific questions for me, ask below! I will be doing another survey in the future and will include your questions there.

Dean Axel – 12 Month Update

Oh heyyyy, TODDLER in the house!!

My wild man Dean is officially out of the baby zone and into his toddler years. He’s starting to show it too between eating like a big boy and having a few “toddler moments” <– they’re kind of like senior moments but with screaming and arm flailing happening ;)

Here is what Mr. Deany has been up to the past month!


You can find his previous updates here:


Physical Stats:

  • Weight: 19 pounds 15 ounces – Probably over 20 pounds as I type this post, he’s been an eating machine!
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Head Circumference: I believe it is around the 40th percentile but that is all I remember.


  • EATING!! (FINALLY!) His current favorites include: broccoli, Cheerios, zucchini, Swiss cheese, Goldfish crackers, popcorn, yogurt, blue tortilla chips (he doesn’t get these often), chicken breast, and steak.
  • Playing with Mitchell – Dean likes it more than Mitchell at this point ;)
  • Throwing balls.
  • Walking with anything he can push – his walker, chairs, end tables, LOL…
  • Having conversations – He sure knows what he is saying and we just play along!
  • Riding in shopping carts.
  • Being on the move, the kid doesn’t sit still… ever!
  • The beach/swimming – Little fishy.
  • Reading books
  • Kissing Mom and Dad – He thinks it is hilarious when he tries to kiss us.
  • Playing in Mitchell’s food/water bowls (UGH)



  • Diaper changes – Thankfully, giving him a toy helps to distract him.
  • The car seat – We transitioned to a convertible car seat and he doesn’t like it as much as his infant one.
  • Not being able to crawl around when he wants to.
  • Wearing hats, including a bike helmet – I force it when we are outside at the pool or beach but he does not like it!


Places I’ve been:

  • Ft. Myers to see friends in town!


  • Grandpa Mark & Sharon
  • Nama & Pops
  • Friends for his 1st birthday party!



  • Deany
  • Deany Bopper
  • Dean Man


Dean is a toddler – YAY! We made it through the first year mostly unscathed ;) His first birthday party was on his actual birthday – May 14th – and it was a lot of fun with family and friends. He loved the attention and the frosting even more.

Right now Dean is super into toy cars and sports balls. He loves driving the cars/trucks around the house and throwing the balls to anyone nearby. Both will keep him busy for hours!


Dean now has FOUR teeth – He’s super slow with the whole teething process but he’ll get there eventually. Thankfully, he has really started to LOVE eating (FINALLY!) real food and eats basically whatever we eat. I am doing a “veggie of the week” since it can sometimes take up to 15 tries of the same food for a baby/toddler to start to like the new flavor. We’ve done zucchini and green peppers so far… and he gets broccoli every week because he loves it so much. He’s also a big fan of Cheerios, bananas, and yogurt for breakfast. Swiss cheese is also a favorite around here! He has figured out the sippy cup (both the straw and regular versions) and loves drinking milk from them!

Dean is still nursing 2x/day – I am cutting it back to 1x/day this week with the goal of being 100% done by July. That’ll mark basically TWO years of having this kid tied to me between pregnancy and breastfeeding and – while I love the dude – I would like to have my body be 100% my own again. LOL. I am impressed with how long I lasted (not a brag, just impressed with myself!) – My initial goal was to make it to 3 months and when I hit that, 6 months… then 9 months and then I figured I was so close to the year mark I might as well stick it out. BUT I am ready to be done so his time is limited ;)


This kid does not like to sit still… ever! He is constantly on the move and I fear the day he starts walking (probably running, LOL). He’s a speed crawler and is standing for a few seconds at a time but he still prefers crawling as his main method of movement.

Sleep is hit or miss – Some nights he does REALLY well and others not so much. The “bad” nights have been coinciding with teething or colds which is understandable. Tylenol almost always makes it a good night but I don’t like to overuse it so I only give him a dose if he seems to be in pain. Soon enough he’ll be able to talk and tell us what is wrong!

Dean LOVES the beach and the pool and his water table… heck, any body of water and he is a happy camper. His doctor doesn’t recommend swimming lessons until he can walk so I am holding off until the end of the summer for those. We take him to the pool and to the beach at least once each per week so he stays comfortable with the water. He loves splashing and kicking – We may have a swim team member on our hands.

He is still a chill little dude and doesn’t get worked up about most things. He does let us know when he doesn’t like something – mostly that happens when we are holding him and he wants to be crawling around.


Between Dean’s birthday, our 6th wedding anniversary, my first Mother’s Day and a few more things, we celebrated a lot this past month! Here’s to year two – I hope it is as good as the first one :)

Dean Axel – Eleven Month Update

We officially have less than one month until Dean reaches toddler status! Woohoo – He is ready for his par-tayyyy! But really, where have the past 11 months gone?! 

Here’s what Dean’s been up to the past month.

You can find his previous updates here:

Physical Stats:

  • Weight: 19 pounds 6 ounces (at his last check-up)
  • Length: Somewhere around 30 inches
  • Head Circumference: No clue… #momoftheyear


  • Chattering! I don’t think he’s said any “real” words yet but he is definitely talking.
  • Opening cupboards and drawers. This is a new one and I just ordered safety closures!
  • Crawling like he’s in a race.
  • Water – Bathtime, the pool, the beach… He LOVES water!
  • Turning book pages. Future bookworm!
  • Peek-a-boo.
  • Tickle fights.
  • When Dad comes home! Best time of the day.
  • Yogurt, Cheerios, Cheddar Bunnies/Goldfish crackers, broccoli
  • Smiling/flirting with everyone in public.
  • Toy balls – He loves tossing them, bouncing them, chasing after them!
  • TV Remotes
  • Stroller rides.


  • Diaper changes – Giving him a toy to distract him helps A LOT.
  • Not having the full attention of Mom/Dad when he wants it.
  • Having his nails trimmed.

Places I’ve been:

  • Sanibel Island
  • Captiva Island
  • Naples Zoo


  • Alllll of Dad’s side of the family for the wedding in Captiva.
  • Aunt Laura


  • Deany Beany
  • Deany Bopper

At eleven months, Dean officially has THREE teeth. He’s been slow to get those babies in so each one is a celebration ;) He now has his two bottom front teeth and his top right front tooth. The last one seemed to hurt more than the previous ones so I can’t wait for the molars to make their appearance in a few months. #sarcasm 

Dean is still Mr. Social. He is super laid back around new people and lovesssss smiling, talking to, and making friends with family and friends and everyone at Publix. He typically doesn’t get upset being passed from person to person as long as mom and dad are somewhere nearby and he did really well this past weekend meeting new family for the first time. He also loves the other babies in his daycare room. He’ll play (or take toys from them… we’re working on it!) with them and crawl right up to them and “talk” – It is really cute!

He is slowly but surely getting better at eating real food. Some days he loves it, some days he hates it. He tends to eat better at home than at daycare and he loves yogurt, Cheerios,  cheesy crackers, broccoli, rice, bananas, spinach… Pretty much any carb!

Dean has just started to stand without help from us/furniture. He is still wobbly but can stand up for a few seconds at a time. I’m a-okay with him taking his sweet time to walk, his crawling is fast enough for me right now!

He still doesn’t really love his crib so I’m toying with the idea of converting it to a toddler bed once he turns one. I figure it can’t hurt! We have the model of crib that “easily” changes to a bed so it may be something we try here shortly.

Fingers crossed he keeps his laid back personality into the teen years ;) A mom can hope!

At my next update, I’ll have a TODDLER! Here’s to the last few weeks of being a little baby.

Dean Axel – Ten Month Update

My little Deany is 10 months old! Here is what he’s been up to this month…


You can find his previous updates here:

No physical stat updates this month! We will have to wait until his ONE year old well baby check-up for those :)



  • Talking up a storm. He loves telling stories and then laughing at himself.
  • Crawling everywhere – He’s a speedy crawler.
  • Running with his walker – Yup, it’s legit running. I’m nervous to when he starts walking, LOL!
  • Putting everythingggggg in his mouth.
  • Reading books.
  • Bathtime – Splashing water is the best!
  • Standing and walking along furniture, walls, etc.
  • Playing peek-a-boo.
  • ALL the carbs – sweet potato, rice, crackers…
  • Playing with his toy sports balls.
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs.
  • Laughing in the mirror.
  • Banging everything on the floor.
  • Riding in grocery/Target carts.



  • Peaches – I think he may have some sort of sensitivity to them. He throws up every time!
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed.
  • Being tired or hungry.
  • Mama leaving the room.


Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Daycare! This was Dean’s first month in daycare and it has been a really smooth transition.
  • No traveling this month :)


  • My mom visited in late February.
  • Kyle’s mom visited in early March. Lots of grandma time this month!



  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany


I think the past month went faster than any other so far!

Dean has become a lot more independent this month even though he is going through a separation anxiety stage. I realize that sentence makes no sense, ha! He loves playing independently and he is definitely into exploring at home away from mom and dad. He is comfortable crawling into another room away from us BUT when I try to leave or say goodbye, he doesn’t like it at all. #mamasboy ;) He’s such a little stinker – He’ll be sad I’m leaving so I pick him up for one last hug and he’ll stop crying and give us the biggest cheesy grin EVER. It’s pretty cute… at least for now.

The transition to daycare went MUCH better than I anticipated. I think it is mainly because daycare is on my work site so I can see him/nurse him throughout the day. The first week or two he wasn’t sure what to think, but now I bring him in the morning, he wiggles to get down and immediately crawls to play with his favorite toys and friends. Man, so much for mom being a favorite, LOL! He did get one cold the first week of daycare – as did I so I’m not sure if it was from daycare or our plane ride/travels to Colorado – but other than that he’s been the same ol’ healthy Deany (knock on wood). I typically nurse him 1-2x/day at daycare and he takes 1-2 bottles/day depending on my meeting/class schedule.

Over the last week or so, food has become A LOT more appealing to him! Thank goodness! He is a little carb man and loves everything to do with carby foods. His current favorites are Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, sweet potatoes, rice, waffles with peanut butter, Cheerios, Gerber Graduates Puffs, ground turkey, and broccoli. He still only has two teeth so I think his slower than average teething is slowing down his desire to eat. Soon enough he’ll have no choice so I’m glad he’s warming up to the idea more every day.

Dean is an overall happy baby. He loves clapping and laughing and talking up a storm. He LOVES when his daddy comes home from work – He smiles and laughs and kicks his feet… and then he cries if Kyle doesn’t come say hello right away ;) He also loves Mitchell (and playing in Mitchell’s food/water bowls – ick!) and Mitchell is a good sport about it… especially when he can get food from Dean’s breakfast and dinner fun.

He’s getting better at sleeping in his crib (wahoo!) but has been loving waking up at the 4am hour the past week or so. It’s quite odd and he’s happy as a clam when he wakes up… I’m not sure if it is teething waking him up or the time change or what but I’m crossing my fingers he goes back to the 7am hour soon!

Dean is a total cuddle bug and loves affection and attention… unless he wants to be a movin’ and a groovin’. He loves car rides as well as riding in grocery carts <– he holds on and sits straight up, cheesing at everyone in sight! He also loves singing the Iowa State and Chicago Bears songs with his dad. One of his favorite things to do during the day is to watch fitness classes at the gym. I can’t make this stuff up! He loves bouncing to the music and watching people workout. Everyone at the gym knows him and they always tell me when they see him on his daily buggy rides.

We have a socialite on our hands… Dean is Mr. Social!! He loves talking to new people and will give almost anyone the biggest smile and clap. I am scared that I am going to have the child that gets in trouble for talking nonstop in school, haha.

Deany is our little love and it is so fun to watch him grow up!

Speaking of growing up… his first birthday invites are officially ordered and his birthday outfits (yes, I got more than one because I know he will spill on them) are currently in the wash. We are having his first birthday party on his actual birthday as it falls on a Saturday and I can’t wait to get more planning in the books.

Happy 10 months, Dean!

My favorite things about being a mom

Motherhood isn’t always butterflies and rainbows, if you think it is, you’ve probably never cared for a human under the age of 5 before… ;) Even though there can be rough patches, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite things about being a new mama today. There are a few things that always put a smile on my face and make all of the hard work worth it.

Baby smiles. Gahhh… the cutest things ever! My favorite smiles come first thing in the morning (Hi Mom, I’m ready to play!) and the smiles after he’s done something naughty… Like yesterday when he took all of the books off of his bookshelf and played in Mitchell’s water bowl.

Watching them learn new things. Everything is new to babies and it is so much fun to see them discovering their world. New tastes and smells and objects to grab… It puts a smile on my face watching Dean flip through a new book or babble to his new toy elephant or make a funny face when he tries a new food <– I smile until I have to clean the food off of him and/or the floor!

Everyone is ridiculously nice to you. Maybe it’s just here in Naples, but ever since Deany entered the world, people seem to bend over backwards for me. I rarely have to open a door. People will pull out a cart for me at Target. I have long conversations with people about babies at the grocery store. Restaurant staff help entertain Dean while we are out. The list goes on… I am so thankful for everyone’s kind gestures during this first year of Dean’s life!

Baby clothes. SOOO cute. Yep, even the boy ones. Dean has A TON of clothes but that never stops me from buying the newest outfits at Target ;)

An influx of visitors. It’s funny how that works… A baby arrives and BAM, everyone wants to visit you. It’s fun to entertain family and friends and I’d be lying if I didn’t like taking advantage of the free babysitting that comes along with it.

Growing up. I know a lot of moms tend to get sad when they see their babies growing… Maybe I’m the odd one out in this but I LOVE watching Dean grow and change each day. It makes me think I’m doing an okay job and, especially during those not-so-easy times, reminds me that “this too shall pass.”

I may have to do a post on my “not so favorite” things about being a mom in the near future ;)

Mamas – What are some of your favorite things about motherhood?

Day in the life… Workin’ Mom Style

How about another “day in the life” post? I’ve been working for a few weeks now so I thought it would be fun to share my typical day now that I’m a workin’ woman ;)Obviously no day is the same, but this is how my Wednesdays typically play out!

5am – ALARM <– I am normally awake by this point so I rarely hear my alarm clock.

5:01am – Do my facial ritual. I’ve been using R+F REDEFINE line for about 5 weeks now and I am LOVING it so far! I feel totally off if I don’t “do my face” in the mornings.

5:05am – Mix up my Sparkity Spark and feed Mitchell.  

5:10am – Pump a bottle for Deany.

5:30am(ish) – Head to the “office” AKA gym… With about 500 pounds of necessities for my day ;)

7am – Kyle drops Dean off at the Y, I feed him and then take him to daycare.

7:30am – Back to work – Chat with members, group ex instructors, take a class, etc.

9:30am – Walk over to daycare to feed Deany (since it is so close, I am nursing him during the day – SO much quicker and easier than pumping!)

10:45am – Teach Spinning… A fun and sweaty class per the usual.

11:45am – Shower/freshen up so I am not in stinky workout clothes for the rest of the work day.

12:30pm – Feed the Dean Monster again.

1pm – There are no fitness classes between 1-3pm at the Y so it is SUPER quiet and I can crank out a lot of work during those hours. Wahoo!

3pm – Pick up Dean and head home for lots of baby cuddles.

4pm – Family walk! Well at least Dean, Mitchell and I head out for a long (normally 3 mile) walk in the afternoons.

5:30pm – Kyle gets home and Dean is SO excited to see his dad!

6:30pm – Dinner timeeeeee. Dean has been trying more of the foods we are eating which makes dinner prep a bit easier.

7pm – Dean’s bedtime ritual which is book, eat, bath, bed… It seems to be working pretty well!

7:30pm – Relax (HAHAHAHAHA!! Kidding.) Finish up doing whatever I want to do for the night – blog, watch TV with Kyle (rare), pack lunches for the next day, answer emails, etc.

9pm – Bedtime… I am busy-busy-busy during the day so I crash right away.

So far heading back to work has been great. I honestly feel a sense of “relief” having my own life again. I am sure it helps to have Dean close and that I can see him throughout the day but it is a wonderful feeling to have my own, adult time and to be working for a wonderful organization!

What is your typical wake/sleep times? What time do you workout on a weekday?

Blogger Mommy Wars?

It’s been quite apparent that a commenter on my blog has been trying to instigate “mommy wars” not only with myself but with readers of this little blog. As a blogger and someone who puts their life out on the internet (although I do not share every aspect of my day-to-day as y’all should know by now), I completely expect to receive judgement and viewpoints that don’t always agree with mine. It comes with the title of blogger – People aren’t always going to like what you do/say/write and you have to learn to expect negativity, rudeness, and hatred. It is what it is and it doesn’t bother me. What DOES bother me, however, is when that negativity and hatred is directed toward my readers. Going forward, that will not be allowed.

For a little background, there has been a commenter (she is apparently the perfect mom and wife) who has been giving her opinion in a very rude manner to previous comments on my posts. Her comments will now be sent to spam or deleted if they appear on this blog.

Topics she has attacked:

  • Working moms – You MUST stay home with your kiddos until they are at least 2 because it is best for them, who cares what is best for mama and dad. And obviously you should stay home with them but spend all of your time on Facebook and/or providing mean comments on blogs. Total mom rockstar there.
  • CIO Method – It is common knowledge that putting a baby in their crib and leaving them there (regardless of if they’re hungry/have a dirty diaper/sick/etc) for 12 hours over night is the ONLY way to teach your child to sleep. I’m a bad mom because I don’t force Dean to CIO for hours at a time and don’t want to lock him in his nursery for 12 hours overnight. Who woulda thought?!
  • Nursing on demand – I’m sure she’s also highly against formula but I also am failing because I feed my child when he is hungry rather than on a schedule I set for him.

And many more…

For all of my mama readers out there who this “Lindsay” (I am fairly certain that isn’t her real name.) has attacked with her hatred, I apologize on her behalf. She obviously has larger issues and is taking them out on fellow mothers. Anyone who has to bring others down to lift themselves up has a large amount of personal growth to accomplish.

But what do I know… Maybe if I lock Dean in his crib tonight, only feed him when it is convenient to me, and keep myself behind my house doors until he starts school I will too be the perfect mother and wife.

Maybe… But I don’t think I’ll try it because I know I am a perfectly imperfect mama to Dean and wifey to Kyle.

Dean Axel – Nine Month Update

Here we are… NINE months! Three quarters of the way through the first year. “They” aren’t kidding when they say time flies.


You can find his previous updates here:


I am unsure of his physical stats so I’ll update those after his 9-month appointment later this morning.

Physical Stats:

  • Length:
  • Weight:



  • Talking up a storm. He loves telling stories and then laughing at himself.
  • Crawling everywhere – He’s a speedy crawler.
  • Petting Mitchell… It’s more like pulling his hair but he is definitely interested in the pup!
  • Playing with everything dangerous – Electrical outlets (yes, they’re baby proofed), charging cords, doors, shutting his fingers in drawers, etc.)
  • Putting everythingggggg in his mouth.
  • Reading books.
  • Bathtime – Splashing water is the best!
  • Standing! He automatically pulls himself up on anything he can get his hands on.
  • Walking with his VTech walker.
  • Playing peek-a-boo.
  • Eating at dinnertime with us.
  • Playing with his toy sports balls.
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs.



  • Being told “no”.
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed.
  • Being tired or hungry.

Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Out to dinner (successfully!) for mom’s birthday


  • Kyle’s parents and brother and sister, Seth and Gabi visited at the end of January.
  • Dean also saw his Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler when we visited Colorado.


  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany


The past month has been super fun! Dean has changed so much over the past few weeks, it is almost as if he is more of a toddler now than a baby. Craziness!

He is a speedy little crawler. I don’t dare try to hold him still if he wants to be on the move or he will pull his “stiff baby” move on me. He does like to sit in my lap for book reading and cuddles but other than that, watch out Mitchell! The little guy is after you ;)

It is fun to see him crawl toward people (mainly mom and dad) that he wants to hold him and move toward toys he wants to play with. He definitely has preferences and it is interested to watch him grow and make decisions.

He loves playing with his toy sports balls and brightly colored rings. He’s pretty content with almost anything as long as there is something around to keep him occupied.

Changing his diapers and clothing is a struggle now. He hates it and automatically rolls over so I’m trying to dress him while he’s moving around. Fun times I tell ya, fun times ;)

He is SO much better at eating baby food now. He’s eating mainly at dinnertime with us, but every once in a while I’ll feed him at lunch or breakfast. He’ll eat an entire packet now which is much more than the 1/3-1/2 he was eating at a time previously. Go Deany! I did learn the hard way that babies should not have bananas… He didn’t go to the bathroom for 9 days. Poor guy, that couldn’t have been comfortable!

He now has TWO teeth – The front bottom teeth. They’re pretty cute when he gives us a big grin.

Other than that, Dean just keeps growing. It’s fun to watch him discover his world and grow by the day!

Books, books, and more books!

After a full week of work WITH The Deanster in tow (his daycare doesn’t begin until Monday), I’m beat. Dean and I also picked up a lovely bug at the gym – I have no voice and am coughing up a storm. Fun stuff!

But, onto a happier topic… Books!Last night I hosted a little Facebook party for some friends and it was alllll about books! Books for kids, that is ;)   

I was introduced to Usborne Books a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love. They actually entertain Dean with their bright colors and large words (for the baby age) and are super high quality. Usborne was even the 2014 Children’s Publisher of the Year!

My little party is open through the weekend if you want to take a look. Kiddos can never have too many books!    

You can find more details here.

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