Weekending – Memorial Day!

Long weekends are the best. I hope y’all had a great weekend and enjoyed an extra day with your family and friends! This Memorial Day weekend has felt long… and in a good way ;)

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days…

Getting my floors cleaned (with a little rest break!) on Friday afternoon. He’s a goofball… and I’ll hire him out if your floors need scrubbed, LOL.



Pizza at The Crust on Friday night.


Dean loving his new sippy cups.


Giving myself a pizza detox with a killer kettlebell workout at the gym on Saturday morning. Pool deck + weights + hot summer sun = alllll the sweat! #gymhairdontcare


On Saturday afternoon we made a family day date to Momentum Brewhouse – Dean loved the Jenga pieces.




The boys… up to no good I’m sure.


Playing with the water table in the front yard. This was his first time in grass – He didn’t mind it!


On Sunday I taught BODYPUMP – It was like old times!


Then Kyle went golfing and I got lots of cuddles with this cutie. He was having a hard time waking up from him nap.


Waiting for Dad to get home…


Monkey see, monkey do – He had to play with Mama’s wine glass ;)


This morning (Monday) – I ran almost 6 miles and ended at the beach. A dip in the Gulf was the perfect ending to my run!


Kyle and Dean met me after my run and we spent the morning as a family on the beach. It was the perfect day! And Dean lovessssss popcorn – We bought a popcorn maker this weekend so we can pop fresh kernels (sans salt/butter) for him to snack on. He probably ate 2 cups while we were at the beach!


We napped after the beach and Dean played hard for the rest of the afternoon. Kyle grilled dinner while the boys watched… steak and potatoes. It’s like we’re from Iowa or something ;)


I hope y’all had a wonderful long weekend – Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any fun plans for the summer ahead?

#96 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Whew! Our internet has been on and off ever since Saturday evening. Gotta love Comcast, #amiright?! ;)

It appears to be back up and running so I’m going to quickly share my treats before Dean wakes up from his morning nap. I still need to fit in a shower before then too, haha – Morning workout for the win!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

A sleeping baby is most definitely a treat. Dean has been taking a lot of naps lately and I’m all about it. I think he got my sleeping genes ;)


And naked baby time. He loves it!


A little weekend vino.


And froyo. Always froyo! I haven’t had any in almost 2 months – yipes. Glad I fixed that situation on Saturday night.


Some new mascara from Target. After Elle raved about it on her current makeup favorites, I had to try it. I tend to like the pricey mascaras (ahem… $35/tube…) so if this one is half as good, I’ll be happy!


A gorgeous – albeit cloudy – sunset with my boys (minus Mitchell – no dogs on the beach in Naples).



A tasty margarita + Mexican food for Saturday’s lunch. Yes, please!


Subbing BP at my 2nd gym – I’ll be back to teaching again on Tuesdays once Dean is 3 months and can attend their daycare.


And a weekend run! Although a horrible post-run selfie… I’m blaming it on the fact that it was 90 degrees and 80% humidity at 11am ;)


It was a great week full of simple treats. Let’s hope this next one is just as fab!

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How did you treat yourself over the past week? Any tips on running the extreme heat, besides avoiding it? ;)

I did it!

I did it!

Yesterday I went on my first run since Christmas Day. My first run of 2015. My first run in Florida summer weather. My first postpartum run.


That’s a lotta firsts!

I survived, and to be quite honest, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. Granted, I set my expectations pretty darn low, but I’m in agreement with Colleen’s post, realistic expectations lead to happiness. And I’d much rather be happy than depressed about my first run ;)

My goal was 15 minutes. Once I made it to 15, my goal was 20. Once I made it to 20, I knew I’d need to hit 30 minutes to make it back home so 30 minutes it was. Postpartum running >>>>> Pregnant running, in my opinion.

My biggest fear was that I would have forgotten how to run. Ha. Apparently it’s impossible to forget that sort of thing!

I’m not going to lie, I’m all sorts of sore today. My inner thighs. My butt. My hip muscles. But I’m not complaining! I’m happy to be back in the runnin’ game and cannot wait to get out again (and sweat in that bajillion percent humidity!) this week.

Now, I’m off to stretch my sore bod before teaching my first BODYPUMP class since Dean was born. Lotsa fitness firsts this weekend and I’m lovin ‘it!

Have you ever made a fitness comeback?

Pile on the Miles – Week 4 Update

It’s BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! As much as I hate the idea of shopping on Thanksgiving, I love Black Friday ;) And no, I’m not one of those crazies that will wait in line to get into a store right when it opens. I like to go out a few hours after the stores open Friday morning – Early enough to still catch the sales but late enough to avoid the mobs of angry shoppers!

So, as you read this, I’m most likely out battling the crowds and looking for some great deals on Christmas gifts (and gifts for myself…).

Since I’m out piling on the miles while shopping, I thought it was perfect timing to share my Pile on the Miles challenge update, hosted by Monica!

pile on the miles

I plan to do a short recap each Friday  to keep myself accountable and to make sure I’m making progress on my 100-mile goal for the month of November!

So, how’d I do this week?

  • Friday: 1.5 mile walk
  • Saturday: 3-mile run + 2.5 mile walk
  • Sunday: Body Pump + 2 mile walk
  • Monday: Vinyasa Yoga + 3 mile walk
  • Tuesday: Nada
  • Wednesday: 3.5 mile run + 3 mile walk
  • Thursday: Barre Class + 2.5 mile walk

TOTAL Mileage for Week 4:

21 miles!!

Woohoo!! Counting in my 85 miles from the past three weeks, I’m 106% of the way to my goal!

And I have 2 days left – Let’s see how many miles I can pack on over the next 48 hours :)

How many miles do you think I’ll end up with for the month of November?  Have you been piling on the miles?

HLS13 Saturday and Sunday

Okay, I think it’s time to continue on with my HLS 2013 recap! If you didn’t catch my recap of Friday, you can find it here.

After a not-so-great night of sleep on Friday, Katie and I were up before the sun (literally) to embark on an 8-mile run. I led her around my old running paths and it felt great to be back running along the Mississippi!

HLS Run Collage

Following the run and some a gallon of coffee, I joined the HLS bloggers for breakfast at the hotel. We had a great buffet full of eggs and potatoes, cheddar-pepper biscuits that were to die for, fruit, yogurt and pastries. Everything was delicious!

hls breakfast

Throughout the day, I attended 4 conference discussions – Blogs in Transition: Embracing Your Blog, From Blog to Job: Utilizing Your Personal Blog to Elevate Your Career, The Organized Blogger and Blogger and the Brand: Building Relationships – and visited our amazing sponsors’ booths.

I didn’t take a single note during any of the conference sessions (oops) plus I’m not great at educational recaps… HOWEVER, if you’re interested in reading about what we learned, both Caroline and Amanda have great recaps of these sessions!

Driscoll Collage

I mentioned that I visited and talked with our sponsors, right? Well, I am just going to get it out there and say that our sponsors were freakin’ AMAZING! We snacked and snacked and snacked some more throughout the day on delicious things like Driscoll Berries and Blue Diamond Almonds and homemade Nutella via a Ninja Blender and Wild Harvest popcorn and Sargento cheese sticks. In addition to some serious snackage, we also had some fun opportunities for photo shoots (had I known this, I would have actually done my hair and worn makeup…) and giveaways – we seriously could not have had better sponsors :)

Photo Op Collage

Oh and my recap wouldn’t be complete without mentioning lunch! We had a tasty fajita salad buffet along with a Diablo Chocolate Cake – I was tempted to eat 5 pieces but then decided that I shouldn’t do that at a healthy living conference ;)

HLS lunch Collage

After a full day of sessions, the roomies and I had plans to go out for dinner and drinks. The idea of showering, putting on makeup and real clothes along with the rain storm outside had us thinking that staying in the hotel room for a girls’ night was a much better option. We trekked out into the storm to grab some wine (obviously) and Chipotle (of course!) and headed back to our room for some girl time. It was great to spend a Saturday night without make up and bras (oh wait, that’s just me that hates wearing ’em, hehe!) and talking with my ladies :)

HLS dinner Collage

On Saturday night, I found out that I won the contest for a Ninja Ultima Blender!! I was so freakin’ excited, I couldn’t believe it! My old blender (that was probably $15) died just before I made the move to Chicago and I haven’t had the chance to make smoothies since. I can’t wait to receive a ($200-ish) blender and make soup and smoothies and pestos and other deliciousness that I can share with you all!

As a little side note – and to keep you awake for the rest of the post, I will be hosting a Ninja GIVEAWAY in the near future! Get excited!

sunday morning Collage

Sunday morning was welcomed after a much better night of sleep with a cup of Starbucks (my beloved downtown Dunn Bros doesn’t open until 9am on Sundays – whaaa??! People need their coffee, Dunn!) and a walk to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden with the whole HLS group. I had a great time chatting with Hannah, Casey, Sam, Chelsea, Gina and Kim along the way!

Next came a sleepy breakfast followed by more giveaways. Us bloggers love things to review on our blogs ;) I didn’t win anything but Katie did and she gave me her HUGE bag of EnergyBits (another giveaway that I’ll be having soon!).  Thanks Katie!

Energy Bits Collage

Before packing up to head to the airport, I said my goodbyes to SO many amazing women including Amanda and Katie (who were at our dinner on Friday but I didn’t get to talk with them that much since they were on the other end of the table – bummer!), Kelsey, Tara, Katie and Katie (who lives in Chicago!).

P.S. If you ever forget a blogger’s name, just go ahead a shoot for Katie – you have a 72% chance of getting it right ;)

phillip lim

Once I was all packed, I hit up Target for some Phillip Lim action with Jen and then she was kind enough to drive me to the airport. I stopped at my favorite MSP hangout (go here the next time you’re at MSP!) – Surdyk’s Flights – and ordered a flight of reds along with the Minneapple panini – turkey, brie and apples.

HLS Surdyks Collage

I have yet to sort through all of my swag although Kyle is quite excited about some of the Wild Harvest snacks I brought home ;)

Phew! It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I’m so excited and happy that I was able to meet and spend time with so many wonderful and inspirational women!

What was your favorite session if you attended HLS? How many Katie’s do you know? I think I’m up to at least 150 ;)

#2 WIAW – Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today is my second time joining in on the What I Ate Wednesday {WIAW} party that Jenn hosts every week.

Peas and Crayons

For those of you new to WIAW, here’s the scoop according to Jenn:

“What WIAW isn’t about — Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt

What WIAW is about — Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!

WIAW is about food and fun! It’s about making new friends, breaking out of a food rut, noting changes in your diet/lifestyle, inspiring yourself & others, embracing fruit & vegetables, nourishing your body with the foods that work for you, finding new ways to eat your favorite foods, and so. much. more.”

The past two weeks I have been focusing on reducing my stress levels and eating nutrients that will help me calm down and start growing my hair grow back hopefully sooner than later (Even though my hair is still shedding faster than normal, I have some baby hairs poppin’ up all over my head now, yay!) I have also been making an effort to relax and have deemed Tuesday’s as Treat Yourself Tuesdays! So, my second post of WIAW here on ONW is going to be the Treat Yourself Tuesday edition – Get ready for a stress-free and nutrient-filled food and fun par-tay!

After not getting the best sleep on Monday night (there were literally 50 police cars and at least 20 ambulances and fire trucks outside of my condo Monday night from 10pm-3am – apparently there was an accident involving a vehicle driving into the Mississippi River, yikes!), I woke up bright and early to a gorgeous Minneapolis morning. As a side note, I could not have asked for a better week to start my retirement from Target – and yes, I’m calling it retirement now, at least short-term retirement ;)

I woke up quite hungry and immediately made my way to the kitchen for a large glass of water and a delicious bowl of yogurt parfait goodness.


I sliced up a banana, topped it with Fage 0% plain Greek yogurt, ground flax seed, Mix My Own Muesli and honey. YUM!

Last week, Klara from Mix My Own contacted me about trying out their new breakfast mixes. I’m a huge breakfast lover so of course I agreed! Mix My Own allows you to create your very own muesli or cereal mix and has A TON of ingredients for you to choose from including many organic and gluten free grains, nuts, fruits, cereal and add-ins like chia seeds and cacao nibs! I made my own organic muesli blend and was shocked with how quickly it arrived at my door, only 2 days after I had ordered it. Not only does Klara ship her product quickly, she also makes quite a tasty blend. I will definitely be ordering more Mix My Own!

mix my own

Klara is offering all ONW readers a 20% off discount to Mix My Own from now thru the end of September. Just enter the code: OLIVESNWINE at checkout :)

After enjoying a protein- and healthy fat-filled breakfast, I headed outside for a long walk. The weather has felt like fall every morning and I am totally taking advantage of it :)

wiaw 2 morning walk

Once my head was clear and my body was warmed up from walking, I dove right into packing. This packing shiz is not part of Treat Yourself Tuesday <– NOT fun! In the middle of packing, I needed a snack… I was leaning towards a margarita or a glass of wine but since I had just packed my wine and margarita glasses away, I decided on a hard boiled egg and some raw walnuts ;)

waiw 2 collage

I can only handle packing for a few hours at a time so once I had my fill, I headed back outside for a run. It was just what I needed to refresh and forget about packing for awhile. As a side note, I have no idea how far or how long I ran and it felt AMAZING! I haven’t been taking my phone with me on runs for the past week and have just been running for the sake of running – so so SO refreshing. I highly recommend it!

If you know me at all, then you know that I was absolutely famished when I got back from my run. Kyle knows to have food on hand when he’s around me because, well… I get hangry veeerrryyy easily and a happy wife = a happy life ;)

wiaw 2 lunch

I quickly heated up one of my Jalapeno-Spiced Black Bean Burgers that I had in my freezer and served it on top of Lindsay’s Homemade Tortillas. I topped my black bean burger tostada with 1/4 avocado and had a side of cherry tomatoes. I also had a side of watermelon. A BIG side because – let’s be honest, there is no other way to eat watermelon!

A bit more packing and trekking downtown to buy more boxes ensued and then it was time for the best part of Treat Yourself Tuesday, spa time!

ivy spa

Don’t start thinking that I’m one of those Real Housewives of wherever and that I go to the spa each week because I definitely don’t! If only it were less expensive… I had a few coupons to use so I booked a facial and a massage at Ivy Spa in downtown Minneapolis. As always, the service was amazing and I felt so much more relaxed and happy on my walk home.

I don’t know what it is but something about massages always leaves me starving after an appointment! I was really craving Chipotle but the Chipotle downtown was closed so I came home and had the same dinner that I had last Tuesday – my Mexican Sweet Potato Casserole. It was just as good :)

Casserole 1

Sadly, I have no snacks at home due to my pending move so there was no snackage after dinner. It’s always sad when that happens!

How did you treat yourself yesterday? What was the best thing you ate over the past week? And Chipotle… yay or nay?

Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap

I’m almost halfway through my marathon training!

This means that in 9 short weeks, I will be running 26.2 miles. Please send help. And, if you place a wheelchair with an oxygen tank and a gallon-sized margarita with my name on it at the finish line, I’ll love you forever.

lake 1

This week’s training went fairly well for me. I was able to fit in all of my scheduled runs for the first time in almost a month!

Week 8 Fitness Schedule

  • Sunday: 90-minute walk around Lake Michigan in Milwaukee
  • Monday: 3-mile run
  • Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt
  • Wednesday:Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday: 6-mile run
  • Friday: 3-mile run
  • Saturday: 11-mile run in Chicago!! (This was supposed to be 13.1 but I’ll get to that in a minute…)

I can feel some of my stress starting to ease. Note the key word here… some.

When I visited my doctor last week due to my stress-induced hair loss issues she told me – excuse my her French… that I need to “chill the f*$! out.” She’s cool and just says it how it is which I really appreciate in the medical profession. Anyways, all of this stress is causing major issues with my hair (obviously) and my exercise-induced asthma (not good when you’re trying to train for a marathon) and it is starting to give me anxiety.

Stress can cause a variety of responses from your body, one of which is chest pain. Yep, I’m having issues with that now too. Obviously, I don’t deal well with multiple stressful situations occurring at the same time!

Even though mine is solely being driven by my asthma and stress/anxiety (trust me, I’ve had every test and scan in the book performed – I’m as “healthy as a horse” according to the lab technician…) – is terrifying and should be taken seriously. Needless to say, I am taking her word to heart and trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life as much as possible.

lake 2

My job is thankfully not stressful but after Friday, I won’t have any job to worry about. This should mean that I’ll be able to fit in another hour or two of sleep each day which is desperately needed at this point.

I also made some time to bake last night, I am getting a massage this afternoon after work and I have quite a few “goodbye” happy hours and dinners planned with girlfriends this week – all of which are huge stress relievers!

So, what does all of this talk of stress relief have to do with my marathon training? When my doctor told me I need to calm down and chill out, she also talked to me about running. Remember how I was having those really bad training weeks a few weeks ago? She told me that my body is so emotionally stressed/drained/exhausted at this point that adding in the physical stress of marathon training is too much for it at the moment.

Ugh… not what I wanted to hear.

Her advice was to continue training but to stop when I feel like I should stop and to not go one step farther. If running 15 miles per week was the only stress I was putting on my body, I would be fine but since I have the added stresses of moving, packing, finding a new job, etc. – I need to focus on one thing at a time.

lake 3

This brings me back to my 13.1 mile run that turned into an 11-miler on Saturday. Kyle and I headed down to Lake Michigan bright and early on Saturday morning so I could fit in a good 2-hour run before 9am. I started off well and tried to run at a slow-for-me pace. I was happy to see multiple Chicago Marathon running groups along the lake and also happily took advantage of their water/Gatorade booths. I figured that since I’m also training for a marathon, they’d be okay with me drinking a few ounces of their water ;)

running group

Anyways, the first 5 miles of my run were awesome… and then I turned around.

Hellooooo, Windy City! I was wondering where the wind was for those first few miles and apparently, it was at my back. No wonder my pace seemed quick while I thought I was running slow! The next 5 miles were not rough but they weren’t great either. And then I hit mile 10.

Wowsers. I walked for about 1 minute after Mile 9 and then for 1 minute after Mile 10 and by that time I knew I was out of energy and oxygen. I ran for 10 more minutes to make it to a little over 11 miles and then decided to stop per my doctor’s instructions.

To be honest, I wasn’t even the slightest bit bummed that I didn’t make it to 13.1 – I hadn’t had a long run in over 3 weeks and this was my longest run in my training so far so I was pretty proud!

Kyle was somewhere close by walking and enjoying the views with Mitchell so I texted him “need water now” and he quickly found me and gave me a big bottle of H2O :)

My overall thoughts about the run?

  • I ran too quickly – My average pace was 9:50 minutes/mile. I need to slow it down to at least 11 minutes/mile on my next long run.
  • I drank too much water/Gatorade at the Chicago Marathon stations. I must say, however, that I am glad I can experiment with this before my actual race day!
  • I loved running a new route and having new scenery to gaze at and enjoy. Lake Michigan reminds me of an ocean, at least in the summer months! Plus there is some amazing people watching in Chicago ;)
  • Sorry Minneapolis runners but Chicago runners are SO much more friendly and social than they are here in Minnesota! I probably had around 15 runners introduce themselves to me and ask me what event I was training for – I also had quite a few comments regarding the brightness and awesomeness of my shoes.
  • Compression socks/sleeves are the best recovery gear ever. Amazing.

compression socks

I can confidently say that I am happy with where I am at in my training program and that I know I’ll be able to do this, even if there is some walking involved!

If you’re new to ONW or missed my earlier posts, check out my previous weeks’ marathon training recaps!

How do you deal with stress? Do you have any tips or ideas of things I can do to de-stress and chill out?

Marathon Training – Week 7 Recap

You guys.


I’ve been a huge slacker on the training lately. Like completely skipping my long runs kind of slacking. I don’t know what it is (well, actually I do know and that whole explanation is coming on Friday…) but I have just not had the motivation to run.

Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard it all before.

Just put on your shoes and get out the door.

Once you get past the first few miles, it’ll feel so much better.

But guess what, I just haven’t wanted to run and that’s that. And guess what again, I’m okay with it.

:: life ::

(Image Source)

I have a lot of stress in my life right now so I’m taking the time to give myself and my body what it needs. One of those things is sleep.

I am the type of person that needs A LOT of sleep in normal situations (we’re talking 9-10 hours per night…). Imagine how much sleep my body craves during stressful times.

I also tend to lose my appetite when I am anxious or have a lot of stress in my life so I haven’t been eating the healthiest.


Sadly, lunches like the above – however tasty and appetite-inducing as they might be – don’t really fuel me for long runs and they have to stop.

Last week my workout schedule was something like this:

  • Sunday: Hill walkin’ in San Francisco
  • Monday: Yoga Sculpt
  • Tuesday: 3-mile run
  • Wednesday: 6-mile run
  • Thursday: 3-mile run
  • Friday: Yoga Sculpt
  • Saturday: 3-mile run

On a positive note, I am actually getting some running into my routine but not the long distances that I need to be. I think my travel schedule is partially to blame. I have been out-of-town the past two weekends and will be traveling again this weekend. I’m heading to Chicago again on Friday so I am bound and determined to head down to Lake Michigan bright and early Saturday morning for a 13.1-mile run!

Just do it.

(Image Source)

I am a very dedicated person. When I put my mind to something, I will make it happen and this marathon training slump is going to get kicked in the behind starting today!

Last night, I set out my running clothes so they were ready to go. My bright shoes were anxiously awaiting a quick, 3-miles in the morning. I prepared healthy meal options that will nourish and fuel my body throughout the week.

I am ready to go.

Marathon training, schmarathon training… I’ve got this.

motivation quotes

(Image Source)

If you’re new to ONW or missed my earlier posts, check out my previous weeks’ marathon training recaps!

How do you get through training slumps? Do you want to come running with me in Chicago this weekend? I rarely say this but I think I could use a running partner.

Marathon Training – Week 6 Recap

Week 6 was not all puppies and roses and sunsets on the beach. Not that running ever is any of those things for me but – for some reason – this week was especially not pretty.

new shoes

Except for my Asics. They are really pretty, obviously ;)

Training was hard last week. Really hard. So hard that I actually contemplated calling it quits and not even buying a plane ticket to LA to get to the actual marathon in October. I rationalized that yes, I’d be losing the $120 registration fee but I’d be saving $500+ on a plane ticket plus hotel fare. Makes sense, right?

My shorter runs during the week were fine, typically 3-7 miles are no big deal for me, but then came my long weekend run on Saturday. I was dreading it all week.

I think the self-defeating dread began when I thought I had 11 miles but then realized that I actually had 12 miles to run. Trust me, one additional mile is no big deal when you’re running 10+ miles per run but this realization just really annoyed me.

Ugh… a whole extra mile? Seriously??!

Then came Saturday and the thunder storm and humidity that gave me an “excuse” to not finish my 12 miles that morning. I thought my body wasn’t feeling it but actually, I think I just didn’t want to do it. Plain and simple.

I had the “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude. <– Procrastination doesn’t work for me, if I procrastinate, it doesn’t get done! Hence my morning workout routine…

So, Sunday came and I woke up hoping for a less humid running experience… That wasn’t in the cards. I’m in the Midwest in July, it will ALWAYS be humid here, I should know this by now! I also didn’t sleep well on Saturday night but thought I could quickly crank out 12 miles and be done with it.

Who was I kidding? I can barely function at a desk job with limited sleep, let alone function while putting physical stress on my body!

8.5 miles

I ended up stopping at 8.5 miles after walking for ALL of mile 6 and not having the least bit of motivation to run. It felt like failure but now I realize that it was my body shouting: “HEY, idiot! I’m tired, why are you not giving me the rest and the hydration I need?”

Learning from the week: Get an abundance of sleep the night before a long run. It will give me a positive, “I can take on the world” attitude and get me through a mentally-straining run.

While I was down in the dumps about my crappy running weekend on Sunday night, I came across this post from Theodora. In it she discusses a few mental tweaks she is making to enjoy – rather than dread – her marathon training this summer.

I am going to take her advice and specifically focus on two of her recommendations: getting rid of my negative thoughts (AKA – not even showing up to the marathon and thinking that I can’t do it…) and realizing that some (or a lot, let’s be honest here…) of my training journey is just going to suck. Once I accept this, I think I will be able to enjoy it! As much as you can enjoy running 15+ miles at one time that is ;)

(Image Source)

I have no splits for you this week. I have no great, inspiring, motivating, marathon-training advice (unless you count Theodora’s post above…).

I just have the hope that – after my much-needed rest week this week – next week will be better. And it better be, I have 13.1 miles to get after, darn it!

If you’re new to ONW or missed my earlier posts, check out my previous weeks’ marathon training recaps!

Have you ever accomplished something you thought to be impossible? How do you get through tough physical activities?

A Runner’s Ultimate Strength Building Workout

Happy Thursday!

I’m guest posting for Heather over at Fit ‘n’ Cookies today!

5 miles

Head on over to get some marathon training tips as well as a fun strength building workout :)

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