Confessions of a “bad” mom

Before I jump in, let me start with this… No, I don’t actually think I’m a bad mom! This post is meant to be humorous in my dry humor sort of way ;) Laugh along with me, enjoy my thoughts, and share your bad mom confessions in the comments.

good mom

1. I tend to watch multiple “Whine About It” episodes while feeding Dean… and laugh ridiculously loud the entire time. Haven’t heard of it? It’s a HILARIOUS tumbler video series where a BuzzFeed employee drinks a ton of wine and discusses topics we all love to hate. You gotta check it out.

2. If Dean only pees a little bit, I’ll wait to change his diaper until it’s heavier. Yeah, yeah… I knowwwww. He doesn’t get diaper rash from it and it doesn’t seem to bother him so I’m going to go with it for now. Kyle changes his diapers instantly at the sign of a little pee, but those things add up so I refuse to change his diaps every 30 minutes.

3. When Dean stirs at night, I let him fuss until he goes back to sleep. At this point, I know he’s not hungry so I pop a paci in his mouth and hope for the best before jumping up to feed him. It seems to be working because he’s been sleeping 10-11 hours/night this week – See, my bad mom tricks actually work sometimes ;)

4. I have yet to instill a nap schedule in our house. Le sigh. This will probably come back to bite me in a few months.

5. When I need to get something done, I use Baby Einstein as a distraction. GASP. Screen time. BAD MOM. Ehhhhh, it’s not like I’m setting him down in front of Days of Our Lives… and he gets to learn about words and music and shapes and colors and trucks and airplanes and all that jazz for 20 or so minutes while doing tummy time. Things could be worse.

6. Sometimes Kyle gives him a bottle at night when I decide I want to have an extra glass of vino with dinner. Hey, I’m not pumping for no reason, peeps! In my defense, our freezer is stocked to the top with food for Dean so we do need to use some of it up ;) And moms need wine for sanity every once in a while, mmmkay?

7. If Dean is having a screaming fit while I’m driving – thank goodness they are few and far between and only when he’s hangry, I’ll turn the music up slightly. It makes me less anxious since it kind of blends away his cries and it actually helps to calm him down more often than not. Thank you T Swift and everyone else on my XM station ;)

Bad mom confessions – GO.

Confessions, Part XI

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a confessions post… I just checked my archives and it was back at the beginning of September before I moved to Naples, and before I knew I was pregnant. Woah mama. Time to catch up on some confessions with Ms. Amanda this lovely Thursday.

Confession #1 – I hate Comcast. Their service. Their prices. The fact that they are a monopoly but can still manage to operate a business <– What the heck, how is this even legal?! Sigh. Alas, we will still be using them for our internet (basically by force as we have no other option…) but we’re excited to be trying Sling TV for our cable provider. $25/month for all of the major cable channels including an extra sports package for the boys?! Heck yes!

If only I could, I would drink an entire bottle of vino while talking with their customer service, LOL.

Confession #2 – One of the favorite parts of my day has always been checking the mail. Bills, cards from family/friends, packages, junk mail – It doesn’t matter, I LOVE IT. For the first time in my adult life I will have a real life mailbox in front of my house and I am SO EXCITED. Yes, I’m lame. But really, who doesn’t love the surprise a good mail day brings?!

Confession #3 – I don’t understand the hype around maternity photos. No offense to anyone who takes them, but the last thing I want right now is photo evidence of my expanding butt and Kyle gently rubbing and/or kissing my stomach. LOL. It makes me gag just thinking about it! Plus, some of the photos I’ve seen are a bit, ummm… shall I say, ridiculous? Posing in a bikini on a surf board? Mini skirts and high heels with a crop top? Awkward cuddling with a belly? “Classy” topless photos. Yeah. Thanks but no thanks! Maternity photos and/or future family photos came as an option with our newborn package and I’m so happy to report that we selected the family photo option for later this fall ;)

If I were to have a maternity photo session, I would wear a crop top that said this – BAHAHAHA. #thetruthhurts

Confession #4 – On the topic of pregnancy, people are reallyyyyy nice to pregnant women here in Naples. Maybe it’s because they’re snowbirds or grandparents or love babies or are just generally nice people, but everyone now smiles at me when they see me out and about. I figure it’s because I finally look pregnant… or I’m waddling and they feel sorry for me ;) I was moving boxes into our new house the other day and a couple of the guys working on our house were appalled and wouldn’t let me carry anything else inside. While the gesture was very kind of them, I wanted to say that I’m JUST pregnant and not totally incapacitated for the next few weeks. Oh well, I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts!

Confession #5 – I think I’ve confused all of you with my random moving photos on Insta. No, we’re not quite yet moved into the new house – Tomorrow is our movin’ official day! I dread packing and unpacking boxes so I have been taking carload by carload over this week. I’ve also been taking care of some of the smaller things before we move big items in… washer/dryer were delivered on Monday, our kitchen appliances are being delivered today, pest control has been taken care of, Internet and cable have been scheduled (see confession #1), roofers are done, our plantation shutters are being installed tomorrow and, obviously, the dreaded wall and flooring have been replaced! The movers arrive tomorrow to move our big items (think – beds, dresser, sofa, etc.) and then we will be IN. Wahoo! I am hoping our furniture looks good in the new place and that we will be settled sooner rather than later. Let’s be real though, we’ll be unpacked and organized by Monday if I have my way…


Confession #6 – Does anyone else get disgusted by using anything in a new house/apartment that hasn’t been professionally cleaned? I know I sure do! We weren’t able to schedule the cleaning company I liked before our move in date so they are coming Monday to give the house a good scrub down. Until then, I will be showering at the gym or at the apartment ;) I think the fact that the house sat empty for quite a few months (and that sewage backed up into the master bathroom during our renovation) also gives me the ick factor, LOL. I bleached the bathroom a few times, but still won’t be using it until Tuesday!

Alright, time to get back to moving! Have a wonderful Thursday :)

Tell me one of your deepest, darkest confessions!

Confessions, Part X

Confession time! It’s been quite some time since my last confessions post so I’m linking up with Amanda today to do some thinking of the out loud variety :)

Confession #1 – Sometimes I feel like BodyPump and running are taking over my life. Now that I think of it, they kind of are! I am running 30+ miles/week and doing BP 4-5x/week – Phew! I’ll be soooo happy when this marathon training business is over. For real.

photo 1 (3)

Confession #2 – I’m more terrified of flying back to Chicago for the marathon than actually running 26.2 miles. Yes, I have issues. Thankfully, Kyle upgraded me to first class for our return flight. I may not be able to walk but at least I’ll have free drinks for 3 hours ;)

That will be me below… Except I will hopefully have a marathon medal around my neck!

Confession #3 – I wasn’t sure if I was going to tell y’all where we are going to live in Florida but because I know NO ONE down there and I want to make friends, I am going to share. We’re moving to NAPLES! Whoop! Now, more importantly, do you know anyone down there who likes to run, drink wine, lift weights and guzzle Spark? Every time I tell someone Naples, I hear a similar response that falls in line with a grandparent or great aunt/uncle living there. I think most of my friends are going to be retirees but hey, I’m cool with that. If you live near there, I’d love to know!

Confession (This isn’t really a confession but we’re just going to go with it!) #4 – I’m in the market for a new car. And by new, I mean slightly used. I haven’t had a car since the spring of 2010 so this will be a huge adjustment. What car do you drive? Do you like it? I’ve been looking at the following brands: Honda, Toyota, Lexus and Buick (only because Kyle likes Buicks, haha!) and my only requirements are that it has a sun roof and a USB port so I can play my iTunes.

Or… I could always get a Maserati ;)

Confession #5 – Kyle and I have been asking each other what we’re most excited about in Florida. I always tell him more sleep and no winter but I think I’m most excited for him to have a “normal” work schedule again! The poor guy leaves for work at 6am and doesn’t get home until 7pm – It’s makes it so hard for us to plan for dinner and fitness and life in general. That being said, I’m also excited to start making real meals again! Pinterest, here I come :)

Confession #6 – I do not like snide, passive-aggressive “taunts” or comments/messages on the Fitbit app. Yes, I know my weekly step counter is lower right now but guess what, it’s because I was in BodyPump training all weekend (low steps) and my leg is injured. So be nice, don’t be rude. Seriously though, the next one I get, I’m making my account private because ain’t nobody got time for meanies.

I have so many questions for y’all today…

What kind of car should I get? Do you live near Naples? Do you want to be my friend (I’ll bring the wine!)? What is your favorite way to workout?

Confessions, Part IX

You guys.

It’s been two months (TWO!) since I’ve posted my last confessions. Needless to say, I’m linking up for some Thinking Out Loud partyin’ this Thursday with Amanda :)

Confession #1 – The Chicago stop light camera got me and I’m so ashamed! I rarely drive… I get behind the wheel maybe once per week and when I do I’m overly cautious because well, I never drive! Anyways, a few weeks ago a girlfriend and I were driving home from work and apparently I ran a red light. What the…?!?! Kyle and I received a photo in the mail of the ol’ Subaru running through a red (Barely though, I was just crossing the pedestrian walk on the other side of the intersection.) on the road I took home from work that Thursday afternoon. My friend and I don’t recall even pushing it with a red light so I think the traffic light gods have in it for me ;)

speeding ticket

That $100 COULD HAVE been spent on Lulu or Advo but now it will go to the city. Boo. And y’all wonder why I never drive ;)

Confession #2 – I’m certain I’ve said this before, but I love (like LOVE) balancing my checkbook. I like knowing exactly how much money I have in my account and if anything were ever to go wrong, I’d like to know before my bank alerted me. Plus it’s fun going through all of my receipts and figuring out how much I spent on groceries, clothing, Target runs, etc. Type A much?

photo 1

Confession #3 – I just realized that I’m in Week 6 of my marathon training. That means I’m 1/3 of the way through! Holy moly, where has the time gone? Unfortunately, the first third of the training is the easy part and while I may be 1/3 done with my training time, I am probably only 1/10 complete with my training distance. I need to give my footsies a little pep talk ;)

Confession #4Amy is visiting my city this weekend and I am PUMPED!! I love my Canadian bloggers and I’m so ready to brunch it up (or run it up or shop it up or whatever!) with this girl. I’m also secretly happy that she’s a super healthy eater because I’ll still be mid-challenge ;)

Confession #5 – After living in Chicago for close to a year now, I’m still confused as to why the interstates have human names. Can’t we just say 90 and 94?! I get more lost than I already am when someone tells me to take the Eisenhower or the Dan Ryan or the Kennedy. Can any fellow Chicagoans help a sister out and explain the insanity? ;)

photo (101)

Confession #6 – I love the above quote. Change is good. It is important to LIVE life and not just go through the motions. So many of us have hopes and dreams and passions and goals for the future but don’t “get after it” for lack of a better phrase. What do you want out of life? What is stopping YOU from getting there? Our time here is finite, so make the most of it. Just a little inspirational pep talk for y’all today!

Now it’s your turn, what are your confessions today?

What is one of your goals for the future and how are you gettin’ after it?

Confessions, Part VIII

Hiya! How’s your week been so far?

It’s been a busy one for me (hello piles of work!), but it feels so good to be back in my own kitchen and getting back into a workout routine. My Fitbit steps definitely suffered the past few weeks between being sick and traveling.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I am popping in today and linking up with Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud series for some confessions action :)


Confession 1: I don’t understand the point of toilet seat covers. Seriously. They’re pretty much just a waste of trees. I know my California friends will disagree, but for real… our trees could be used for much better things (like living in the ground!). And, in my short 29 years, I’ve never caught anything from a toilet… #justsaying

Confession 2: I still hate flying. Nothing groundbreaking here… ;)

Confession 3: There seems to be a recent backlash against the medical field and it really really really annoys me. Yes, the best form of medicine is a healthy diet and exercise. Yes, sometimes we are over-medicated as a society. But guess what, we live a heck of a lot longer than the generations before us because of medicine and it’s pretty darn miraculous if you think about it. Premature babies have a chance at life because of healthcare. We don’t have to suffer through scary diseases like Polio or Measles or Rabies because of vaccinations. Your grandpa (or uncle or sister…) gained a few extra years because of a pacemaker. Obviously there are things that can be improved upon, but most of these have more to do with society than the medical field – for example the overuse of antibiotics and living a healthy lifestyle.

Confession 4: Work travel is not as glamorous as it seems. To be quiet honest (that’s what confessions are for!), I had to hold back a few snarky comments when people were telling me to have fun in Florida earlier in the week. LOL! Work travel should actually occur in locations where the weather is awful because it’s pretty much a tease. You’re sitting inside all. day. long. while it’s gorgeous outside. Cruel and unusual punishment I tell ya!


Confession 5: Sticking to the whole work theme, my next trip will be the week leading up to Blend to… Orlando! I am actually really pumped, minus the whole work thing, haha… I’ve never been to Disney World (or any Disney-themed park for that matter) before and I’m really hoping that my team will be able to make it to the park one evening. It’ll be worth being tired the next day if I get to meet Mickey!

Confession 6: I’m working on my marathon training plan and it’s freaking me out. I don’t want to over-train and get burnt out, but I also don’t want to under-train and not be ready come race day. I’m sharing my plan next week and I’d love any feedback you fellow marathoners out there want to share! I don’t officially start training until June 8th, so I have time to make adjustments if needed :)

I think that’s all of the confessions I have for today. I hope y’all have a great rest of your week and a fabulous weekend! See ya on the flip side (aka: Monday) :)

Do you travel for your job? This is the first job that has required me to travel.

Who is your favorite Disney character? Ariel!

Do you use toilet seat covers in public restrooms? If you couldn’t tell by my above comment, nope. I don’t even think they had them in Iowa where I grew up!

Confessions, Part VII

Do you know what day is today?

Err… Becky, it’s Thursday.

Okay, yes. You’ve got me there. It is Thursday, BUT it’s also Confessions Thursday! I’m linking up with Amanda and bringing you some secret confessions for the last Thursday this April.

Or as Kyle would say, it’s the day you’re pretending to be Usher again.

Get it?! ;)

1. I haven’t worn makeup since Friday. Yep, it’s been a full week. I try not to wear it over the weekends if I don’t go out for dinner or drinks, and since I haven’t been feeling well this week, I just decided to skip it. Kyle actually prefers that I don’t wear it. (BTW, is that weird??) I don’t think anyone’s actually noticed either… except for the people at work that have told me I don’t look so hot. #thanks I am hoping it is because I’m actually sick and not because I look sick without makeup ;)

2. Dogs on steroids are the most annoying animals in existence! I gave Mitchell his final steroid pill for his injury last night and all I have to say is HALLELUJAH! Those things make him eat and drink like a maniac and therefore, make other things happen much more often than normal. #ifyaknowwhatimean  He’s whiny and needy and all I have to say is that he is NEVER going back on those again.

photo 2

3. I’m a completely different person in the spring/summer months than I am during the winter. The winter makes me mean and resentful and crabby unlike the summer when I am happy and free-spirited and an all-around nice person. I think this means I need to move somewhere where it is summer year round. We’ll see how Winter 2015 treats me before I make any crazy decisions…

4. Don’t get me wrong, I love when Kyle is home during the week and not traveling, but I also love having the bed to myself :) I sleep diagonally, spread out, and always find a cool place to put my feet. When he’s home, I’m always telling him to scoot over… even though I’m already sleeping in the middle. I think this means it’s time for us to upgrade to a king California king, that is!

5. I really hate WordPress’ new photo sizing/editing update. I am Type A therefore all of my photos must be the same (or at the least, very similar) sizes and this does not allow for me to do that! Argh… There have been many frustrations ever since I made the latest update. I just want my 60% sized image option backkkkkk. #firstworldproblems

6. I have been awful at thanking each of you that have donated to my marathon charity – Team Paws. You will each get a personalized email and/or letter (If I’m creepy and know your address, haha!) thanking you for your donation once I get my act together!!! BUT I do want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU because I am already 80% to my goal of $1,250 and 50% to my stretch goal of $2,000!! You guys rock my socks off! I have until October 5th to continue to raise money, and can’t wait to see how much I donate to this fabulous organization. If you want to read more about Team Paws, head on over here for more information.

photo 3 (4)

Your turn, tell me a confession! 

What are your favorite and least favorite seasons? Fall and winter – although I like ALL seasons for a short amount of time, anything over a month of winter is just too much for me!

What size of bed do you sleep in? Kyle and I currently have a queen but for the sake of our marriage, we will be trading up to a king (or larger) once we move into a bigger place!

Confessions, Part VI

It’s been quite some time since I confessed my deepest and darkest secrets to y’all so how ’bout some confessions today?! I’m also linking up with Ms. Amanda for her Thinking Out Loud series :)

1. I still cannot believe I did this yesterday. It’s official… I’ve gone mad. More details coming tomorrow!

chicago marathon

2. With every change Facebook makes, I hate it more and more. Seriously, stop sorting my news feed in a weird order so I read the same posts OVER and OVER. If it weren’t for the easy connections, my account would be gone long ago…

3. My friends are coming to visit next weekend and I’m SO EXCITED!! {I just can’t hide it…} We have so much to do in only a weekend which means I better get to planning ASAP! P.S. The 3 of them are in this photo – Bonus points if you can point them out!

4. I bought my plane ticket to Blend yesterday! The plan is to get into Salt Lake City a little early so I can be a little tourist with my girls before Blend. I’m so pumped! Is it June yet?!

5. In the last few weeks, I have had four people (none of whom know each other) tell me that I am going to make a cute, pregnant woman. Are they trying to tell me something? Is it my pheromones? Do I look pregnant? Am I pregnant? <– NO.

But really, what’s all this baby talk as of late?!

6. I have been having major winery cravings lately. I would love to get to Napa ASAP but since that probably won’t happen, I need to find some local wineries to visit. Does anyone know of any wineries in the Chicago area?


I guess I don’t have many confessions for you today… Next time I promise more juicy details ;)

Your turn, tell me a confession!

Confessions, Part V

It has been awhile since my last confessions post so today I’m back to reveal all of my deep, dark secrets… or at least the ones I want to share ;)

A big thanks to Amanda for hosting her Thinking Out Loud series!


Confession: Although I miss chocolate and Nutella. And I definitely miss a cold beer and a glass of wine on Friday evenings, I think I have missed coffee most of all during the 24DC. There’s just something comforting about my morning coffee routine and I cannot wait to sip on a hot cup o’ java Saturday morning!

I need coffee ecard

Confession: Speaking of Saturday, it’s my birthday weekend and my beautiful friend Nicole is taking me to a BYOB nail salon before my night out with Kyle. That’s right – mimosas and pedicures. Life is good and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. <– okay, this wasn’t really a confession, I just needed to let you all know how excited I am for a mimosa!!

Confession: Not having a credit card is hardddddddd. And yes, I’m being completely, totally and utterly serious. I could use my debit card but I like to keep my spending in all one place so it can easily be tracked. All I know is that my bank better have my new card to me TODAY or they’re going to hear it. Girlfrands gotta have her plastic on her birthday weekend especially since her sugar daddy already refused to hand over his wallet. It’s like he knows better or something ;)

Confession: I twerked tweaked my back somehow last weekend and it does not feel good! I think it is a combination of lifting incorrectly in body pump (Katie I need you to watch and correct my moves!), running more on the treadmill and gracefully falling on the ice and snow in Chicago. Either way, it doesn’t feel good and I’m taking it easy the next few days…

Confession: I want to move to California. I know, I know… Kyle and I just moved to Chicago but there is just something about the land of the sun and eternal summer that continues to call my name. Wine country, Southern California, I don’t really care. As long as it has that California feel, I’m in :)

See? California looks gooood on us :)

Confession: I’m not the biggest fan of spinning classes. I know it’s a great workout and I definitely work up a sweat but for some reason, I just never get excited about going! My goal is to motivate myself to attend class once per week (they’re one of the few morning classes offered at my gym) – I’m thinking the more I go, the more I’ll like it!

Confession: I can’t believe I’ll be 29 in a few short days. I always thought I’d have it together by the end of my 20’s but the older I get, the more I realize you never really feel older and you never really feel like you have it together… Until you see next year’s college freshman however, that is when feel oldddd… Like seriously, they’re old enough to live on their own? Whaaa?!

Confession: Hair grosses me out. Not hair in general, it actually doesn’t bother me if a woman chooses not to shave. What grosses me out is when a girl sitting in front of you on a bus or train or in a meeting throws her long locks over the back of her seat and her hair is in your space. BLECH!! For some reason, this gives me the heebie jeebies and I get overly disgusted. What’s even weirder is that it doesn’t bother me when my friends do this… I guess I like their hair better ;)

Your turn, what is your confession today?

Confessions, Part IV

Merry {day after} Christmas!

That’s a thing, right? No…?

I hope all of you had a fabulous Christmas and I can’t wait to share the fun I had on my “break” with y’all tomorrow and my Christmas treats with you next Tuesday! FYI, I am deeming next Tuesday’s TYT as the Christmas treat me edition because sometimes it is nice to be spoiled by others :)


Regardless, in the spirit of the holidays, I have another confessions post here for you today for Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud series! It’s much less serious than last week so get ready for some fun and juicy confessions ;)

Confession: This was the first Christmas that Kyle and I woke up on Christmas morning in our home, in our own bed. All of the previous years we have been together have been spent at one of our parents’ houses. It was kinda weird but also kinda nice. {See confession below.}

photo 1 (27)

Confession: Kyle and I have VASTLY different views of how Christmas morning should happen. My view (The correct view in case you were curious): Jump out of bed as soon as your eyes open (oftentimes this is around 5am…) and rip open ALL of the presents as quickly as possible. Then follow-up the paper massacre with a homemade breakfast while sipping on coffee and playing with your new toys. His view: Leisurely lie around until you feel like getting up which is then followed by a shower and making coffee before even glancing in the direction of the tree. <– This may have caused me to break into the bathroom and tell him to get out of the shower ASAP because there are much more important things than being clean on Christmas morning.

Mitchell Christmas Morning

Seriously though, who showers on Christmas morning??!?!?! Not me as you can tell by the above photo!

Confession: Let’s talk positions… SLEEPING positions, who do ya think I am?! Ahem, anyways… sleeping… I used to think I didn’t have a favorite way to sleep – stomach, back, side – I like ’em all! (#TWSS) But recently I have realized that I like to sleep like a leaping leprechaun. Yep, you read that right. I sleep on my stomach with one leg (I’m not particular) bent up as high it’ll go and the other leg straight with my arms up under my pillow. Maybe this is why I take up 3/4 of the bed…….

Confession: I’m obsessed – like I might have a problem, obsessed – with Instagram. Phew! I must say that I feel about 1000x better getting my obsession problem addiction out in the open ;) Oh wait, you already knew about this problem of mine?


Confession: If we were to hold a blogger look-alike contest, I think Mia and I would win. For real, check out my totally normal blogger bathroom selfie below and then check out her blog. Twins, I tell ya! Now if I could only get her to do my makeup on a daily basis… ;)

Pops for Champagne

Confession: I don’t actually mind the snow that much. *gasp!* A few months of it can get old, yes, but I like that it gives me a reason to be lazy relax and not feel like I need to be going a mile per minute. In the summer I always want to be outside enjoying all that Chicago has to offer so it is really nice to sit back, catch up on sleep and kick my feet up for a few months each year.

Your turn! Tell me a holiday confession ;)

What blogger do you think you look most like? Are you patient when it comes to presents or do you need them all RIGHT now?

Confessions, Part III

Happy Thursday, y’all!

Today I’m linking up with Amanda for her premier edition of Thinking Out Loud. Get ready for some juicy confessions and thoughts below ;)


Confession: I’m afraid I confused some of you who are new to my blog since last December with my Hanukkah talk followed by my Christmas talk! Let me explain :) Kyle’s dad’s side of the family is Jewish and, obviously, they celebrate Hanukkah. That’s what my Thanksgivukkah was about. Kyle’s mom and my family are Christian so we celebrate Christmas. And Kyle and I celebrate both! Two holidays = more presents (heck yes!) and family time and holiday parties = happy Becky ;)

Confession: I tend to shop more for myself during the holiday season than others. I mean, I really try to buy things for my family and friends during my first few shopping trips of the holiday season but I always end up browsing and finding things I want for myself instead. I always find gifts for everyone on my list but they accompany a large pile of items for myself too :) #treatyoself!

Confession: I think the best smell in the world is freshly ground coffee. Not freshly brewed coffee, the ground stuff. It smells like heaven and I will gladly stick my nose into a coffee bag any chance I get!

Confession: I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Actually, scratch that, I do know what I want to do with my life. I want to be a student. FOREVER and ever. Seriously, what college kiddos out there would trade me places right now? I’ll take your finals and enjoy your winter breaks and flexible schedules and work odd hours while having no money and the liver of a goddess and you can take my 9-5 8-6 working hours, commute, 2 weeks of annual vacation and paycheck. Deal? Deal {fistie}

Confession: The word “yummy” makes me cringe. I don’t know what it is about the word but I’m getting hives just thinking about it now! I don’t mind “num” or “yum” or “man, that’s freakin’ good!” I think adults sound funny saying it to other adults… Unless I’m speaking to someone under the age of 4, you will only find me saying words like “delicious” or “tasty” or “scrumptious” or “delightful” when I’m referring to good-tasting food :)

Confession: I got slightly homesick for Minneapolis the a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the weather reports didn’t let that feeling stick around too long ;) And the more I get to think of it, the more I believe that I was just missing the lack of consistency. Kyle and I had the exact same jobs and lived in the exact same condo and spent time at the exact same restaurants and bars for the past 4 years. It’s hard to change all of that in a few months. I love everything about Chicago but need to remember that it takes time to build a feeling of habit and get back into the swing of things!

Confession: I’m getting a haircut on Saturday for the first time since July and I’m terrified. My hair is starting to get stringy so it is time for a visit – the last time I visited the salon was in Minneapolis right before my trip to Napa (Hi Carly and Katie and Sarah!) and also right before my hair started falling out. And sadly, my hair is STILL falling out. I know… Thankfully, I don’t look bald but my ponytail band can go around my hair twice as much as it used to and I’m still losing more hair than I should. I have another dermatologist appointment in a few months and hopefully my iron levels have increased by then so my hair will stay in my head, where it belongs ;) Anyways, I’m so terrified I’ve already come up with a plan – wash my hair immediately before going to the salon to avoid excessive touching of my hair (I’m crazy, I know…), explain to my new stylist the issue at hand, tell her to only cut the ends off and nothing more although I do plan to take her advice about hair… She might have some ideas that I haven’t come across yet. Wish me luck!

Confession: ……. I’m not quite ready to share this one yet. Stay tuned next week ;)

Tell me one of your deepest and darkest secrets… or just a little confession you’ve been holding back.

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