A 5k PR!

As I mentioned earlier this week (and on ALL of my social media sites as I was deliriously excited due to a lack of oxygen post-race LOL), I ran a spur-of-the-moment 5k on Saturday morning and set a PR!

PR= Personal record, for all you non-fitness/running folks. <– I used to be one of you so I like to explain the terminology in order to keep you from wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Before I talk about the race, let me clarify one thing… I am not a naturally fast human being. If I’m being honest, I’m not even a natural runner. It takes a lot (A LOT) of mental focus and self-pep talks to get one foot in front of the other. I’m not one of those people who has been running their entire life. Heck, if anyone I knew before the age of 24 knew I was now a personal trainer and a runner and actually enjoyed working out, they might think the world was ending ;)

I think oftentimes we read race stories online and brush it off thinking, “Oh, they’re naturally fast” or “Running just comes easy to them so, sure, they say it was difficult but it was just another day for that runner” when in all actuality, those runners busted their behinds to get where they’re at today! I’m guilty of thinking that way while reading running blogs. Sure, some people are faster than others but they still work pretty darn hard to get there.

Phew, now that I got all of that off of my chest, let’s chat the 5k race!


I knew about the race approximately one week prior to the event – my BODYPUMP friend invited me to run with her and her school (the race supported local schools) – but decided to hold off on registering until the day prior since my ankle was feeling wonky after my Thanksgiving Day run. Thankfully, the random pain healed itself and I decided to run the race late Friday afternoon! I wined it up to ease my nerves ;)

My morning, pre-race timetable was slightly different than normal (thanks to Dean) – I woke up, pumped, fed Dean, chugged some Spark and took my Catalyst and then I was out the door at 7:12am (yes, exactly), to meet my friends at the Y for the race!

We walked to the start line, made a beeline for the bathroom, and got in line approximately 3 minutes before start time. I normally don’t like to cut it that close but it was a “fun” run so I tried to keep calm and not freak out while telling everyone we need to walk faster ;) #typearacerprobs

The race was not chip timed, unfortunately, so I used my MapMyRun app and hit “start” as soon as I crossed the start line, hoping it would be fairly accurate.

About a half mile in I was shocked to see the pace time on MapMyRun… 7-something! I felt great so I decided to try to maintain that pace as long as I could. I was passing fellow runners and kept my eye on a speedy guy in front of me to keep me going. There were quite a few tight turns in the course – which I intentionally took slow in order to avoid twisting anything, but thankfully they didn’t slow me down.

In addition to the weather, another great thing about Florida is that it is FLAT. I don’t think there was a single elevation change the entire course!

I kept checking my pace throughout the race (I have a bad habit of doing that which is why I hate running with a Garmin or a phone app on race day – it becomes obsessive and I check far too often.) and I was sticking to my 7-something pace.

The race ended on the high school track and once we turned the final corner, I hit a wall. I was deaddddd. A runner who had already finished and was cheering us on from the sidelines must have seen the exhaustion in my face and he ran the last 1/8 of a mile with me, pushing me to the end.

As I crossed the finish line – wanting to die but making sure to hit stop on MapMyRun #priorities – I saw my time 23:04. SAY WHAT?


I don’t run this fast. This can’t be right. Oh my gosh, I might be having a heart attack. I can’t breathe. These metals are pretty. Need water now. Holy crap that was hard. How did I do that? I need to take a selfie to document this. And screen shot MapMyRun… a few times, just in case. I’m doing BODYPUMP after this? I may actually be insane. <– Everything that ran through my mind the 60 seconds post-race.

Had I run exactly 3.1 miles (per the 5k standard race distance), I think I would have come in just under 23 minutes for the race!


My previous PR was the Magnificent Mile 5k I ran in Chicago over Labor Day weekend where I finished in 25:15. I cut OVER 2 minutes off of my race time this past weekend – craziness!

I always remember how much fun races are after running a great event. I have my eye on a half marathon in January… stay tuned ;)


Well here we are, Sunday evening! This weekend flew by – In a good way. We had a lot of fun, a little relaxation, completed a couple of home projects, fit in some sweat sessions, and enjoyed some good eats.

How about a mostly photo recap?

Introducing Dean to the Christmas tree (and presents) on Friday afternoon.


Wine. Lots of wine as I agreed to run a 5k followed by teaching BODYPUMP 16 hours before race time…


Wine + a dinner of shrimp stir fry over quinoa must have done the trick… PR BABY!! 23:04 (non-chip race). WOOHOO!! (More detailed post to come.)


Killer BODYPUMP class post-race… I made it to the room just in time!


Cheering on the Gators with some Florida friends. Dean wanted in on the fun ;)


Sunday morning walk with Christmas Baby Legs.


Sunday BODYPUMP (hurt so good!) and a little flex triceps/bicep progress.


Trying out a new-to-us brand of diapers – I’ve heard mixed reviews. Thoughts?


Dean’s first Hanukkah! (Please ignore the extremely messy kitchen – That’s what I get for leaving the boys home alone for 3 hours ;) )


Finally decided on Dean’s 6-month canvas order… We are getting the following images in 16×20 canvas prints. #mylittlemonkey

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

The Magnificent Mile Chicago 5k – Race Recap

Over Labor Day weekend, I ran my first post-baby race!

Before I get into my recap, I realized that I lied to y’all about running a 5k since I began blogging <– Oops! #mombrain I actually ran the Ditka Dash right before leaving Chicago last year. My knee had been acting up and I had just found out I was pregnant, but per my recap, I finished at around 28:23.


Leading up to the event, I didn’t have super high hopes. I had only run a handful of times since December and when I did run, I didn’t pace myself or know how many miles I had gone (except when I was on a treadmill, obviously). But because I’m Type A (code for crazy, haha!), I put together a few race goals to feel a bit more put together before the race.

  • A – Cross the finish line! And have fun with girlfriends before, during, and after the race.
  • B – Finish in under 30 minutes.
  • C – Finish in under 27 minutes <– A 5k PR.

You can read more about why I set “A-B-C” race goals here.

Anyways, let’s get to the recap!


The night before the race, Kyle and I were out with friends pretty late (well, late for us at least) and I didn’t get to bed until around 1am. When my alarm went off at 4:45am, I tried to find every excuse in the book to skip the race. Thank goodness I knew I was meeting Erica and Amy at the start line to give them their bibs so I absolutely could not dip out, haha. That is what friends are for, right?! ;)

I made a bottle for Dean, chugged my Spark-Rehydrate combo, and made some peanut butter toast for the road. My MIL graciously drove me downtown and dropped me off right by Buckingham Fountain so I didn’t need to worry about taking public transportation.

After a quick walk looking at the multiple vendors on location, I hit up the bathrooms, and then met Erica and Amy. For only have a few hours of sleep under my belt, I felt fairly awake and excited to get the show on the road. After chatting, we realized everyone was already lined up to start so we made our way to our pace goal areas and off we went!


The first mile was rough. Everyone was crowded together and as we made our way up Michigan Avenue, there was absolutely no air flow. Thankfully, I had “trained” (better known as run a few times in the sweltering Florida summer) in much hotter and more humid conditions so I kept telling myself that it was only a few miles and then I’d be done. I stuck with the 1:50 half marathon pace group for the first 2 miles and then, when they split off to continue the half marathon route, I kicked it up a notch – I just wanted to be DONE. It was early. I was tired. The sun was in my eyes. And I was HUNGRY.

I ran as quickly as I could move my legs – although thinking back, I could have run faster throughout the entire race I think, and as soon as I saw the finish line and heard the announcer, I moved my behind even faster. Obviously I just wanted to cross that line!

I figured I had run quickly because there were only a few finishers at the end when I arrived. That or most everyone else decided to run the half marathon. Either way, I grabbed my frozen, chocolate-covered banana (best post-race treat ever) and waited for Amy and Erica.

I glanced at the timer as I was crossing the finish line and I thought I saw 25 something but figured it was off so I had to patiently wait for my race results to be posted to the website… It’s a good thing we had brunch plans at Little Goat post-race to keep me distracted ;)


During brunch, our race results were posted… I finished in 25:15 and 6th in my age group!! I couldn’t believe it.


I was thrilled with my performance and think it was a combination of being used to running in hot weather (Chicago was “warm” for the midwest that day), introducing more weight lifting into my fitness plan, and my Advo supplements that allowed me to blow my goals out of the water.

I feel a lot more confident in myself and my ability to train for a half marathon this fall/winter after this race. Now I just have to decide which race to run!

How do you set race goals? What is your 5k PR? What’s the last race you run/next race you will be running?

My first 5k race goals

Over Labor Day weekend, I will be running The Magnificent Mile 5k with a few of my girlfriends.

While it isn’t my first ever 5k, it IS my first postpartum race and I believe the first 5k I’ve run since I have started blogging.

I’m excited to get back into the swing of running after taking a 6-month hiatus while pregnant! I was training for the Chicago Marathon when Dean decided it was his time to join our family, so it feels pretty fabulous to be setting some running goals again.

Per the usual, I have multiple running goals. I like to set A-B-C or 1-2-3 goals for races. A – A generic goal that will meet my minimum requirements of happiness at the race. B – Middle of the road goal that will be somewhat challenging but still easily doable. C – A super challenging personal goal that I would be THRILLED to accomplish at the race.

My goals for The Magnificent Mile 5k include:

  • A – Cross the finish line! And have fun with girlfriends before, during, and after the race.
  • B – Finish in under 30 minutes.
  • C – Finish in under 27 minutes <– I believe this would be a PR (I never kept track of my race times prior to blogging.) and I’d feel pretty fantastic if I could master this after having a baby AND on a holiday weekend ;)

I know these are pretty basic goals, but we all have to start somewhere, right? I *think* I’ll be able to hit my C goal which means I should probably make it a bit more challenging however, I want to go easy on myself with this race. I’ll take it up a notch for my next run around the block.

How do you set your race goals? Are you running any races over Labor Day weekend? This fall?

The Mind is a Powerful Thing

Since tomorrow is the Foodie Penpals link-up, y’all are getting my weekly guest post a day early! Today I have for you Lindsay from Lindsay Weighs In. Lindsay is a sweetheart and always has the nicest things to say. She has some great words of inspiration in her guest post (and more on her blog!) so make sure you head on over and say hi after you read her wisdom here :)

Hello you beautiful Olives ‘N Wine readers!

My name is Lindsay, and I blog over at Lindsay Weighs In. I’m so happy to be over here guest posting today!

I hate olives, and only drink white wine occasionally, but for some reason Becky has allowed me the honor to be over here today despite that. I probably just lost my privileges by admitting those two things. If you never see this post, that’s why ;-) (Editor’s note – It’s okay Lindsay, I still love you… but if you ever come to Chicago, be prepared to be introduced to more wines, hehe!)

photo-1 (13)

On my little space on the internet, I attempt to be funny, though I’m usually the only one laughing at my own jokes in real life, so I’m sure it’s no different here on the internet.

When I’m not trying to be funny, I also talk about my weight loss journey, as I’m currently trying to lose 70 pounds. I also signed up for my first half marathon this Spring, after never running further than a 5K. Crazytown, USA – population: Me, right?

Not necessarily.

Our minds are powerful. From what I’ve heard from people that have done marathons and halfs or any other kind of distance events, so much of it is mental. That’s applicable to so many different aspects of our life as well.

I’m not the biggest fan of myself, I’m ashamed to say. I wish I had more self-confidence, but the truth is I really don’t. I talk often on my blog about my issues with being kind to myself. I look in the mirror, and I don’t necessarily always like what I see. I got myself here, 70 pounds overweight, and I spent a lot of time mad at myself for getting here and hatin’ on myself. Not anymore.



If I’m going to complete this weight loss journey, and this half in a little over 4 (!!!!) months, I need to train not only my legs by going on training runs, but my mind to believe I’m capable.

I’ve talked on my blog about my struggles with anxiety. I see a counselor to help with this, and one of her suggestions for me was to keep a journal of positive affirmations about myself. I know that doing so will help with my anxiety, but I also know it will help with the mental game of losing weight as well.

Like I’ve said, the mind is powerful. If we believe that we can do something, chances are we will get there with enough positive thinking, and sheer will to accomplish what we set our minds to do.

Do I think I’m going to have an outstanding finish time this March? Heck no! If it happens it’s a happy coincidence, but since it’s my first half, any finish time is a PR. Whoop whoop!

The only thing I’m concentrating on is crossing that finish line, but in order to do that, I have to actually start training. That means that I have to let go of my fear. Fear of failing, fear of starting training, fear of never losing the weight. If I doubt myself, I’ve already sealed my fate.

Fear and doubt are unwelcomed guests and I’m saying “Hasta La Vista” and “Good Riddance” to them and all of the trouble they cause. If there’s anything that’s holding you down, or holding you back, I hope you’ll join me in politely (or kicking them in the face, that’s what I’d like to do to them) seeing doubt and fear to the door.



We are capable of so much, if we just allow ourselves the opportunity to do all that we’re afraid to do.

I’ll see you all at the finish line!

Do you want to kick doubt and fear in the face too? Go ahead, I won’t tell.

What is something that you’d like to accomplish, but that you’re holding back from doing because you’re afraid? Are you going to give yourself the opportunity to do it? (Hint: you should!) 

Long Beach Half Marathon – Race Recap

As I shared after the race on Sunday, Kyle and I both ran the Long Beach Half-Marathon this past weekend – not the full marathon as I had originally planned.

photo 2 (10)

This was my 2nd half-marathon – the first being the Monster Dash in the fall of 2011 – and I was definitely much less prepared for this race than my first.

photo 4 (8)

I steadily trained for the full marathon from May-August but after the move to Chicago, starting a new job and finding out about some health issues, my training basically stopped. I didn’t stop running altogether but I wasn’t running more than 4-5 miles 3 times per week. Definitely not marathon (or half-marathon) training runs!

photo 1 (12)

Anyways, onto the race recap!

photo 1 (11)

We woke up bright and early and fueled with bananas and peanut butter before heading over to the race. Our hotel – The Long Beach Courtyard Marriot – was only a few blocks from the race start and finish lines!

photo 3 (9)

Our race was supposed to start at 7:30am but because of the masses (like 10,000+ – not kidding!) of people running the race, we didn’t actually cross the start line until 8am and we were one of the first groups to start!

photo 5 (8)

The overall course was gorgeous. We had great views of Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean but man was the course crowded. We were weaving in and out of crowds, trying not to trip ourselves in order to pass other runners throughout the ENTIRE race. I expect this to happen during the first 2-3 miles of every race as people overestimate their pace but passing people for 13.1 miles is a little ridiculous.

photo 2 (11)

Because of our delayed start time, we made a quick bathroom pit-stop around Mile 3. That 1-minute break was much needed and I was actually happy to be able to focus on running rather than my full bladder!

Since I was following Kyle’s lead throughout the race (This was his 1st half-marathon and since I didn’t really have a training plan/goal, I decided to stick with him as a running buddy.) we made quite a few water stops over the next several miles. I didn’t drink at all of them – I don’t like the way water feels sloshing around my belly while running. He also requested a few walking breaks – one around Miles 7, 8 and 10.

photo 3 (10)

Once we hit Mile 10, I knew I could not walk again or I’d never be able to start up running and make it across the finish line so I continued on ahead of Kyle.

As a side note, I’ve decided that running buddies are key to long runs and races. Those last 3.1 miles were killer and I hit a major wall that probably would have been much easier to overcome had I been running with someone.

Speaking of hitting a wall – I want to give a shout out and a HUGE thank you to all of the race spectators. Your cheering, funny signs, bite-sized candy and orange slices made those last few miles bearable and also made it possible for me to finish the race! Who knew that a granny telling each runner that they were a sexy beast, a tiny Milky Way and sucking the juice out of an orange slice could fuel me for a few miles??!

photo 4 (9)

On Mile 11 (or Mile 24 for her…), Monica from Run Eat Repeat zoomed past me! I love her blog and was pretty much in blog-celebrityville for those few moments. You can give me the Creeper McCreeperton award for the race because I snapped a photo of her as she passed by.

photo 5 (9)

Yep, I’m that creepy.

Anyways, I eventually made it across the finish line and man, why is that last mile always so emotional??! Spectators are cheering, you’re delirious and I always have to focus on breathing in order to not break down into tears, hyperventilate and/or collapse from sheer exhaustion.

My official time was 2:18 – slower than my first half-marathon time of 1:52 but still okay considering that I didn’t train and haven’t ran more then 4-5 miles in the past month.

photo 1 (13)

Kyle’s official time was 2:23! I was impressed considering that he came to the race after spending a week in Russia, it being his first race of this length and only making it up to a 9-mile run during his training. Yay for Kyle!

After donning my medal (they gave me the full marathon medal since my bib was for the full) and shoving a bag of Cheez-Its, a Rice Krispy Treat, a banana and fruit snacks down my trap, Kyle crossed the finish line. And yes, I was able to eat that much sugary-carby goodness in less than 5 minutes. My body craves some major carbs to replenish its energy stock after a race of that length and I couldn’t chew the food fast enough!

photo 4 (10)

Once we got our finisher’s photo, we wobbled back to the hotel to clean up before gorging ourselves with pizza and beer. Typical.

photo 5 (10)

So what are my overall thoughts?

It was a beautiful course but I just can’t recommend the half to anyone. It was way too crowded to be enjoyable and probably actually quite dangerous at some points because of thousands of runners. I actually overheard a spectator call us a herd of wildebeests. (I’m sorry sir but the only time I’ll respond to the term beast is when the word sexy is in front of it!) I think the full is another story – I’d love to try that one out, maybe next year??!


I’m not sore in the least. (Pre-publishing edit – I was actually sore 2 days after the race but only my glutes… apparently they can power me through 13.1 miles ;) ) I’m really shocked about this considering my lack of training. It just goes to show that other types of fitness like Body Pump, Yoga and Cardio Kickboxing keep you in damn good shape and are just as important as actual running when preparing for a race!

After being able to finish this race, I think there’s something to be said for under-training. Yes, you need to be able to run and be in great cardiovascular health to run long distances but your muscles should not be fatigued. My muscles were fresh and ready to run and that they did. I also have a little bit more “fluff” right now than I’ve had the past year(s) – moving and stress do a number on the bod – and that probably powered me through the race as well… and don’t worry, I’m workin’ on it… with Body Pump and Cardio Kickboxing on my side, I’m determined to be back into my normal shape by the holidays!

How’s that for a super long post? If you’re still here, I’m glad because I really wanted to share with you my thoughts about the race and running a half-marathon without training!

What are your thoughts on training for long-distance races? What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run?

Long Beach Marathon – We’re Alive!

Helllooooooooooo!!! <– I’m quite delirious from dehydration at the moment so please excuse the incoherence of this post.


I just wanted to check in with you beauties and let you know that Kyle and I survived our half-marathon! Woohoo! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed that I didn’t do the full as I had originally planned but there’ll be more marathons in the future.

I’ll provide a full update later this week but overall, I think I did pretty darn good for not training since moving to Chicago almost two months ago and having my last “long” run with Katie a month ago at HLS!

THANK YOU to everyone who tweeted and texted during the race, especially to Carly for sending me a photo of wine around Mile 6! I loved looking down at my phone and seeing words of encouragement. Trust me, when you hit a wall at Mile 11, anything and everything helps :)


Oh, and the best part of the race? Finding these in my finisher’s goodie bag. Hells yes.

Now, I’m off to eat my body weight in nachos and steak (gotta refill my iron stores!) and guacamole and enjoy a beer or five… This girl is hungry!

Did you race today? Are you enjoying a Sunday Funday? If so, have a drink for me!

Marathon Training – Week 6 Recap

Week 6 was not all puppies and roses and sunsets on the beach. Not that running ever is any of those things for me but – for some reason – this week was especially not pretty.

new shoes

Except for my Asics. They are really pretty, obviously ;)

Training was hard last week. Really hard. So hard that I actually contemplated calling it quits and not even buying a plane ticket to LA to get to the actual marathon in October. I rationalized that yes, I’d be losing the $120 registration fee but I’d be saving $500+ on a plane ticket plus hotel fare. Makes sense, right?

My shorter runs during the week were fine, typically 3-7 miles are no big deal for me, but then came my long weekend run on Saturday. I was dreading it all week.

I think the self-defeating dread began when I thought I had 11 miles but then realized that I actually had 12 miles to run. Trust me, one additional mile is no big deal when you’re running 10+ miles per run but this realization just really annoyed me.

Ugh… a whole extra mile? Seriously??!

Then came Saturday and the thunder storm and humidity that gave me an “excuse” to not finish my 12 miles that morning. I thought my body wasn’t feeling it but actually, I think I just didn’t want to do it. Plain and simple.

I had the “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude. <– Procrastination doesn’t work for me, if I procrastinate, it doesn’t get done! Hence my morning workout routine…

So, Sunday came and I woke up hoping for a less humid running experience… That wasn’t in the cards. I’m in the Midwest in July, it will ALWAYS be humid here, I should know this by now! I also didn’t sleep well on Saturday night but thought I could quickly crank out 12 miles and be done with it.

Who was I kidding? I can barely function at a desk job with limited sleep, let alone function while putting physical stress on my body!

8.5 miles

I ended up stopping at 8.5 miles after walking for ALL of mile 6 and not having the least bit of motivation to run. It felt like failure but now I realize that it was my body shouting: “HEY, idiot! I’m tired, why are you not giving me the rest and the hydration I need?”

Learning from the week: Get an abundance of sleep the night before a long run. It will give me a positive, “I can take on the world” attitude and get me through a mentally-straining run.

While I was down in the dumps about my crappy running weekend on Sunday night, I came across this post from Theodora. In it she discusses a few mental tweaks she is making to enjoy – rather than dread – her marathon training this summer.

I am going to take her advice and specifically focus on two of her recommendations: getting rid of my negative thoughts (AKA – not even showing up to the marathon and thinking that I can’t do it…) and realizing that some (or a lot, let’s be honest here…) of my training journey is just going to suck. Once I accept this, I think I will be able to enjoy it! As much as you can enjoy running 15+ miles at one time that is ;)

(Image Source)

I have no splits for you this week. I have no great, inspiring, motivating, marathon-training advice (unless you count Theodora’s post above…).

I just have the hope that – after my much-needed rest week this week – next week will be better. And it better be, I have 13.1 miles to get after, darn it!

If you’re new to ONW or missed my earlier posts, check out my previous weeks’ marathon training recaps!

Have you ever accomplished something you thought to be impossible? How do you get through tough physical activities?

Marathon Training – Week 3 Recap

Let me start with saying THANK YOU for all of your awesome tips and ideas for my running questions last week! I am going to do a recap post for all of my questions in a week or two so be on the lookout for some running tips and tricks!

Week 3 is complete!! Only 15 or so left to go ;)

I have two exciting accomplishments to share with you this week!

My first big accomplishment was my 3-mile run last Tuesday. I know what you’re thinking… what’s so big about a 3-miler when you’re going to have to run 26.2 miles in a few, short months??! Well, I ran these 3 miles at the fastest pace that I have EVER run!

Check out these splits – and ignore Mile 2, I accidentally dropped my phone so that timing is slightly off.

photo (1)

After finishing my 3 miles in 24:32, I have decided that I need to set a new goal for myself. Run a 5k with a sub 24 minute time! I am not sure if I’ll actually register for a 5k this summer but I will definitely get out and do one myself to try to meet my goal :)

My second proud accomplishment of the week was my long, 9-mile run on Saturday. In addition to it being the longest run I have been on since 2011, it was also hot and humid on Saturday morning so, needless to say, I was expecting a complete disaster of a run.

photo (2)

To my shock and awe, I completed my 9 miles at an average of a 9:10 pace for a total time of 82:30! This time even included jumping over downed trees from the Minnesota hurricane and walking for about about a minute to deal with a major Gatorade fail.

9 mile collage

About this fail… I thought I would try to use Gatorade as a fuel/hydrating solution during my long, training runs. Well, after running for about 3 miles I realized that this was not going to work. First of all, carrying the bottle was annoying. It was big and sloshy and heavy and made my hand hurt. Second, have you ever tasted warm Gatorade? Gag me with a spoon! (Do tweens still say this??!) I literally spit out the first warm sip that I took and bee-lined to the closest garbage can to dispose of my heavy, nappy-tasting beverage.

Thankfully, Honey Stinger sent me a big package of their products yesterday so I am going to give them a try on my long run this Saturday!

honey stinger

A few other fabulous highlights from my long run this week include NO side cramping, NO need to walk (except for the Gatorade issue…) and NO shoulder blade pain! I was also shocked when I saw my pace for my first few miles – I thought that I had been running slow at the beginning!

I am going to contribute these wins to a new technique I tried… I’m calling it lion breathing. If you are a yogi, you’ll likely be familiar with this breathing method. Every 1.5 miles or so, I would take in a deep breath and then strongly exhale (loudly like a lion or a hiss) all of the air from my lungs through my mouth. I’d do this about 5 times per set. Yes, I got some odd looks but I think this really helped to get oxygen into my lungs and muscles and get the carbon dioxide out!

Seriously y’all, this breathing technique felt awesome and I did not care in the least that those I ran by thought that I was strange.

My goal this week is to find Yurbuds and get fitted for new running shoes by the time my long run comes around on Saturday. I’ll be up to 10 miles this week and am still excited to continue to build my mileage!

If you’re new to ONW, check out my previous marathon training recaps!

How do you breath during your long runs? Warm Gatorade, have you tried it?

Sorey Fitness

Happy Saturday!

I’m just popping in quick to let you all know that I’m guest posting for Kalee at Sorey Fitness today!

My post is all about how to train and prepare for your first marathon (or any race!) – Make sure you head on over and check it out!

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