Weekending – Naples fun!

Good morning! How was your weekend? It sure went by quickly here in Naples.

How about a little photo recap?

Starting with Thursday… A little pre-weekend fun. We had quite a few friends visiting Naples this weekend for an AdvoCare incentive trip. Everyone came over on Thursday night – super fun to have everyone in one room!

Friday night happy hour for group fitness managers = Pumping up fitness balls, LOL. Dean LOVED it!

Kyle has been begging for a new TV for months (years?) – I told him if he mounted it to the wall, he could get a new one. Still no new TV but I think it will be in our  near future.

BODYPUMP on Friday with my Advo-friends! So much fun :)

Saturday AM trip to the best farmer’s market in Naples – I had my first acai bowl. YUMM!!

Then some time at the Naples Pier beach since we were so close.

A short (and hot!) run and bootcamp…

Family fun at the children’s museum! Dean had a blast.

Go horsies!

I ordered some new-to-me protein bars – So far, so good! I tried the chocolate brownie flavor yesterday and had the birthday cake flavor for breakfast this morning. YUM!

Dean and I checked out a new restaurant in Naples that friends have been RAVING about… McAlister’s Deli. Yup, it’s good!

And that’s a weekend wrap – We also hit up the dog park, went on lotsa walks, made a few Target trips, and mixed up some peanut butter pie :)

We also received a preview of a few of Dean’s one year photos. He was NOT cooperating that day but I can’t wait to see the rest!

Best part about your weekend?? Go!

My Current Top 5 FAVORITE workouts!

I’m quite thankful that I work in a fantastic gym and have the opportunity to try out new fitness classes and workouts all day everyday. Okay, maybe not ALL day, but you know what I mean ;)

It’s fun to stay on top of the fitness trends and chat with professionals in the industry about the up and coming fitness trends. While fitness fads can be fun and it is important to continually change up your workout routine to progress your fitness goals, I find it interesting that almost everyone has a favorite workout they go back to time and time again.

In the spirit of those favorite workouts, I am going to share my current five favorites today. These are the workouts I’m currently LOVING and going back to time and time again.

Hard Core. Nope, this isn’t just a core class! It is a circuit-style class with weight and cardio HIIT intervals. We typically have 12-15 weight training stations and move through them at 45-second intervals. After completing one round we head to the gym for quick blasts of cardio (think sprinting suicides, wall runs, etc.) and then head back for another round of the weight stations. We finish out with yet another round of cardio fun and then spend 5 minutes on our core. PHEW. I always feel like I’m working as hard as I can and pushing myself to the limits in Hard Core. LOVE. IT.

BODYPUMP. Y’all know how much I love my BODYPUMP. It’s an awesome workout. You know what you’re getting each and every time. It gives you results! I’ll never find another weight training class that I love more than this. End of story. If you haven’t been, find one in your area and get there STAT.


TRX. I’m still new to TRX so my form leaves something to be desired but TRX has my muscles SCREAMING the next day. Screaming in a good way, that is ;) Body weight and straps… Who would have thought?! I typically take TRX circuit-style classes that have us going through multiple moves and muscles groups quickly and (relatively) painlessly. I’ve only been a few times and it has already crept up to a favorite of mine!


Running. Hands down my favorite form of cardio. I think I love it because of its ease. All that is required is that you lace up your favorite pair of sneakers and head out the door. I love zoning out and feeling the breeze blow past me as I take in the scenery. So relaxing and (almost) always a killer cardio workout.


Tabata. If you want a great workout but can only think of a few exercises, try a tabata! One exercise for four minutes straight – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. I guarantee you’ll be feeling it by that 4 minute mark. It’s a great way to get that heart rate up while doing both cardio and strength exercises.

I would LOVE to give Les Mills GRIT and BODYCOMBAT a try… Those are next on my list!

What is your current favorite way to work up a sweat?


Happy turkey week! <– That is how I greeted my BODYPUMP class this afternoon and after a class a member told me I should have said “Happy PUMPKIN PIE week!” LOL.

I hope you’re getting ready to kick off a short week – Here is what we were up to over the weekend…

On Friday morning, Dean had his 6 month photos! He didn’t feel like smiling (he took a 2 hour nap afterwards!) but the two preview shots are still super cute. Oh, and of course he was super smiley and happy Friday afternoon. Life with a baby!



Kyle came home from work early on Friday so I escaped headed to the gym to fit in a quick workout before my pre-holiday staff meeting. Stairmaster + tricep pop <– I’m focusing on my triceps between now and Christmas!


I honestly can’t remember what we did on Friday night – It was obviously not photo worthy (I think I went to bed early? Dean hasn’t been sleeping the best lately – blech!) so let’s move right along to Saturday.

We hit up the gym as a family on Saturday morning – Dean spent some time in child watch, Kyle in the weight room, and me in BODYPUMP!


After doing some things around the house, which included realizing our old tree is MUCH too small for our house (I’ll get a new one next year!), we took Dean to the grand opening at Paradise Wine. #parentsoftheyear The grand opening involved a sampling of A TON of wine as well as live music and some tasty bites of food. The new wine shop has a fun indoor/outdoor bar (with very reasonable prices) and a huge tasting room for events – I think we’ve found our new favorite Naples wine location!


Kyle and I were laughing throughout… People in Naples (read: snowbirds) LOVE babies. I think we saw multiple photos of/heard many stories about grandchildren, how quickly children grow, and had to repeat Dean’s age and name no less than 127 times. It’s okay, I’m glad people like babies here!

After some vino tasting, we decided to try a new-to-us sushi restaurant. It was just okay – It was buffet style which is somewhat bizarre for sushi if ya ask me. I doubt we will be back but I’m glad we tried it out! We went early enough that Dean even behaved while we ate dinner ;)


Sunday morning started rainy and early. It would have been a super cozy morning to cuddle in bed but Dean was up and ready to go so I pulled out my Christmas mug and warmed up some Spark.


While Kyle and Dean ran to Lowe’s, I caught up on a few things including an at-home pedi! Woohoo!


Okay, quick weekending break to share a funny (to me) story… Kyle had quite the doozy of a day today. This morning he took Dean to Lowe’s and apparently Dean was playing with his paci in the cart and got it lodged sideways in his mouth (totally normal – he’s okay)… Dean started sobbing and shrieking in the middle of Lowe’s while Kyle was attempting to remove his paci. Poor daddy! All is well and the boys survived. Next up, Kyle took Mitchell for a walk mid-morning during a break in the rain. Well, 10 minutes out, it started down pouring <– If you have experienced Florida rain, you know what I’m talking about. He had to run back with Mitchell (who hates running) and then deal with a wet dog, LOL. Finally, Kyle took Dean to a local sports bar while I taught BODYPUMP so he could catch the Bears’ game at 1pm. While attempting to eat wings, hold a baby, and a drink a beer, he spilled his full beer all over the table. OMG I can’t keep a straight face while typing this out. I blame the sleep deprivation but of all the “dad things” that could happen, they all happened today! Bahahahaha.


The rest of Sunday was pretty laid back – BODYPUMP, a little nap with Dean (he slept 2 hours this afternoon – I wish I would have slept that entire time!), grilled burgers, and Thanksgiving dinner planning :)

I hope y’all have a wonderful PUMPKIN PIE week (hehe) and had a fun weekend.

What were you up to the past two days? Any funny dad stories you would like to share?

How to teach BODYPUMP multiple times per week

As I enter my third day in a row of teaching BODYPUMP, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few of my tips and tricks on how to teach fitness class multiple times per day and/or week.

I’m sure all of my fellow fitness instructors can agree, it’s not only the class that gets a good workout during BODYPUMP (and other fitness classes), the instructor definitely feels the burn as well. And while that is a good thing – getting paid to workout? heck yes! – you also have to learn to recover quickly so your body can keep up with all of those classes!

So, what’s an instructor to do when you’re teaching multiple times per day/week? Here are my 10 tips and tricks on how to teach BODYPUMP multiple times per week!

BODYPUMP Tips n Tricks

1. Stay hydrated. Let’s begin with the most obvious, shall we? You sweat A LOT during BODYPUMP and even if your clothes aren’t drenched, your muscles still need that H2O to recover so drink, drink, and drink some more! I aim for at least my body weight in ounces of water each day I teach or workout. Bonus? All of that water will make your skin look pretty awesome too!

2. Change up the tunes. If you’re teaching multiple times per week, it is almost a guarantee that you’ll have some of the same members in each of your classes. And believe it or not, it’s not just instructors that get bored with the same tracks over and over… Classes like to change it up as well! It keeps things interesting and it keeps those muscles guessing which makes for a better workout. If you can’t commit to changing every song between classes, switch in a few new ones each time – Your class will notice and thank you for the variety!

3. Stretch. Oh my goodness, STRETCH! I can’t stress this one enough. While the cooldown track in Les Mills classes is great, I personally think you need to do more, especially as an instructor. Focus on the muscle groups that are sore for you that day and stretch ’em out. You will thank yourself come your next class!

4. Get enough sleep. This point is somewhat ironic coming from a mom to a 5-month old ;) In order to properly recover, you body needs sleep and lots of it! If you have early morning classes, make sure to hit the hay a bit earlier than normal and shoot for 7-8 hours per night. Afternoon naps don’t hurt either if you can fit them into your schedule!

5. Take your pre- and post-workout. This is a big one for me. I definitely notice when I forget to take my supplements. My body feels more sore than normal. I feel sluggish. And I most surely don’t recover as quickly. A sluggish instructor is never a good thing so find what works for you and stick with it!

6. Eat enough calories. All of that movin’ and weight liftin’ burns A LOT of calories. If your goal is to build lean muscle mass, recover from your workouts, and see an improvement in your fitness level, you gotta eat enough! Make sure to consume enough protein, fat, and carbs (yes, carbs <– you need ’em and no, they’re not bad – just make sure you aim for mostly whole grains, fruits, veggies and avoid the sugary, processed kind) for your daily workout(s). Plus, eating gives you energy and you classes are going to want an energetic and happy (AKA – well fed!) instructor to lead them.

7. Find a sub. If your body is just too tired to perform, find a sub. There is no shame in asking one of your fellow instructors to take over for one of your classes. We all need a break every now and again and a break is most definitely better than injuring that body of yours.

8. Go lighter than normal. You can’t go all out every single day of the week. I like to select 3 days per week where I do my heavy lifting while teaching. The other days? I knock it down a few notches. I still get a great workout on those lighter days, but by decreasing my weights/intensity, it allows my body to recover before my next heavy day.

9. Keep it fun. Teaching BODYPUMP is fun! Your classes might be cursing you during those bottom half lunges, but after the hour is complete, they are going to thank you for an awesome workout. You know what they’ll love even more? A FUN instructor that keeps the class motivated and having fun throughout the hour. Even if your muscles are screaming at you, keep that smile on your face, encourage your class, and remember to have a blast!

10. Take at least one full rest day per week. No negotiations. Your muscles and your mind need this day. Take a full day to relax and recharge and not only will your body appreciate the downtime, you will be a better instructor because of it!

Fellow instructors – What are a few of your tips ‘n tricks to teaching multiple times per week?


…We will never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T formation! Bear down, Chicago Bears!…

If I ever hear the Bears’ song again, goodness help me. Kyle has been singing it AT LEAST 5 times per day to Dean the past month! I think he wants the song to be the first words to come out of his mouth ;)


Fun fact – “Bear” was my first word.

Anyways, let’s chat weekend fun! You know, besides singing that song a bajillion and two times.

A little date night action on Friday night… To a sports bar so Kyle could watch the Cubs win. I tried to look fashionable for the night but I think I need to add a belt or something (a necklace?) next time… Thoughts?


Dean has officially gotten the hang of his thumb.


Saturday was a super fun day!

It started out with BODYPUMP and then brunch with my BODYPUMP friends at one of my favorite breakfast places in Naples, Poached. No photos of brunch… I try to be semi-normal when out with friends and avoid taking 502 photos of my food ;) I ordered a veggie omelet with a side of fruit and it was delish!


After getting more of the office organized (yes, it now takes us FOREVER to do home improvement projects… I blame Dean, haha!), I left the boys at home for a solo afternoon. A new-to-me nail salon for a mani-pedi and then a quick trip to Publix. Crazy to the zay ;) But really, it feels somewhat odd yet amazing to run errands and do things SOLO when you normally have a tiny human attached to you 24/7.


We made dinner at home and called it an early night on Saturday.

Per the usual, we were up bright and early on Sunday so we decided to head to the beach for a quick walk before the day got too hot.

After a late breakfast, I headed to the Y to teach my Sunday BODYPUMP class. Bright pink and purple and my running shoes (to support all of those Chicago Marathon runners!) made for an instructor that was hard to miss. I also restocked my gym bag with my workout essentials so I won’t have to panic when I can’t find my Spark before class ;)


I threw together a tasty chicken wrap after coming home (I was starving!) and attempted a nap with Dean.


To wrap up the night, we made our 3rd Hello Fresh meal of the week – Cumin and Coriander-Crusted Chicken with Couscous Salad. I think it was my favorite of all three!


Lotsa BODYPUMP. Lotsa good eats. Lotsa me time. It was a great weekend here in Naples!

How was your weekend? Best meal of the past three days? Best workout over the weekend? (You win if you ran those 26.2 miles in Chicago!)

#107 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Today we are doing a four-words-per-photo treat post!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Momentum Brewery family fun.


Little people watching pro.


Sunny, cool weekend run.


New suit for Dean!


Date night at Seasons 52.


Christmas list, for sure!


Halloween prep, lotsa candy.


Transitioning to the crib.


New crops for me!

Run: Top Speed Crop

Post-BODYPUMP Monday night.


How did you treat yourself this week?

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We are to the final day of the #7daystretch with prAna and Fit Approach!

This week flew by for me – Anyone else agree?

Today called for sharing our favorite ways to restore your mind, body, and soul. For me, that involves being active! I always feel mentally and physically recharged (after a long shower of course, haha) after a sweaty gym session whether it be BODYPUMP, yoga, SPINNING, or running. I love ’em all!


Our bonus photo was to share our zen space. I think my new zen space will be my office – once it is finished, but I decided to share my gym’s BODYPUMP/yoga room. I always feel calm walking through the doors and love what the space has done for me.


Don’t forget to stock up on some fun prAna gear and save 15% with the codeLiveInprAnaF15, now through September 30th!

Are you playing along with prAna and Fit Approach in the #7daystretch? If so, you could be entered to win some fab prAna prizes! Make sure to tag me on Instagram (@beckyklap @fitgirlbeckyklap) so I can see what you are sharing!

#96 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Whew! Our internet has been on and off ever since Saturday evening. Gotta love Comcast, #amiright?! ;)

It appears to be back up and running so I’m going to quickly share my treats before Dean wakes up from his morning nap. I still need to fit in a shower before then too, haha – Morning workout for the win!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

A sleeping baby is most definitely a treat. Dean has been taking a lot of naps lately and I’m all about it. I think he got my sleeping genes ;)


And naked baby time. He loves it!


A little weekend vino.


And froyo. Always froyo! I haven’t had any in almost 2 months – yipes. Glad I fixed that situation on Saturday night.


Some new mascara from Target. After Elle raved about it on her current makeup favorites, I had to try it. I tend to like the pricey mascaras (ahem… $35/tube…) so if this one is half as good, I’ll be happy!


A gorgeous – albeit cloudy – sunset with my boys (minus Mitchell – no dogs on the beach in Naples).



A tasty margarita + Mexican food for Saturday’s lunch. Yes, please!


Subbing BP at my 2nd gym – I’ll be back to teaching again on Tuesdays once Dean is 3 months and can attend their daycare.


And a weekend run! Although a horrible post-run selfie… I’m blaming it on the fact that it was 90 degrees and 80% humidity at 11am ;)


It was a great week full of simple treats. Let’s hope this next one is just as fab!

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How did you treat yourself over the past week? Any tips on running the extreme heat, besides avoiding it? ;)

#95 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy post-4th of July Tuesday! Say whatttt? How are we already to the beginning of July? Time is a flyin’!


Let’s jump right into the treats, shall we?

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Spending time away from my computer and my phone and camera. It is such a treat to unplug and enjoy being present. My Insta has been suffering but I figure that we all follow a bajillion people and no one notices if I don’t post for a day or two ;)

Sleeping in… kinda. After having visitors two weekends in a row, I was EXHAUSTED on Sunday night. Add to that a loud thunderstorm from 10pm-2am that kept all of us awake (our windows were SHAKING it was so loud and Mitchell had to sleep with us because he was so frightened), I decided to sleep during Dean’s morning nap. Instead of staying up after he ate at 7am, I went back to bed. It was lovely.

Exploring Naples! I think we explore more often when we have visitors than when we are here by ourselves. I guess it makes sense, you never do the “touristy” things in your own city ;) We headed out to Naples Pier on Sunday afternoon and while it was HOTTTTT, the views are always amazing.


Resetting yesterday morning. Yup, it was definitely a treat! While I sure do love treating myself with a fun holiday weekend full of delicious eats (burgers, wine, pizza, ice cream, wine, dining out, more wine…) and activities, it feels so much better to put good-for-me foods in my body. Balance, right? Eat hard, reset hard… or something like that ;)


Upping my BODYPUMP weights! Increasing my weights for BODYPUMP is one of my July goals. I didn’t change my weights at all during pregnancy… I figured my additional body weight was good enough, LOL. But now that I’m not preggo, it’s time to bring my game ;) I increased my squat and shoulder weights on Sunday and man oh man did I feel it yesterday. Wowzers. Hurt so good!


I know y’all treated yourself over the long weekend, do tell!

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How was your Mother’s Day weekend? It was a relaxing one here in Naples full of good food, fitness, and time with my boys.

Friday started with a sweaty spinning class and a trip to the vet. Mitchell’s itching/biting became worse and I started to feel really bad for the guy. Turns out he has a skin infection (normal for dogs with allergies) – Nothing a few antibiotics can’t fix. Thankfully, he’s already feeling much better and doesn’t even need his cone anymore :)


On Friday night, Kyle and I headed to Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar for date night. We enjoyed a BBQ pork flatbread along with the Greek trio appetizer. There was sadly no wine involved. Next time… hopefully! We finished out the night with a few macaroons per Kyle’s request.


On Saturday morning, I subbed a BODYPUMP class at the YMCA and then we met up with Kyle’s step dad for a late lunch in Ft. Myers.


Kyle had to head into work for a bit and on his way home, he stopped to get me a French Silk Pie for Mother’s Day! I reallyyyy wanted a French Silk Pie for my birthday but he couldn’t find one. I’m thankful he made up for it this weekend ;)


I was pretty lame on Saturday afternoon/evening. Mainly I was just super tired and after washing the sheets and cleaning the bedroom, I decided to call it a night. I’m so cool, haha!


But I did make some delicious healthy ice cream before calling it a night <– SO good!


On Sunday morning, Kyle and I took Mitchell for an hour-long walk and then biked a few miles. All of that activity called for a delicious breakfast ‘dilla with turkey, eggs, black beans and cheese made by no other than Chef Kyle.


Mitchell chilled on the lanai with us for brunch… no ‘dillas for pups though!


I taught my last pre-baby Sunday BODYPUMP class on Sunday afternoon. Everyone was pretty impressed that I was still teaching at 39 weeks pregnant… I guess I never considered being “too pregnant” to teach. A lot of women just decide to take it easier near the end, but I figure if I still feel great, why not?! The class was fun and I’ll be teaching again tomorrow to finish out my pre-baby classes. I’ll still be taking them, just not front and center.


And to finish out this post – and give you a good laugh, as I was searching for good Mother’s Day photos of my mom and I, I came across this gem. It’s quite the unfortunate picture of my 2-year old (I think?) self. Baby fro + crop top. Man I was cute, LOL. #absofsteel


How was your weekend? What was the best thing you ate? Best workout? 

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