DockATot Review

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased our DockATot Deluxe+ and was not provided any discount from DockATot.

If you’re a new parent, you’ve most likely heard the hype surrounding the newest magic sleeping bullet for babies.

The DockATot boasts some pretty impressive online reviews – Babies sleeping through the night (like 12 hours through the night!) after being introduced to the DockATot, colicky babies being soothed, long naptimes, and cosleeping parents feeling less anxiety by placing their infant in a DockATot, just to name a few.

For the exhausted new parent, reading these reviews is enough to have you clicking “SEND ME ALLLLL THE DockATots” when you’ve been awake comforting your newborn from 2-4am. No, my purchase wasn’t made on impulse in the middle of the night ;-)

After chatting with a new of my fellow new mama friends who have used the DockATot, I decided to take the leap and purchase the miracle worker for James. The price tag is steep – $165-185 USD for the Deluxe+ model, but thankfully, Target now sells the DockATot and I was able to use a coupon to save myself a few dollars.

I wouldn’t say James is a bad sleeper. He is actually MUCH better in the sleep department than Dean ever was at his age. He typically wakes twice per night to eat and goes back down fairly easily. (KNOCK ON WOOD…) The only issue we had been facing is that he does not like the bassinet we used for Dean. He could also “halfway” rollover in his swaddle from birth so we were nervous to place him in a crib or bassinet while swaddled. The DockATot seemed like it would be a good alternative as it keeps babies cozy and warm as if they are swaddled.

I was slightly concerned about safety as there are sides on the DockATot, but the fabric is breathable (I tested it when it arrived) and it has been tested for that specific safety feature. It also claims to not harbor heat, but I’m not sure this is entirely true. James doesn’t get super warm while sleeping in the DockATot but I do think it keeps him warmer than if he were just in a bassinet or crib. The DockATot is also harmful substance-free, machine washable (yasssss!), and easy to travel with in either a car or a plane <– Nice for families that are on-the-go as baby always has a familiar place to sleep.

So, is the DockATot a magic sleeping solution?

Eh, I’m not convinced. It is a nice baby gadget? Yes, for sure! Kyle and I both feel much less anxious if we place the DockATot in our bed as a cosleeper than if we were to not use it. (Also FYI, we have a king sized bed… It would be a tight fit if you have any smaller of a bed size with the DockATot). I don’t think James sleeps any longer when sleeping in his DockATot vs. our Rock ‘n Play or in a baby wrap/carrier. There are also MUCH cheaper (and just as safe in my opinion) options for infant cosleepers on the market.

That being said, we will continue to use the DockATot. It is soft, safe, and easy to use which I appreciate.

As all parents know, there isn’t a single solution for all babies whether it be for sleep or feeding or fussiness. Each baby is different and for every parent that claims the newest baby gadget is a miracle worker, there will be another parent that says it is didn’t do squat.

My suggestion? Before purchasing, find a friend with a DockATot and borrow it for a night or two to see if it works magic on your new baby before spending the big bucks!

Have you tried the DockATot? If so, did it work nighttime magic on your infant?

James Reilly – Newborn Photos

Doesn’t everyone love an adorable collection of newborn baby photos?


Because he’s my kid and naturally I think he’s cute, I thought I’d share James’ newborn images from his photo shoot last week.

They were taken when he was 5 days new and our photographer, Rochelle Shucart did an incredible job. She’s taken all of our professional photos since we moved to Naples and I HIGHLY recommend her if you’re searching for a Naples, Florida photographer.

Now, for the cuteness…

Dean Axel – One Month Update

On June 14th, Mr. Dean turned one month old!

I thought it would be fun for me to have a sort of online “baby book” to look back on as he grows up… mainly because I can’t seem to find the time to get his actual baby book updated. One of these days ;)

Kyle and I are enjoying being new parents! It is a lot of fun to watch him grow and discover new things every day. The lack of sleep is rough some days but we know it will improve with time and little Dean is worth it.

Here’s an update on Dean’s first month!


Length: 20 inches – 5th percentile

Weight: 9 pounds, 14 ounces – 25th percentile

Head circumference: 14.5 inches – 30th percentile (I think… I can’t find the papers but this is what I recall!)


  • Being swaddled for nighttime and naps
  • Eating – Sometimes I eat so quickly, I inhale my milk! Mom has to consciously slow me down so I don’t choke ;)
  • Smiling and laughing when Dad holds me
  • Baby art cards
  • Bathtime (I started liking these around 2 weeks)
  • Sleeping on Mom’s chest
  • Scratching my face… Mom makes me wear socks on my hands even though I look silly.
  • Walks in my stroller
  • Car rides


  • Tummy time – I like to flip myself over so I don’t have to work so hard pushing up!
  • Diaper changes
  • When mom eats Quest Bars… She had to give them up and I hear she’s sad about it.
  • Being hungry – I have a really good hangry scream, you should hear it sometime.
  • Shots
  • Sun shining in my eyes


  • Grandma Joyce
  • Aunt Laura and Uncle Tyler
  • My favorite Sparkheads (Lauren & Greg, Breanna & Brian, Sarah & Greg… and about 100 others!)

Places I’ve been:

  • Target
  • My pediatrician’s office
  • The beach/Gulf of Mexico
  • Outlet mall
  • Naples Beach and Golf Resort
  • Chipotle


  • Deany Beany
  • Baby Dean
  • Stinkman/Poopman <– I promise they are said lovingly, LOL!
  • Sparky
  • ET (He does this neck stretch thing while wrinkling his forehead and he creepily looks almost identical to ET… a face only a mother could love, ha.)
  • Squeakers

Overall, everything is going well! We are still trying to figure out a good night sleep schedule for him. We get at least one 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night and then typically two 2.5-3 hour stretches. We are slowly establishing a bedtime routine – Right now it is bathtime followed by cuddles and eating and then swaddling before being placed in his bassinet with a fan nearby for white noise. The timing of his bedtime varies based on how he eats throughout the day and we have to be careful not to overstimulate him at night or bedtime does not happen!

As far as eating goes, the guy loves his milk! I was initially concerned that he wasn’t eating enough per feeding (he only eats one side for 15-20 minutes before being done-zo) but once I started pumping, I realized I make way more milk than he needs on each side. No wonder he doesn’t need both sides, his stomach would explode! He is also gaining a healthy 8 ounces per week on average – exactly where we want him, and making about 12 wet diapers and 6-8 solid diapers <– aka, he is definitely getting enough, LOL. If we don’t burp him VERY well or if he eats too much too quickly, he tends to throw up his feedings. That was a fun discovery… I have also noticed that I can no longer eat Quest Bars (wahhhh!) – It gives him WAY too much fiber at one time and then he struggles to go to the bathroom. And that isn’t fun for anyone involved!

Month two is going to bring more visitors (we have LOTS of grandparents coming down to Naples!), the Fourth of July (we will see how fireworks go with him), hot weather, and mommy going back to teach. We are excited to see how much he grows and changes over the next few weeks!

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