James Reilly – One Month Update

On July 8th, James turned one month old!

Similar to Dean, I am going to keep an online “baby book” – It is much easier for me to type these updates than it is for me to write them into a book for some reason.

Kyle, Dean and I are enjoying James! There are many ways he is the same as Dean (looks being one of them), but he is also different as all babies are. He is a MUCH better sleeper than Dean ever was, he also seems to eat more ;-)

Here’s an update on James’ first month!

Length: 21.75 inches – 48th percentile

Weight: 9 pounds, 14 ounces – 38th percentile (<– This is exactly the same weight as Dean was at this age!)


  • Eating
  • Being held by Mama and pretty much only Mama
  • Baby art cards/Contrasting colors
  • Bathtime
  • Sleeping in the Rock ‘n Play and DockATot
  • Scratching my face… Mom makes me wear socks on my hands even though I look silly.
  • Being close to Mama in the Baby Bjorn
  • Tummy time


  • Car rides/Car seat – Oh the SCREAMING!
  • Diaper changes
  • Being hungry – I have a really good hangry scream, you should hear it sometime.
  • Gas bubbles
  • Swaddles (I think we’ve turned the corner on this one as he’s been okay with the swaddle the past few nights!)
  • Pacifiers


  • Grandma Joyce
  • Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler
  • Ms. Emily and Andy

Places I’ve been… I’m obviously a bit more relaxed about taking him places than I was with Dean at this age:

  • Target
  • Costco
  • My pediatrician’s office
  • The beach/Gulf of Mexico
  • YMCA
  • Riptide Brewery
  • Quite a few restaurants


  • James-y
  • Milk hound

We don’t have as many nicknames for James as we did for Dean.

Overall, everything is going well. On some things he is a much more chill baby than Dean was but on others he is proving to be a bit more challenging. All kids are different, right?

He’s a great sleeper (knock on wood) so far. We don’t have a bedtime routine quite yet, but he gets a bath every other night and his last feed is somewhere between 8-9pm. He wakes up between 1-2am and then again around 4:30/5am and after he eats for 15-20 minutes, he goes back down fairly easily. Dean HAD to have a paci to sleep when he was a baby but James hasn’t taken to them yet. He tends to just spit them out. Oh well!

James is a good little eater as well. He’s taken to a bottle and has 3-4 without any issue over the past couple of weeks. We had a “fun” battle with Thrush but *I THINK* that is finally resolved. Thank goodness – Talk about painful!! It can linger foreverrrrr so I’m still being overly cautious about it. I plan on writing a post about it in the near future.

Here’s to Month TWO!

Dean’s One Month Update, if you’re interested, is here.

Dean Axel – Eleven Month Update

We officially have less than one month until Dean reaches toddler status! Woohoo – He is ready for his par-tayyyy! But really, where have the past 11 months gone?! 

Here’s what Dean’s been up to the past month.

You can find his previous updates here:

Physical Stats:

  • Weight: 19 pounds 6 ounces (at his last check-up)
  • Length: Somewhere around 30 inches
  • Head Circumference: No clue… #momoftheyear


  • Chattering! I don’t think he’s said any “real” words yet but he is definitely talking.
  • Opening cupboards and drawers. This is a new one and I just ordered safety closures!
  • Crawling like he’s in a race.
  • Water – Bathtime, the pool, the beach… He LOVES water!
  • Turning book pages. Future bookworm!
  • Peek-a-boo.
  • Tickle fights.
  • When Dad comes home! Best time of the day.
  • Yogurt, Cheerios, Cheddar Bunnies/Goldfish crackers, broccoli
  • Smiling/flirting with everyone in public.
  • Toy balls – He loves tossing them, bouncing them, chasing after them!
  • TV Remotes
  • Stroller rides.


  • Diaper changes – Giving him a toy to distract him helps A LOT.
  • Not having the full attention of Mom/Dad when he wants it.
  • Having his nails trimmed.

Places I’ve been:

  • Sanibel Island
  • Captiva Island
  • Naples Zoo


  • Alllll of Dad’s side of the family for the wedding in Captiva.
  • Aunt Laura


  • Deany Beany
  • Deany Bopper

At eleven months, Dean officially has THREE teeth. He’s been slow to get those babies in so each one is a celebration ;) He now has his two bottom front teeth and his top right front tooth. The last one seemed to hurt more than the previous ones so I can’t wait for the molars to make their appearance in a few months. #sarcasm 

Dean is still Mr. Social. He is super laid back around new people and lovesssss smiling, talking to, and making friends with family and friends and everyone at Publix. He typically doesn’t get upset being passed from person to person as long as mom and dad are somewhere nearby and he did really well this past weekend meeting new family for the first time. He also loves the other babies in his daycare room. He’ll play (or take toys from them… we’re working on it!) with them and crawl right up to them and “talk” – It is really cute!

He is slowly but surely getting better at eating real food. Some days he loves it, some days he hates it. He tends to eat better at home than at daycare and he loves yogurt, Cheerios,  cheesy crackers, broccoli, rice, bananas, spinach… Pretty much any carb!

Dean has just started to stand without help from us/furniture. He is still wobbly but can stand up for a few seconds at a time. I’m a-okay with him taking his sweet time to walk, his crawling is fast enough for me right now!

He still doesn’t really love his crib so I’m toying with the idea of converting it to a toddler bed once he turns one. I figure it can’t hurt! We have the model of crib that “easily” changes to a bed so it may be something we try here shortly.

Fingers crossed he keeps his laid back personality into the teen years ;) A mom can hope!

At my next update, I’ll have a TODDLER! Here’s to the last few weeks of being a little baby.

Dean Axel – Ten Month Update

My little Deany is 10 months old! Here is what he’s been up to this month…


You can find his previous updates here:

No physical stat updates this month! We will have to wait until his ONE year old well baby check-up for those :)



  • Talking up a storm. He loves telling stories and then laughing at himself.
  • Crawling everywhere – He’s a speedy crawler.
  • Running with his walker – Yup, it’s legit running. I’m nervous to when he starts walking, LOL!
  • Putting everythingggggg in his mouth.
  • Reading books.
  • Bathtime – Splashing water is the best!
  • Standing and walking along furniture, walls, etc.
  • Playing peek-a-boo.
  • ALL the carbs – sweet potato, rice, crackers…
  • Playing with his toy sports balls.
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs.
  • Laughing in the mirror.
  • Banging everything on the floor.
  • Riding in grocery/Target carts.



  • Peaches – I think he may have some sort of sensitivity to them. He throws up every time!
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed.
  • Being tired or hungry.
  • Mama leaving the room.


Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Daycare! This was Dean’s first month in daycare and it has been a really smooth transition.
  • No traveling this month :)


  • My mom visited in late February.
  • Kyle’s mom visited in early March. Lots of grandma time this month!



  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany


I think the past month went faster than any other so far!

Dean has become a lot more independent this month even though he is going through a separation anxiety stage. I realize that sentence makes no sense, ha! He loves playing independently and he is definitely into exploring at home away from mom and dad. He is comfortable crawling into another room away from us BUT when I try to leave or say goodbye, he doesn’t like it at all. #mamasboy ;) He’s such a little stinker – He’ll be sad I’m leaving so I pick him up for one last hug and he’ll stop crying and give us the biggest cheesy grin EVER. It’s pretty cute… at least for now.

The transition to daycare went MUCH better than I anticipated. I think it is mainly because daycare is on my work site so I can see him/nurse him throughout the day. The first week or two he wasn’t sure what to think, but now I bring him in the morning, he wiggles to get down and immediately crawls to play with his favorite toys and friends. Man, so much for mom being a favorite, LOL! He did get one cold the first week of daycare – as did I so I’m not sure if it was from daycare or our plane ride/travels to Colorado – but other than that he’s been the same ol’ healthy Deany (knock on wood). I typically nurse him 1-2x/day at daycare and he takes 1-2 bottles/day depending on my meeting/class schedule.

Over the last week or so, food has become A LOT more appealing to him! Thank goodness! He is a little carb man and loves everything to do with carby foods. His current favorites are Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, sweet potatoes, rice, waffles with peanut butter, Cheerios, Gerber Graduates Puffs, ground turkey, and broccoli. He still only has two teeth so I think his slower than average teething is slowing down his desire to eat. Soon enough he’ll have no choice so I’m glad he’s warming up to the idea more every day.

Dean is an overall happy baby. He loves clapping and laughing and talking up a storm. He LOVES when his daddy comes home from work – He smiles and laughs and kicks his feet… and then he cries if Kyle doesn’t come say hello right away ;) He also loves Mitchell (and playing in Mitchell’s food/water bowls – ick!) and Mitchell is a good sport about it… especially when he can get food from Dean’s breakfast and dinner fun.

He’s getting better at sleeping in his crib (wahoo!) but has been loving waking up at the 4am hour the past week or so. It’s quite odd and he’s happy as a clam when he wakes up… I’m not sure if it is teething waking him up or the time change or what but I’m crossing my fingers he goes back to the 7am hour soon!

Dean is a total cuddle bug and loves affection and attention… unless he wants to be a movin’ and a groovin’. He loves car rides as well as riding in grocery carts <– he holds on and sits straight up, cheesing at everyone in sight! He also loves singing the Iowa State and Chicago Bears songs with his dad. One of his favorite things to do during the day is to watch fitness classes at the gym. I can’t make this stuff up! He loves bouncing to the music and watching people workout. Everyone at the gym knows him and they always tell me when they see him on his daily buggy rides.

We have a socialite on our hands… Dean is Mr. Social!! He loves talking to new people and will give almost anyone the biggest smile and clap. I am scared that I am going to have the child that gets in trouble for talking nonstop in school, haha.

Deany is our little love and it is so fun to watch him grow up!

Speaking of growing up… his first birthday invites are officially ordered and his birthday outfits (yes, I got more than one because I know he will spill on them) are currently in the wash. We are having his first birthday party on his actual birthday as it falls on a Saturday and I can’t wait to get more planning in the books.

Happy 10 months, Dean!

Dean Axel – Nine Month Update

Here we are… NINE months! Three quarters of the way through the first year. “They” aren’t kidding when they say time flies.


You can find his previous updates here:


I am unsure of his physical stats so I’ll update those after his 9-month appointment later this morning.

Physical Stats:

  • Length:
  • Weight:



  • Talking up a storm. He loves telling stories and then laughing at himself.
  • Crawling everywhere – He’s a speedy crawler.
  • Petting Mitchell… It’s more like pulling his hair but he is definitely interested in the pup!
  • Playing with everything dangerous – Electrical outlets (yes, they’re baby proofed), charging cords, doors, shutting his fingers in drawers, etc.)
  • Putting everythingggggg in his mouth.
  • Reading books.
  • Bathtime – Splashing water is the best!
  • Standing! He automatically pulls himself up on anything he can get his hands on.
  • Walking with his VTech walker.
  • Playing peek-a-boo.
  • Eating at dinnertime with us.
  • Playing with his toy sports balls.
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs.



  • Being told “no”.
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed.
  • Being tired or hungry.

Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Out to dinner (successfully!) for mom’s birthday


  • Kyle’s parents and brother and sister, Seth and Gabi visited at the end of January.
  • Dean also saw his Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler when we visited Colorado.


  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany


The past month has been super fun! Dean has changed so much over the past few weeks, it is almost as if he is more of a toddler now than a baby. Craziness!

He is a speedy little crawler. I don’t dare try to hold him still if he wants to be on the move or he will pull his “stiff baby” move on me. He does like to sit in my lap for book reading and cuddles but other than that, watch out Mitchell! The little guy is after you ;)

It is fun to see him crawl toward people (mainly mom and dad) that he wants to hold him and move toward toys he wants to play with. He definitely has preferences and it is interested to watch him grow and make decisions.

He loves playing with his toy sports balls and brightly colored rings. He’s pretty content with almost anything as long as there is something around to keep him occupied.

Changing his diapers and clothing is a struggle now. He hates it and automatically rolls over so I’m trying to dress him while he’s moving around. Fun times I tell ya, fun times ;)

He is SO much better at eating baby food now. He’s eating mainly at dinnertime with us, but every once in a while I’ll feed him at lunch or breakfast. He’ll eat an entire packet now which is much more than the 1/3-1/2 he was eating at a time previously. Go Deany! I did learn the hard way that babies should not have bananas… He didn’t go to the bathroom for 9 days. Poor guy, that couldn’t have been comfortable!

He now has TWO teeth – The front bottom teeth. They’re pretty cute when he gives us a big grin.

Other than that, Dean just keeps growing. It’s fun to watch him discover his world and grow by the day!

Dean Axel – Eight Month Update

Dean has changed so much over the past month! He’s bigger, he has half a tooth (haha!), he’s moving at lightening speed, and he’s pulling himself up and starting to creep along furniture. It’s fun to watch him grow by the day!

 You can find his previous updates here:

I am unsure of his physical stats so I’ll update those after his 9-month appointment in February.



  • Yelling BABABABABABA and then laughing hysterically. He must have some pretty good jokes ;)
  • Crawling everywhere.
  • Petting Mitchell… It’s more like pulling his hair but he is definitely interested in the pup!
  • Playing with everything dangerous – Electrical outlets (yes, they’re baby proofed), charging cords, doors, etc.)
  • Eating shoes, particularly flip flops
  • Reading books
  • Bathtime
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Playing fetch <– I promise I’m not turning my kid into a dog, LOL, but he really likes to crawl after toys if I toss them across the room. I count it as his daily exercise ;)
  • Biting/chewing everything – Must feel good on those teethies!
  • Waving his hands


  • Sleeping – Okay, actually he is a pretty good sleeper as long as one of us is close by. We’re working on this…
  • Being held still when he wants to be crawling.
  • Mom’s home cookin’ <– he only likes store bought baby food!

Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Beach on Christmas Day
  • Orlando, Florida


  • When we visited Orlando, Dean visited my cousin and her baby (I guess toddler now!) and he also saw our friend, Michelle


  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany

I think I say this every month, but SO much changed over the past few weeks. Dean is now crawling like crazy and has mastered sitting up. He was able to crawl before he could sit which seems a little bizarre to me but now that he can do both, he is very happy with himself!

Just after the new year, his first tooth popped through! Front bottom left… It is coming in slowly but it’s definitely sharp. He seems to be more interested in trying food now that he has a tooth (I think that is fairly common). He prefers the store bought pouches to my homemade baby food and I think it may be a texture thing. The store bought ones are much smoother than I can get them at home. I’m a-okay with his preference – Not that making baby food is difficult, it is also just pretty easy to grab off a shelf ;)

We’re still working on the whole crib sleeping thing. He is sleeping his first few hours in the crib now and is getting a little better at settling himself to sleep. Obviously some nights are awful and some we are impressed with how easily he goes down – He’ll get the hang of it one of these days! He does really well with napping in his crib and still takes 3 naps most days.

He has started becoming more interested in Mitchell by the day and Mitchell now knows to just get up and walk away if he doesn’t want to be bothered. I’m sure they will be getting into trouble together before long!
Dean LOVES when Kyle gets home from work at night… as do I. I let the boys play and get some alone time! Dean has started “reaching” toward who he wants to hold him as well. It’s pretty cute and he almost always wants me to hold him ;)

He is still really easy to run errands with so he makes manyyyy trips to Target each week. I do try to avoid Publix
with him but only because every. single. grandparents. in the store feels the need to talk to me about Dean AND their grandchildren. It’s cute but I don’t have 3 hours to grocery shop each afternoon, haha! And I have now seen more photos of grandkids than I know what to do with.

Overall, everything is going great! Of course I would like more sleep (what parent wouldn’t?!) but there are much worse things we could be dealing with.

Oh! And we picked a theme for his first birthday party. I was debating whether or not to even have one for him but Kyle insisted so I think we’re going to have a few friends over, have a little cake, and enjoy some adult beverages <– I mean, he WILL be a whole 12 months… I kid, I kid! Milk for the babes, mimosas for the mommies ;)

Happy 8 months, Dean!

Dean Axel – Seven Month Update

Seven whole months! Better get those college applications ready ;) This past month flew by and Dean is more active than ever… pretty soon we will be celebrating his birthday!

You can find his previous updates here:

Physical Stats (These are all from his 6-month appointment – I know he is over 16 pounds now but haven’t measured his length or head.):

  • Length: 26.5 inches – +2 inches from his 4-month check-up, 50th percentile
  • Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces – + 2 pounds from his 4-month check-up, 8th percentile
  • Head circumference


  • Saying “Bbbbbb” <– maybe his first word will be “bear” just like his mama
  • Bright Christmas lights
  • Crawling – or his version of crawling – everywhere
  • Baby Einstein jumper – I moved it in front of the glass door and he loves it even more now!
  • Napping in the car
  • Trying to pet Mitchell <– AKA – Pull his hair
  • Bathtime
  • Waving at new people
  • Cartoons, specifically Christmas movie cartoons – It’s like he knows they’re for kids
  • Walks
  • Grabbing faces
  • Wanting whatever mom is drinking
  • Cell phones
  • Smiling



  • Eating “real” food – We’ve done about 10 veggies now with kale coming next. I may try bananas after that to see if he likes fruit better :)
  • His crib – He will scream for hours, HOURS (no, I’m not exaggerating) if we put him in there at bedtime

Places I’ve been:

  • MOPS daycare for one morning
  • 5th Avenue to check out the Christmas lights
  • Santa at Venetian Bay
  • Other than that, just the regular ol’ places!


  • No visitors this past month!


  • The Deanster
  • Deany Beany


Let the holidays commence! Dean celebrated his first Thanksgiving and Hanukkah over the past month and is gearing up for Christmas next week. He’s become a lot more mobile recently and loves moving around to different toys and babbling to himself. He can entertain himself with toys now – at least for a few minutes – which is really nice! He has also become a much stronger “sitter” although he still prefers to be on his hands and feet rather than seated. He’s a mover and a groover.

He does NOT like his crib AT ALL. Everyone suggested the cry it out method, so we tried it… and he will scream (big tears, snot all over his face screaming) for hours on end, even when we go back in to give him his paci every few minutes. The kid is persistent. We still put him in his crib for bedtime but don’t force the issue when he starts to freak out. It seems like he’s scared so we’ve tried leaving lights on, a nightlight and a teddy bear but nothing seems to help. If anyone has suggestions, I’m more than happy to take them! Just don’t suggest CIO because it doesn’t work with him ;)

Dean and Mitchell get along pretty well. If you know Mitchell, you know he can still be a bit excitable so we keep our eyes on them but he’s pretty patient with Dean and curious about his little human. Dean likes to grab his face as well and typically comes back with a big ol’ handful of hair, ha!

Dean still isn’t a huge fan of food. I don’t think it’s the flavor, more of the texture. He’ll eat it and make a really funny face  – It’s entertainment for sure! His ped said it’s not something we need to force, so he tries about two new veggies per week just to get his tastebuds used to something other than milk.

He’s a pretty happy guy, as long as I’m nearby – which is nice. He does like to be held (what baby doesn’t?!) but I’m trying not to rush to him immediately when he starts crying so he can start to learn some self-soothing techniques… Maybe that will help with the crib too!

Other than that, Dean is enjoying the last few days of living in his birth year. I’m sure next month will be just as fun!

Dean Axel – Two Month Update

On July 14th, Mr. Dean turned 2 months old!

You can find his previous updates here:

How about an update on what Dean was up to his during his 2nd month?


Length: 22 inches – 25th percentile, +2 inches from last month

Weight: 12 pounds 8 ounces – 50th percentile, + 2 pounds, 10 ounces from last month

Head circumference: 15 inches – 13th percentile, + 1/2 inch from last month



  • Being swaddled for sleep at night, naps are okay either swaddled or unswaddled
  • Eating – It’s my favorite!
  • Paci’s – Although I only like a certain (expensive) brand
  • Smiling and laughing with Dad while I tell him funny stories
  • Smiling and cooing at Mom – She’s my favorite ;)
  • Reading books
  • Looking at the ceiling fan and the big plants outside
  • Bathtime and getting massaged with lotion afterwards
  • Going on walks, especially at the beach – I love the sound of the water!
  • Car rides
  • Standing while Mom or Dad hold me up, it is fun to bounce on my feet!
  • Sucking my thumb. I’m working on getting just my thumb and not 3 fingers along with it.
  • Being carried in the Baby Bjorn
  • Sleep, especially naps – I normally take a 3 hour nap every morning.



  • Being hungry
  • Needles
  • Lavender – Apparently most babies are allergic to it.
  • Having my fingernails cut


  • Grandpa Scott and Grandma Joy
  • Grandpa Rasmussen and Sharon


Places I’ve been:

  • Target (a lot!)
  • My pediatrician’s office
  • Mitchell’s vet
  • The beach
  • A few restaurants around Naples
  • Dad’s favorite wine shop
  • 5th Avenue for the 4th of July parade
  • YMCA
  • My first (non-family) babysitter


  • Deany Beany
  • Mr. Dean
  • Deans
  • Sweetie
  • Sleepy man, Hungry man, Whiny man <– any word followed by “man” ;)


Dean is definitely following more of a schedule as he gets older. He is down to 7-8 feedings per day vs. the 10-12 a month ago. This allows us to get out a bit more often as we don’t need to worry that he’ll be hungry the minute we step out the door. He typically eats his last “meal” around 8:30pm and sleeps until 3:30-4am and then again until 7:30-8am. Thankfully, he goes back down for a morning nap until 10:30am most days so I can get things done! He’s a good sleeper and pretty much goes to sleep on his own at night and after his early morning feeding. We are lucky in that area!

We found out that he is most likely having an allergic reaction to our lavender hand soap (Honest Company and Method brands). Per his ped, most babies are allergic to lavender even though it is in A TON of baby soaps/lotions so just a little heads up if you’re expecting a baby in the future. She recommended we use Cetaphil liquid soap and lotion for his bathtime and after one wash, his skin is already less red and dry. Thank goodness! It didn’t seem to bother him but rashy skin cannot be fun for the little dude.

At the one month mark we introduced pacifiers and bottles. He loves his paci and takes bottles well from Kyle. We are trying to give him 1-2 bottles per week so he remembers how to eat from them, although he loves food so much that as long as milk is flowing into his mouth, he doesn’t care where it is from ;) He is still eating exclusively breast milk and all is going well in that arena.

He is a happy baby and is content lying on a blanket looking at toys or the ceiling. He also loves being carried in his Baby Bjorn – It is great for walks or when I’m cleaning around the house and he wants to be held. He LOVES moving around. I don’t think there is a moment during the day where he isn’t kicking or flailing his arms everywhere where talking up a storm. Future BODYPUMP/fitness instructor?! ;)

He does prefer to sleep with his head facing to the right so we are doing a lot of tummy time to make sure he doesn’t get a flat head. He turns his head both ways while awake and nothing is “wrong” with him muscular/skeletal wise, he just likes sleeping that way. His ped says it is totally normal and he won’t need a helmet to correct his skull shape, he just has a patch of hair missing from rubbing his head in the same place every night, haha!

Dean had his 2-month vaccinations on Monday and took them like a champ. He cried for about 10 seconds, until I picked him up and then slept the entire drive home. He was a little fussy 4 hours after his shots (his leg was sore!), but a little bit of Tylenol helped and he slept on his normal schedule Monday night.

This coming weekend Dean gets to meet his Grandma Tracy and Great Grandma Judy! He is excited for more visitors.

Over the next month he gets his first night alone with Dad as I will be traveling to Dallas for a quick trip (Friday morning-Saturday night). At the end of the month he can start attending both of our gyms’ daycare sites, although Kyle is still hesitant about him going so young. He can also attend storytime at the Naples library at 3 months so there will be lots of fun daytime activities coming up in a few weeks :)

Dean Axel – One Month Update

On June 14th, Mr. Dean turned one month old!

I thought it would be fun for me to have a sort of online “baby book” to look back on as he grows up… mainly because I can’t seem to find the time to get his actual baby book updated. One of these days ;)

Kyle and I are enjoying being new parents! It is a lot of fun to watch him grow and discover new things every day. The lack of sleep is rough some days but we know it will improve with time and little Dean is worth it.

Here’s an update on Dean’s first month!


Length: 20 inches – 5th percentile

Weight: 9 pounds, 14 ounces – 25th percentile

Head circumference: 14.5 inches – 30th percentile (I think… I can’t find the papers but this is what I recall!)


  • Being swaddled for nighttime and naps
  • Eating – Sometimes I eat so quickly, I inhale my milk! Mom has to consciously slow me down so I don’t choke ;)
  • Smiling and laughing when Dad holds me
  • Baby art cards
  • Bathtime (I started liking these around 2 weeks)
  • Sleeping on Mom’s chest
  • Scratching my face… Mom makes me wear socks on my hands even though I look silly.
  • Walks in my stroller
  • Car rides


  • Tummy time – I like to flip myself over so I don’t have to work so hard pushing up!
  • Diaper changes
  • When mom eats Quest Bars… She had to give them up and I hear she’s sad about it.
  • Being hungry – I have a really good hangry scream, you should hear it sometime.
  • Shots
  • Sun shining in my eyes


  • Grandma Joyce
  • Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler
  • My favorite Sparkheads (Lauren & Greg, Breanna & Brian, Sarah & Greg… and about 100 others!)

Places I’ve been:

  • Target
  • My pediatrician’s office
  • The beach/Gulf of Mexico
  • Outlet mall
  • Naples Beach and Golf Resort
  • Chipotle


  • Deany Beany
  • Baby Dean
  • Stinkman/Poopman <– I promise they are said lovingly, LOL!
  • Sparky
  • ET (He does this neck stretch thing while wrinkling his forehead and he creepily looks almost identical to ET… a face only a mother could love, ha.)
  • Squeakers

Overall, everything is going well! We are still trying to figure out a good night sleep schedule for him. We get at least one 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night and then typically two 2.5-3 hour stretches. We are slowly establishing a bedtime routine – Right now it is bathtime followed by cuddles and eating and then swaddling before being placed in his bassinet with a fan nearby for white noise. The timing of his bedtime varies based on how he eats throughout the day and we have to be careful not to overstimulate him at night or bedtime does not happen!

As far as eating goes, the guy loves his milk! I was initially concerned that he wasn’t eating enough per feeding (he only eats one side for 15-20 minutes before being done-zo) but once I started pumping, I realized I make way more milk than he needs on each side. No wonder he doesn’t need both sides, his stomach would explode! He is also gaining a healthy 8 ounces per week on average – exactly where we want him, and making about 12 wet diapers and 6-8 solid diapers <– aka, he is definitely getting enough, LOL. If we don’t burp him VERY well or if he eats too much too quickly, he tends to throw up his feedings. That was a fun discovery… I have also noticed that I can no longer eat Quest Bars (wahhhh!) – It gives him WAY too much fiber at one time and then he struggles to go to the bathroom. And that isn’t fun for anyone involved!

Month two is going to bring more visitors (we have LOTS of grandparents coming down to Naples!), the Fourth of July (we will see how fireworks go with him), hot weather, and mommy going back to teach. We are excited to see how much he grows and changes over the next few weeks!

Pregnancy Update – 31/32 Weeks

We had our last baby appointment yesterday, so I’m here to give y’all an update on the little guy!

The appointment went well – Baby MJ is still head down and his little feet are up by my ribs. I knew that because I can feel him kick ;) It doesn’t hurt at all, but he makes his presence known! The doctor also said he’s pretty low for 31/32 weeks and most women are uncomfortable at this point… The funny thing is that I haven’t really noticed a difference, ha!

All of my stats – iron, blood pressure, weight, etc. are still looking great as well. I also passed my diabetes test (thank goodness) and don’t have to face another needle until D-Day.

photo (14)

How far along? 31/32 weeks

Due date? May 17, 2015

Baby’s size? He’s clocking in at just under 4 pounds.

Total weight gain/loss: Around 14 pounds, somehow I only gained one pound over the past month and the babe gained 2… He must be feeding off my muscles or something ;)

Maternity clothes? Yes! I am still wearing regular fitness gear but everything else (although – let’s be honest, I rarely change out of my lulu!) is maternity.

Stretch marks? Nope. Well, besides my hips, but I am not really worried about those – They’ve disappeared before after I lost my excess weight a few years ago.

Sleep: Good! I honestly have nothing to complain about. I don’t like side sleeping but I’m still getting really good rest each night.

Best moment this week: My baby appointment yesterday, our “Happiest Baby on the Block” class last night, finishing up some house things before closing next week (!!!), and I had some pretty amazing AdvoCare events happen for my team on Tuesday night :)

Miss Anything? Wine, sushi, good cheese, running, sleeping on my stomach/back, having people NOT ask me about being pregnant when I’m out…

Movement: Still kicking around in there! His kicks are less strong now that his space is limited, but he definitely has more specific times of wake and sleep… He likes to sleep when I’m active and he wakes up as soon as I sit down and eat :)

Food cravings: Nothing super intense… I wanted some Peanut M&M’s yesterday and I always want chips, LOL.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all – I feel great!

Gender: Boy

Name: Dean Axel

Labor Signs: Nope! I have pretty frequent Braxton Hicks, but nothing of concern.

Symptoms: Congestion, although I’ve had that since about 8 weeks in and then Braxton Hicks, but that is it. I guess I am really lucky in this front! Although, I think I’m just “comfortable with being uncomfortable” – I don’t expect things to be 100% perfect or painless in any aspect of life so I adjust when the less-than-ideal happens and make the best of it. That’s probably a bit deep for a symptoms question, but I think this viewpoint has gotten me through pregnancy (and a lot of other life events) with a pretty positive attitude.

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie. It’s starting to get a little itchy which I’m guessing means that it’ll pop out soon, but who knows!

Wedding rings on or off? On – I haven’t had any water retention issues.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. Unless I’m stressed about moving or something else!

Looking forward to: Seeing updates made to our new house, MOVING, silver (only a few of you know what this means ;) ), not being pregnant come May…

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