January 2, 2017 – What are YOUR goals?

2017 is right around the corner and I have one question for you. Okay, actually TWO questions for you ;)

What are YOUR health goals for 2017? And what will you be doing to improve your health on January 2, 2017?

  • Are you looking to lose a few of those holiday pounds? Or maybe, finally – once and for all, shed that baby weight? 
  • Do you want to improve your fitness game? Gain lean muscle mass? See those biceps POP?
  • What about your energy? Is one of your health focuses for the new year to have the same amount of energy you did as a teenager?
  • Eat healthier? Be more active? Feel fantastic inside and out? Fulfill something that is missing in your life?

What is stopping you from achieving your goals? Do you not know where to start? Does it seem intimidating? Have you ever considered working with a personal trainer and/or health coach to reach your goals?

I can’t answer these questions for you, you gotta dig deep for that. I can, however, tell you what program changed my health and life (and many of my personal training clients’ lives) for the better. Are you willing to listen? Maybe you already know…


Yup, this company has changed my life and I am so grateful. They released a HUGE announcement today and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

I am SO excited to announce that AdvoCare shared their 2017 ALL-IN 24-Day Challenge with the world TODAY!

AdvoCare has been my choice for a healthier lifestyle going on 3 years (has it been that long?! Read more about my story here.) I use AdvoCare products daily for energy, improved workout performance (BODYPUMP!!), gaining lean muscle mass, and to feel great! My personal training clients have seen incredible results with the addition of not only the 24-Day Challenge, but also the Performance Elite products into their fitness routine. I love that the products are developed and tested by a team of scientists, nutritionists, and physicians, the products are 3rd party tested for banned substances, AND that AdvoCare provides multiple solutions for both the physical (energy, weight management, wellness, sports performance) and financial areas of your life.

I am so very grateful AdvoCare entered my life almost 3 years ago!

So, what’s this ALL-In 24-Day Challenge?!

The ALL-IN Challenge includes the same fabulous products as the regular 24-Day Challenge PLUS bonus items AND free shipping from now until December 20, 2016. *While supplies last!*

Oh, and did I mention a JUMBO BOTTLE OF CATALYST?! <– Can you tell I’m excited? This mega bottle is only available to those who decide to go ALL-IN and is going FAST.

You better bet your britches that my January 2017 AdvoCare ALL-IN 24-Day Challenge has been ordered… Plus the jumbo bottle of Catalyst (obviously…)! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to join me and kick start a healthier lifestyle for YOUR 2017!

The challenge can be customized to fit any health goals and/or budget, so please comment below or shoot me an email (becky@olivesnwine.com) so I can help you customize a package to meet your needs. I would love to tell you about the fantastic products, discount options, and business opportunity if you are interested.

There are so many important health goals to choose from, not only for the beginning of 2017 but for each and every day that we wake up. I encourage you to make the decision to make 2017 your healthiest year yet. It doesn’t matter which program you decide to follow or how small the step, any movement towards health is in the right direction!

2017 New Year’s Resolution… Number 2

This year I’ve decided to type up my New Year’s Resolutions in separate posts. I like to do a little bit of explaining when it comes to goals and this will help me elaborate each goal without writing a novel! ;)

Resolution #1

Resolution #2?

Stick with my new motto: Actions over goals.

Image result for 2017

I’m typing up New Year’s resolutions. It is OBVIOUS that I like setting goals for myself. Here is the thing about goals, they’re great at giving you an idea of where you want to go/be but just setting a goal won’t get you results. You must perform specific actions to achieve your desired results.

I wish we could set goals like…

Reduce my body fat percentage by 5 points.

Improve my half marathon PR by 7 minutes.

Grow my business by 15%.

Wake up each morning to a clean kitchen.

Set aside 10 minutes per day for relaxation.

… And they would JUST. HAPPEN.

Sadly, that isn’t the way things work!

So, with my 2017 resolution of actions over goals, I am not going to stop setting goals each week or month or annually, but I am going to put specific action steps behind each goal… Actions that require my attention weekly, if not more often. These action steps will help me get closer to my goals and – hopefully! – surpass my own personal expectations.

I’m curious – Do you often set SMART (specific-measurable-attainable-realistic-timely) goals? How often to think about the action needed to meet your goals?

Here’s to 2017 being an ACTION-FILLED year!

2017 New Year’s Resolution… Number 1

This year I’ve decided to type up my New Year’s Resolutions in separate posts. I like to do a little bit of explaining when it comes to goals and this will help me elaborate each goal without writing a novel! ;)

Resolution #1?

Reduce my/our (sorry, Kyle) unnecessary spending.

Image result for 2017

The driving force behind this resolution is that I have been able to pay off debt by limiting our spending and paying off debt is one of the best feelings EVER! I checked my car off of the list back in June and my $30 grand of student loans will be DONEZO come the end of January if everything goes as planned.

We thankfully don’t have other debt (besides our mortgage) after my student loans have been paid off, but why not save our “extra” money for big item, fun things… Like remodeling our kitchen or putting in a pool/larger lanai or a trip to Europe? I’d much rather put my money toward these larger things than spend it on spur-of-the-moment, unnecessary splurges.

So, what do I consider unnecessary?

It totally depends!

Sometimes lunch out is NEEDED for my sanity, but most of the time it is an unnecessary expense.

That “sale” at the outlet mall? Yep, I most likely need to skip it unless I’ve been eyeing something for a LONG time or Dean has no clothes that fit ;)

My super expensive facial care line that I LOVE but that costs me $200+ every few months? *sniff, sniff* I don’t need it.

A pricey bottle of wine at our local liquor store? Maybe needed for a special occasion, but for most days, box wine does the job JUST fine.

Family dinner at a restaurant? HAHAHAHA – We always think this is a good idea UNTIL we sit down and Dean wants to run around. It’s much more pleasant to let him run around, jabbering up a storm at home while we make our own dinner (for a lot less money too!) than to stress about noise at a restaurant ;)

I LOVE a good mani/pedi so it pains me to say these are unnecessary, LOL. They are needed before a vacation or a fun girls’ day out, but (sadly) they are not needed weekly.

Weekly golfing trips during season. Sorry Kyle, not worth the crazy expensive price!

I would say that we already do a fairly good job of keeping our spending in check. I have a monthly budget Excel document that I update bi-weekly so we know where our money is going and can pull back if anything looks out of control. We also (normally) check in with each other prior to larger purchases.

I am excited to continue with this goal into 2017 and see what fun things we can do for our family with our savings!

What is one of your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions?

Friday Faves!

Is it Friday? I have been confused on the day of the week this entire week! I guess that what happens following a holiday weekend ;)

Whatcha up to this weekend? We don’t have any major plans – I am chaperoning (<– Does this mean I’m old?! LOL) a post-graduation event for local high school seniors. It’s basically an after prom and should be a ton of fun… even though it is in the middle of the night, haha. AND I am also hosting a BODYPUMP training this weekend – I’m excited to meet some of the Les Mills trainers! Other than that, I don’t have much on the agenda – Rest and relaxation <– MAJOR LOLs with a toddler ;)

How about we talk about some of my personal favorites from the week?

1. Scheduling Dean’s 1 year photos! I know, I know… I’m almost a month late. BUT they are set for next week and I can’t wait to see them. Dean and I went shopping yesterday in preparation – Two for him, one for me.


2. I have decided to pursue a career in film… Kidding! ;) But you should most definitely check out this video where I chat about training at the Greater Naples YMCA! Please don’t judge my slouching or awkward faces…

3. Kicking off my Two Week Tone Up challenge! It’s Day 4 and I’m already feeling SO much better. It’s amazing what good-for-you food, vitamins, no wine (wahhh…), and lotsa Spark can do for the body.


4. My little monkey LOVING peanut butter toast! It’s a dream come true, haha. I was concerned for the longest time that he’d be allergic to peanuts (so far, so good) and now every. single. time. I make myself PB toast for breakfast, he HAS to have it. It’s a mess to clean up but I’m glad he loves one of my favorite foods!


5. Finally getting organized enough to set a few monthly goals. FINALLY. I’ll be honest, I’m not great at this goal-settin’ thing… I forget about them and then get frustrated. BUT, my new planner has a section for monthly goals so I’m trying it out again. It’s June 3rd and so far, I’m successfully completing all of them ;) #startsmall


Okay, so it wasn’t the most exciting week for a list of favorites but I do love recapping the past few days each Friday. I hope y’all have a fab first weekend of JUNE!

Linking up with Katie and Heather for Friday Favorites!

2016 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year. The time of year where everyone is contemplating self-betterment and what they can or should be doing to improve themselves over the next 12 months.

I’m no exception to this rule and even though some tend to give a side eye to us “resolution setters,” I’m a huge believer in fresh starts and there is no better time to begin anew than January 1st!

This year, instead of resolutions, however, I’m referring to them as my 2016 goals. The terms are one in the same but I like the sound of goals better ;)

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2016… and now that they’re on the internet, they seem much more real!

Oh, and if you’d like a peek back at my 2015 goals, you can find those here. I think I did a pretty good job of accomplishing my list!

1. Grow my personal training business.

As a believer in SMART goals, I know I need to be more specific here, but with a baby and a lot of other things on my plate, I’m leaving it pretty open. Considering the fact that I JUST started my business a few weeks ago, any movement upward will be considered growth! As of right now, I’m leading a Facebook group that is meant to inspire and motivate others to stay/become physically active. I’m also launching my first online bootcamp in January! I had a much larger response than I anticipated so I increased the size of the bootcamp and am excited for it to launch in a few short days.

In 2016, I would like to begin local fitness classes/bootcamps, expand my online training, and really nail down the direction I want to take my business.

2. Make one new (and healthy) recipe per week.

Kyle and I tend to have the same dinners week after week. By the time he gets home from work and I take care of Dean all day, the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time cooking! Needless to say, we’ve fallen into somewhat of a rut. I’m excited to put some more pizzazz into our meals and have been hitting up Pinterest and Google for some inspiration.

3.  Remember that friends’ online lives are just that… Their online – not their true, lives.

Also known as, do not compare yourself to what you see online, be happy for others’ successes, take social media posts with a grain of salt.

It is far too easy to get caught up on what we see on social media. There is a lot of boasting and self-encouragement happening – which is fine, don’t get me wrong! – but what we see online isn’t the full picture. Your friend that always posts about their happy relationship probably isn’t happy with their partner 100% of the time. Your friend that is “over the moon successful” in whatever business they’re pursuing is only showing the positive aspects online. I think what I’m trying to get at here is that while I do tend to stay very positive about my life, I shouldn’t compare (or even believe) to what other people post on their social media networks. Comparison is the thief of all joy, right?

4. Save more moolah!

Over the past year, I’ve gotten a lot better at not buying “useless” items. I take the time to think about (most) of my purchases before handing over my cash. I’ve realized that I should be saving/investing the money I am not spending. This year, I’ll continue analyzing my purchases and then putting any extra into savings… or as I like to call it, my rainy day fund :)

I get to workout

5. Continue pushing myself to achieve my fitness goals.

Beginning on the 1st, I’m cleaning up my diet and getting to work on my fitness plan. I have outlined it in my fitness group, but I want to work on my core (begin to get some definition back post-baby), transition away from modified push-ups, and increase my BODYPUMP squat weight. And I will be training for a race… specifically a half marathon, I just need to decide when and wear!

6. Stay focused on my AdvoCare goals.

A goal about a goal? Ha! Yes ;) One of the things I love most about AdvoCare is that the business is always there and even if you have/want to take a break you can always return to it. I love that the products are safe and effective. I love sharing it with others. I love helping my team. I love being able to focus on it when and how I want as well! But with that requires a lot of internal self-motivation. It’s easy to get sidetracked so I am going to make a point of staying focused in 2016.

I shared the below graphic in last year’s post but it is mostly definitely still relevant in 2016! Here’s to a healthy and happy new year!

2016 Goals


On goal setting.


A serious topic for a Monday, eh?

I’ve been thinking about the topic of goal setting over the past week and thought I’d share my reflections on the importance of setting and following through with your goals. Spoiler alert – The follow through takes a lot more effort than the actual goal setting.

Big goals. Small goals. Personal goals. Professional goals. Fitness goals. Relationship goals. Life goals. The goals you set and deem to be important in your life are up to you. No one else can decide what you should achieve in the next month (or year or five years…), so if you want to achieve big things (or small things!) you have to set the bar high for yourself and follow through.


Let’s step back for a moment and chat about goals.

All of us have goals – at least in some form, but only some of us really have goals.

See where I am going here? What sets apart the goal setters apart from the goal “getters”?

A lot of hard work, that’s what… along with a few other things that I am sharing below.

1. Set goals… and write them down. It’s fine and dandy to set goals and keep them in your head, but from my experience, that method won’t take you very far. Step 1 is to determine your goals and step 2 is to write them down. And you don’t want to simply write them down in your notebook, close the cover and walk away… Nope. You want to write them in a place where you will see them multiple times per day. This keeps your goals top of mind. For example, Kyle had the awesome idea of painting a little nook in our new home with chalkboard paint. Once it is completed (this week, hopefully!), we plan on writing out our goals so they are staring at us each and every day.


Now, I’m not suggesting that you paint your entire house with chalkboard paint (although send me a photo if you do!), but keep your goals in your line of vision – Post-Its on your bathroom mirror, a list on your desk at work, your phone’s home screen – and they will stay in your focus.

2. Find a mentor. I recommend finding a mentor for your personal goals and another mentor for your professional goals. You want your mentor to be someone that you trust, someone that motivates you toward your goals, someone who has experience in what you want to achieve, and someone that can ask you the hard questions and give you honest feedback. Set up recurring check-ins with your mentor – Maybe that’s monthly or quarterly or bi-weekly, the timing is up to you, but I’ve found that the more often I connect with my mentors, the quicker I get to my goals. Funny how that works. Oh, and take your mentor’s advice to heart. You chose them as your mentor for a reason, make sure to take their feedback, realign your methods, and be able to show them how their advice helped you succeed since your last meeting.

3. Hold yourself accountable. Set aside a few minutes at the end of each day AND at the beginning/end of each week to review your goals and give yourself a reality check. What did you do the past 24 hours/7 days to help you reach your goals? If the answer is nothing, ask yourself why. What is keeping you from those goals? Fear? Schedule? Time? Unsure of where to begin? As a side note, if time is your answer, give yourself a little smack… If something is important to you (like YOUR goals!), you will make time for it.


4. Get to work. You can’t make progress unless you take the first step. Yes, that first step is scary and sometimes larger than we want to leap but in order to get where we want to be, we gotta take the leap. Once that first step is out of the way (phew!), determine how much time you are willing to dedicate toward your goal(s) each day. If you only have 10 minutes, use those 10 minutes! You’ll be surprised how far you can get with 10 minutes per day/70 minutes per week. Also, something to remember about getting to work… Sometimes we all have to do things we don’t want to do in order to see success. We have to make sacrifices. We have to prioritize. We have to figure out how far we are willing to go to get to that goal. You can’t just sit back and say “I don’t want to do that” when something is uncomfortable. That is not how successful people think. If it were only that easy!


5. Celebrate the small wins. You will experience failure. And set backs. And disappointments. It is all part of working toward something new. What you don’t see is that all successful individuals have experienced the same set backs. Their ride to the top hasn’t been full of rainbows and sunshine, but that is what you see looking in from the outside. People tend to only share the positives in the public, so don’t let your personal roadblocks prevent you from moving forward. Focus on the positive and celebrate each time you have made a step forward, no matter how small it may be! And use those “failure moments” as lessons for the future. Bring them to your mentor if you need help analyzing them, but those moments are just as important to keep with you as your moments of success.

6. Never stop reaching for more. You’ve reached your first goal – wahoo! So now you’re done, right? Not so fast… Successful people never stop setting goals. Maybe your new goal is completely different than before, that’s a-okay. Just don’t stop working toward a better you or toward your larger than life, pie in the sky goal. Also, save those sticky notes (remember the ones I mentioned above? they are on your bathroom mirror, right?) of the goals you’ve met. Keep ’em in a safe place and review them from time to time, especially when you’re feeling discouraged. There is nothing like looking at your successes to pull you out of a funk.


7. Remember your purpose. A purpose. This should have gone at the beginning of my list, but better late than never. What is YOUR purpose? Why are you setting these goals to begin with? Do you want to buy a house? Be a millionaire by age 35? Squat 250 pounds? Travel the world? Provide for your family? Have more time to do the things you love? When things get tough – and they will, trust me – go back to the reason, your purpose, for setting the goals in the first place. When you remember why you are working so hard toward a goal, it is much, much, MUCH easier to push yourself a little harder.

Are you a goal setter or a goal getter? What tips do you have for meeting your goals?

2014 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2014!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe time full of champagne and laughter and friends last night ringing in the new year.

NYE 2014

I definitely did and can’t wait to tell you all about my night! However, that will have to wait until tomorrow because today is for resolution setting.

Yep, I’m one of those that loves to set New Year’s resolutions. Call it corny or lame or whatever you please but I am a big believer in new beginnings and the new year is a great time to reset and focus on what I want to accomplish over the next 12 months!

(Image Source)

1. Read 6 books. I love reading but never make time for it because of work or blogging or working out or just wasting time on my phone. I know I can make time to read 1/2 a book each month and that is what I’m going to do! My mom gave me 2 great books to start with but if you have any other suggestions, I’m always open to new book ideas.

2. Travel. This isn’t really a resolution, it is just something that I like to do and I want to make a point to continue to travel in 2014. A few places that are in the works include: Jamaica, LA (maybe), Spain, Colorado, Las Vegas and Blend (wherever it is held this year).

3. Stop procrastinating. I am not a procrastinator when it comes to most things in life. I like to get stuff done and out of the way unless it is something I don’t really like doing, like the dishes or making the bed… When I procrastinate (or just avoid…) with these chores, I get super stressed out and annoyed that the apartment isn’t clean. In 2014, I want to do the dishes and have the kitchen cleaned most nights so I don’t have to worry about it and have the mess bother me!

4. Run the Chicago Marathon. All I gotta say is that it IS going to happen this year. End of story :)

5. Enjoy the work week. I suffer from I like to call the “workday blues.” I tend to think a day is ruined or that I can’t do anything besides focus on work during the week which definitely doesn’t lead to a healthy work-life balance. In 2014, I’m going to focus on enjoying my mornings before work and my evenings after work! Some ideas I have include cooking a new recipe for dinner, trying a new fitness class, taking Mitchell to the lake (once the weather is nice!), going to a movie or grabbing drinks with friends.

(Image Source)

All of my resolutions are extremely manageable – well, maybe not the marathon, that’ll take some work… and I can’t wait to live a fun, healthy and fulfilling 2014!

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are some of yours for 2014?

December 23rd – Weekly Health Goals

**If you’re looking for my 26 Random Acts of Kindness page, here is the link!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!! ;)

How was your Saturday? Kyle and I ran some last-minute errands, hit up the gym, opened Hanukkah presents with the fam and then went out for sushi with some friends in Chicago – It was a fun and busy day!

Mitchell LOVES to open presents, by the way. Check out how much fun he had with my gift for Kyle!

Mitchell Presents 1

Mitchell Presents 2

I also was able to do a few random acts of kindness yesterday. *BIG SMILE* If you haven’t started your kindness acts yet, I really recommend it! It gives you a wonderful, happy feeling to do nice things for others :)

Random Acts - 1

Random Acts - 2

My health goals are going to be slightly different this week. I am not going to be making a meal plan since Kyle and I are visiting family in Chicago and then traveling to Utah for a ski trip! If I were to make a plan, it would go something like this: Hanukkah Party Latkes and Dessert, Christmas Eve Dinner and Wine, Christmas Dinner and Mimosas…. you get the idea… I’m going to stick with my eating philosophy from last week and enjoy this wonderful holiday week!

Weekly Fitness Plan

  • Sunday: Run or Elliptical
  • Monday: Yoga
  • Tuesday: Run or Walk – Merry Christmas!
  • Wednesday: Rest – Travel day to Utah!
  • Thursday: Ski
  • Friday: Ski
  • Saturday: Elliptical

I realize that I forgot to make an overall health goal last week – oops!! This week my goal focuses on spiritual and mental health. The holidays can be an extremely stressful time (lots of family, traveling, potentially bad weather conditions, extra food, etc.) and I want to make sure that both Kyle and I get enough “me time” to ourselves so we stay sane and happy. This is one of the few times each year that we can completely forget about work and relax so I plan to make sure that we take full advantage!

Weekly Health Goal

Enjoy time with family and friends while making time to do the things I love. I will be focusing on exercising, relaxing, laughing and having fun!

How are you going to stay healthy this week?

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