Confessions + An Announcement

1. Confession – I joined the most expensive gym country club fitness club in Chicago yesterday. It’s like a country club but fitness style. #oops

Kyle wasn’t too keen on the monthly fee (especially since we have a gym in our apartment…) but I justified it since the monthly membership fee is only $40 more than the CorePower Yoga membership I was paying in Minneapolis AND it includes so much more than CorePower did! I have yoga + body pump + cycling + pilates + zumba + kickboxing + ropes training + core classes + barre + SO MUCH MORE. The gym even has 5 pools, a gigantic weight room, an even larger cardio room, a spa IN the locker room, a salon, 2 restaurants, a juice bar, free valet parking (I can walk so I won’t be using this…), a sun deck/fully stocked bar for the summer months, a golf driving range, tennis courts, basketball/soccer courts… I’m sure I’m forgetting something here… Anyways, it’s pretty much my piece of heaven here in Chicago and it is going to be worth every single penny!


I attended a “Buff Yoga” class yesterday and I’m fairly certain my inner thighs are going to be sore for the rest of my life.

2. Confession – I kinda fell off the marathon training bandwagon. I doubt any of you are surprised to be reading this. I haven’t provided a weekly training recap in, well, weeks and I have mentioned that my stress levels were not very conducive to running. Kyle and I still have our plane tickets to California and I am still running every week just not as far as I need to be for the whole 26.2 miles thing. I’m  planning on running at least the 13.1 miles and then running/walking every other mile after that. We’ll see how it goes but the last thing I want to do at this time is put physical stress on my body and have more hair fall out. I’d rather have hair than be a marathoner ;)


3. Confession – I freakin’ love Chicago. Minneapolis never really felt like home the 4ish years Kyle and I lived there. Maybe it was because we knew it wasn’t going to be our forever home or because we didn’t have any family there or because we moved there without knowing a single person in the city but regardless, I am so happy to finally be somewhere that I feel like I belong. Plus Chicagoans are SO much nicer than Minnesotans (sorry friends but it’s true!). I’ve already met more people in the 1.5 weeks I’ve been in Chicago than I did in Minneapolis all 4 years. And they’re all nice and actually invite you to do things. Amazing.

4. Confession – Kyle’s mom brought us a “housewarming” quiche since we don’t have room for a gift in our tiny apartment and it is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It is cheesy and egg-y and is FULL of summer squash. I may have had it for every meal since breakfast yesterday. Remind me to get the recipe from her…


5. Confession – I love summer but I am ready for the hot weather to be gone and for cooler, fall days to arrive. I am over being coated in sweat the minute I walk outside and I want to be able to take Mitchell for a walk without worrying that he is going to get heat stroke. I’m also kinda over the pool… I know… Ask me how I feel about this confession come January but I honestly get kind of bored just lying by the pool. I think this means I need to work on my relaxation techniques ;)


6. Confession – I’m addicted to Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s happened y’all and it ain’t pretty. I was anticipating some delicious coffee here in Chicago but Dunkin’ has taken it to the next level.

dunkin mug

Thankfully, I drink my coffee black or I’d also need to be buying some new pants considering how much coffee I drink every day! I’m also addicted to lululemon and may have ridden my bike 10 miles in 100+ degree heat to get the last Sand to Savasana Duffel bag in the Chicago area yesterday. I needed it, obviously ;) I also got a new top to reward my biking efforts!

lulu Collage

And now for the announcement! I promise this will be my last announcement for a long, long time – I’ve just had so much change happening in my life that I have needed to have a life-changing announcement every other week ;)

Drum roll, please…………..

I was offered and accepted a new job in Chicago! (insert big, proud smile right here)

Although I’d do a great job playing the part, it isn’t to be part of the next Real Housewives of Chicago series ;)

I will be working for a large retailer (I’m not sure how they feel about blogs so I’m keeping the company private for now.) here in the Chicago area and will be doing something similar to what I was doing for Target. I’ll be between a few of their offices but when I am at their downtown office, I will be able to walk to work. YES – my downtown office is about the same distance as my old condo was to my Target office in Minneapolis – I am so freakin’ excited!

The company actually called me about 30 minutes before I was getting ready to board my one-way flight to Chicago. Talk about perfect timing! I was able to negotiate a later start date (and more vacation time – details on interview/negotiation tactics will be in a future post…) so I will be starting on September 23rd.

I am so excited to have a job and to have a little bit of time off to allow myself to learn my new city and to relax before jumping right back onto the 9-5 bandwagon.

I took my drug test last Thursday and as long as I pass it (I’ve never done a drug in my life so if I don’t pass, someone laced my pee!), I will be good to go :)

Mini-Confession – I actually felt guilty for a few seconds after receiving a job offer. (Ridiculous, right?) I know of SO many people my age (and other ages) that cannot find a job and there I was – just sorta looking and a perfect job falls into my lap. I quickly realized that I worked my tail off at Target and my resume reflected that. I also rocked my interviews and allowed myself to be relaxed about the entire situation so the guilt went away and I allowed myself to be happy and proud.

So, take this as a life lesson my fellow ladies – Do NOT feel guilty about your great accomplishments! YOU deserve them and you deserve to be happy about them.

Tell me one of your confessions. 

A Quick Weekend Update

Happy Sunday!

The weather has been absolutely PERFECT here in Minneapolis this weekend – 70’s, sunny and no humidity. A great way to end the month of June :)

Because of the amazing weather going on outside and the fact that I ran 10 miles this morning and have about zero percent energy at the moment, this post is going to be short and sweet. Capeesh?

pizza nea

Friday night Kyle and I hit up Pizza Nea to use an expired Groupon – I get so mad when I realize that I missed using a great discount! – and then stayed out much too late enjoying wine and beer. This is part of the reason why my long run was today rather than on Saturday… that and the headache that seemed to appear out of nowhere after this night… ;)


Regardless of my headache on Saturday morning, I made it to the farmer’s market to stock up on some healthy greens and veggies for the week. I love my little farmer’s market! On that note, I have a random question… Is it “farmers” or “farmer’s” or “farmers'” market??! I never know where to put the dang apostrophe!

Around noon, my friends Jen and Natalie came over for some fun in the sun at my pool. Some pool time was just what I needed that afternoon. After gettin’ my tan on, I headed down the street to yoga to sweat out the remainder of my hangover. Not gonna lie, it was painful at first but totally worth it in the end!


Kyle and I were looking for a calm Friday evening so we headed to Dinkytown – the University of Minnesota’s campustown – and grabbed a super cheap dinner of burgers and fries at Annie’s and then – since I realized that I hadn’t had froyo since January, oh the shame!! – enjoyed a HUGE bowl of froyo at Yogurt Lab. Talk about a sugar high. I had no problem sleeping with all of that deliciousness in my belly on Saturday night!

And in case you’re wondering, I ate every last bit of that chocolate-y, sugary goodness in the photo below. Froyo is something that cannot and should not be shared!

Healthy living blogger right here, folks! No morning run + Burgers + Fries + Beer + Froyo! It’s all about moderation – you can’t eat veggies or strive for perfection all of the time ;)


This morning, I woke up early and headed out on my 10-miler. Phew – it wasn’t easy so I’m glad that it is over. More details on Tuesday!


After my run, I was ready to eat ALL of the food at my local Trader Joe’s plus the entire cheese market at the Whole Foods down the road and then stop for a gallon of froyo on the way back home… (read: HANGRY) Kyle quickly with a frightened look in his eyes so kindly suggested that we head to Wilde Roast Cafe for brunch.

Best. Idea. EVER! I got the breakfast burro with avocado and it hit the spot.


The rest of today is going to be spent napping, blogging, studying, walking Mitchell and grocery shopping – My life is about as exciting as the Wall Street Journal. Wait… the WSJ might actually be more exciting. #truestory

Weekly Meal Plan

  • Sunday: Pasta with sauteed greens
  • Monday: Salmon with Asparagus
  • Tuesday: BBQ Tofu Pizza (I promise to remember take a photo this time so I can post the recipe!)
  • Wednesday: Dinner Out
  • Thursday: 4th of July Grilling
  • Friday: Dinner Out
  • Saturday: Dinner Out

Weekly Fitness Plan

  • Sunday: 10-mile run – DONE, thank goodness!
  • Monday: Yoga Sculpt
  • Tuesday: 3-mile run
  • Wednesday: 5-mile run
  • Thursday: 3-mile run
  • Friday: Yoga Sculpt
  • Saturday: 7-mile run

What are your Sunday plans? Is the weather just as gorgeous where you live? Please tell me I’m not the only one who blogs about their weekend and the realizes it was all about food. #eatALLthefoods

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