Monday Favorites

I tend to post my favorites of the week on Friday’s, but why not on a Monday?

Okay, you got me… I didn’t have a chance to post this past Friday so I’m posting a few days late ;) BUT, favorites are favorites so let’s kick off MonYAY on a happy note!

1. Date night on Saturday night! Kyle and I grabbed drinks at M Waterfront, dinner at Yabba Grill, and then dessert (AKA lotsa ice cream!) at Kilwin’s. It was a great way to spend date night!


Saturday morning was fun too with a rainy trip to the farmer’s market :)


2. The Olympics – While I’m not glued to the TV, it’s fun to watch updates and catch the competitions when I can.

3. Blue Raspberry Spark!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!! <– Because I didn’t have enough explanation points to begin with, LOL.) This is another limited time flavor and I’m super pumped for it! TBD on when it will be available for purchase – sometime this week – but if you want it, you gotta get it STAT. It’ll sell out quickly just like the other limited flavor – Pineapple Coconut – did earlier this summer.


4. The Fit Squad Virtual 5k – My fitness group came together on Saturday to run a 5k together! I was bummed I had to run mine inside on a DREADmill (boo to storms in Naples), but I loved seeing everyone’s photos and excitement for doing something fun and healthy together.


5. Burn Bootcamp! I plan on doing a full review once I’ve completed my first month, but so far so good. As in it hurts so good, LOL. The workouts are INTENSE and I’m actually somewhat concerned for the new-to-fitness women trying out Burn, but that story is for another day. I’m thankful that I have fitness knowledge and know when I should/shouldn’t do something to avoid injury… But for now, I’m loving it! If you have one in your area (and are currently in decent fitness shape), I recommend trying out their Groupon. $35 for a month which is much better than their normal $150/month!

6. Spark Variety Packs! I only have TWO left so let me know if you would like to claim one of ’em for yourself.


7. The new Snapchat-ish style of Instagram – At first I hated it (I’m not super into Snapchat…) but now I like it. I probably won’t use it a ton but it’s nice to share little blips into my days without creating a full post. I do wish they had cool Snapchat filters though ;)


How was your weekend? Share a MonYAY favorite to kick off your week!

Friday Favs

1. Dean’s first Halloween! On Tuesday night Kyle and I took Dean to a kid’s night at a local outdoor mall in Naples and it was so much fun. We dressed him up as Superman and walked him around while taking photos. He definitely has the Superman pose down ;)




2. Ms. MRS. Kayle’s Giant Double Chocolate Cookies. O to the M to the G. Kayle posted these guys on Monday and I made them Tuesday evening. Holy majoly are they good! I made half of a batch and ate my fair share of cookie dough. Definitely make these if you’re craving chocolate – Super easy to throw together and the cookies are thick and gooey. So good!

3. We booked a winter ski trip to Breckenridge! Kyle’s family typically goes on a ski trip and/or a beach trip each winter and since we now live at a beach (so convenient!), they decided to head to the mountains in 2016. My sister lives near Denver so we will get to see her as well while we’re visiting Colorado. I don’t plan on skiing (I am plain ol’ awful and it’s more frustrating for me than anything!) but Kyle will snowboard and his parents can watch Dean while I sleep ;) Is it sad that I’m looking forward to extra sleep 4 months in advance?!

4. Okay, so this isn’t a favorite yet… But I am working on finalizing our family photo outfits! We have our first ever family photos next Thursday and I’m causing myself more stress than necessary regarding our outfits. I found one for Dean on Monday but I need to find something for myself! I have some color combos given to me by our photographer so I’m hitting up a few malls today (pray that Dean cooperates!) and hopefully finding a dress or pants/top for me and a shirt for Kyle.

5. I know that everyone is OBSESSED with this song, but I had to jump on the bandwagon and list it as a favorite… Adele’s new single, Hello. So so good! What do you think of it?

6. I had to update this post after scheduling it… A new favorite – Dean finally took a bottle again – WAHOO!!! I received a few suggestions from friends and bought a Dr. Brown bottle as well as a Tommee Tippee bottle (this one is still coming in the mail from Amazon – Thanks for the recommendation, Jessica!). Yesterday afternoon, Dean took 5 whole ounces from the Dr. Brown bottle. I think the key is waiting for him to be VERY hungry (aka – crying) and lying him on a blanket on the floor to feed him. If we hold him, he expects something else is coming his way ;)

He’s never been a picky eater so the Avent bottles we had been using must not be his favorite any longer.


Milk drunk, LOL.

Linking up with Katie and Heather for some fun on this lovely Friday!

What are a few of your favorites from the week? Anyone have big plans for the weekend??

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