Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 – Pregnancy Differences

They say each pregnancy is different.

I’m not sure who “they” entails, but from my experience – even with babies of the same gender, the saying is totally accurate!

Baby Boy #2 has definitely given me more of a run for my money than Dean ever did… I’m nervous this is a foreshadowing into his future personality. Yikes! #sendwine

I’ve noticed quite a few differences in my  pregnancies and I thought it would be fun to share them with y’all today.

1. Pregnancy #2 = MORE tired.

Man, oh man, am I TIRED. I contribute this to a few things… When I was pregnant with Dean I did not have a full time job nor was I chasing after a toddler. The past few weeks everyone has asked me why I’m still at work. My response? Working is much easier than chasing a 2 year old all day! #truth I had the ability to nap, run errands, relax at the beach, leisurely enjoy meals, and sleep in as late as I wanted with my first pregnancy. This one… HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nope. All of those things take a toll on ya and I’m sure that is why I feel like an exhausted MOMbie most of the time. Thank goodness for Spark!

2. Pregnancy #2 = Morning (ALL DAY) sickness.

When I was pregnant with Dean, I maybe (MAYBE) felt nauseated once or twice. This pregnancy? I was nauseous from weeks 6-18 and it was AWFUL. I constantly felt like I had the worst hangover EVER without the enjoyment of drinking wine the evening before. Fun, right? I’m thankful it went away for the most part for the remainder of my pregnancy, but I have experienced a few “blech” spells in the third trimester. I have heard that girls tend to cause more morning sickness… Like most things, I think it just depends on the pregnancy and your hormones!

3. Pregnancy #2 = MORE poundage.

Yay! <– Sense my sarcasm?! ;-) Honestly, I’m not super worried about this AT ALL. I bounced back pretty quickly with Dean and have a plan for my postpartum weight loss this time around too. I started at a much lower weight when I became pregnant this time than I did when I became pregnant with Dean. I am under the belief that your body seeks to get to a certain point (equilibrium if you’d like to call it that…) while pregnant. Since I started lower, I had to gain more to get there. ANDDDDDD when you’re nauseated for months on end and can only consume pizza and quesadillas, the pounds are bound to add up quickly! With Dean I think I gained somewhere in the low 20’s and this time I’ve gained about 37 pounds I think. I plan to use my 6-week postpartum check up weight as my baseline of how much I still have left to lose. I had about 10 remaining pounds with Dean and anticipate having 10-15 with this dude.

4. Pregnancy #2 = LESS worry and anticipation.

If Dean didn’t move for more than 10 minutes while I was pregnant, I would poke my belly to get him to kick. Poor kid, he is probably going to have a complex when he grows up! This time around I figure most things I’m experiencing are normal and I go with the flow. Plus, between work and Dean, I’ve been MUCH busier this pregnancy and I don’t have time to sit and contemplate each decision I make during the day. I’m also much less anxious about labor and delivery. I think I am just trying to block it out of my mind, haha. I know what to expect and am not trying to figure out an unknown experience this time.

5. Pregnancy #2 = MORE questions from strangers.

I’m not sure if this is because I interact with more people on a daily basis due to my job or strangers feel the need to ask more questions when you’re dragging a toddler around while 7+ pregnant, but I have received more questions this time. What is the gender?… Oh, are you going to try again for a girl?… Is this your first baby? (I always take this as a compliment that I appear to be well rested, ha!)… How are you feeling?… Why are you still working out? (EYE. ROLL.)… How much time are you taking off after baby?… And the list goes on. I don’t mind the questions, unless I’m feeling particularly hormonal I just answer and go on with my day… or complain to a good friend about people’s stupidity ;-)

A few things have felt the same and for that I am grateful. I did the same workouts (I actually ran LONGER this time around, yay!), my belly is about the same size as with Dean, my hair is nice and thick, and I have had relatively easy pregnancies.

Now excuse me as I go try to walk this little guy out… his time is up!

If you’ve had multiple pregnancies, how did they differ? How were they the same?

My favorite things about being a mom

Motherhood isn’t always butterflies and rainbows, if you think it is, you’ve probably never cared for a human under the age of 5 before… ;) Even though there can be rough patches, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite things about being a new mama today. There are a few things that always put a smile on my face and make all of the hard work worth it.

Baby smiles. Gahhh… the cutest things ever! My favorite smiles come first thing in the morning (Hi Mom, I’m ready to play!) and the smiles after he’s done something naughty… Like yesterday when he took all of the books off of his bookshelf and played in Mitchell’s water bowl.

Watching them learn new things. Everything is new to babies and it is so much fun to see them discovering their world. New tastes and smells and objects to grab… It puts a smile on my face watching Dean flip through a new book or babble to his new toy elephant or make a funny face when he tries a new food <– I smile until I have to clean the food off of him and/or the floor!

Everyone is ridiculously nice to you. Maybe it’s just here in Naples, but ever since Deany entered the world, people seem to bend over backwards for me. I rarely have to open a door. People will pull out a cart for me at Target. I have long conversations with people about babies at the grocery store. Restaurant staff help entertain Dean while we are out. The list goes on… I am so thankful for everyone’s kind gestures during this first year of Dean’s life!

Baby clothes. SOOO cute. Yep, even the boy ones. Dean has A TON of clothes but that never stops me from buying the newest outfits at Target ;)

An influx of visitors. It’s funny how that works… A baby arrives and BAM, everyone wants to visit you. It’s fun to entertain family and friends and I’d be lying if I didn’t like taking advantage of the free babysitting that comes along with it.

Growing up. I know a lot of moms tend to get sad when they see their babies growing… Maybe I’m the odd one out in this but I LOVE watching Dean grow and change each day. It makes me think I’m doing an okay job and, especially during those not-so-easy times, reminds me that “this too shall pass.”

I may have to do a post on my “not so favorite” things about being a mom in the near future ;)

Mamas – What are some of your favorite things about motherhood?

Because there are no breaks.

“Is it hard?”

Along with many other caring questions, almost everyone who has checked in on me since Dean was born has asked me if I thought motherhood was difficult.

My initial reaction is to respond with, “No, of course it isn’t hard!”

From my perspective, for something to be hard or difficult requires it to be intellectually challenging (ex: spending days creating an Excel spreadsheet or solving an intense math equation) and/or physically demanding (ex: teaching 5 BODYPUMP classes with your heaviest weight in one day). Thankfully, I was blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy and birth (not that any pregnancy/labor/delivery is easy, but you get my point…) and a baby that seems to go with the flow and his natural instincts. By my above definition then, motherhood definitely isn’t hard for me!

The thing is, being a mom IS hard. I just haven’t been able to put my finger on what exactly makes it so until now.

Earlier in the week, Kyle and I were talking over dinner about his upcoming work schedule. He is heading into a big project and will be extremely busy for the next few weeks. He made a comment about not having any breaks in July when it dawned on me…

THAT is what makes motherhood hard.

It is because there are no breaks.


Being a mom means that you are always on.

You can’t tell the little guy (or gal) that you’re taking the evening off and that he should hold his hunger and dirty diapers until the morning.  You can’t drop everything for the day, leave the babe home alone with the dog, and drink margaritas on the beach with your girlfriends. Heck, even if you found a sitter or somehow men could breastfeed (seriously scientists, get on this!), I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to turn your mind off from that little human that has somehow taken over your heart.

For the rest of your days you will always wonder and worry and constantly think about your baby, even when the day comes that they are no longer a baby. Are they safe? Are they hungry? Are they lonely? What are they doing right now? Are they hot or cold or sad or happy? What can I do to make their world a better place?

As I sit here and watch Baby Dean do his daily tummy time and make happy shrieks, I’m glad there are no breaks. Even if it makes this motherhood thing hard.

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