Blend – The final recap

Since I recapped our awesome sponsors and eats from Blend earlier this week, today is all about what my fabulous fellow bloggers and I did while in Utah!

Let’s start from the beginning…

Thursday began bright and early with a wake-up call from my Orlando hotel at 4am (I was traveling for work earlier in the week) – after almost throwing a mini-tantrum out of exhaustion, I jumped out of bed, threw on some workout gear and headed downstairs to catch my ride to the airport.

Orlando –> Houston –> SLC

My flight landed just before Lindsay’s so I decided to be super creepy, find her gate and greet her with a big hug as soon as she landed! We met Alyssa, who was kind enough to pick us up from the airport, and we were off to our SLC hotel. After our other Thursday night roomies arrived at the hotel, the girls went out to lunch. I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the airport and had some work to finish up so I stayed back at the hotel.

photo 1 (4)

Since it was a gorgeous day in SLC, before dinner we took a lovely (although quite hot…) walk around downtown and explored Temple Square. It had the most beautiful city gardens I had ever seen!

Next up was happy hour and dinner that I told y’all about yesterday :)

photo 3

Since we had all been up for around 24 hours, once dinner was over we immediately crashed in our beds. I had the pleasure of sharing a bed with Lindsay on Thursday night. As an FYI, she hums while sleeping, hehehehe!

I kicked off Friday morning with an early 5k run! Let me tell you, going from sea-level to mountain elevation is no joke. I thought I was going to die during the first mile but managed to push through. I strategically ended my run near a Starbucks… the promise of iced coffee will get me through almost anything ;)

photo 2 (4)

After packing up, we were on our way to Park City!


First on the agenda – SWAG! I didn’t get a photo showing the generosity of our sponsors, so I’m stealing this one from Julie – thanks girl! As I said earlier this week, our sponsors were incredibly generous and because I’ve yet to go grocery shopping this week, I’ve been living off of my Blend swag since Monday.

photo 3 (3)

The rest of the afternoon involved the pool, beer, snack time and getting ready for the cocktail party! I loved spending the afternoon getting to know all of the lovely ladies attending the retreat – they truly are the best.

Dinner followed the cocktail party and then we attempted to watch Frozen before realizing there was no way we’d stay awake through the entire film. We made it to “Let It Go” (<– best part of the movie, IMHO) and then headed back to our room to fall asleep.

photo 5 (4)

I also managed to do a little online shopping Friday night (surprise, surprise) while watching Frozen – multitasking at its finest ;) Ashley gave us all coupons for Fabletics so I decided to try out an outfit I had been eyeing for quite some time. It arrives next week and I’m PUMPED to finally try Fabletics. To save $$ on your first purchase, here’s my referral link.

photo 4 (4)

Lindsay and I showing off our Fabletics headbands.

photo 2

Saturday morning kicked off with a killer workout sponsored by Onnit. It was all based on body weight, functional movements and I was sore until Tuesday night – no joke! Again, I blame the elevation… ;) (Thanks to Heather for catching Katie and I in some mid-burpee action above!)

photo 1 (5)

Thank goodness we had Spark to fuel us through the weekend – It’s a long story, but I actually had AdvoCare shipped to our hotel in SLC. Desperate times (aka running out of Spark!) call for desperate measures, hehe!

photo 2

Following breakfast, we hit the mountain trails for a hike thanks to Organic Valley. The hike – minus the terrifying gondola ride up the mountain, yikes! – was my favorite part of the retreat. Along with the gorgeous views, the fresh air and mountain hiking was the perfect way to reset my crazy, city-life soul.

photo 4 (5)

photo 3

Post-hike came more pool time and snack time and beer time… When in Rome Park City! And then it was time for a night out on the town!

photo 4

Dinner and drinks and dancing happened on Saturday night. I’d love to share more details post-dinner, but because Lindsay made me pinky promise to keep her shenanigans a secret and what happens in Park City stays in Park City, I’ll have to leave you guessing ;)


No workouts happened for my roomies and I Sunday morning – we were exhausted and sore from Saturday’s workout. Instead we decided to grab some Green Mountain coffee and take a walk around the resort.


After breakfast and the closing ceremony – where I won 2 jars of Nuttzo (heck yes!), it was time to figure out how to pack my week’s worth of apparel and swag and head to the airport. I have never been so happy to fly SouthWest and get 2 free checked bags.

photo 5 (5)

Alyssa was again so so so kind and drove a group of us gals to the airport where we begrudgingly said our goodbyes. Linds and I had some extra time so we hung out, blogged, laughed about the weekend before I flew back with Katie to Chicago.

It was, just like last year, one of the best weekends I have ever had. I love my blends and as corny as this sounds, I am thankful every single day for starting my little place in the blogosphere. Without it, I would have never met these beautiful, smart and driven women that I am blessed to call friends.

Who’s coming to Blend 2015?! It’s in Boulder and I CANNOT wait!

Do you prefer the mountains or the beach? Until this past weekend, I honestly would have said beach. However, there is something so peaceful about the mountains and if I had to choose, I would pick living in the mountains over living on a beach.

#39 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Are y’all ready for the start of the Blend 2014 recaps? I hope so because there are going to be quite a few ;)

I’m so excited to share my fun weekend in Park City and today, since it’s Treat Yourself Tuesday, I’m going to share how the awesome sponsors treated us at Blend!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you’re new to TYT, head over here to read about why I am a supporter and advocate for treating ourselves – even in the smallest of ways – everyday! I promise you will fall in love with the idea and once you do, please link up below :)

Before I jump in, I have a quick caveat – There were A TON of fabulous sponsors at Blend but today I’m only going to share my favorites. I don’t even want to think about how long this post would be if I included all sponsors!

photo 5

Sizzlefish  sponsored our Friday evening cocktail hour and provided the most delicious salmon appetizer for us to snack on before dinner. Sizzlefish is an online fish distributor that ships frozen fish right to your doorstep. The fish is packaged in convenient 4-ounce portions making it the perfect option for a quick, protein-packed, healthy dinner. You can check out their variety of fish selections here. I haven’t ordered any fish from Sizzlefish yet (I’m still catching up on my sleep in all of my free time!), but plan on ordering some salmon and scallops ASAP. Their prices are super reasonable and I can’t argue with having fresh seafood delivered straight to my door!

photo 3 (1)

Camelbak was one of the sponsors for our Saturday morning hike that turned out to be quite treacherous (more details on that to come!) After our killer workout and delicious breakfast on Saturday, we returned to our rooms to find more amazing SWAG courtesy of Camelbak – A water filter and a water bottle for the hike! I have never used Camelbak products before and already love the bottle and can’t wait to try out my new water filter!

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

Quest Nutrition is freakin’ awesome, but I’m pretty sure y’all already knew that! If you haven’t tried their amazing products, they need to be at the top of your next grocery list. They sponsored our Saturday breakfast and gave us ridiculously awesome swag. Not only did we each get a variety pack of Quest Bars plus a Quest Peanut Butter Cup (that’s already gone… oops, hehe!), they are shipping each of us a box of their new Cookies ‘n Cream flavor. Heck yes!  It was also mentioned that they’re coming out with some NEW products later this year – I’m so excited to find out what’s in store.

photo 4 (2)

Organic Valley was also a sponsor of our Saturday morning hike. If you know anything about me, you know I try to purchase organic food when possible. Organic Valley offers great organic options for my dairy and egg purchases and I’m excited to announce that I won 6 months worth of free Organic Valley products by posting the photo above during our hike. I’d like to think I won because of my muscles… they were scared I’d beat them up if I didn’t win, haha ;) I kid, I kid… Anyways, Organic Valley just released a new line of organic protein milk. Typically, I’m not a huge proponent of protein drinks (Here in America we get more than enough protein in our day-to-day diets.), but I must admit that their milk is pretty darn delicious and I am certain Kyle is going to drink all of the samples I received.


Nuttzo is a nut butter that I had not tried before this weekend. Their nut butters are fabulous but just slightly above my price range so I was super pumped to get a bunch of 1 oz samples and to win 2 full jars at our closing ceremony! I haven’t broken into my jars yet – I have both the creamy original and the chocolate to try, but I’ll make sure to report back on their level of deliciousness once I do.

As a side note, the TSA inspected my checked bag that was full of my Blend swag. I’m fairly certain they were jealous of my goodies and needed to see everything they missed out on ;) Once I saw their note inside my bag, I performed an inventory check to make sure they didn’t seal my Nuttzo, Quest Bars or any of my other swag!

photo (1)

Oiselle (pronounced “wah-sell” <– I didn’t know this until Blend!) sponsored our Friday afternoon run that I didn’t attend. #wompwomp In all fairness, I did run in Salt Lake City on Friday morning and didn’t want to risk twisting my ankle the weekend before the start of my marathon training. Regardless, I heard the run was super fun and we all got awesome running t-shirts from Oiselle. The fabric is crazy soft and I can’t wait to do a little online shopping (#treatyoself!) and add to my marathon training gear with some goodies from Oiselle!

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How did you treat yourself this week? If you attended Blend, what was your favorite, “treat yourself” part of the weekend?

Shout out from SLC

It’s always sad to say goodbye.

photo 2

Blend 2014 was just as fun as Blend 2013 and I can’t wait to recap it for y’all! But for now, I’m enjoying my last few minutes with Lindsay at the airport before our flights depart.

photo 1

I’ll be typing up a few of my Blend recaps on the flight home and have so much to share – everything from our awesome sponsors to our workouts and hike to our eats to the amazing swag to Saturday night.

photo 3

Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to read about!

photo 4

And also, before I sign off, a big congrats to Jackie who became engaged to her boyfriend this weekend! xo

Blend 2014

It seems like yesterday that I was attending Blend for the first time last May.


I had never met anyone attending in person, but knew I would immediately click with these two girls.

And boy was I ever right on that one. I cannot imagine my life without them and all of my other blogging friends (“blends”).


Moving on now… since I’m getting a tad emotional typing this… I’m more than excited for Blend 2014 and it starts TODAY!!

Get ready for some fun hashtag action on Instagram and Twitter because we’re going to have a blast and a half plus a bit o’ wine ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

Confessions, Part VI

It’s been quite some time since I confessed my deepest and darkest secrets to y’all so how ’bout some confessions today?! I’m also linking up with Ms. Amanda for her Thinking Out Loud series :)

1. I still cannot believe I did this yesterday. It’s official… I’ve gone mad. More details coming tomorrow!

chicago marathon

2. With every change Facebook makes, I hate it more and more. Seriously, stop sorting my news feed in a weird order so I read the same posts OVER and OVER. If it weren’t for the easy connections, my account would be gone long ago…

3. My friends are coming to visit next weekend and I’m SO EXCITED!! {I just can’t hide it…} We have so much to do in only a weekend which means I better get to planning ASAP! P.S. The 3 of them are in this photo – Bonus points if you can point them out!

4. I bought my plane ticket to Blend yesterday! The plan is to get into Salt Lake City a little early so I can be a little tourist with my girls before Blend. I’m so pumped! Is it June yet?!

5. In the last few weeks, I have had four people (none of whom know each other) tell me that I am going to make a cute, pregnant woman. Are they trying to tell me something? Is it my pheromones? Do I look pregnant? Am I pregnant? <– NO.

But really, what’s all this baby talk as of late?!

6. I have been having major winery cravings lately. I would love to get to Napa ASAP but since that probably won’t happen, I need to find some local wineries to visit. Does anyone know of any wineries in the Chicago area?


I guess I don’t have many confessions for you today… Next time I promise more juicy details ;)

Your turn, tell me a confession!

Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh I wanna take you…

I started writing a post about the resort that Kyle and I stayed at in Jamaica but was feeling incredibly unmotivated. The resort was INCREDIBLE and it deserves a proper and super excited post so instead of writing about Jamaica today…

photo 4 (43)

I’m announcing…

I'm Attending Blend


I’m PUMPED to be attending for my second year in a row and am even more excited to be sharing a room with Lindsay and Kim!

And I promise, more details of Jamaica are to come… once I find my post-vacation blogging motivation ;)

What would YOU be doing?

I’ve been thinking recently. I’ve been thinking about how much blogging has impacted my life.

When I talk to my friends and family outside of the blogosphere about blogging and its influence on my life, they just don’t get it.

I get reactions like:

“Oh, you’re talking about your blogging friends. They aren’t really real friends, right?”

“You spent your evening blogging? What are you, antisocial?”

“How do you make time for blogging? Don’t you feel like you should be doing something better with your time?”

Well, my friends, I have a question for you today. It is a question I’ve been circulating around in my head a lot lately…

What would YOU be doing if you weren’t reading this blog right now? What would YOU be doing if you never took that leap of faith and started a blog of your own?

I can’t say with 100% certainty what I would be doing but I know what I would not be doing.

I would not be spending time with Katie and Melanie on Saturday, learning about a new-to-us winery and improving our blogs together.

I would not have the absolutely incredible support system that I have found through ONW and my fellow bloggers. For you non-bloggers out there, this probably doesn’t make sense and my words probably aren’t going to convince you otherwise but I’m going to do my best. For example, let’s say I have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (quick – what book is this??!) and I tweet about it. Within minutes – sometimes seconds – I get multiple response tweets, an email and a few texts making sure I’m okay. Some of these women I have never met in person before but they care. They understand. They want to make sure that whatever was bothering me – whether it be a bad run or the guilt of eating too much or just a bad day at work – has passed and that I am now okay and back to the normal me. This, this is real friendship. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never met. It doesn’t matter that we live across the country or across the world from one another. We are there for each other, we care and we worry when a fellow blogger – a friend – takes a leave of absence. This is what real friends do.

I would not have had the opportunity to meet over 100 amazing and inspiring women and bloggers at Blend last month. Seriously, this experience still causes emotions I never expected to surface. To be honest, when I started ONW this past November, I idolized bloggers like Tina and Lindsay and Elle and wanted to be just like them (I guess it never hurts to shoot for the stars, right??! ;) ). I never once, however, thought that I would make some of the best friends I have ever met, or not met! It was through Blend that I had the opportunity to meet Amanda and, although I made an awful first impression (I’m still sorry about that girl, you WILL make friends in MN!), she is moving to my city TODAY and I can’t be more excited to become better friends with her!

I would not be making my first trip to Napa Valley in July – a vacation of my DREAMS! – with Katie and Carly. I’m so gosh darn excited about this weekend, I am going to start packing tomorrow! Just kidding… kind of ;)

I would most likely not be running my first ever marathon in Long Beach, California this October. Running bloggers are inspiring and supportive and, to put it plain and simple, they’re just good, honest people. Cori is an absolute inspiration and an amazing woman, even though she doesn’t like olives OR wine. I look forward to her posts daily – comical, entertaining, full of spunk and character and dedication and love.

I would not be getting certified in a field that has been my passion for so many years. (I still owe you guys a post on this after my Instagram photo a few days ago!) — More to come next week!

I would not be connecting with all of you – my amazing, wonderful, beautiful readers! Seriously, I love you all so much. Your comments, words of encouragement and random pieces of advice make my days. I wouldn’t have ONW without YOU. So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

You see, I have so many wonderful things in my life now because of blogging, it is hard for me to even contemplate what my life would be like without my little piece of the blogosphere.

I thank God everyday for giving me the courage to start ONW. I honestly don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing without it.

So, to anyone who asks me why or judges me or criticizes me for blogging, I challenge you to start a blog. Start a blog and then, after a few months, let’s chat again. I guarantee you will have changed your mind.

If you’re a blogger, why do YOU blog? If you’re a reader, why do YOU read blogs? What has been the most surprising and/or life-changing thing you’ve experienced because of the blogosphere?

The Perfect Headband

Hello lovers! Happy Friday! – and the Friday of Memorial Day weekend at that!

(Image Source)

What are your plans for the long weekend? Are you doing anything fun? Please share so I can live vicariously through you!

I am planning on lying low – I am still beat from Blend, apparently I don’t recover from all-nighters as quickly as I use to – and doing a lot of healthy eating and running and yoga-ing.

I’ll be back with my final Blend post later this weekend – I can’t wait to thank all of the amazing Blend sponsors by showin’ off my swag and to tell you a little more about what I ate over the weekend – as a little preview, I had a lot of protein and wine and beer and vodka ;)

Okay, since this is Friday and my 2nd favorite day of the week, I have a little treat for you!

My friend Danielle, who blogs over at Truffles ‘n’ Treadmills (remember the guest post she did for me while I was off drinkin’ Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby??) has started making no-slip headbands!

I can never have enough headbands so when she announced her new business, I ordered one right away! I chose the Sunshine Yellow chevron design and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

(Image Source)

Sadly, I don’t have any photos of myself wearing it. I wore it on the way home from SLC last weekend but I looked like shiz never look my best when traveling so I decided to spare you the pain of my travel photos and just use Danielle’s.

Anyways, Danielle’s headbands seriously DO NOT SLIP. Mine stayed in place the entire time I was in the airport and on the plane AND lugging my 5 tons of swag home from the airport via train and a treacherous, rainy walk. Nothing short of a miracle I tell ya.

Plus, who doesn’t love headbands, especially if they’re as cute and fashionable and functional as Danielle’s?

She’s offering an awesome deal now through the end of May – $2 off a headband! – so head on over and check out her super cute headbands!


Seriously now, what are you plans for the weekend??!

BLEND Recap – Part 3 – Sunday!

Sunday was sad. Us “blenders” were exhausted (at least those of us who stayed up past our normal bedtimes…) and we knew we had to go back home, to our real lives but none of us wanted to. Not at all.

If you haven’t caught up on my weekend at Blend in Park City, Utah yet, check out my recaps of Friday and Saturday first!

Sunday morning started with another 7am bootcamp led by GPP Fitness. Unfortunately, due to my exhaustion and extremely sore muscles from Saturday’s bootcamp (seriously y’all, they STILL hurt!), I skipped the workout. To be honest, I haven’t worked out since Blend. Oops ;) I’ll get back on track with a yoga class later today, I promise!

Although we didn’t make it downstairs to burn off the beer and vodka from Saturday night, Carly, Katie and I managed to pull ourselves together for breakfast. Priorities!

Upon getting out of bed, I saw some remnants of Saturday night which made me smile. Who wants some mountain air-chilled vino?

photo (80)

Sunday’s breakfast was sponsored by Chobani and it definitely did not disappoint! Along with Chobani yogurt, there were also pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies and an omelet bar! Just what we needed after a late Saturday night.

photo (81)

Carly, Katie, Brittney (The Laughing Cow representative!), Sara, Nicole and I enjoyed quite a few laughs over breakfast while recapping Saturday night. Morning after a night out conversations are always the best!

After breakfast, it was time to finish packing. Let me tell ya, fitting 500 pounds of protein bars and drinks and other swag into a duffel bag takes some muscles and creativity! Thankfully, I had a free checked bag through Delta and they didn’t charge me for going over the weight limit.

photo (82)

We had one final “event” remaining for the Blend weekend – A closing ceremony and raffle ticket drawing for MORE prizes. Yes, there was even more swag to give away!!

I won a prize pack from Onnit Labs – Onnit specializes in hemp protein products (they sponsored our snack break on Saturday, remember?) and I was super pumped to win this package!

photo (83)

Next came the saddest part of the weekend, saying goodbye to everyone. Who ever thought I would make such great bonds with some amazing women in a 2-day time frame?

photo (85)


photo (79)

We all drug our super heavy luggage down to the lobby, enjoyed one last view from the gorgeous hotel and of the Hyatt Escala’s gorgeous staff (we couldn’t help ourselves… ;) ) and gave everyone hugs before loading up our rental car and heading to the airport to all go our separate ways.

photo (84)

I cannot express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to attend Blend and meet so many inspiring, smart and beautiful women who I know I will stay in touch with my entire life! I get a little teary-eyed reminiscing about the weekend but am excited to already be planning a reunion with Katie and Carly (and hopefully a few others!) in Napa Valley and San Francisco this July!! We’re already deep in planning mode – look out California, you aren’t going to know what hit ya ;)

And maybe, if Park City is lucky… Carly, Katie and I will be back for a ski trip this winter. Who wants to join?

Have you been to Napa Valley or San Francisco? What should be at the top of my list to visit while I’m there? Any wineries I simply can’t miss?

BLEND Recap – Part 2 – Saturday!

I apologize for the delay in this post – I typically like to have my posts up bright and early in the morning but Blend seriously took it out of me! Last night I came home from work, slept for 2 hours, woke up for dinner and then went straight back to bed. I was super fun last night ;)

Okay, so Saturday at Blend! I’m going to warn you in advance – this post is LONG. It is difficult to fit an amazing 24 hours into one recap. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I think I was awake for at least 24 hours on Saturday…

I never sleep well in a new place and Friday night was no different. I’m guessing I got about 4ish hours of sleep on Friday night – combined with my 6 hours on Thursday night, I was TIRED when I woke up bright and early Saturday morning!

I woke up about an hour before our boot camp was scheduled so I headed downstairs to grab some coffee and eat a banana to fuel my tired self. I had the chance to meet some of the other bloggers who are also early risers and we chatted and then headed to our boot camp workout at 7am!


Our workout was led by GPP Fitness – go check out their site, they’re amazing! – and it kicked my booty. I’m blamin’ the altitude… it is not easy to get your sweat on at 7,500+ feet above sea level if you’re not accustomed to the lack of oxygen!

Anyways, our workout began with 10m sprints but the key to the sprints was to start out as fast as you can and be completely stopped by the 10m line. Let’s just say that my quads are STILL burning and it is 5 days post workout. After the killer sprints, we did the Biggest Loser’s Deck of Cards workout. Burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and squats = a painfully phenomenal sweat session!


After we were all thoroughly drenched in sweat, we headed to breakfast which consisted of an amazing spread sponsored by The Laughing Cow and Muesli Fusion. YUM, yum! More details on breakfast will be coming your way in my food recap post :)

Following breakfast, Carly and I swung by the front desk (with all of the attractive men working there we didn’t really need an excuse to make conversation…) to see if we could swing a room upgrade. Unfortunately, the suite next to us was booked BUT we may have been able to score a sweet {suite} deal – I’d share the details but the guy at the front desk (AKA: #scottietoohottie) told us we couldn’t tell anyone.

Apparently Carly and I are either brilliant negotiators or just plain awesome. I’m going with the latter ;)

Since it was rainy and chilly on Saturday, we had two options for our next activity of the day – a hike or a zumba class! I had never tried a zumba class before but NEVER get to go hiking (Minnesota isn’t known for its gorgeous mountains…) so I decided to join along with the hike sponsored by ProBar!

Photo Courtesy of De

The views from the hike were absolutely incredible. Park City was just beginning to turn green and it was amazing to look down from our hike and see spring everywhere!

I had great conversations (while trying not to fall off of the edge of the mountain…) with Carly, Katie, Kate, De, Ashley, Kim and many others wonderful bloggers over our 5 miles hike. Seriously, all of the girls that attended Blend are incredible! It was an honor to spend time with all of them :)


Photo Courtesy of Carly


Since it was rainy on Saturday, the hike was MUDDY! Thankfully I brought a second pair of old shoes that I threw away after our hike. There was no way those were going into my suitcase looking like that!


Next on the agenda was getting cleaned up and scrubbing all of the mud off of our bods! Beautiful and mud-free, Katie, Carly and I headed down to snack break which was sponsored by Onnit! We had some delicious nut butters on rice cakes along with a chocolate hemp protein shake. It was much needed after our workout and hike!

We also had the chance to meet Miss USA – She’s adorable and edgy and awesome and we loved spending time with her!


Photo Courtesy of Carly

After our snack break – and yes, we eat as much as preschoolers – a group of us decided to head to downtown Park City for some shopping before dinner and drinks!


Photo Courtesy of Carly – Yep, I’m pretty much stealing all of her photos…

As you all know, I am not known to pass up a shopping opportunity and I bought this jacket at a cute little boutique!


Notice Carly creepin’ in the background??! ;)

After our shopping spree, we checked out a bunch of different restaurant menus and settled on Wasatch Brew Pub. The food and drinks were amazing and our server was super efficient for dealing with a huge group of women!

The group shared guacamole and chips along with a Mediterranean plate for an appetizer and then Carly and I split a black bean burger with sweet potato fries for dinner. I also enjoyed a few beers, one of which the server felt the need to warn me about. Apparently I don’t look like I can handle a double IPA ;)


Photo Courtesy of Carly

When our bellies were full, it was time to hit the town for a girls’ night out! We knew we wanted to end up at No Name Saloon at some point in the night but started out at O’Shucks. O’Shucks is an absolute dive bar but it was fun to hang out and have mega girl talk over tiny vodka gimlets (right, Sara??!) and Katie’s HUGE beer!

Photo Courtesy of De


Photo Courtesy of Carly

I apparently decided to take no photos between dinner and arriving back at the hotel. #bloggerfail

I can assure you No Name was an awesome time as was our evening post-bars. Carly has an awesome recap – the girl seriously remember everything, even after 22 lemon drops! – and a lot more photos of our time at the bars so head on over to her post for more details!

We somehow managed to get a free ride back to the hotel thanks to #scottietoohottie.

Yep, it happened. Don’t be too jealous ;)

And, as Carly puts it we “managed to occupy ourselves for the rest of the night.”

This is the point where my Saturday night story ends… What happens in Park City, stays in Park City ;)

What bloggers do you recognize in this post? Have I convinced you to join me at BLEND next year??!

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