Treat Yourself Tuesday – I’m back!

Oh heyyyyy, how about resurrecting Treat Yourself Tuesday today?

Don’t you worry, I haven’t stopped treating myself since my last post, I just fell off the consistent posting bandwagon and didn’t want to leave y’all hanging with an anticipated weekly post :)

BUT I did a heck of a lot of treating this past week so TYT is back today!

First things first, I took a little blogging break for a few days. It was 100% unintentional… I have become an extraordinary procrastinator and needed every second of my free time to memorize BODYPUMP 97. LOL – whoops! Thankfully, it’s now ingrained in my head and I have time to blog again. I will say that taking a break from the internet is always a good treat and much needed every once in a while.

My second treat was a girls’ night out! I met a friend for dinner and drinks at Real Seafood Company (that I totally didn’t know was a chain per y’all’s comments on social media). It was DELICIOUS and I will be going back ASAP.

On Saturday I did a lot of shopping treatin’ ;) Kyle gave me a gift card to C.Orrico for Christmas and I had yet to spend it. I suggested we visit 3rd Street South (the old downtown area of Naples) for lunch so I could FINALLY use my gift card. I have been patiently waiting on my first piece of Lilly Pulitzer attire since moving to Florida and I can now proudly say that I have two Lilly dresses. I purchased one at C. Orrico – The Seaview Maxi Dress – and one online at Nordstrom’s – the Grayes Printed Shift Dress in Multi So A Peeling. I tried on the second dress at the store but unfortunately, they didn’t have my size so I quickly found it online and ordered it in the print I wanted. Kyle and I have a wedding and sunset boat cruise this coming weekend and I can’t wait to wear my new dresses. (Photos of the actual dresses to come!)


And because I bought new dresses, I obviously NEEDED new shoes ;) Haha! I ordered a pair from Zappo’s (mainly because they sent me a $30 coupon unexpectedly) – They are white wedges and are going to look fab with both dresses, I can’t wait!

I mentioned I was a procrastinator previously in this post, right? Well, it was due time to decorate our office/den space… It’s only been a year since we purchased the house!! Dean and I picked out a few pieces from Hobby Lobby morning and now the room looks SO much better. I was able to find everything for under $200 which is incredible. Now to find something for above the glass sliding doors in our living area…….. one big decision at a time, LOL ;)


Oh! And one more treat… I finally purchased a Qalo ring. I don’t wear my wedding rings to the gym because I’m fearful of chipping/harming them so now I have this pink gem to share my marital status!  

 Other than that, it has been the same ol’ treats around these parts… Lotsa Spark, lotsa fun workouts, pool time, beach time, and fun in the sun! Later this week I am getting my nails done and my sister is coming into town on Thursday for a visit! She is going to watch Dean while we attend a wedding so it will be nice to spend some time with her as well.

How have you treated yourself recently? Any fun treats coming up?I still have a spa gift card AND a Lulu gift card burning a hole in my pocket so those treats will be coming sooner rather than later :)

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