Baby James’ Birth Story

I have found myself with a few free minutes as James is getting his newborn glamour shots. Since these moments are a rarity these days, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to share his birth story.

As you are all aware, my “estimated” due date was Monday, June 5th. That day had come and gone and I was STILL pregnant. Yay. (Please note the sarcasm, ha!) I am thankful I wasn’t uncomfortable or experiencing any issues with my pregnancy at the end, but it is HOT in Naples this time of year, so my doctor, Kyle and I agreed on an inducement date of June 8th if the little guy hadn’t yet made his appearance.

Fast forward to 5am on June 8th. Whomp, whomp. No baby yet. So at 6am I called the hospital to hold my room, our friend who graciously decided to watch Dean arrived, and we were ready to go! But we had a problem… there was no room at the hospital. We were put on their “hold” list and were told to wait for their call to arrive at the birth center. So we waited and waited and waited some more… Talk about an emotional day! Finally, around 3pm, the hospital called and they were ready for us. We thought we’d already have our baby by that point but were just happy to finally be called in after being a bit anxious throughout the day.

Our friend came back over (we decided she should go back home around 10am as we were all anxious and just waiting around watching the clock tic), we packed up the car and we were off.

I don’t think it hit me that we were going to HAVE A BABY until our L&D nurse was walking us back to our room and she asked me how I felt. I cried. It was a different experience than I had with Dean, I was nervous and I knew what to expect during labor this go round… All cause for an anxious mama!

After completing the initial forms, paperwork and basic medical prep like my IV, I was FINALLY hooked up to pitocin around 5pm. After a few hours, the plan was to have my doctor come in and break my water to speed things up. There was no turning back then!

Per my nurse, my contractions started right away. I could feel them but they weren’t painful in the least so she continued to monitor both myself and baby for any signs of distress and we played the waiting game. I knew I wanted to wait until I was at least 4cm dilated before receiving my epidural – I didn’t want my labor to slow down or to pump too many medications into my body at once. After about an hour, she told me I must have a super high pain tolerance as I still wasn’t overly uncomfortable. Shortly there after however, the pain arrived so I knew something must be happening. I was checked and was 4cm (I arrived at around 1cm). WOOHOO, time for pain meds! I wasn’t about to tough it out last time even though my epidural didn’t full take with Dean. I figure some pain relief is better than zero.

Oh the epidural. I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t have good luck with them! When a student anesthesiologist arrived to administer my epidural and she asked me if we were going to try for a girl in the future (Don’t ask a pregnant woman in labor if she is going to have another baby… she will feel the urge to strangle you in between contractions!), I should have assumed things would no go as planned, ha… She couldn’t get the needle or catheter (not sure which, I tried to block out the conversation so I didn’t faint) in correctly, so after a few tries, her trainer took over and finally got everything administered correctly. I was NOT nice to them, but when you’re shoving a needle into my spinal area multiple times while I’m having painful contractions, they shouldn’t have expected nice ;-)

This time, the epidural DID work so that is a bonus! I was numb basically right away (almost too numb I think because I couldn’t move my legs) which I appreciated after going through the experience. It did give me some nasty shakes and I felt super jittery/uncomfortable, but I didn’t feel pain and my stats were fine. Baby’s heart rate did drop a bit after the epidural was administered so the nurses flipped me to my side and turned off the pitocin for him to adjust. I was mentally panicking and worried we would be sent in for an emergency c-section, but a minute or two later, my water broke and his heart rate returned to normal. PHEW! My nurse told me he probably dropped quickly (causing my water to break) and his heart needed a few minutes to catch up.

It was around 8:30pm at that point and I was now at 5cm. I was told things would probably move quickly at this point based on how I progressed with Dean, so it was a good thing I received my pain meds when I did.

They weren’t kidding!

Around 9:45pm, I felt some pressure so the nurse checked my progress and I was 9cm dilated! Eep – things were getting real. All of the medical staff started prepping for delivery, my doctor was paged, and I was trying not to panic. For some reason, I was very anxious this time around… I am not sure if it was the pitocin (I had it with Dean too though), the epidural experience/shakes, having to wait all day to head to the hospital, or being induced versus going into labor naturally, but I was nervous something would go wrong the entire time. So, although I was anxious, I was happy we were nearing the end.

My doctor arrived a little after 10pm and after a quick exam, told me I could do this in ONE push. I laughed and thought to myself, We will see… I am not a good pusher. Kyle and my nurse had to help a lot with my legs as I couldn’t move/feel them, and although it wasn’t one push, it only took 5 minutes and Baby James arrived at 10:27pm! It took me 45 minutes of pushing for Dean to arrive so I was pleasantly surprised at the shortened time.

James was placed on my chest and screamed nice and loud. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.

James did have a bit of meconium at birth so I am very grateful we decided to induce. Everything happens for a reason, right? Thankfully, he had no negative side effects (he didn’t breathe it in) and was given an Apgar score of 9 by the pediatric nurse that examined him. He was placed on my chest after his initial evaluation and latched on almost immediately… and continued to nurse basically all night ;-)

I was in labor for just about 5 1/2 hours and even though I was induced and felt icky from the epidural, I would say I had a positive experience. The nurses were incredible, I love my doctor, and Kyle was a great partner and checked my readings to calm me down whenever I heard an odd beeping sound.

I still attest that the worst parts of birth (for me) are the IV, the dang blood pressure cuff that NEVER STOPS, and the epidural. While I am thankful for all three of them, I hate them the most! I didn’t rip the BP cuff off this labor though, so I would say my tolerance is improving ;-)

I must say that I am much happier with James Reilly on the outside than the inside. I am also happy that I had a great birth experience… and that the whole birthing process is over, ha. I am recovering quite quickly this time and am thrilled to have two sons to love!

In case you’re curious, you can find Dean’s birth story here.

Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 – Pregnancy Differences

They say each pregnancy is different.

I’m not sure who “they” entails, but from my experience – even with babies of the same gender, the saying is totally accurate!

Baby Boy #2 has definitely given me more of a run for my money than Dean ever did… I’m nervous this is a foreshadowing into his future personality. Yikes! #sendwine

I’ve noticed quite a few differences in my  pregnancies and I thought it would be fun to share them with y’all today.

1. Pregnancy #2 = MORE tired.

Man, oh man, am I TIRED. I contribute this to a few things… When I was pregnant with Dean I did not have a full time job nor was I chasing after a toddler. The past few weeks everyone has asked me why I’m still at work. My response? Working is much easier than chasing a 2 year old all day! #truth I had the ability to nap, run errands, relax at the beach, leisurely enjoy meals, and sleep in as late as I wanted with my first pregnancy. This one… HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nope. All of those things take a toll on ya and I’m sure that is why I feel like an exhausted MOMbie most of the time. Thank goodness for Spark!

2. Pregnancy #2 = Morning (ALL DAY) sickness.

When I was pregnant with Dean, I maybe (MAYBE) felt nauseated once or twice. This pregnancy? I was nauseous from weeks 6-18 and it was AWFUL. I constantly felt like I had the worst hangover EVER without the enjoyment of drinking wine the evening before. Fun, right? I’m thankful it went away for the most part for the remainder of my pregnancy, but I have experienced a few “blech” spells in the third trimester. I have heard that girls tend to cause more morning sickness… Like most things, I think it just depends on the pregnancy and your hormones!

3. Pregnancy #2 = MORE poundage.

Yay! <– Sense my sarcasm?! ;-) Honestly, I’m not super worried about this AT ALL. I bounced back pretty quickly with Dean and have a plan for my postpartum weight loss this time around too. I started at a much lower weight when I became pregnant this time than I did when I became pregnant with Dean. I am under the belief that your body seeks to get to a certain point (equilibrium if you’d like to call it that…) while pregnant. Since I started lower, I had to gain more to get there. ANDDDDDD when you’re nauseated for months on end and can only consume pizza and quesadillas, the pounds are bound to add up quickly! With Dean I think I gained somewhere in the low 20’s and this time I’ve gained about 37 pounds I think. I plan to use my 6-week postpartum check up weight as my baseline of how much I still have left to lose. I had about 10 remaining pounds with Dean and anticipate having 10-15 with this dude.

4. Pregnancy #2 = LESS worry and anticipation.

If Dean didn’t move for more than 10 minutes while I was pregnant, I would poke my belly to get him to kick. Poor kid, he is probably going to have a complex when he grows up! This time around I figure most things I’m experiencing are normal and I go with the flow. Plus, between work and Dean, I’ve been MUCH busier this pregnancy and I don’t have time to sit and contemplate each decision I make during the day. I’m also much less anxious about labor and delivery. I think I am just trying to block it out of my mind, haha. I know what to expect and am not trying to figure out an unknown experience this time.

5. Pregnancy #2 = MORE questions from strangers.

I’m not sure if this is because I interact with more people on a daily basis due to my job or strangers feel the need to ask more questions when you’re dragging a toddler around while 7+ pregnant, but I have received more questions this time. What is the gender?… Oh, are you going to try again for a girl?… Is this your first baby? (I always take this as a compliment that I appear to be well rested, ha!)… How are you feeling?… Why are you still working out? (EYE. ROLL.)… How much time are you taking off after baby?… And the list goes on. I don’t mind the questions, unless I’m feeling particularly hormonal I just answer and go on with my day… or complain to a good friend about people’s stupidity ;-)

A few things have felt the same and for that I am grateful. I did the same workouts (I actually ran LONGER this time around, yay!), my belly is about the same size as with Dean, my hair is nice and thick, and I have had relatively easy pregnancies.

Now excuse me as I go try to walk this little guy out… his time is up!

If you’ve had multiple pregnancies, how did they differ? How were they the same?

Baby Boy #2 Questionnaire

I saw this questionnaire on Heather’s blog and thought it would be a fun way to share some details about Baby Boy #2. I’ve also had a few questions for more posts about baby, so here ya go! ;)


What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

I felt hungover ALL OF THE TIME. And super tired. That sucked… I wasn’t even enjoying wine and still felt awful, LOL!

What was your first reaction to your pregnancy?

It better be a boy. No joke… That was my first thought!

How far along were you when you found out?

6-7 weeks. Way TMI here, but I didn’t get my period back until I stopped breastfeeding Dean and then it took two months… SO, I only had it once since Dean was born and my doctor told me it could take some time to get back to a regular cycle so I thought my body was just out of whack.

How did your parents/family react?

Surprised? Excited? Normal family reactions.

How did you tell your friends?

I texted them the photo I shared on Instagram and Facebook prior to posting it publicly. We weren’t super creative this time around! Sorry second child…

Baby Details

Due Date?

My doctor says June 6th… I say June 12th. We shall see!

Will you find out the sex ahead of time?

Done and done. BOY! Woohoo!!! Bunk beds here we come!

Do you have any feelings about whether you’re having a boy or a girl?

I totally thought it was a girl because I was never sick with Dean but alas, this little guy is already giving me a run for my money.

Any names?

Not really. Dean was SO easy to name but I haven’t come across any boy names that I love yet. Kyle told me last night he has a few ideas and we are going to start a list on our chalkboard. I obviously like traditional names that aren’t overused… Hopefully we can find one!

How many ultrasounds have you had?

Two. My doctor does them each visit. He has 3D capabilities this time too which is cool but also a bit creepy!

Have you felt the baby move?

I don’t know. It is so hard to tell early on. Who knows! He was moving like a crazy man in both ultrasounds though so maybe I have and just haven’t recognized it ;)

Will you be sharing weekly pregnancy updates on the blog?

No. I didn’t share that often with Dean because I think weekly updates are somewhat boring. I’ll pop in and share every now and then though!

Pregnancy Details

How have you been feeling?

Crappy! I think I’m starting to feel mostly better and am definitely sleeping better/have more energy.

Do you have any cravings/ aversions?

CARBS, LOL! I’ll like something one day and then cannot stand the thought of leftovers the next. It’s super fun…

Have you experienced any crazy pregnancy related emotions?

I think I get annoyed more easily. Kyle will tell you this is normal ;)

Any mood swings?

I feel like I’ve still been pretty level-headed. I do get crabby if I’m tired!

How far along are you now?

Per my doc’s calculations… 17 weeks on Christmas Day.

How has work/teaching been going?

Good! I actually ended up telling one of the girls who shares my office about my pregnancy early on because I felt so awful and didn’t want her to think I was a miserable person. LOL. She is pregnant too so it’s been fun in our office! Teaching has been GREAT. It helped to keep my mind off of my nausea for an hour at a time. I’m not modifying anything yet except my bench is tilted in BODYPUMP. Better safe than sorry in my opinion.

How do you think Dean will react to having a little brother?

He is going to hate life. Haha. Okay, not laughing about this but I guarantee he will act out for a good 6 months. He is a mama’s boy so seeing mama cuddling another baby is going to drive him crazy. Fingers crossed! They will (hopefully) eventually get along because they are getting bunk beds whether they like it or not. #momgoals

If you have any specific questions for me, ask below! I will be doing another survey in the future and will include your questions there.

How Pregnancy Has Changed My Approach Towards Health & Fitness

Hi friends! I’m excited to have my dear friend, Katie here on ONW for y’all today. Katie is a soon-to-be mama and always has the connections to the BEST events in Chicago. Seriously, if you follow her life you will wonder how she fits it all in! She has an awesome post today and I’m thankful she is filling in for me while I’m on mama duty :)

Take it away, Katie!

My name is Katie and I blog at Live Half Full, where I share my daily life to hold myself accountable to living a healthy lifestyle. My blog has held me accountable through many stages of life the past four years-training my first full marathon, wedding planning, crossing the finish line of my first triathlon after recovering from neck surgery last year and now through pregnancy!

photo 2

I met Becky originally through the Intuitive Eating Challenge a few years ago and then got to hang out with her quite often when she moved to Chicago before she left me for the Florida sunshine! Becky asked me to help her out while she takes care of her new little man and I happily obliged. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first baby in October, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on pregnancy so far.

Over the past four months, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much being pregnant has helped solidify my health and fitness goals. As someone who has struggled with dieting in the past and was always working hard at fitness goals, pregnancy has mellowed me out in a good way.

Instead of focusing on a diet or working towards a fitness goal, pregnancy has shifted my focus to taking care of myself the best I can. It’s been a great change and I’m hoping these habits will stick after I have the baby!


When it comes to food, I’ve basically been following this “plan”:

  • Eat what I want– I gave up dieting over three years ago, but it took pregnancy for this to really stick. Blame it on the hormones, but throughout my pregnancy I have had a distinct need for exactly what I wanted to eat at any point it time. It’s almost humorous how much more enjoyment I’m getting from food these days. And, I’ve found that eating what I want does not cause me to just eat junk- I’ve craved salads, green smoothies, fruit and nutritious meals! And yes, I’ve craved some junk- but it always balances out and I never feel guilty.
  • Eat when I’m hungry– Again, another concept that I was working towards pre-pregnacny that finally stuck. Instead of being focused on portion control, I focused on my hunger levels. When I am starving, I eat enough to satisfy myself. And when I’m not that hungry, I eat a small amount to fuel what I need. It’s been really nice to gauge my hunger and I’m hoping this sticks around post-pregnacny.
  • Focus on fitting in as much vegetables and protein as I can– Now that I have a child growing inside of me, I have unlimited motivation to fuel my body with nutrients. Instead of focusing on what I shouldn’t eat- ice cream, chips, etc.- I’ve been focusing on fitting in as much of the nutrient dense foods as possible. This means adding a vegetable to every meal, making sure I’m eating enough protein and generally eating for energy. It’s been working wonders for me and I’ve felt great! So much so that I think I’ve learned a permanent lesson of how I want to treat my diet from here on out.
  • Drink tons of water– Similar to my hunger cues, I’ve been intensely aware of how much water I need throughout pregnacny. Which has basically meant keeping a water bottle with me at all times and refilling constantly. This is never something I struggled with, but something that’s been reinforced the past four months. Hydration is the key to feeling my best!photo-258-1024x768

Similarly with exercise, I’ve been following these “rules”:

  • Do movement that feels good– For my pregnacny workouts, I’ve stuck to the things that I enjoy, feel good doing and look forward to. For me, this means prenatal strength workouts at home, lots of walking and spin and yoga classes here and there. Because I’m listening to my body, I look forward to working out and am motivated by the fact that staying active gives me energy. It’s as simple as that!
  • Don’t beat myself up when I miss a day– Even though I feel my best when I stay active, there are some days when I am tired and have no desire to workout. In the past I would have forced myself to workout, which sometimes still happens when I know it’s just mental, but more often than not I give in. Taking care of myself is my number one priority right now and sometimes skipping a workout is the better choice. It feels good to have my own interest in mind and I think this will stick after I have the baby as well.

As you can see, this “plan” and “rules” are meant to be lighthearted. And that’s the thing- pregnancy has lightened me up and in turn I have stumbled upon the healthy, balanced lifestyle that I’ve been working so hard to achieve. It seems like all it took was this baby to come along and cause me to reset my expectations. It’s been a great change and I’m grateful to have an experience that is changing me for the better.


You can follow along my pregnancy journey at my blog or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you all!

What big life changes have caused a shift in your perspective when it comes to health and fitness? What are your current “plans” and “rules” when it comes to eating and exercise?

Pregnancy Update – 37/38 Weeks

I’ve been doing updates after every appointment so far and now that we’re down to the weekly appointments, I figure I might as well provide an update each week. Honestly not much (if anything…) changes from week to week but every post could be my last (!!!) so I’m going to bombard y’all with a weekly pregnancy post for a few more weeks ;)

Post-spinning poodle hair made a comeback this week. Kyle’s quite concerned that our child is going to have my frizzy hair… He probably will eventually, haha, but I’m guessing he’ll be bald at birth. I also feel like I wear the EXACT SAME tanks and shorts in all of my photos… UGH. Obviously, y’all know that I love Advo but to be honest, the burnout tanks are pretty much the only workout gear that will fit me comfortably at this point, haha. Thankfully I have 4 tanks and 4 pairs of shorts that I can rotate!


How far along? 37/38 weeks

Due date? May 17, 2015

Baby’s size? 6 pounds <– We didn’t do an updated measurement today so maybe he is up to 6.5 at this point? We will find out for sure when he makes his appearance!

Total weight gain/loss: Around 18 pounds – I didn’t gain anything over the past week.

Maternity clothes? Yep! I am still wearing my non-maternity workout gear (rotating the 4 items I mentioned above, bahaha) and maxi skirts/dresses though.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: After I wrote about getting terrible sleep in my last post, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I’m still getting up to use the bathroom frequently (I drink 20 ounces of water before bed… Probably a poor decision on my part but I hate feeling dehydrated!) but I am falling asleep and staying asleep when I’m in bed. Yay!

Best moment this week: Feeling organized in our new house. Yes, I’d like to have a desk for the den but it’ll happen in time. Maybe one of our future visitors will be able to find one I like while they’re here, haha. Also, we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night – The thundercloud must have been right over Naples because it was so loud! Anyways, after one particularly loud boom, MJ started kicking and squirming around. It must have woken him up, LOL. It is cute while he’s in utero and can’t cry, but he better get used to those storms this summer ;)

Miss Anything? Wineeeeeeeee. I am going to pack a big ol’ wine glass in my hospital bag to go with my bottle of vino. I have considered just drinking straight from the bottle but I don’t want the nurses calling child protective services on Day 1 of motherhood, hahahahahaha.

Movement: He’s still moving around in there! He likes to stick his feeties out my right side until we can see their shape. Maybe this means he’ll be a soccer player? It’s pretty popular in SW Florida. Also, Kyle’s been wanting to feel him move more often… but it’s hot so I’m kind of particular about people touching me right now. I keep telling him that he’ll be able to feel him in real life very soon ;) Apparently that’s not a good enough answer and he still has to put his hot hands on MJ every night after dinner, LOL.

Food cravings: Sugar. Ugh. I pretty much ate that entire pan of brownies I mentioned making last week… again how I’m not gaining weight, I have no idea. What I do know is that I need to start cutting back on my sugar intake ASAP. I don’t want a sugar-addicted, screaming and flailing monster popping out of me!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all – I feel great!

Gender: Boy

Name: Dean Axel

Labor Signs: As of this morning, I am about 30% effaced and about “one finger” dilated (<– super technical term, haha) per my doctor. He said that is a bit ahead of schedule for a first-time pregnancy at this point but that it means the end is in sight. Note to self: I better get that hospital bag finalized and keep doing squats! Haha!

Symptoms: None that I can think of. We are currently experiencing a “cold front” in Naples… As in the highs are only in the low 80’s and it feels ah-maz-ing! I’m taking advantage of this weather and getting outside with Mitchell as often as I can. The heat hasn’t made me swell up yet, but again, I’m not crossing my fingers on that one.

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie.

Wedding rings on or off? On – It’s a good thing too because our 5 year wedding anniversary is on Friday :)

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m much happier this week now that we are feeling more settled!

Looking forward to: Celebrating our anniversary on Friday! We are going to a seafood restaurant that we’ve wanted to visit for months but haven’t been able to get into thanks to the snowbirds. So you better stay INSIDE until after we’re done eating dinner, ya hear that MJ?? Kyle’s looking forward to the upcoming “sports weekend” as he calls it – Kentucky Derby, Vegas fight, basketball, and I can’t remember what else… I told him I thought it would be funny if MJ decided to make his appearance over the weekend and ruin his sporting plans ;) We were married on Derby Day so it only makes sense that we would have a baby on that day as well.

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Pregnancy Update – 36/37 Weeks

Whew! Just a little over 3 weeks to go… We’re down to the day countdown at this point and that just blows my mind. Everyone has told me that my pregnancy has flown by and I 100% agree! As much as I want a glass of wine and my Performance Elite products, I am not uncomfortable yet nor do I really feel ready to have a baby (Do you ever feel ready until it happens?!) so he can take the next 3 weeks to cook ;) Although, I may start doing some jump squats and other activities (I’m thinking long walks with Mitchell, spicy foods, pedicures <– only for the pressure points, obviously, hehe…) to encourage him to get the show on the road starting next week.

Excuse my poodle hair in the image below… I rushed from spinning –> gym shower –> baby appointment and had about 2.7 seconds to blow dry my mane. Plus, it’s Florida and the humidity gives me some nice… er, volume, let’s say ;)


How far along? 36/37 weeks

Due date? May 17, 2015 – He’s still measuring EXACTLY on his due date.

Baby’s size? 6 pounds

Total weight gain/loss: Around 18 pounds – Baby gained a pound since my last appointment and so did I :)

Maternity clothes? Yep! I am still wearing my non-maternity workout gear and maxi skirts/dresses though.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Eh… The past week hasn’t been the best but I’m not convinced it is 100% pregnancy related. I have always had issues turning off my brain and I’ll wake up at 2am to use the bathroom and 50 things that I need to add to my planner run through my head. Add that to the atmosphere of a new house and wanting to get everything done ASAP, it doesn’t bode well for the sleep department.

Best moment this week: Moving into OUR house!! It feels fantastic to be a homeowner (minus the lack of internet, haha) and while we owned a condo while living in Minneapolis, owning a single family home feels very different. I also wrote our first mortgage check this week… I guess it’s better than paying rent ;) Also, getting the nursery 99% done – I can’t wait to show y’all a home tour soon!

Miss Anything? Being skinny <– Okay, not skinny but y’all know what I mean, right? Like not turning around and realizing that both your butt and stomach run into a chair/wall, haha! Everyone tells me “I’ve done so well” (whatever that means) with this pregnancy but I am still looking forward to the day where I don’t have a basketball glued to my stomach ;)

Movement: Still squirming and kicking and hiccuping and doing these weird twist acrobatics when I try to sleep although he hasn’t cooperated for Kyle recently. I’m hoping this means that he will be the baby whisperer… But I kinda doubt it. Kyle’s been reading “Baby Wise” so we’re on the same page when it comes to parenting/baby sleeping and eating tactics and he keeps telling me that whenever the baby cries, the book says to hand it to mom. BAHAHAHAHAHA. No.

Food cravings: I’ve been wanting a lot of fruit lately, but nothing crazy intense. Oh and peanut butter!! I got a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels at TJ’s earlier this week and they may almost be gone… SO good. Kyle even agreed that they’re addicting ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all – I feel great!

Gender: Boy

Name: Dean Axel

Labor Signs: Nope! I have pretty frequent Braxton Hicks and some period-like cramping, but nothing out of the normal.

Symptoms: None? Honestly, sometimes I forget that I’m pregnant until I realize that I can’t have a glass of wine or run or someone asks me about the baby and I remember ;) I promise I am going to be a good mom and not forget about the kiddo, haha!

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie. I must have had a super deep belly button to begin with!

Wedding rings on or off? On – Although with moving and working at the gym, I haven’t been wearing my rings much. But every time I have put them on, they fit the same as always.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Errr… moody – sorry Kyle! Poor guy has had to deal with the brunt of it :( Between moving and coordinating a bajillion handymen for the house and getting everything organized, I have been a bit short at times. Once everything is in its place, I will feel A LOT better. Hopefully… #sendwine #formay17

Looking forward to: Having the house 100% organized and giving y’all a house tour :) Meeting the kiddo. Sleeping, although that may not happen for the next 18 years…

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Goofus and Gallant: Pregnancy Edition, Part II

Since Part I was such a hit, Molly and I are back with Part II – aka, The Second Trimester – today!

Goofus Gallant

I don’t think Molly could have said it better when she included this light-hearted disclaimer in today’s post…

Just to clarify, this whole thing is JUST FOR FUN. In no way am I suggesting that people should compare themselves to ANYONE else. Every body, every pregnancy, every person is completely different and that’s the way it should be. This is just a series that pokes a little bit of fun at how baaaaaaaad to the bone I was during my pregnancy while Becky has been unbelievably good. I’m in awe of her and KNOW it will pay off for her in the long run. Just a reminder, Becky is Gallant and I am the lovable Goofus.

Obviously, neither of us are 100% Gallant or 100% Goofus in real life, but it’s fun to pretend for a few days – #amiright? ;)

Head on over and check out Part II!

Pregnancy Update – 27/28 Weeks

We had our last baby appointment yesterday, so I’m here to give y’all an update on the little guy!

The appointment went well – Baby MJ is head down and his little feeties are up over his face, just like they’re supposed to be. His boy parts are still there (LOL) and his HR was 142. He kept opening and closing his mouth during the US so his face is a tad bit blurry in the photos.

I have my gestational diabetes test next week along with a few other blood tests as well. No, I’m not worried about it. It is what it is and it is best for the baby so I’m not going to complain.

Everything is looking good for me too! The doctor made a comment about how pregnancy has been so easy for me and that I should do it every year. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. No. <– My response ;)


How far along? 27/28 weeks

Due date? May 17, 2015

Baby’s size? A whoppin’ two pounds – My doctor said the little guy is a good size… not too small nor too big :)

Total weight gain/loss: Around 13 pounds, although I peed for a good 2 minutes after I was weighed yesterday so the nurse said it is probably less, haha! #preggoprobs

Maternity clothes? Yes! I am still wearing regular fitness gear but everything else is maternity.

Stretch marks? Nope. Well, the ones on my hips are showing from my fat days in college (pretty sure I gained the freshman 35 when I was 18…) but other than that, I don’t have any that I can see. I’m not too worried though, they seem to fade easily when I lose weight.

Sleep: Good! I honestly have nothing to complain about. I don’t like side sleeping but I’m still getting really good rest each night. I slept like poo on Monday evening because I was so anxious about our home offer, but that had nothing to do with pregnancy – Just my normal high strung self ;)

Best moment this week: My baby appointment yesterday, putting in an offer on a potential house (fingers crossed!), and our birthing class last weekend (I think it freaked Kyle out… he is on a mission to get things done before May now!)

Miss Anything? Wine, sushi, good cheese, running, not feeling like a cow, my normal clothes, shopping at Lululemon…

Movement: He’s a jumpin’ bean! Especially after I eat a lot of sugar ;) Some days he moves more than others but I am told that is perfectly normal. Kyle felt MJ right around 24 weeks and I think that made it a little more real and exciting for him.

Food cravings: Not really – My sweet tooth is back and our Girl Scout cookies get delivered today… This could be a dangerous combo.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all – I feel great!

Gender: Boy

Name: Dean Axel

Labor Signs: Nope! Well, I guess I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks lately. My doctor told me it is a little early to be having them as often as I am but that it is nothing to be worried about. I just have overactive muscles ;)

Symptoms: Congestion, although I’ve had that since about 8 weeks in and then Braxton Hicks, but that is it. I guess I am really lucky in this front. I thought my BP might be a bit high this week since I was anxious about the house but it was 117/80.

Kyle was a bit shocked at our birthing class on Saturday at some of the complaints the other pregnant mamas had. I told him that he should count his blessings that the only thing I complain about is not being able to drink my wine ;)

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie. My stomach is pretty flat in the mornings compared to the afternoons, but I’m guessing as soon as MJ gets a little bigger, my belly button will pop out.

Wedding rings on or off? On – I haven’t had any water retention issues yet.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. Until I start to think of everything we need to get done pre-baby and I start barking orders to Kyle and yelling at Mitchell for being in the way. Oops. Haha. It’s how I typically act though, so I sadly can’t blame that on the babe ;)

Looking forward to: Hopefully coming to an agreement on an offer (!!!) and moving pre-baby, heading to Iowa next week for our baby shower with friends and family, purchasing what we “need” to have before the baby arrives, filing taxes (yes, I’m a weirdo who actually likes doing taxes…)

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10 {Ir}rational fears of a soon-to-be mother

If we’re honest, we all have fears. Some are rational, others – well, let’s say they are all in our head.

As a soon-to-be mama, I have quite a few fears bouncing around my brain these days, all of which I think are completely rational… or not. I’ll leave that up for you to decide.

Pregnancy Fears Collage

1. Measles. I’ll be avoiding California for a few years… #IloveyouNapa

2. An ugly baby. I know all mothers think their baby is “OMG the cutest thing to ever be placed on Earth” (just scroll through your Facebook feed for a few seconds if you don’t believe me…) but, let’s be real, there are some babies that are just not blessed with pretty genetics at the beginning. I’m afraid MJ will be one of them and even if I think he’s adorable, y’all might cringe and cover your eyes. Totally legitimate fear.

3. Dying during labor. That shiz still happens. Good lord. Send help and laughing gas and have a nanny on call for Kyle in case he ends up a single father in May.

4. My stomach. Yes, I know this seems quite vain. It’s okay to want to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. My abdominals have never been my best feature, but I’m worried I’ll never want to wear a bathing suit again. Getting to a new normal will take some time and my fears are somewhat subsided when I see all of my fit mama friends rocking their post-baby bods.

5. Public breastfeeding. I have nothing against breastfeeding (I’m going to try it!) or women who breastfeed in public, but the thought of whipping my woman parts out in a public setting gives me hives. Needless to say, I will NOT be one of those mamas that posts images of a baby on my boob on the ol’ Insta. #yourewelcome

6. A picky eater. Lord help me if MJ grows up to not eat what I serve him. Actually, the more I think, I’m not too fearful of this. He won’t have an option to eat anything but what I make, I don’t care if he doesn’t like veggies… He’ll eat them or starve ;)

7. Birth plans. The thought of drafting one up makes me lightheaded. There are some things I just don’t want to think about until they’re happening to my body… if ya know what I mean. Plus, I fully trust the doctors and nurses that will be looking out for the safety of both myself and MJ. They’re the trained professionals, not me, and no matter what I would like to “plan” on happening while pushing out a small turkey, who knows what will actually happen.

8. Sleep. Oh how I love my sleep. Like LOVE my sleep… as in my loves in life are as follows: 1 – Sleep; 2 – Mitchell; 3 – Kyle. Or maybe it’s in the opposite order ;) Regardless, the thought of NOT sleeping for at least 6 weeks straight sends me running for the woods. I apologize in advance for every mean word that comes out of my mouth between May and August. It will be in your favor to send Spark prior to visiting…

9. My nipples. Do I need to explain more?

10. An overprotective mama. Yeah. If how I act with my dog is any indication, that will be me. I probably won’t let anyone hold him until he’s 5 years old (well, maybe Kyle when he gets home from work at night…) and no I’m not sorry about it.

In the end, there is only so much we can control in life. It’s okay to have fears. It is not okay to have them overtake your life. Us mamas can only do so much to protect our babies, after that we just need to trust that everything will be okay.

Pregnancy Thoughts #3

Before I jump into today’s post, I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments on yesterday’s baby name post! We were going for traditional and unique and I think we nailed it.

It’s time for another round of Pregnancy Thoughts here on Olives {minus the} Wine!

pregnancy thoughts

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1. I haven’t talked much about symptoms here and thankfully, that is because I haven’t really had any major pregnancy symptoms. (Please don’t hate!) I figured I’d share the lovely ones that I have experienced for y’all to enjoy ;)

  • Congestion <– ever since Week 8. It is really sexy.
  • Ebola-like symptoms <– Seriously, my nose bleeds, my eyes are bloodshot, my gums hurt and bleed. BLEEDING EVERYWHERE. Well, except… you know… Pregnant women have about 50% more blood running through their veins and it likes to escape through thinner skin like you’re nose and gums. It’s fun.
  • Acne <– Oh the acne! And not on my face. No, of course not. It’s my shoulders and arms and neck that are breaking out like a 14-year old freshman. It’s super cute…
  • Veiny chest <– Apparently this happens to preggos to prep the money makers (err… milk makers?!) for their upcoming role in life. Thank goodness I can maintain some sort of a tan down here to mask the blue lines on my chest.
  • UTI <– Yup, that was fun. Apparently they’re super common in pregnancy because it is more difficult to empty your bladder. Kyle read up on how to avoid them (such a good husband…) and now every time I run to the bathroom, I hear “LEAN FORWARD!!” and when I return “Did you get it all out?!” That’s marriage, folks.

2. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or careless about pregnancy, but I can definitely say that I don’t like being pregnant. I know some women love it and that’s great but I just feel weird and restricted. I’m excited for the baby but this in between stuff is for the birds ;) Whatever happened to the beloved stork dropping off a baby at your doorstep?! Colleen wrote a great post on this topic earlier this week and I must say that I 100% agree. You can find her post here.

3. Still exercising, still feeling great! I don’t make an exercise plan for the week (except for the classes that I teach), I just go with how I feel when I wake up each day. It’s the best approach while pregnant. Running has been on the outs recently, it is just not comfortable to have a baby bouncing on your bladder and I’d rather not feel like I have to pee every other step. I’ve found that the StairMaster is a great cardio alternative and it’s in the AC – win win!

4. I’m still not really “showing” in the morning hours, my stomach starts to look bigger after lunch. I know I will soon enough, but most days I just feel chunky. Talking with my new mom friends, they’ve all said I’ll probably pop in a few more weeks, around 7 months. Fingers crossed that I stop looking like a chunky monkey soon ;)

5. Baby kicks are starting to get a little stronger – slowly but surely. Some days he’s super active, other days he sleeps alllllll day long. I try not to worry about it and I know they’ll get stronger and more regular as he continues to grow. For now I’m enjoying the pain-free movements ;)

6. Based on his movements right now, I can tell that MJ definitely likes watermelon, grapes, Nutella, Spark and BODYPUMP. He does not like when his dad tries to feel him move – he stops kicking and punching immediately ;) He’s a momma’s boy with a sweet tooth, what can I say?

7. I thought I would like the nursery decor and baby item purchasing but I’m honestly feeling super overwhelmed with the entire process. We will most likely be moving a few months after he’s born so I don’t have any desire to decorate a nursery here. I know I eventually want to decorate his nursery in navy and gold (like shimmery gold) but other than that, I have no clue! I don’t want to spend a ton of money either. I have a bookshelf that I’m going to paint white and we will use that for his books, a few toys and any fun art that I find. Besides the shelf, a crib and maybe a few pieces of wall art, I’m going to keep it a bare minimum. I know he won’t care what his room looks like so I am going to save myself the time and worry ;)

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Thanks for listening to my baby babble! And stay tuned for another edition coming soon.

Fellow preggos, what are some of your current thoughts? Mamas, any advice on the whole nursery thing?

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