Nachos, fondue, body pump and other weekend fun!

Happy Sunday!

How’s your weekend been so far?

My Friday night started out with the Blackhawks and nachos at a local dive bar. Nachos for me. Blackhawks for the boys ;)

Blackhawks Collage

Saturday morning called for a long walk. Mitchell and I had to wait while Kyle grabbed a bagel for breakfast.

photo 1 (89)

I had plans for brunch with a friend, but the walk took it out of me and I couldn’t stop coughing so plans had to change :/

After running a few errands, Kyle and I grabbed lunch at Duran – a local, European sandwich cafe. Each was delicious!


The rest of the day involved a 3-hour nap (it was amazing!) and then getting ready for date night.

photo 3 (88)

We received a Groupon gift for Christmas to Geja’s Cafe, a romantic fondue restaurant in Chicago, and decided it was time to use it.


Overall, everything was delicious. We started with salads and a cheese fondue with bread for dipping, following by a meat and seafood tray with 8 dipping sauces, and then finished with a chocolate fondue complete with marshmallows, rice krispie treats and fruit for dipping! The only part we didn’t enjoy was that we had to “cook” our meat in oil at the table, so basically our steak, chicken, lobster and scallops were all deep fat fried. Blech. If we go back, we decided we’d definitely just go for the cheese and chocolate and skip the main course ;)

After a week of rest, I finally hit up the gym again for some body pump! It felt great to get back.

photo 2 (89)

I got all geared up, thanks to Kyle, for the Blackhawks game.

photo 4 (74)

Once the game started, however, Mitchell and I decided we would rather take a walk to the dog park than watch hockey.

photo 1 (90)

The rest of the afternoon and evening are going to be spent packing and getting ready for my 5am flight (not looking forward to the 2:30am wake-up call!) to Florida tomorrow. I’m heading south for a work trip so if I’m more absent than normal, you know where I am :)

What was the most exciting thing you did this weekend?

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