James Reilly – One Month Update

On July 8th, James turned one month old!

Similar to Dean, I am going to keep an online “baby book” – It is much easier for me to type these updates than it is for me to write them into a book for some reason.

Kyle, Dean and I are enjoying James! There are many ways he is the same as Dean (looks being one of them), but he is also different as all babies are. He is a MUCH better sleeper than Dean ever was, he also seems to eat more ;-)

Here’s an update on James’ first month!

Length: 21.75 inches – 48th percentile

Weight: 9 pounds, 14 ounces – 38th percentile (<– This is exactly the same weight as Dean was at this age!)


  • Eating
  • Being held by Mama and pretty much only Mama
  • Baby art cards/Contrasting colors
  • Bathtime
  • Sleeping in the Rock ‘n Play and DockATot
  • Scratching my face… Mom makes me wear socks on my hands even though I look silly.
  • Being close to Mama in the Baby Bjorn
  • Tummy time


  • Car rides/Car seat – Oh the SCREAMING!
  • Diaper changes
  • Being hungry – I have a really good hangry scream, you should hear it sometime.
  • Gas bubbles
  • Swaddles (I think we’ve turned the corner on this one as he’s been okay with the swaddle the past few nights!)
  • Pacifiers


  • Grandma Joyce
  • Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler
  • Ms. Emily and Andy

Places I’ve been… I’m obviously a bit more relaxed about taking him places than I was with Dean at this age:

  • Target
  • Costco
  • My pediatrician’s office
  • The beach/Gulf of Mexico
  • YMCA
  • Riptide Brewery
  • Quite a few restaurants


  • James-y
  • Milk hound

We don’t have as many nicknames for James as we did for Dean.

Overall, everything is going well. On some things he is a much more chill baby than Dean was but on others he is proving to be a bit more challenging. All kids are different, right?

He’s a great sleeper (knock on wood) so far. We don’t have a bedtime routine quite yet, but he gets a bath every other night and his last feed is somewhere between 8-9pm. He wakes up between 1-2am and then again around 4:30/5am and after he eats for 15-20 minutes, he goes back down fairly easily. Dean HAD to have a paci to sleep when he was a baby but James hasn’t taken to them yet. He tends to just spit them out. Oh well!

James is a good little eater as well. He’s taken to a bottle and has 3-4 without any issue over the past couple of weeks. We had a “fun” battle with Thrush but *I THINK* that is finally resolved. Thank goodness – Talk about painful!! It can linger foreverrrrr so I’m still being overly cautious about it. I plan on writing a post about it in the near future.

Here’s to Month TWO!

Dean’s One Month Update, if you’re interested, is here.

Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 – Pregnancy Differences

They say each pregnancy is different.

I’m not sure who “they” entails, but from my experience – even with babies of the same gender, the saying is totally accurate!

Baby Boy #2 has definitely given me more of a run for my money than Dean ever did… I’m nervous this is a foreshadowing into his future personality. Yikes! #sendwine

I’ve noticed quite a few differences in my  pregnancies and I thought it would be fun to share them with y’all today.

1. Pregnancy #2 = MORE tired.

Man, oh man, am I TIRED. I contribute this to a few things… When I was pregnant with Dean I did not have a full time job nor was I chasing after a toddler. The past few weeks everyone has asked me why I’m still at work. My response? Working is much easier than chasing a 2 year old all day! #truth I had the ability to nap, run errands, relax at the beach, leisurely enjoy meals, and sleep in as late as I wanted with my first pregnancy. This one… HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nope. All of those things take a toll on ya and I’m sure that is why I feel like an exhausted MOMbie most of the time. Thank goodness for Spark!

2. Pregnancy #2 = Morning (ALL DAY) sickness.

When I was pregnant with Dean, I maybe (MAYBE) felt nauseated once or twice. This pregnancy? I was nauseous from weeks 6-18 and it was AWFUL. I constantly felt like I had the worst hangover EVER without the enjoyment of drinking wine the evening before. Fun, right? I’m thankful it went away for the most part for the remainder of my pregnancy, but I have experienced a few “blech” spells in the third trimester. I have heard that girls tend to cause more morning sickness… Like most things, I think it just depends on the pregnancy and your hormones!

3. Pregnancy #2 = MORE poundage.

Yay! <– Sense my sarcasm?! ;-) Honestly, I’m not super worried about this AT ALL. I bounced back pretty quickly with Dean and have a plan for my postpartum weight loss this time around too. I started at a much lower weight when I became pregnant this time than I did when I became pregnant with Dean. I am under the belief that your body seeks to get to a certain point (equilibrium if you’d like to call it that…) while pregnant. Since I started lower, I had to gain more to get there. ANDDDDDD when you’re nauseated for months on end and can only consume pizza and quesadillas, the pounds are bound to add up quickly! With Dean I think I gained somewhere in the low 20’s and this time I’ve gained about 37 pounds I think. I plan to use my 6-week postpartum check up weight as my baseline of how much I still have left to lose. I had about 10 remaining pounds with Dean and anticipate having 10-15 with this dude.

4. Pregnancy #2 = LESS worry and anticipation.

If Dean didn’t move for more than 10 minutes while I was pregnant, I would poke my belly to get him to kick. Poor kid, he is probably going to have a complex when he grows up! This time around I figure most things I’m experiencing are normal and I go with the flow. Plus, between work and Dean, I’ve been MUCH busier this pregnancy and I don’t have time to sit and contemplate each decision I make during the day. I’m also much less anxious about labor and delivery. I think I am just trying to block it out of my mind, haha. I know what to expect and am not trying to figure out an unknown experience this time.

5. Pregnancy #2 = MORE questions from strangers.

I’m not sure if this is because I interact with more people on a daily basis due to my job or strangers feel the need to ask more questions when you’re dragging a toddler around while 7+ pregnant, but I have received more questions this time. What is the gender?… Oh, are you going to try again for a girl?… Is this your first baby? (I always take this as a compliment that I appear to be well rested, ha!)… How are you feeling?… Why are you still working out? (EYE. ROLL.)… How much time are you taking off after baby?… And the list goes on. I don’t mind the questions, unless I’m feeling particularly hormonal I just answer and go on with my day… or complain to a good friend about people’s stupidity ;-)

A few things have felt the same and for that I am grateful. I did the same workouts (I actually ran LONGER this time around, yay!), my belly is about the same size as with Dean, my hair is nice and thick, and I have had relatively easy pregnancies.

Now excuse me as I go try to walk this little guy out… his time is up!

If you’ve had multiple pregnancies, how did they differ? How were they the same?

Dean Axel – Nine Month Update

Here we are… NINE months! Three quarters of the way through the first year. “They” aren’t kidding when they say time flies.


You can find his previous updates here:


I am unsure of his physical stats so I’ll update those after his 9-month appointment later this morning.

Physical Stats:

  • Length:
  • Weight:



  • Talking up a storm. He loves telling stories and then laughing at himself.
  • Crawling everywhere – He’s a speedy crawler.
  • Petting Mitchell… It’s more like pulling his hair but he is definitely interested in the pup!
  • Playing with everything dangerous – Electrical outlets (yes, they’re baby proofed), charging cords, doors, shutting his fingers in drawers, etc.)
  • Putting everythingggggg in his mouth.
  • Reading books.
  • Bathtime – Splashing water is the best!
  • Standing! He automatically pulls himself up on anything he can get his hands on.
  • Walking with his VTech walker.
  • Playing peek-a-boo.
  • Eating at dinnertime with us.
  • Playing with his toy sports balls.
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs.



  • Being told “no”.
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed.
  • Being tired or hungry.

Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Out to dinner (successfully!) for mom’s birthday


  • Kyle’s parents and brother and sister, Seth and Gabi visited at the end of January.
  • Dean also saw his Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler when we visited Colorado.


  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany


The past month has been super fun! Dean has changed so much over the past few weeks, it is almost as if he is more of a toddler now than a baby. Craziness!

He is a speedy little crawler. I don’t dare try to hold him still if he wants to be on the move or he will pull his “stiff baby” move on me. He does like to sit in my lap for book reading and cuddles but other than that, watch out Mitchell! The little guy is after you ;)

It is fun to see him crawl toward people (mainly mom and dad) that he wants to hold him and move toward toys he wants to play with. He definitely has preferences and it is interested to watch him grow and make decisions.

He loves playing with his toy sports balls and brightly colored rings. He’s pretty content with almost anything as long as there is something around to keep him occupied.

Changing his diapers and clothing is a struggle now. He hates it and automatically rolls over so I’m trying to dress him while he’s moving around. Fun times I tell ya, fun times ;)

He is SO much better at eating baby food now. He’s eating mainly at dinnertime with us, but every once in a while I’ll feed him at lunch or breakfast. He’ll eat an entire packet now which is much more than the 1/3-1/2 he was eating at a time previously. Go Deany! I did learn the hard way that babies should not have bananas… He didn’t go to the bathroom for 9 days. Poor guy, that couldn’t have been comfortable!

He now has TWO teeth – The front bottom teeth. They’re pretty cute when he gives us a big grin.

Other than that, Dean just keeps growing. It’s fun to watch him discover his world and grow by the day!

Dean Axel – Eight Month Update

Dean has changed so much over the past month! He’s bigger, he has half a tooth (haha!), he’s moving at lightening speed, and he’s pulling himself up and starting to creep along furniture. It’s fun to watch him grow by the day!

 You can find his previous updates here:

I am unsure of his physical stats so I’ll update those after his 9-month appointment in February.



  • Yelling BABABABABABA and then laughing hysterically. He must have some pretty good jokes ;)
  • Crawling everywhere.
  • Petting Mitchell… It’s more like pulling his hair but he is definitely interested in the pup!
  • Playing with everything dangerous – Electrical outlets (yes, they’re baby proofed), charging cords, doors, etc.)
  • Eating shoes, particularly flip flops
  • Reading books
  • Bathtime
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Playing fetch <– I promise I’m not turning my kid into a dog, LOL, but he really likes to crawl after toys if I toss them across the room. I count it as his daily exercise ;)
  • Biting/chewing everything – Must feel good on those teethies!
  • Waving his hands


  • Sleeping – Okay, actually he is a pretty good sleeper as long as one of us is close by. We’re working on this…
  • Being held still when he wants to be crawling.
  • Mom’s home cookin’ <– he only likes store bought baby food!

Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Beach on Christmas Day
  • Orlando, Florida


  • When we visited Orlando, Dean visited my cousin and her baby (I guess toddler now!) and he also saw our friend, Michelle


  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany

I think I say this every month, but SO much changed over the past few weeks. Dean is now crawling like crazy and has mastered sitting up. He was able to crawl before he could sit which seems a little bizarre to me but now that he can do both, he is very happy with himself!

Just after the new year, his first tooth popped through! Front bottom left… It is coming in slowly but it’s definitely sharp. He seems to be more interested in trying food now that he has a tooth (I think that is fairly common). He prefers the store bought pouches to my homemade baby food and I think it may be a texture thing. The store bought ones are much smoother than I can get them at home. I’m a-okay with his preference – Not that making baby food is difficult, it is also just pretty easy to grab off a shelf ;)

We’re still working on the whole crib sleeping thing. He is sleeping his first few hours in the crib now and is getting a little better at settling himself to sleep. Obviously some nights are awful and some we are impressed with how easily he goes down – He’ll get the hang of it one of these days! He does really well with napping in his crib and still takes 3 naps most days.

He has started becoming more interested in Mitchell by the day and Mitchell now knows to just get up and walk away if he doesn’t want to be bothered. I’m sure they will be getting into trouble together before long!
Dean LOVES when Kyle gets home from work at night… as do I. I let the boys play and get some alone time! Dean has started “reaching” toward who he wants to hold him as well. It’s pretty cute and he almost always wants me to hold him ;)

He is still really easy to run errands with so he makes manyyyy trips to Target each week. I do try to avoid Publix
with him but only because every. single. grandparents. in the store feels the need to talk to me about Dean AND their grandchildren. It’s cute but I don’t have 3 hours to grocery shop each afternoon, haha! And I have now seen more photos of grandkids than I know what to do with.

Overall, everything is going great! Of course I would like more sleep (what parent wouldn’t?!) but there are much worse things we could be dealing with.

Oh! And we picked a theme for his first birthday party. I was debating whether or not to even have one for him but Kyle insisted so I think we’re going to have a few friends over, have a little cake, and enjoy some adult beverages <– I mean, he WILL be a whole 12 months… I kid, I kid! Milk for the babes, mimosas for the mommies ;)

Happy 8 months, Dean!

Dean Axel – Three Month Update

And just like that we are out of the newborn stage!

On August 14th, Dean turned 3 months old – Kyle and I now have a little boy, okay he’s still a baby, on our hands. His personality is shining through everyday and I am excited to give y’all an update on Baby Dean!


You can find his previous updates here:


His physical stats were all measured by yours truly so they aren’t official by any means.

Length: 24 inches – +2 from last month

Weight: 14 pounds 8 ounces – +2 pounds from last month

Head Circumference: I didn’t do this one! We will have to wait until his 4-month appointment, although Kyle does think that his head is getting bigger ;)



  • Talking, talking, and more talking! (I think he’s going to take after my paternal grandmother on this trait. He never stops chattering away!)
  • Looking at/chattering to myself in the mirror after bathtime – I can’t help talkin’ to that cute guy that I see.
  • Smiling at everyone to show off my dimples.
  • Walking and bouncing on my legs with help from Mama and Dad.
  • Eating – Milk is the best evahhh!
  • Spitting up whenever Mama puts me in a cute outfit. It’s my secret talent ;)
  • Having Dad read me books – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is my favorite because of all of the colors!
  • My paci, although I don’t need it to sleep or relax, Mom gives it to me anyways.
  • Being swaddled at nighttime.
  • Shoving my entire fist into my mouth.
  • Laughing at Mom’s crazy hair!
  • Sitting up – I almost have the hang of it but my dang head gets the best of me still.
  • Sleep. I’m just like Mom and love naps!



  • HUNGER – It is the worst EVER!
  • Having my fingernails trimmed or filed. I’d much rather scratch my face to pieces.
  • That’s it for dislikes- I’m a pretty easy-going guy as long as my tummy is full.


  • Grandma Tracy and Great Grandma Judy

Places I’ve been:

  • Target, it’s Mom’s favorite based on how many times we visit each week.
  • Chipotle
  • Trader Joe’s
  • A gorgeous beach restaurant at the Ritz in Naples
  • Dog beach


  • Deany Beany
  • Deans
  • Stinky
  • Hungry Man
  • Little Guy


It seems like so much has changed since Dean’s 2-month update!

He does still like to eat (don’t we all?!) and is still exclusively breastfeeding. He’s eating between 7-8 times per day which hasn’t changed from Month 2. I have noticed if we are out and about he can go longer between feedings – Kind of like adults, if we’re busy we aren’t always thinking about that next snack! And by the looks of his legs, he is definitely getting enough to eat ;)

Dean still LOVES sleep and we’ve had our first few nights of sleep last week – WAHOO! Now he typically sleeps between 8 and 10 hour stretches at night, beginning around 9pm. I’ll start to put him down earlier when he can sleep 12 hours, but for now I want him sleeping when we’re sleeping too ;) He started sleeping through the night as soon as I cleaned my diet up and cut out processed foods and sugars. It’s probably just a coincidence but I found it to be interesting.

He now has full control of his head and neck and it makes him feel a lot less fragile! He loves looking around the room, at the plants outside, and at himself in the mirror. Oh, and he loves my hair when it is wild ;) HAHA! He’s working on sitting up with assistance too. The trickiest part is his head which pulls him over each time. And he loves standing on his feet, working on his balance, and bouncing. We are going to pull his bouncer toy out at the end of the month – I’m sure he’ll be so happy in it!

Kyle had his first 2 days and nights alone with Dean at the beginning of August when I traveled to Dallas and it went well! He took bottles like a champ and I think they had a fun time together, at least from what I can tell ;) Dean loves it when his dad gets home from work every night. He laughs and coos and smiles and they have their man time in the nursery. I’m slightly concerned he is going to have his dad’s sense of humor… Please send help (and wine) in a few years if this is the case, ha!

Month 3 is going to bring Dean’s first flight – We are heading to Chicago for a week! As well as the YMCA child watch, story time at the library, a few play dates, and cooler weather. We are looking forward to it all!

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