Baby Boy #2 Wishlist

We are excited to welcome Little Brother into our family in June!

I was (not-so) secretly hoping for a second boy – I had images of bunk beds and a baseball-themed room and brothers in my head, PLUS boy meant we didn’t need any new baby items. Although, let’s be real, if it were a baby sister on the way, she’d end up wearing lots of blue ;-)

Thankfully, a second boy it is – Deany gets a brother and mama gets her bunk beds!

We’ve had family and friends offer to show throw us a baby shower for the little guy, but because we need NOTHING, we’ve kindly turned down offers.

That being said, we do have a bit of a “wishlist” as our family grows. Most of these are all wants rather than needs (besides diapers!), but it is still fun to look!

So, here is our wishlist for Baby Boy #2.

1. Diapers. Obviously. We used Pampers brand with Dean until he was a size 4 then we switched to Target Up & Up brand which has worked well for us. We are hoping they work just as well this time around.

2. Pacifiers. Again, I’m stating the obvious here. Glow in the dark is KEY if you ask me ;-)

3. Instant Pot. Okay, you can laugh. But seriously, this thing can make shredded chicken in about 15 minutes. SOLD. Quick meals are lifesavers with toddlers and babies… Yup, totally on the wishlist.

4. PacaPod Madison Leather Baby Bag. DROOL. How gorgeous is this diaper bag?! I know, I know… the price tag is hefty but when you will be carrying something every. single. day. for at least two years, it is worth it! I also love that this can be adjusted to be a shoulder bag or a backpack. I’ve been eyeing baby bag backpacks lately and would love to carry this beauty around daily.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Pan/Scan/Zoom Video Baby Monitor, 3.5"

5. Summer Infant Baby Monitor. This is more of a need on our list. Our current Motorola baby monitor is AWFUL. It never keeps signal and beeps LOUDLY when it loses connection with the camera… which is typically right when I’m falling asleep so it not only wakes me but also Dean. Lovely. I can’t wait to throw it away and hopefully replace it with this monitor that comes with glowing reviews!

Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller with 2nd Seat, Onyx

6. City Select Double Stroller. I do NOT like wide strollers. You know, the ones with two seats side by side. They don’t fit on sidewalks, you can’t walk past them, and they’re just HUGE. I wasn’t sure a “double decker” stroller existed but some mama’s in my mom group pointed me to the City Select. The price tag is hefty, but again, this is something that we will be using for years. I like the multiple configurations for this one and considering we can go on walks outside 365 days/year in Florida, it is worth it!

7. City Select Double Stroller Carseat Adapter. We gotta be able to connect the infant car seat to the stroller… A little add on to #6 :-)

That’s what is on our list currently… I am looking for recommendations for a RUNNING stroller for 2 kiddos. We won’t need it until around December 2017 as I like to wait 6-ish months before running with little ones. If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

Second time mama’s, what was/is on your baby wish list?

What you DON’T need for your new baby

When we first found out that Dean was going to be coming into our lives, we were bombarded – not to mention slightly intimidated, by how much we were told we would need.

  • Strollers (yes, multiple)
  • Diapers and wipes of all shapes and sizes and scents
  • Crib, bassinets, sleepers
  • Outfits for every occasion under the sun
  • Safety items
  • Special lotions and detergents and soaps and aroma therapies
  • Baby-help books
  • Toys and games and movies to enhance the infant mind

Walk into any baby retailer and it seems as if you are expected to empty your house and start anew. Actually, scratch that. It seems that you are expected to buy a new house and furnish it with 100% new items in order to be certain everything is safe and good for the bundle you are about to bring into your lives.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need half of the stuff on those baby registry lists.


Here are the top items you can leave at the store (and keep some money in your pocket) for those first few months at home with your new baby.

1. Multiple strollers. One little tiny human does not need more than one stroller. Trust me. Stick to one that preferably can hook up to your little babe’s car seat (getting them in and out of those is a task in and of itself) and you’ll be good to go. In one quick movement you’ll go from the car to the stroller and back again, making it easy for trips to the store and walks in the park.

2. Sleep training books. Still planning on sleep training that newborn? Not to burst your bubble but your baby probably has another plan. Plus, you’re going to have zero reading time after the little dude or dudette arrives. We read and planned to implement the “eat-wake-sleep” schedule in Baby Wise and, while we do try to follow that schedule for the most part, if your baby doesn’t want to sleep or eat when you want them to do so, it ain’t happening. Save your cash and get to know what works best for your baby. Sleep (and a schedule) will come when they’re ready.

3. Nursing bras. Hear me out on this one. If you plan on breastfeeding, you won’t have a clue what size you will need until a few weeks after your little one arrives. I recommend purchasing one inexpensive (think a $16 Target special here) nursing bra to get you started. To be quite honest, the first few weeks of your breastfeeding adventure aren’t going to be glamorous and you aren’t going to be wearing a bra – let alone a shirt, all that often. I thought it was more comfortable to just wear one of Kyle’s big tees most of the time. It was easy to take off every 30 minutes (yes, that is how often Dean wanted to eat in his early days) and it didn’t matter if it they happened to get covered in milk (and they did) at each feeding. At 2 months in I have yet to purchase an additional nursing bra – I honestly just stick to cheap Target sports bras during the daytime and wear the “real” nursing bra when we go out to dinner, etc. I think this is a more of a personal preference but don’t spend the money until you know what will work best for you!

4. Super expensive items (ex: Mamaroo). Five versions of swings. Three different types of bassinets. Six different bathing tubs. You get the picture. You don’t need all of that junk and it is EXPENSIVE! I recommend sticking to the cheapest (but make sure the model is still safe) version of an item and seeing if that works for your baby before spending the big bucks on a model with all of the bells and whistles. I’m sure the Mamaroo is fabulous, don’t get me wrong, but does your baby need it? Probably not. And trust me, with all of the diapers you are going to be buying, that $400 will definitely be spent elsewhere.

5. Items for older babies (2+ months). You don’t need much for a newborn. Diapers, wipes, a few onesies, a car seat, and a whole lotta love… That’s about it. Don’t worry about having all of the items you need for their older weeks. You will want an excuse to escape to Target for some alone time anyways ;)

Moms – What can you add to this list?

Mamas – I need your help!

Okay, since I already claimed that it is baby week here on ONW (maybe I should call it “Olives minus the Wine” until May…), I’m recruiting the help of experienced mama’s today.

Yup, if you’re a mom, that means you! You guys have been awesome so far with your recommendations so keep ’em coming!

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to babies and kids (I’m an expert with dogs though, LOL) so I don’t know what I need or what brands are good. Thankfully, I have your opinions and advice! I have a few items that I know I’ll need but I don’t know which brand/type to put on the registry (and yes, Mom, you can search my name on for the registry I’ve started).

1. Maternity workout apparel – Let’s start with the next few months first, shall we? Where did you find your fitness shorts/capris/tops when you were pregnant? I have been looking at For Two Fitness – I’m lusting after the “Running for two” tank top, but their clothing is kind of pricey, especially since I’ll only be wearing it for a few months. I really don’t want to stretch out my current lulu active wear, plus I hate when pants are too tight on my stomach, so I’m looking for brand/store recommendations that won’t break the bank. Kyle also mentioned that he is going to be getting me a pregnancy gift (I’m not sure where this thought came from but I’m going to let him keep thinking that this is appropriate ;) ) and I’d love some workout gear so send as many suggestions my way as you’d like!

2. Running/Jogging Stroller – I currently have the BOB Revolution stroller on my registry. Thoughts? I want to make sure I get a good one since they are expensive and I want the babe to be safe! Also, at what age is it safe to take a baby running? I probably won’t want to run until September at the earliest (it’ll be hotter than heck down here in the summer), so he’ll be 4 months by the time I get around to using it. Is that a safe age? Also, I think I’ve read that some strollers have an attachment for car seats to make it better for babies. Am I just making this up or do these attachments actually exist?

3. Car seat – I’m clueless here and I hate reading consumer reports so I’m asking y’all ;) Actually, Kyle really enjoys looking into that stuff so I’ll probably let him pick out the car seat. What brands are good (Graco?) and is there anything specific I need to be aware of when selecting a model?

4. Backpack carriers – This is Kyle’s ask. Ever since I can remember, he has mentioned wanting a backpack carrier for when we have kids. He wants one that is free standing so he can just prop the kid up when he takes the backpack off (LOL), similar to this one on Amazon. Has anyone used this type of backpack before? Thoughts? I’m thinking it’ll be good for walks when we don’t want to bother with a stroller.

5. Stroller – I’m guessing I can’t use the running stroller for everyday use. I’m looking for a SMALL, easy to manage stroller. I hate the big ones that take up entire sidewalks – they annoy me to no end and I refuse to be that kind of parent. I kind of like Tina’s but have no idea what brand/style it is. It looks like her car seat just clicks right into the stroller which is cool.

6. Baby monitor – You know, so Mitchell can watch the baby while he’s napping ;) For real though, what brands/models are good? The little guy will be sleeping in our room for a while and after that he’ll be about 10 steps away but I know I’ll want a monitor to make me feel better.

7. Health items – I’m totally clueless here, what do I need?! Thermometer? Nose sucky thing? Medicine? Baby first aid kit? Helppppppppppp.

8. Bras – Errrr… awkward but where do I find the best (aka – bigger and supportive and NOT pretty, LOL – sorry Kyle!) bras for pregnancy and nursing? VS’s have too much umph (#ifyaknowwhatimean) and I am not looking to have the sexiest bras over the next few months.

9. Post-birth – I think I’m going to do a hospital bag post in a few months, but what personal items do I need to have at home when I arrive home from the hospital? This is going to be way TMI right here but what type of underwear, pads, creams, medicines, etc. should I have ready? I don’t want to have to send Kyle to Target to buy feminine products (poor guy is already going to be going through a lot, haha!) so I want to make sure I have enough personal items on hand for a few weeks until I can get out again… Or until my mom gets here and she can go to Target for me ;)

10. Breast pump – I do plan on breastfeeding. (Although, if it doesn’t work out, I’m cool with formula too.) What pumps do y’all recommend? I’m currently registered for the Medela Pump because it was recommended on but am open to suggestions!

11. Diapers – I am planning on going the cloth route… at least for the first few months. I always told myself that I would do this if (and only if) there was a diaper service that would take care of washing the diapers for me. Lo and behold, there is a diaper service in Naples (and yes, it’s for babies… hehe!) So, what do I need to go with cloth diapers? Covers? Anything else?

12. Bassinet – What did you use for your baby while it still slept in your bedroom? There are some pretty expensive bassinets out there and I’m just not sure what I need!

Okay, I think that’s it! I probably should have split this up into 3 different posts but I’ll just put it all out there at once ;)

Thanks in advance!

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