Baby Boy #2 Questionnaire

I saw this questionnaire on Heather’s blog and thought it would be a fun way to share some details about Baby Boy #2. I’ve also had a few questions for more posts about baby, so here ya go! ;)


What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

I felt hungover ALL OF THE TIME. And super tired. That sucked… I wasn’t even enjoying wine and still felt awful, LOL!

What was your first reaction to your pregnancy?

It better be a boy. No joke… That was my first thought!

How far along were you when you found out?

6-7 weeks. Way TMI here, but I didn’t get my period back until I stopped breastfeeding Dean and then it took two months… SO, I only had it once since Dean was born and my doctor told me it could take some time to get back to a regular cycle so I thought my body was just out of whack.

How did your parents/family react?

Surprised? Excited? Normal family reactions.

How did you tell your friends?

I texted them the photo I shared on Instagram and Facebook prior to posting it publicly. We weren’t super creative this time around! Sorry second child…

Baby Details

Due Date?

My doctor says June 6th… I say June 12th. We shall see!

Will you find out the sex ahead of time?

Done and done. BOY! Woohoo!!! Bunk beds here we come!

Do you have any feelings about whether you’re having a boy or a girl?

I totally thought it was a girl because I was never sick with Dean but alas, this little guy is already giving me a run for my money.

Any names?

Not really. Dean was SO easy to name but I haven’t come across any boy names that I love yet. Kyle told me last night he has a few ideas and we are going to start a list on our chalkboard. I obviously like traditional names that aren’t overused… Hopefully we can find one!

How many ultrasounds have you had?

Two. My doctor does them each visit. He has 3D capabilities this time too which is cool but also a bit creepy!

Have you felt the baby move?

I don’t know. It is so hard to tell early on. Who knows! He was moving like a crazy man in both ultrasounds though so maybe I have and just haven’t recognized it ;)

Will you be sharing weekly pregnancy updates on the blog?

No. I didn’t share that often with Dean because I think weekly updates are somewhat boring. I’ll pop in and share every now and then though!

Pregnancy Details

How have you been feeling?

Crappy! I think I’m starting to feel mostly better and am definitely sleeping better/have more energy.

Do you have any cravings/ aversions?

CARBS, LOL! I’ll like something one day and then cannot stand the thought of leftovers the next. It’s super fun…

Have you experienced any crazy pregnancy related emotions?

I think I get annoyed more easily. Kyle will tell you this is normal ;)

Any mood swings?

I feel like I’ve still been pretty level-headed. I do get crabby if I’m tired!

How far along are you now?

Per my doc’s calculations… 17 weeks on Christmas Day.

How has work/teaching been going?

Good! I actually ended up telling one of the girls who shares my office about my pregnancy early on because I felt so awful and didn’t want her to think I was a miserable person. LOL. She is pregnant too so it’s been fun in our office! Teaching has been GREAT. It helped to keep my mind off of my nausea for an hour at a time. I’m not modifying anything yet except my bench is tilted in BODYPUMP. Better safe than sorry in my opinion.

How do you think Dean will react to having a little brother?

He is going to hate life. Haha. Okay, not laughing about this but I guarantee he will act out for a good 6 months. He is a mama’s boy so seeing mama cuddling another baby is going to drive him crazy. Fingers crossed! They will (hopefully) eventually get along because they are getting bunk beds whether they like it or not. #momgoals

If you have any specific questions for me, ask below! I will be doing another survey in the future and will include your questions there.

Pregnancy Update – 17/18 Weeks

As I said before, I don’t plan on doing these posts every week. I’m thinking every few weeks or after each of my doctor appointments – who knows. We just have to wait and see what my pregnant mind decides to do ;)

I do know that all of the grandparents and future aunts/uncles will enjoy these posts and I want to keep y’all updated too… I just don’t think too much changes from week to week and if you want to know what happens at exactly 19 weeks, 2 days, you can Google it – LOL!

Before I get into the survey below, we had our 3rd doctor appointment yesterday and everything looked great! The little man wouldn’t stop moving (I have a future runner!) so we didn’t get great profile shots. My blood pressure, iron levels and weight all looked fab too – That’s always good to hear!

It’s still so freakin’ weird that I have a human inside of me. Like I’m growing a human. And I have to take care of it in a few months. Lord help the little guy.

ultasound 17 weeks

Here are a couple views of my “bump” right before my appointment…

17 weeks Collage

I found this survey on Alyssa’s blog and thought it was unique so I’m stealing it for today. I’m on the lookout for fun and different preggo surveys for each update to keep it light and entertaining here on Olives {minus the } Wine.

About Me

Name? Rebecca Ashley

Age? 29, I’ll be 30 when he’s born

Height? 5’4”

Hair color? Brown

Eye color? Brown

About the Father

Name? Kyle Miller

Age? 28 – Yup, I married a younger man ;)

Height? 5’9”

Hair color? Brown

Eye color? Brown

About My Pregnancy

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes, as far as I know!

When did you find out you were pregnant? Saturday, September 20th

Was it planned? Ha! Not exactly… the little guy decided to surprise us ;)

What was your first reaction? S%*$@*!!!! <– Just keepin’ it real.

Who was with you when you found out? Mitchell… He awkwardly watched me pee on a stick.

Who was the first person you told? I’d like to say Kyle BUT he was out for brunch with his dad and I was having a mini-panic attack, so I called Katie. Actually, I sent her a text telling her I needed some doctor advice ASAP and she called right away. {She’s one of the best friends there is!} She also didn’t know this until now… Surprise ;)

How did your parents react? I think they were a little surprised but obviously, everyone is super happy! He’s going to be the first grandchild on both sides so there is a lot of excitement going around.

How far along are you? Between 17 & 18 weeks

What was your first symptom? I just felt off – It’s really hard to describe. Also, the girls were tender but nothing out of the ordinary.

What is your due date? May 17, 2015

Do you know the sex of the baby? It’s a BOY!

Have you picked out names? Yes! I’ve had a first name for years but we finally decided on a middle name. We have to tell family and then I think I’ll be sharing it here.

How much weight have you gained? I have gained just under 5 pounds. I think a good pound of that is holiday treats and the other 4 are in my butt and boobs ;)

Do you have stretch marks? Nope, but I’m not holding my breath. I got them on my lower hip area when I gained the freshman 30 (yeahhhh… the dorms did not do me well!) in college. Thankfully, after I lost the weight (4 years later…), the stretch marks faded. I just don’t have stretchy skin and really, there are much worse things in the world than having a few stretch marks on your body. Like running out of chocolate. Or pizza. Or Spark.

Have you felt the baby move? I’ve felt a few “things” in my stomach but it is really hard to tell at this point. My doctor told me I should feel him move around 19-20 weeks.

Have you heard the heartbeat? Yep! We’ve seen him on the ultrasound 3 times and the doctor also showed us that we can hear his heart through the sonogram or whatever that thing is called. His heart rate was 150 yesterday :)

About Mitchell Junior

Will you keep the baby? Unless it’s ugly… KIDDING! Yes, we will be keeping the little man.

Home or hospital birth? Hospital

Natural or medicated birth? I’d like to say natural but I’m just going to go with how I’m feeling at the time. I’m flexible.

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Just Kyle and I… and the nurses and doctor, of course!

Will you breastfeed? That’s the plan! If it doesn’t work out though, I’m not opposed to formula. Again, I’m flexible.

Do you think you’ll need a c-section? I hope not, but if that is what a healthy baby requires then I’m game.

Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time? I’m sure! Kyle will probably cry more than me though… He is definitely the more emotional one when it comes to big life events.

What’s the first thing you might say to her? Thank goodness you’re out! Now, go get mama some wine. For real though, I don’t know what I’ll say… maybe Hi Baby.

Would you let someone videotape the birth? Sick. No way in the world. Who wants to watch that anyways?!

Are you excited or scared about the birth? Both? I mean, I’m excited to meet him but my body ripping apart doesn’t sound like a ton of fun. Although post-birth there is wine and sushi and lox and medium-cooked steak soooo, yes, I am definitely excited ;)

And that wraps it up here on Olives {minus the} Wine this Wednesday – Thanks for reading my baby chat!

If you have kids/are pregnant, when did you feel your baby move?

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