Friday Favs

Happy Friday, party people!! Can you tell party people is my new greeting thang? It’s Friday, we can be party animals today ;)


Last night was actually my FriYAY since I took today off of work to celebrate my girlfriend, Tarin! It’s her bridal shower and bachelorette party weekend – woohooo!! I’ll be heading to The Keys later today for the evening and then coming back to Naples tomorrow afternoon to celebrate our 6th (!!!) wedding anniversary with Kyle on Saturday night. It’s bound to be a fun (and exhausting, LOL) weekend.

Thankfully my Spark order arrived yesterday so I have enough energy to push my 31-year-old body through the next 48 hours. I’m also thankful that I am used to no sleep (although Dean gave me a SEVEN hour stretch last night!) so I should be able to keep up with the gals ;)

Anyways, let’s chat this week’s favorites!

1. I am FINALLY feeling better. About dang time! While I never want to take Augmentin again, the shiz works. Two long weeks of an upper respiratory infection is finally coming to an end. WOOHOO.

2. Good neighbors – We had a case of a missing Amazon package earlier this week. It was only Cheddar Bunnies for Dean’s party and a new blender bottle for me (#priorities #momlife LOL) BUT I hateeeee when packages go missing. Our USPS leaves a lot to be desired here in Naples so I was fairly certain they delivered the package to the wrong house… AGAIN. Last night a friend in my neighborhood (whose house isn’t even on the same street as ours…) texted me to let me know she accidentally opened our package. SERIOUSLY USPS. But yay for bunnies and a new Spark bottle this morning!

3. Chipotle. Need I say more? Love. Of. My. Life. Next to Kyle, of course! I ordered to eat my salad in the restaurant and LOL’d (literally, out loud) when the cashier handed me a to-go bag “just in case”… I wanted to tell him that you have no clue how much Chipotle I can put down! Hits the spot. Every time.

IMG_1288 (1)

4. My new, white manicure!! I was nervous after a few of your comments when I mentioned getting white nails but I really like it. I don’t think it’s a color I will frequently get but it’s fun and fresh every once in a while. Although it kind of reminds me of painting my nails with White-Out in 7th grade…



5. Dill pickle cashews. GENIUS. I’m totally making these from scratch for our next par-tay. Cashews + a little big of olive oil + dill + a little bit o’ pickle juice. Easy peasy and healthy and delicious!


And with that, I’m off!! Make sure y’all follow me on Instagram to stay current on my weekend shenanigans. Can’t wait!

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Whatcha up to this weekend? Any favorites from the past week?

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