Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 – Pregnancy Differences

They say each pregnancy is different.

I’m not sure who “they” entails, but from my experience – even with babies of the same gender, the saying is totally accurate!

Baby Boy #2 has definitely given me more of a run for my money than Dean ever did… I’m nervous this is a foreshadowing into his future personality. Yikes! #sendwine

I’ve noticed quite a few differences in my  pregnancies and I thought it would be fun to share them with y’all today.

1. Pregnancy #2 = MORE tired.

Man, oh man, am I TIRED. I contribute this to a few things… When I was pregnant with Dean I did not have a full time job nor was I chasing after a toddler. The past few weeks everyone has asked me why I’m still at work. My response? Working is much easier than chasing a 2 year old all day! #truth I had the ability to nap, run errands, relax at the beach, leisurely enjoy meals, and sleep in as late as I wanted with my first pregnancy. This one… HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nope. All of those things take a toll on ya and I’m sure that is why I feel like an exhausted MOMbie most of the time. Thank goodness for Spark!

2. Pregnancy #2 = Morning (ALL DAY) sickness.

When I was pregnant with Dean, I maybe (MAYBE) felt nauseated once or twice. This pregnancy? I was nauseous from weeks 6-18 and it was AWFUL. I constantly felt like I had the worst hangover EVER without the enjoyment of drinking wine the evening before. Fun, right? I’m thankful it went away for the most part for the remainder of my pregnancy, but I have experienced a few “blech” spells in the third trimester. I have heard that girls tend to cause more morning sickness… Like most things, I think it just depends on the pregnancy and your hormones!

3. Pregnancy #2 = MORE poundage.

Yay! <– Sense my sarcasm?! ;-) Honestly, I’m not super worried about this AT ALL. I bounced back pretty quickly with Dean and have a plan for my postpartum weight loss this time around too. I started at a much lower weight when I became pregnant this time than I did when I became pregnant with Dean. I am under the belief that your body seeks to get to a certain point (equilibrium if you’d like to call it that…) while pregnant. Since I started lower, I had to gain more to get there. ANDDDDDD when you’re nauseated for months on end and can only consume pizza and quesadillas, the pounds are bound to add up quickly! With Dean I think I gained somewhere in the low 20’s and this time I’ve gained about 37 pounds I think. I plan to use my 6-week postpartum check up weight as my baseline of how much I still have left to lose. I had about 10 remaining pounds with Dean and anticipate having 10-15 with this dude.

4. Pregnancy #2 = LESS worry and anticipation.

If Dean didn’t move for more than 10 minutes while I was pregnant, I would poke my belly to get him to kick. Poor kid, he is probably going to have a complex when he grows up! This time around I figure most things I’m experiencing are normal and I go with the flow. Plus, between work and Dean, I’ve been MUCH busier this pregnancy and I don’t have time to sit and contemplate each decision I make during the day. I’m also much less anxious about labor and delivery. I think I am just trying to block it out of my mind, haha. I know what to expect and am not trying to figure out an unknown experience this time.

5. Pregnancy #2 = MORE questions from strangers.

I’m not sure if this is because I interact with more people on a daily basis due to my job or strangers feel the need to ask more questions when you’re dragging a toddler around while 7+ pregnant, but I have received more questions this time. What is the gender?… Oh, are you going to try again for a girl?… Is this your first baby? (I always take this as a compliment that I appear to be well rested, ha!)… How are you feeling?… Why are you still working out? (EYE. ROLL.)… How much time are you taking off after baby?… And the list goes on. I don’t mind the questions, unless I’m feeling particularly hormonal I just answer and go on with my day… or complain to a good friend about people’s stupidity ;-)

A few things have felt the same and for that I am grateful. I did the same workouts (I actually ran LONGER this time around, yay!), my belly is about the same size as with Dean, my hair is nice and thick, and I have had relatively easy pregnancies.

Now excuse me as I go try to walk this little guy out… his time is up!

If you’ve had multiple pregnancies, how did they differ? How were they the same?

Dean Axel – Ten Month Update

My little Deany is 10 months old! Here is what he’s been up to this month…


You can find his previous updates here:

No physical stat updates this month! We will have to wait until his ONE year old well baby check-up for those :)



  • Talking up a storm. He loves telling stories and then laughing at himself.
  • Crawling everywhere – He’s a speedy crawler.
  • Running with his walker – Yup, it’s legit running. I’m nervous to when he starts walking, LOL!
  • Putting everythingggggg in his mouth.
  • Reading books.
  • Bathtime – Splashing water is the best!
  • Standing and walking along furniture, walls, etc.
  • Playing peek-a-boo.
  • ALL the carbs – sweet potato, rice, crackers…
  • Playing with his toy sports balls.
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs.
  • Laughing in the mirror.
  • Banging everything on the floor.
  • Riding in grocery/Target carts.



  • Peaches – I think he may have some sort of sensitivity to them. He throws up every time!
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed.
  • Being tired or hungry.
  • Mama leaving the room.


Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Daycare! This was Dean’s first month in daycare and it has been a really smooth transition.
  • No traveling this month :)


  • My mom visited in late February.
  • Kyle’s mom visited in early March. Lots of grandma time this month!



  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany


I think the past month went faster than any other so far!

Dean has become a lot more independent this month even though he is going through a separation anxiety stage. I realize that sentence makes no sense, ha! He loves playing independently and he is definitely into exploring at home away from mom and dad. He is comfortable crawling into another room away from us BUT when I try to leave or say goodbye, he doesn’t like it at all. #mamasboy ;) He’s such a little stinker – He’ll be sad I’m leaving so I pick him up for one last hug and he’ll stop crying and give us the biggest cheesy grin EVER. It’s pretty cute… at least for now.

The transition to daycare went MUCH better than I anticipated. I think it is mainly because daycare is on my work site so I can see him/nurse him throughout the day. The first week or two he wasn’t sure what to think, but now I bring him in the morning, he wiggles to get down and immediately crawls to play with his favorite toys and friends. Man, so much for mom being a favorite, LOL! He did get one cold the first week of daycare – as did I so I’m not sure if it was from daycare or our plane ride/travels to Colorado – but other than that he’s been the same ol’ healthy Deany (knock on wood). I typically nurse him 1-2x/day at daycare and he takes 1-2 bottles/day depending on my meeting/class schedule.

Over the last week or so, food has become A LOT more appealing to him! Thank goodness! He is a little carb man and loves everything to do with carby foods. His current favorites are Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, sweet potatoes, rice, waffles with peanut butter, Cheerios, Gerber Graduates Puffs, ground turkey, and broccoli. He still only has two teeth so I think his slower than average teething is slowing down his desire to eat. Soon enough he’ll have no choice so I’m glad he’s warming up to the idea more every day.

Dean is an overall happy baby. He loves clapping and laughing and talking up a storm. He LOVES when his daddy comes home from work – He smiles and laughs and kicks his feet… and then he cries if Kyle doesn’t come say hello right away ;) He also loves Mitchell (and playing in Mitchell’s food/water bowls – ick!) and Mitchell is a good sport about it… especially when he can get food from Dean’s breakfast and dinner fun.

He’s getting better at sleeping in his crib (wahoo!) but has been loving waking up at the 4am hour the past week or so. It’s quite odd and he’s happy as a clam when he wakes up… I’m not sure if it is teething waking him up or the time change or what but I’m crossing my fingers he goes back to the 7am hour soon!

Dean is a total cuddle bug and loves affection and attention… unless he wants to be a movin’ and a groovin’. He loves car rides as well as riding in grocery carts <– he holds on and sits straight up, cheesing at everyone in sight! He also loves singing the Iowa State and Chicago Bears songs with his dad. One of his favorite things to do during the day is to watch fitness classes at the gym. I can’t make this stuff up! He loves bouncing to the music and watching people workout. Everyone at the gym knows him and they always tell me when they see him on his daily buggy rides.

We have a socialite on our hands… Dean is Mr. Social!! He loves talking to new people and will give almost anyone the biggest smile and clap. I am scared that I am going to have the child that gets in trouble for talking nonstop in school, haha.

Deany is our little love and it is so fun to watch him grow up!

Speaking of growing up… his first birthday invites are officially ordered and his birthday outfits (yes, I got more than one because I know he will spill on them) are currently in the wash. We are having his first birthday party on his actual birthday as it falls on a Saturday and I can’t wait to get more planning in the books.

Happy 10 months, Dean!

A day in the life… {almost} 9 months

Thinking back, I wish I would have done “day in the life”  posts every month with Dean. Better late than never, right?

Today I’ll be sharing a little glimpse about what life is like with an almost 9-month old!

6:30am – Kyle’s alarm goes off. Dean stirs and I wish for an hour of more sleep. #yeahright

7/7:15am – Dean is up for the day. Hi Mom, let’s play!

I change his diaper, put him in his day clothes and then set him in his crib to play for 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes I start my new facial care routine (loving it, BTW!), brush my teeth, and mix up then chug a mega Spark. I feel like a new woman afterwards with a clean face and tasty energy ;)


7:30am – Nurse Dean.

7:45am – Let Dean crawl around like a crazy monster… he’s most likely chasing balls and/or Mitchell in the mornings… while I prepare breakfast for us. This particular morning I had avocado toast and a banana and Dean enjoyed pureed prunes.

8:15am – Clean up Dean and the table/high chair/kitchen and let Dean chase Mitchell around a little longer.


8:45/9am – Naptime! WOOHOOOOO! Dean and Mitchell snooze for about 45 minutes while I catch up on emails, my personal training work, Advo stuff, laundry… Whatever I want/need to get done without a baby crawling after me.

9:40am – On this particular day, we have story time so I load Dean up in the car and we head to the library.

10-10:30am – Mother Goose story/song time! Dean LOVES this weekly activity and gets the biggest smile on his face as we start singing.

11am – After hanging out with some moms (so our babies can play, of course LOL) after story time, Dean and I head to Target to pick up a few things before making our way to the YMCA.


(This is an old photo from Target… He LOVES the cart now and holds on to the handles while smiling as we go through the store. Obviously he’s my son ;) )

11:30am – Nurse Dean and then drop him off at the YMCA child watch and I head to teach BODYPUMP. His favorite teacher, Alandria, is there and they’re both excited to spend some QT together!

12noon-1pm – Teach BODYPUMP… Tell people to squat lower, lift heavier, do 10 more push-ups… you know, fitness stuff ;)


1pm – Mix up my post workout (it’s the best stuff for recovery/muscle development after a good sweat session!), wash my hands, and then run to grab Dean since child watch closes at 1pm!

1-2:15pm – Dean falls asleep in the car so while he naps in his car seat, I drive home, shower, check emails, take Mitchell outside and figure out what’s for lunch.

2:30pm – Milk time for Dean/Spark time for Mama… then it’s lunch time for us. I have leftover tacos and Dean has more prunes. He has been having some issues adjusting to real food so he needs prunes… If ya know what I mean.


3pm – Clean up Dean (he hatesssss this) and pull out a few books for us to read. He loves book with animals and animal noises.

4pm – Wonder when Kyle is going to get home ;) Just being honest!

4:15pm – Naptime for Dean… I either try to nap with him (depends on how the previous night went) or catch up with my training and/or blog projects.

5:15pm – Milky time.

5:30pm – DAD IS HOMEEEEEEE. Hallelujah. Give him 1.79 seconds to change and then send Dean his way. Dean is always excited to see his dad – He smiles, laughs, kicks his legs, and know the “fun one” is home.


6pm – Start dinner. Sometimes this is Kyle, sometimes it is me… Depends on the meal! This night it was fajita night and I was in charge.

6:30pm – Sit down to a family dinner <– We do this almost every night to teach the importance of eating together (and eating the SAME foods), listening/talking to each other as a family. No TV, no cell phones… Just us with Mitchell begging at our feet ;)

7pm – Kyle starts cleaning the kitchen while I start the bedtime routine. Book time then milk time then I hand Dean off to Kyle for his bath.

7:30pm – Dean goes into his crib. Sometimes he falls asleep right away, sometimes it takes a couple of rounds of “encouragement” for him to crash. He was REALLY good when Kyle was gone in Europe… Must be something about having his playmate home ;)


8-10pm – RELAX. Kind of… Sometimes I blog. Sometimes I catch up on training work. Sometimes I have a few phone calls… It just depends on the day. I need to go to bed at 8pm but such is life!

10pm – SLEEP TIME. I can usually get a few hours in before Dean wakes up hungry.

So, there it is… my life with a 9-month old Deanster. I’m thankful he is pretty good about entertaining himself even if he prefers to entertain himself with dangerous items like electrical outlets, charging cords, sharp corners… you know, the fun things.

What time do you wake up/go to bed at night?

Dean Axel – Eight Month Update

Dean has changed so much over the past month! He’s bigger, he has half a tooth (haha!), he’s moving at lightening speed, and he’s pulling himself up and starting to creep along furniture. It’s fun to watch him grow by the day!

 You can find his previous updates here:

I am unsure of his physical stats so I’ll update those after his 9-month appointment in February.



  • Yelling BABABABABABA and then laughing hysterically. He must have some pretty good jokes ;)
  • Crawling everywhere.
  • Petting Mitchell… It’s more like pulling his hair but he is definitely interested in the pup!
  • Playing with everything dangerous – Electrical outlets (yes, they’re baby proofed), charging cords, doors, etc.)
  • Eating shoes, particularly flip flops
  • Reading books
  • Bathtime
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Playing fetch <– I promise I’m not turning my kid into a dog, LOL, but he really likes to crawl after toys if I toss them across the room. I count it as his daily exercise ;)
  • Biting/chewing everything – Must feel good on those teethies!
  • Waving his hands


  • Sleeping – Okay, actually he is a pretty good sleeper as long as one of us is close by. We’re working on this…
  • Being held still when he wants to be crawling.
  • Mom’s home cookin’ <– he only likes store bought baby food!

Overall he’s a pretty happy guy so we don’t have too many “dislikes” at this stage.


Places I’ve been:

  • Beach on Christmas Day
  • Orlando, Florida


  • When we visited Orlando, Dean visited my cousin and her baby (I guess toddler now!) and he also saw our friend, Michelle


  • Deany
  • Deanster
  • Deany Beany

I think I say this every month, but SO much changed over the past few weeks. Dean is now crawling like crazy and has mastered sitting up. He was able to crawl before he could sit which seems a little bizarre to me but now that he can do both, he is very happy with himself!

Just after the new year, his first tooth popped through! Front bottom left… It is coming in slowly but it’s definitely sharp. He seems to be more interested in trying food now that he has a tooth (I think that is fairly common). He prefers the store bought pouches to my homemade baby food and I think it may be a texture thing. The store bought ones are much smoother than I can get them at home. I’m a-okay with his preference – Not that making baby food is difficult, it is also just pretty easy to grab off a shelf ;)

We’re still working on the whole crib sleeping thing. He is sleeping his first few hours in the crib now and is getting a little better at settling himself to sleep. Obviously some nights are awful and some we are impressed with how easily he goes down – He’ll get the hang of it one of these days! He does really well with napping in his crib and still takes 3 naps most days.

He has started becoming more interested in Mitchell by the day and Mitchell now knows to just get up and walk away if he doesn’t want to be bothered. I’m sure they will be getting into trouble together before long!
Dean LOVES when Kyle gets home from work at night… as do I. I let the boys play and get some alone time! Dean has started “reaching” toward who he wants to hold him as well. It’s pretty cute and he almost always wants me to hold him ;)

He is still really easy to run errands with so he makes manyyyy trips to Target each week. I do try to avoid Publix
with him but only because every. single. grandparents. in the store feels the need to talk to me about Dean AND their grandchildren. It’s cute but I don’t have 3 hours to grocery shop each afternoon, haha! And I have now seen more photos of grandkids than I know what to do with.

Overall, everything is going great! Of course I would like more sleep (what parent wouldn’t?!) but there are much worse things we could be dealing with.

Oh! And we picked a theme for his first birthday party. I was debating whether or not to even have one for him but Kyle insisted so I think we’re going to have a few friends over, have a little cake, and enjoy some adult beverages <– I mean, he WILL be a whole 12 months… I kid, I kid! Milk for the babes, mimosas for the mommies ;)

Happy 8 months, Dean!

Dean Axel – Seven Month Update

Seven whole months! Better get those college applications ready ;) This past month flew by and Dean is more active than ever… pretty soon we will be celebrating his birthday!

You can find his previous updates here:

Physical Stats (These are all from his 6-month appointment – I know he is over 16 pounds now but haven’t measured his length or head.):

  • Length: 26.5 inches – +2 inches from his 4-month check-up, 50th percentile
  • Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces – + 2 pounds from his 4-month check-up, 8th percentile
  • Head circumference


  • Saying “Bbbbbb” <– maybe his first word will be “bear” just like his mama
  • Bright Christmas lights
  • Crawling – or his version of crawling – everywhere
  • Baby Einstein jumper – I moved it in front of the glass door and he loves it even more now!
  • Napping in the car
  • Trying to pet Mitchell <– AKA – Pull his hair
  • Bathtime
  • Waving at new people
  • Cartoons, specifically Christmas movie cartoons – It’s like he knows they’re for kids
  • Walks
  • Grabbing faces
  • Wanting whatever mom is drinking
  • Cell phones
  • Smiling



  • Eating “real” food – We’ve done about 10 veggies now with kale coming next. I may try bananas after that to see if he likes fruit better :)
  • His crib – He will scream for hours, HOURS (no, I’m not exaggerating) if we put him in there at bedtime

Places I’ve been:

  • MOPS daycare for one morning
  • 5th Avenue to check out the Christmas lights
  • Santa at Venetian Bay
  • Other than that, just the regular ol’ places!


  • No visitors this past month!


  • The Deanster
  • Deany Beany


Let the holidays commence! Dean celebrated his first Thanksgiving and Hanukkah over the past month and is gearing up for Christmas next week. He’s become a lot more mobile recently and loves moving around to different toys and babbling to himself. He can entertain himself with toys now – at least for a few minutes – which is really nice! He has also become a much stronger “sitter” although he still prefers to be on his hands and feet rather than seated. He’s a mover and a groover.

He does NOT like his crib AT ALL. Everyone suggested the cry it out method, so we tried it… and he will scream (big tears, snot all over his face screaming) for hours on end, even when we go back in to give him his paci every few minutes. The kid is persistent. We still put him in his crib for bedtime but don’t force the issue when he starts to freak out. It seems like he’s scared so we’ve tried leaving lights on, a nightlight and a teddy bear but nothing seems to help. If anyone has suggestions, I’m more than happy to take them! Just don’t suggest CIO because it doesn’t work with him ;)

Dean and Mitchell get along pretty well. If you know Mitchell, you know he can still be a bit excitable so we keep our eyes on them but he’s pretty patient with Dean and curious about his little human. Dean likes to grab his face as well and typically comes back with a big ol’ handful of hair, ha!

Dean still isn’t a huge fan of food. I don’t think it’s the flavor, more of the texture. He’ll eat it and make a really funny face  – It’s entertainment for sure! His ped said it’s not something we need to force, so he tries about two new veggies per week just to get his tastebuds used to something other than milk.

He’s a pretty happy guy, as long as I’m nearby – which is nice. He does like to be held (what baby doesn’t?!) but I’m trying not to rush to him immediately when he starts crying so he can start to learn some self-soothing techniques… Maybe that will help with the crib too!

Other than that, Dean is enjoying the last few days of living in his birth year. I’m sure next month will be just as fun!

The most ridiculous “mom” questions

As a mom, I get some crazy questions and comments from strangers. I thought I’d share them with y’all today so you could enjoy a good laugh and/or eye roll ;)

Is it a boy or a girl?

Umm… he’s wearing blue and is lacking all things pink, ruffly, and with bows. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Not that you have to dress your baby per traditional gender colors, but I think many mothers still follow the general blue for boy and pink for girl.

Are you breastfeeding?

Oh, hi there, loaded question. What would you say if I said no? And what if I say yes? Are you going to judge me for drinking the coffee in my hand and tell me that formula is better? Who cares how I’m feeling my kid – He’s growing and healthy and that’s all that matters!

You just had a baby? I don’t believe it! You’re skinnier/more fit/etc. than I am!

Errr, thanks? I think? Honestly, most individuals that say this ARE trying to give a compliment but sometimes it comes off as a bit judgmental. Yes, I lost the baby weight quickly. I eat really healthy and I am active plus I am breastfeeding and that burns a lot of calories. No, I didn’t starve myself (ask Kyle, he likes to tell me that I eat A LOT, haha) A stranger I ran into at the gym last week actually had the nerve to ask me if Dean was mine – No, I just stole him from Child Watch because I wanted to see what being a mom was like for a day, LOL. I appreciate the compliments but maybe tell me my baby is cute rather than I look “good” next time ;)

Is he sleeping through the night?

The next person that asks this question will be punched in the face. You’ve been warned. {Insert kind smile.}

When MY baby was his age, he was walking/crawling/talking/speaking French/flying to the moon/etc.

Well, good for you! Okay, so I exaggerated on this one a bit ;) All babies are different. It is awesome that your baby was walking and flying to the moon at 6 months old! I’m happy where mine is at right now and I don’t need your opinion on how to get him to do “x” by a certain point.

When is #2 coming along? 


Thankfully, most people in Naples are quite kind and understanding when it comes to babies and mamas/dads. And those outlandish questions we get provide a good, sleep-deprived laugh every once in a while ;)

Dean Axel – Five Month Update

Here we are… FIVE months! What a big guy! On October 14th, Dean turned 5 months old (don’t ask me about the weeks, I’ve totally lost count) and it is about time a share a little update.


You can find his previous updates here:

Physical stats…

I don’t have an update on any of these except for his weight. I had to take him in right before we left for Key West because he had a little fever (nothing was wrong – go figure!) and he was up to 14 lbs 12 ounces! + 1 pound, 4 ounces from his 4-month appointment. Can we say growth spurt?


  • Being swaddled at night.
  • Tummy time, but only in my crib so I can look around.
  • My whirly ball toy (Can’t remember the specific brand of wire ball he has!)
  • Bathtime
  • Talking, talking, talking! I don’t like to be quiet.
  • People watching.
  • Taking selfies – I’m a champ at these ;)
  • Mom – She’s my favorite and sometimes I’ll scream until she holds me. Mwahaha.
  • Story time at the library – I’m the youngest in my group but love singing Mother Goose songs and listening to the story each week.
  • Chewing on EVERYTHING. If I can get my hands on it, it goes into my mouth. #nomnom
  • Running with Mom. It’s the perfect opportunity for a nap.
  • Swimming – Kicking in the water is so much fun.
  • Jumping and using my legs, basically anything where I can be movin’ and groovin’


  • Sleeping through the night – I’ve decided that’s for the birds!
  • Bottles
  • Big kid food – I’ve tried carrots and avocado and sweet potato and I much prefer milk at this point.
  • When Mom and Dad sit down to eat – It’s the perfect time to wake up and need attention.


  • No visitors this month (I don’t think? The days are blurring together, ha!) but we traveled to Key West for a family vacation!

Places I’ve been:

  • Key West
  • Key West Express – Cruise ship!
  • Collier County Library for story time
  • YMCA Child Watch
  • Gulf of Mexico to watch a few sunsets


  • Deany Beany
  • The Deanster
  • Little Man/Guy
  • Twin <–  Kyle thinks he is my identical twin ;)
  • And like last month, anything ending in “man”… Whinyman, Tiredman, Rashman (from his eczema – LOL we only call him these things at home ;) ), Happyman, etc. :)

Whew – What a month! Dean is definitely growing and becoming more alert each and every day. And with that comes the need to eat more… or at least wake himself up at night which has been fun. #sarcasm.


Dean loves to look around and take in his surroundings. He is very observant and we get comments from local grandparents that they notice how much he likes to take everything in. While we were in Key West, an older shop owner saw us taking photos and came over to tell us how she loved that he looked at the camera when we took photos. He likes selfies, what can I say? ;)

Overall, he’s still a very happy baby. Around 6:30pm each night he gets fussy and then we know it’s time for his bath and bedtime routine. Other than that, he’s happy as long as he’s getting attention… ATTENTION. Key word! I think that’s been the biggest difference since his 4th month update. He has “woken up” as they say and it isn’t as easy to just set him down and get things done. He wants to play!


He likes reading books, splashing in the bath/pool, looking at his furry brother, eating (but not from bottles – UGH), cuddling (he sleeps the best when he is in our bed), laughing, and being held by Mom or Dad. He prefers me and sometimes he will cry until I pick him up, even if someone else is holding him. That’s fun… but it is a mom perk I guess! Babies always want their mamas.

We have transitioned him to his crib and it’s going okay. We had to move him out of his bassinet and take him out of his swaddle at the same time (he’s rolling over and pushing himself up on his hands/feet so he can’t be in his bassinet or a swaddle safely any longer) which has made the transition a bit difficult for the little dude. As much as I don’t like sharing a bed with him, we’ve caved a few nights at 4:30am and put him in the middle far away from pillows and sheets (and us) and he sleeps SO much better when he knows we are nearby. We have a king sized bed so thankfully we have lots of space. I don’t want to get in the habit of bed sharing but sometimes you just need sleep. I think my fellow parents will agree. He still wears his little alarm on his diaper so we would be alerted if something went wrong while he was with us.

He’s starting to sit up on his own as well. He sits like a gorilla with his hands on the ground and his body leaning forward. It’s pretty funny. He can’t crawl forward yet but he can crawl backward if that makes any sense. He’ll push himself around and get frustrated that he isn’t getting any closer to his toys, haha!

We think that he is also teething as he is gnawing on his hands and putting anything he can get his hands on in his mouth. No teethies yet but soon! Maybe he’ll start sleeping then – Fingers crossed!

Other than that, he’s still our sweet little Deanie. If any mama’s out there have any bottle recommendations, I’d love to hear them! (I have a few recommendations from friends, I just don’t want to spend a ton on a variety of bottle brands to not have them work…) It’s hard to leave him with a sitter when we know he won’t eat if he’s hungry while we are out.


I took some close-ups of his face for this month’s update. I should have taken these each month to see how he’s changing… Better late than never!

Happy 5 months, Dean. Can’t wait for all of your 6 month milestones!

Dean Axel – Four Month Update

Four months? That’s crazy talk! We just arrived home from Dean’s four-month well baby appointment so it’s time for me to type up a little update on our dude.


You can find his previous updates here:

Let’s start off with his physical stats…

  • Length: 24.5 inches – +2.5 inches from his 2-month check-up
  • Weight: 13 pounds 8 ounces – + 1 pounds from his 2-month check-up
  • Head circumference: 16 inches – + 1 inch from his 2-month check-up

He’s a shrimp but totally normal, especially since neither Kyle or myself are “big” people… AKA we’re also shorties ;)



  • Being swaddled for sleep at night, we tried unswaddled one night… It didn’t go well!
  • Eating – But only sometimes from a bottle, I like to give Dad a hard time when he feeds me.
  • Paci’s – Mom found some cool glow-in-the-dark ones and she loves ’em at night!
  • Smiling and laughing and talking with everyone, I’m a flirt.
  • Reading books and looking at the pretty pictures.
  • Being outside, as long as it isn’t too hot.
  • Bathtime – I love kicking up a storm in my whale tub.
  • Naked dancin’ – Mom lets me stand in front of the mirror and dance before bathtime, I think it’s hilarious!
  • Going on walks in my new stroller (We got this supportive umbrella stroller for Chicago and we love it – Super easy to use and travel with on a plane/in a car!)
  • Superman’s during tummy time.
  • Hearing my name, I look at Mom and Dad with wide eyes and smile when they say “Dean”
  • Standing and walking while Mom or Dad hold me up, it is fun to bounce on my feet!
  • Sucking my thumb. I’m working on getting just my thumb and not 3 fingers along with it.
  • Being carried in the Baby Bjorn or by Mom.
  • Sleep, I’m sleeping 11-12 hours per night and taking a few naps per day.
  • Belly kisses and tickles – They make me chuckle and laugh!



  • Being hungry
  • Bottles – Only sometimes (still exclusively breastfeeding, just trying to give him a few pumped bottles per week to make sure he’ll continue taking them)… Particularly when Mom is gone and Dad is trying to feed me. Then I’d just rather give him a hard time and scream for 30 minutes until Mom gets home to feed me ;)
  • My car seat – That thing restricts my movement and unless I’m sleepy, forget about it!
  • Having my fingernails cut



  • No visitors this month, but WE visited Chicago! Dean got to meet a lot of great aunts/uncles, friends, and his Uncle Seth!

Places I’ve been:


  • Deany Beany
  • Dean man
  • Sleepy man, Hungry man, Whiny man, Stink man <– any word followed by “man” ;)


It seems like we’ve experienced a lot of developmental changes over the past month! I read somewhere that between 4 and 6 months, even MORE changes so I’m sure my next two updates will be just as fun.

Dean recognizes his name now (at least we think…) which is exciting. We say “Dean” and he’ll turn his head to look at us or wrinkle his forehead and give us round eyes or smile, all signs that he understands that is what he is called. It’s cute and fun to know he is learning!

Dean also improved his hand-eye coordination (if such a thing exists at 3-4 months, ha!) over the past month. He can hold and grab for things now, although it requires a bit of thinking and focus on his part, and pull them to his mouth, shake them, gaze intently at them. He tends to grab first with his left hand so we are thinking he might be a leftie! Only time will tell.

He’s sleeping like a champ – except for when we were in Chicago, that was rough and I ended up coming down with a cold/chest cough thing because I didn’t sleep nearly enough with him being up/needing to be held every morning at 3-6am. Thankfully, he got back to his 11-12 hours/night schedule after one night of being back at home. Phew! We still swaddle him in his Halo Sleep Sacks at night and he is still in his bassinet in our room. Once he starts rolling over, we’ll transition him to his crib in his own room – Probably around 6 months I’m guessing.

He loves being “on the move” or just moving in general since he can’t really roam around yet ;) He is always kicking, standing, talking, flailing his arms – Never a dull moment with this one! He’ll stand at the back of our sofa when Kyle props him up. I’m not sure I like this “fun” boy time, his dad is going to turn him into a climber if I’m not careful. But he loves standing and jumping and walking and turning himself in a circle during tummy time so it’s only a matter of time (and strength) before he starts moving himself. I better enjoy this sedentary time while it lasts!

We are thankful that he is generally a happy baby. He had a few moments while we were in Chicago but didn’t shed one tear during his welcome brunch as he was passed from person to person (40ish people attended!). He’s a pretty laid back dude – he gets that from his dad for certain, and is always happy unless he’s overly hungry or tired. And I don’t let either of those happen if I can prevent it. If he does get fussy, it tends to be with someone other than me… And then I pick him up and he’s fine and smiling again. There is just something about Mom, am I right?

At 3 months, Dean started attending the YMCA Child Watch while I teach and workout during the week and OH MY GOODNESS has that been a lifesaver. It’s amazing what an hour or two alone can do for the soul, LOL. I was a bit nervous the first few weeks I left him there (That’s totally normal, right?!), and just did super quick workouts to get back to him as quickly as possible. Now, I leave him almost for the full, 2-hour daily time limit, hahahahaha. Gotta get my time in ;) The childcare employees are amazing with infants and he is always either sleeping or being held when I come back down. He’s spoiled during his gym time!

We also started attending a “Mother Goose” storytime at our library and a MOPS group this past month. The storytime is great – We sing nursery rhymes for 20 minutes and practice clapping and bouncing. Dean loved it and smiled the entire time before falling asleep. I’ve only been to one MOPS group so far but everyone was super welcoming, the breakfast was AH-MAZ-ING and I can’t wait to meet more local moms in Naples.

The only “issue” we’ve had to deal with so far is some sensitive skin issues. I’ll do a post on this in the near future (I have some good tips to share when it comes to what has worked for us), but it turns out Dean has Baby Eczema. It is a lot more common than I thought and he’s not actually allergic to anything, his skin is just a bit more sensitive at this stage. (Most kids grow out of it before the age of 4 or 5) It’s been a pain in the butt to figure out, to be honest, but we finally have his rash under control and seemed to eliminate whatever had been triggering his skin reaction. Fingers crossed! Thankfully, it didn’t seem to itch/hurt/bother him at all, it was just a bit unsightly.

It was a great month and we are looking forward to a few fun things over Month 5 – A trip to Key West, FALL weather, and spending more time with other kiddos in Naples.

Daily Ramble #16

We made it!

We survived our first flight with a baby. Well, actually our first TWO flights as we had to make an unexpected pit stop in Indianapolis to refuel. 

Yeah. Big error on United’s part there.

Dean only fussed once and stopped after a few seconds so I don’t think we were “those” parents on the plane. At least I hope not.

While it wasn’t as traumatizing as I had expected, my days of having forced me time at 30,000 feet are now long gone. Between feeding and playing and holding and all that stuff you gotta do with a baby, my 2.5 hours (I guess 5 if you count our stop…) in the air were not filled with blogging and a glass of wine.


Ah well, I think Dean’s worth it ;)  

Must-have splurges for your new baby

I’m all about saving money when it comes to purchasing baby items, especially the ones that won’t be used for long. (Did you catch my post on what I recommend skipping prior to the birth of your new baby?)

However, there are a few pieces that I knew we would “splurge” on for Baby Dean. Most of them involve safety because as a mom, I want to know that I am making Dean’s environment as safe as possible.


1. Snuza Hero – We actually just received this device a few days ago after a recommendation from a friend. I think it is fairly common for new moms to wake up to make sure that their baby is breathing multiple times throughout the night… or maybe it is just me ;) Regardless, the Snuza Hero takes some of the worry away which allows for Mom to grab a few more minutes of shut eye. It easily clips onto the front of your baby’s diaper and senses motion. If for some reason, there is no movement (aka – breathing) detected for 15 seconds, the Hero will vibrate. If there is still no movement after the vibration, an alarm will sound to alert Mom and Dad (or another caretaker) of a potential issue. There are multiple types of these devices on the market, but what I loved about the Snuza Hero is that it is easily transportable and simple to use. Approximate retail: $120

2. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat – When it came to car seats, Kyle and I were clueless. After some advice from friends and reading multiple safety reviews, we decided to purchase the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat for Dean. While I’m sure any car seat on the market that you decide to purchase for your little one is safe, as a parent you want to make sure that the car seat you use is new and is up-to-date on all of the newest safety features and standards. I’m guessing using a car seat multiple times for your own children is a-okay, but I would be cautious about purchasing a used car seat from a garage sale or online market where you do not know the full history of the item. Safety first! We also spent extra to have a car seat base in each of our cars. It allowed each of us to have our car seat installed and inspected by a “professional” and not have to move one base depending upon who would be driving with Dean. Approximate retail: $200; Additional bases: $85

3. Diaper Bag – Call this “splurge” what you want, but I knew that if I was going to be carrying a diaper bag around for at least 2 years, I wanted to have something stylish and more purse-like than baby-like. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, right? In terms of a diaper bag, you do want to make sure the bag you have is sturdy (it goes everywhere with you), is easy to clean (babies are messy), and can carry everything! I went with the Marc by Marc Preppy Nylon Eliza A Baby Diaper Bag in gray and I LOVE it. It has enough compartments to store diapers and bottles and wipes and toys and pacis and everything else a mom might need. A few of my girlfriends actually carry this bag as their work/laptop bag so I think it’s pretty fashionable as well as functional. Approximate retail (for this specific bag): $348

4. Halo SleepSack Swaddle – I may be the only mom out there that is terrified of swaddling. The nurses in the hospital were experts. Their blankets were wrapped tight around Dean and I knew they wouldn’t come undone by a squirming infant. Mine on the other hand? Not so much. While I understand the basics of swaddling, I had no desire to swaddle a baby with a blanket multiple times throughout the night. The thought of the blanket coming lose and increasing the risk of suffocation made me really nervous. Plus, I was too tired to attempt a swaddle job at all hours of the day. At our birthing class, the L&D nurse recommended Halo SleepSack Swaddles and I’m so glad she did! These make swaddling a breeze and alleviate any “lose blanket” fears. We actually just ordered two more in a larger size since Dean likes them so much. The SleepSacks allow for safe sleeping and you can quickly and easily swaddle your baby with arms in or out, making nighttime feedings and diaper changes much less stressful (at least for me!). Approximate retail: $25 <– not necessarily a splurge but pricier than a swaddle blanket.

Obviously, this is what worked best for us so figure out what is best for your baby and your budget. Let me know what splurges you have found to be necessary for new babies!

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