What I’ve been up to…

Oh, hey! Long time, no chat. I took a little – and much needed – bloggin’ break… Kyle was in Chicago for the last 10 (count ’em, TEN) days. And then I got sick – not super sick, just can’t breathe through my nose sick, so after wrangling a toddler and working all day the last thing I wanted to do was type on the ol’ computer.

BUT – no need to fear – I’m back today with a little update on what I’ve been up to the past few days. Spoiler alert: It’s not THAT exciting ;)

1. Beach time x2. My little fishy loves the beach so we took full advantage one evening this week and then this afternoon. It was gorgeous!



2. Carb cycling. I’m going to do a solo post on what carb cycling entails, but basically, it is alternating higher carb and lower carb days without reducing your total calorie intake. This forces your body to burn fat for fuel rather than your normal carb intake. It is NOT to be done for a long period of time and the program I am following is 13 days in total – I’m on day 10 now and I am most definitely seeing great results. The eating is a little boring but my eating is always a little boring when Kyle is out of town… Also, one of the main reasons I’m trying this is because of #3.



3. I have officially weaned Dean. Poor dude. I decided it was time since he is now 13 months old and I continued to get horrific colds (and couldn’t take decongestants so they turned into never ending sinus infections…) and just wanted my body back for myself after almost 2 years of pregnancy/breastfeeding. Phew. He actually took to it fairly well. I have a pretty large stash in the freezer so he still gets a bottle before bed but other than that, he’s on 100% solid foods. Trying to get rid of my body’s milk supply is another story… Apparently it can take months (MONTHS…) for your supply to decline to 0%. Really? Why was I so concerned about pumping all of these months?! Anyways, enter carb cycling – I figure reducing my carb intake might help reduce my milk supply too. I’m not certain it is helping but it can’t be hurting.

4. Sleeping through the night. No joke – The day after I cut Dean off, he started sleeping through the night. GO. FIGURE. No more mama comforting, no more waking.

5. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping! How do you pass the time with a toddler in the extreme heat? Indoor activities like spending money, LOL. New shoes. New tank. Lotsa new gear for mama and baby. Oh and a solo Target trip for mama on Saturday night + mani/pedi time – WINNING.





6. GYM TIME and running!! Of course! We launched BODYPUMP98 this past weekend and it is SO much fun! I’ve also been trying a few new-to-me classes from Les Mills like BODYATTACK (<– basically aerobics on speed, LOL) and CXWORX (holy core). I really want to try GRIT – Any GRIT instructors want to move to Naples and work for me?!


7. Pineapple Coconut Spark!!!!!!!!!! (<– yes, it warrants that many explanation points!) O to the M to the G. It’s like a healthy pina colada in my shaker bottle. So freakin’ good! It sold out in just over 50 hours – 154,000 boxes if I remember correctly. That’s insane! Anyways, I snagged 5 of ’em and am stocked for at least a few weeks. Fingers crossed they make this a permanent flavor like they did Limeade Spark!


8. Dean’s 1 year photos! Did I mention these here yet? I can’t remember. Anyways, they turned out pretty cute even though he was a little turd during our session. I ordered 2 canvases so I can finally complete my Dean hallway!


9. Deany photos for Dad. I took A LOT of photos this week – Okay, I always take a lot of photos… but I took more than normal to send to Kyle ;) Here’s a glimpse at a few of em’!










Tell me, what have YOU been up to the past couple of weeks?


How was your weekend? It was another perfect weather weekend here in Naples so we took full advantage and were outside as much as possible.

My mom headed back home on Friday afternoon, but before she left for the airport, Dean and I enjoyed a delicious lunch outside with her.


Kyle and I relaxed on Friday night so we could be refreshed and ready to go on Saturday.

Date morning at the Y… BODYPUMP for the win!


Lunch outside with my favorite boys…



… followed by some outdoor shopping! Kyle and I hit up J. Crew and were both successful in finding new clothes. (Photo below of mine – New jean capris and a striped casual button up. I couldn’t say no!) After J. Crew we made a family trip to Target where we successfully bought ALL of the things. Anyone else?!



We relaxed again on Saturday night – crazy party animals right here, haha! Dean tried Cheerios for the first time which was the highlight of our evening ;)

We were up bright and early this morning so we decided to get a baby seat fitted to Kyle’s bike (we should have it back next week!) and then take a family walk on the beach. Dean’s carrier is obviously tasty.


Our afternoon was full of catching up around the house, another long walk outside, and letting Dean crawl around like a crazy animal.

Kyle’s mom is visiting beginning on Thursday so we are looking forward to next weekend… Obviously it is nice to have visitors and see family but we are also heading out on a date night which will be a lot of fun!

Oh! And one one more thing… Mitchy had surgery this past Tuesday. All is a-okay (it was for a little lump he had on his side – just a precautionary surgery since he tended to scratch at it.), he’s just going a little crazy since long walks are now allowed until his stitches are out. Poor dude! Also, Mitchell turns TEN in a few days. Craziness! He’s an old man ;)


Favorite section to shop at Target? What did you do this weekend?

Weekending, my new favorite pastime

Hello there! Happy weekending.

BTW, weekending is my new favorite word. Seriously. It’s catchy and who doesn’t love a good weekend?

I hope y’all are wrapping up a great Sunday… In the meantime, here’s what I was up to!

A Friday evening beach stroll <3

photo 5 (87)

Saturday morning Body Pump… I almost convinced Kyle to join me but he opted for the weight room instead. Next time ;)

photo 4 (98)

Checking out a new-to-me outdoor shopping center that could easily eat up my entire savings in about 2.7 seconds.

outdoor mall

A healthy vegetarian dinner by no other than Chef Kyle himself!

mediterranian eggplant

Sunday morning beach time. Helloooo, Vitamin D.

sunday beach

And then this. Kyle is off to play tennis with a friend and as he was leaving, he politely requested this triple peanut butter and chocolate goodness of a cookie pie. Who was I to say no?! Plus, it’s by Averie and everything she creates is magical. I think I will need to send it to work with Mr. Kyle so I’m not tempted to eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next few days ;)

cookie pie

Last, but not least. My meal plan for the week! I actually like including this in my weekend recaps… It gives me a place to keep all of my links so I don’t have to email them to myself and/or lose them and forget why I purchased specific ingredients!

What are you making for dinner this week? Did you have any delicious, sugar-laden desserts recently? And one last question, what’s the best thing you did all weekend?

Confessions, Part III

Happy Thursday, y’all!

Today I’m linking up with Amanda for her premier edition of Thinking Out Loud. Get ready for some juicy confessions and thoughts below ;)


Confession: I’m afraid I confused some of you who are new to my blog since last December with my Hanukkah talk followed by my Christmas talk! Let me explain :) Kyle’s dad’s side of the family is Jewish and, obviously, they celebrate Hanukkah. That’s what my Thanksgivukkah was about. Kyle’s mom and my family are Christian so we celebrate Christmas. And Kyle and I celebrate both! Two holidays = more presents (heck yes!) and family time and holiday parties = happy Becky ;)

Confession: I tend to shop more for myself during the holiday season than others. I mean, I really try to buy things for my family and friends during my first few shopping trips of the holiday season but I always end up browsing and finding things I want for myself instead. I always find gifts for everyone on my list but they accompany a large pile of items for myself too :) #treatyoself!

Confession: I think the best smell in the world is freshly ground coffee. Not freshly brewed coffee, the ground stuff. It smells like heaven and I will gladly stick my nose into a coffee bag any chance I get!

Confession: I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Actually, scratch that, I do know what I want to do with my life. I want to be a student. FOREVER and ever. Seriously, what college kiddos out there would trade me places right now? I’ll take your finals and enjoy your winter breaks and flexible schedules and work odd hours while having no money and the liver of a goddess and you can take my 9-5 8-6 working hours, commute, 2 weeks of annual vacation and paycheck. Deal? Deal {fistie}

Confession: The word “yummy” makes me cringe. I don’t know what it is about the word but I’m getting hives just thinking about it now! I don’t mind “num” or “yum” or “man, that’s freakin’ good!” I think adults sound funny saying it to other adults… Unless I’m speaking to someone under the age of 4, you will only find me saying words like “delicious” or “tasty” or “scrumptious” or “delightful” when I’m referring to good-tasting food :)

Confession: I got slightly homesick for Minneapolis the a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the weather reports didn’t let that feeling stick around too long ;) And the more I get to think of it, the more I believe that I was just missing the lack of consistency. Kyle and I had the exact same jobs and lived in the exact same condo and spent time at the exact same restaurants and bars for the past 4 years. It’s hard to change all of that in a few months. I love everything about Chicago but need to remember that it takes time to build a feeling of habit and get back into the swing of things!

Confession: I’m getting a haircut on Saturday for the first time since July and I’m terrified. My hair is starting to get stringy so it is time for a visit – the last time I visited the salon was in Minneapolis right before my trip to Napa (Hi Carly and Katie and Sarah!) and also right before my hair started falling out. And sadly, my hair is STILL falling out. I know… Thankfully, I don’t look bald but my ponytail band can go around my hair twice as much as it used to and I’m still losing more hair than I should. I have another dermatologist appointment in a few months and hopefully my iron levels have increased by then so my hair will stay in my head, where it belongs ;) Anyways, I’m so terrified I’ve already come up with a plan – wash my hair immediately before going to the salon to avoid excessive touching of my hair (I’m crazy, I know…), explain to my new stylist the issue at hand, tell her to only cut the ends off and nothing more although I do plan to take her advice about hair… She might have some ideas that I haven’t come across yet. Wish me luck!

Confession: ……. I’m not quite ready to share this one yet. Stay tuned next week ;)

Tell me one of your deepest and darkest secrets… or just a little confession you’ve been holding back.

Black Thursday?

Over the past few years, there has been a movement in the retail industry to open earlier and earlier each Black Friday.

While I was in college, I remember stores opening around 5am the morning after Thanksgiving and now, stores are opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day with some open ALL day long.

thanksgiving shopping

I could easily turn this post into a rant about how we should all boycott these stores this holiday season or how Thanksgiving is for spending time with friends and family, not for shopping or how the retail industry is willing to do anything (and sacrifice their employees’ sanity and work-life balance) for a dollar but I’m not.

All I’m going to do is to ask you to join me in NOT shopping on Thanksgiving Day. If you must shop, do so online. Trust me, if this shopaholic can avoid the malls for one day, so can you!

Let’s speak with our actions rather than our words this holiday season and insist that Black “Friday” happen on Friday in 2014.

{And don’t you worry, the retail rant post will be for a future day…}

Tell me your thoughts on Black Friday creep. What are your plans for Black Friday? Are you going to shop ’til you drop? 

#8 Treat Yourself Tuesday {TYT}

Here we go… another Treat Yourself Tuesday!

How are y’all feeling about these Tuesday link-ups? Like ’em? Hate ’em? Keep ’em coming? Let me know! I can easily change it up :)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Again, a BIG thank you to everyone that participated in Treat Yourself Tuesday last week. I loved reading all of the ways you treated yourself and can’t wait to see what this week has to offer!

If you’re new to TYT, head over here to read about why I am a firm supporter and advocate for treating ourselves – even in the smallest of ways – everyday! I promise you will fall in love with the idea and once you do, please link up below :)

Another week, another shopping adventure – you didn’t expect any less, right? ;)

This week’s shopping was fueled by no other than my husband. It’s a little known fact that the man loves to shop {almost} as much as I do. A few weeks ago he told me that he wanted me to take him shopping so that he could get some “trendier” clothes.

I may not be the trendiest, most fashionable gal but I know what looks good and what doesn’t plus, I can never turn down a shopping trip – or spending time with the hubs – so on Saturday we hailed a cab (it was windy and I was feeling lazy after my run or else we would have walked…) to Michigan Avenue for some shopping!

On Kyle’s agenda was The North Face, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren Polo and Nordstrom’s. My list included (remember… it’s Treat YOURSELF Tuesday, hehe!) J. Crew, Bloomingdale’s and Lululemon.  Since I was leading the way, we hit up J. Crew first…

Kyle tried on piles of clothes and came out with a few button-up shirts, a sweater and a pair of fitted khakis that were backordered but they’re shipping them to us for free.  (No photos – Kyle was feeling camera shy on Saturday!)


I – of course – found a few items as well ;) There’s a reason J. Crew was on my list – I can never make it out of there empty handed!

photo 5 (1)

I bought this comfy sweater. I’m still on the fence about whether or not to keep it. It’s super comfortable and I love the zipper detail on the back but I’m not sure it’s worth the $120 price tag and I have 50 other tops just like it… it’ll probably be going back!

photo 4 (1)

I also got this sassy new tank! I can’t wait to wear it under a cardigan or blazer to work or over some skinny jeans with stilettos for a night out.

photo 2 (3)

After refueling with a salad and a glass of vino, we hit up a few more stores. After walking past Madewell, I decided to stop in for a quick look and found exactly what I had been looking for ALL DAY LONG – a new fall jacket! In Minneapolis, I used the skyway system a lot and never wore a coat unless it was below freezing. Since Chicago doesn’t have indoor walking paths, it was time for a new coat.

photo 1 (3)

This one is made by Penfield an environmentally-focused apparel company out of New England. The coat has a hood (selling point!) and is water and wind proof. It is going to be perfect for rainy fall and spring weather.

mani Collage

In addition to my shopping fun on Saturday, I treated myself to a mani-pedi on Sunday AND bought a new nail polish on the way out of the salon. Toggle to the Top by Essie looked too good to pass up (plus I had a gift card for the pedi so my salon service was only $10 – I felt like I could spend a few more dollars on a new bottle!) and I can’t wait to try it!

photo 1 (2)

New sweater from J. Crew – keep it or return it? How did you treat yourself this week?

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Boo! + Weekly Meals and Fitness


Happy Halloween weekend :) I have a super quick post for you before a fun Sunday full of errands (Target run!), laundry, maybe a pedicure and family dinner tonight.

Here’s a photo recap of the last two days…

1. Friday started out with a bowling “happy hour” with my coworkers after a day of volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.

photo 3

2. A run kicked off my Saturday followed by shopping and lunch on Michigan Avenue with my man <3

photo 1 (1)

I couldn’t stop laughing at lunch because Kyle’s shirt matched the tablecloth!


We were shopping for him but I may have found a little something for myself too ;)

photo 4

3. A costume party with friends Saturday night – Legends of the Hidden Temple for the win!

photo 1

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Fitness Plan

  • Sunday: Body Pump
  • Monday: Spin Class
  • Tuesday: Boot Camp
  • Wednesday: Run
  • Thursday: Body Pump
  • Friday: Spin Class
  • Saturday: Core on the ball + Run

Did you dress up for Halloween this weekend? What was your costume?

#3 Treat Yourself Tuesday {TYT}

Well hello there and welcome to Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Again, a BIG thank you to everyone that participated in Treat Yourself Tuesday last week. I loved reading all of the ways you treated yourself and can’t wait to see what this week has to offer!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you’re new to TYT, head over here to read about why I am a firm supporter and advocate for treating ourselves – even in the smallest of ways – everyday! I promise you will fall in love with the idea and once you do, please link up below :)

Before I get into my little treats of the week, I want to thank all of you AGAIN (I’m full of thankfulness today!!) for all of you sweet Tweets, Instagram notes, emails and texts about my first day of work! I couldn’t respond to them right away because I was in meetings all day but they made me smile and I loved feeling the love. You are all seriously the best and I love each of you <3

first day Collage

My alarm went off super early and I didn’t want to get up but I fit in a quick elliptical workout before getting glammed up for my first day! (Notice the sideways thumbs up??! I was too groggy to even get my thumb the right way, haha!)

Everyone on my team was really nice – I was treated to a bagel from Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast and a lunch out at Freshii and a Starbucks tea in the afternoon. I don’t have any photos because I was not about to be the new girl who oddly takes photos of everything she eats ;)

mel card Collage

I arrived home a little after 5pm to an adorable card from Melanie! She’s the sweetest and this card is just what I needed after my first day. Plus it cracked me up ;)

Okay, now onto how I treated myself this week! Can you guess what I did?

#3 tyt

Yep, a bit more shopping ;) Hehe…

On Friday I found out that my office wears jeans 3x/week and I own one pair – yikes! I went out on an emergency shopping trip for jeans and found a pair of Citizens of Humanity at Nordstrom’s. I also picked up a gorgeous necklace from J.Crew and some beauty essentials from Sephora.

The necklace was only $30 (woohoo!) I decided to take a risk and try the new Sugar Lip Treatment – LOVE IT! It leaves my lips so soft and isn’t very sticky like most lip glosses. If you haven’t tried it, Lash Perfekt mascara gel is seriously the best thing ever. It conditions your lashes, making them more healthy and it looks so natural when applied.

Next week (or I guess this week…) – no shopping, I promise! I have to wait until I get my first paycheck before I hit up anymore stores… Stay tuned for a creative TYT next Thursday :)

Now I’m curious, what did YOU do to treat yourself this week?

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#2 Treat Yourself Tuesday {TYT}

Welcome to Treat Yourself Tuesday!

A BIG thank you to everyone that participated in the debut of Treat Yourself Tuesday last week. I loved reading all of the ways you treated yourself and can’t wait to see what this week has to offer!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you’re new to TYT, head over here to read about why I am a firm supporter and advocate for treating ourselves – even in the smallest of ways – everyday! I promise you will fall in love with the idea and once you do, please link up below :)

As per the usual of my recent Chicago living, I treated myself to a bit of shopping over the past week.

benneton dress

(New dress from United Colors of Benetton)

By now I think y’all are becoming suspicious and thinking that I’m a shopping addict or have piles of money to blow (I wish!) – Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for Kyle??!), I don’t always shop this much. Actually, I haven’t really purchased any new, fashionable clothes in quite some time and my wardrobe has been in great need of an update, especially since I will be starting my new job next week.

To be quite honest, I wasn’t in the mood to shop over the past few months. I hated looking at the numbers and sizes on the clothes I was trying on. I have been eating healthy (for the most part), although a bit more than normal because of my recent hair and stress issues and I just didn’t like the way certain pieces were fitting. I just didn’t feel comfortable so I decided to avoid my discomfort and the mall all-together until I felt more confident, aka – SKINNIER.

New Skirt Collage

(Three new skirts and 2 new tops – Skirt on left and tops from United Colors of Benetton and skirts on right from J. Crew)

Worst. Decision. Ever. If you know me, you know I love to shop. I don’t always go out and buy ridiculous amounts of things like I have been recently but I love looking for new trends.

Thankfully, my healthy eating and stress reduction has paid off and I’ve also discovered the true culprit of my hair loss – super low iron levels (don’t get me started on the fact that my physician in Minnesota told me that they were normal when they really should be THREE TIMES what they currently are…). I’ve been cutting back on the food a bit (except for this last weekend – like woah, HLS does not mean healthy all of the time!) and I’m feeling a bit better and almost back to normal in my own skin.

CB Skirt on

(My Carrie Bradshaw skirt from Anthropologie – Still haven’t decided if I’m keeping it…)

So, what does this all have to do with Treat Yourself Tuesday?

You can treat yourself with physical things like new clothes or froyo or a manicure – those are pretty easy things to give yourself after a long day. However, we also need to remember to treat ourselves well on an emotional level. We need to acknowledge that we are good enough. That we are pretty. That we do look amazing in those new jeans regardless of their size. Don’t succumb to endless comparison, just realize that you are exactly who you should be. You are an individual and should not be like anyone else. How boring would that be?

Love yourself because you’re smart or because you’re funny or because you have a phenomenal job that you love and a great group of girlfriends that you could not imagine living without! Love yourself because you’re awesome. P.S. You are!

jcrew dress

(New dress from J. Crew – perfect for work!)

Even if I decided to keep eating a bit more than normal like I had been, that should not impact when or why I shop and it definitely shouldn’t impact how I feel about myself (unless it was making me sick, but that’s another story…). It shouldn’t matter if I have to try on a Size 0 or a Size 22, the numbers should not dictate how I feel. What should matter is that I feel confident and happy and healthy on both the inside and the outside!

Moral of the story – get your fabulous self out there, wear something that makes you look and feel awesome and treat yourself ’til your heart’s content! You deserve to feel good about yourself so make your health and happiness a priority, treat yourself and start living a happier, healthier life!

A little bit of TYT shopping advice to end the post… Never be afraid to ask for help from store associates when you have a specific style or fashion question or are creating an outfit while trying on clothes. I was lucky enough to have some amazing salespeople last week and they found perfect outfits for my body type that will help me from go from day to night (my goal) seamlessly! They also know how their brand’s pieces should fit and can help you find the right size since – as we all know – no two sizes (even in the same store) are the same!

How did you treat yourself over the past week? Do you want to come shopping with me in Chicago soon? ;)

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Confessions + An Announcement

1. Confession – I joined the most expensive gym country club fitness club in Chicago yesterday. It’s like a country club but fitness style. #oops

Kyle wasn’t too keen on the monthly fee (especially since we have a gym in our apartment…) but I justified it since the monthly membership fee is only $40 more than the CorePower Yoga membership I was paying in Minneapolis AND it includes so much more than CorePower did! I have yoga + body pump + cycling + pilates + zumba + kickboxing + ropes training + core classes + barre + SO MUCH MORE. The gym even has 5 pools, a gigantic weight room, an even larger cardio room, a spa IN the locker room, a salon, 2 restaurants, a juice bar, free valet parking (I can walk so I won’t be using this…), a sun deck/fully stocked bar for the summer months, a golf driving range, tennis courts, basketball/soccer courts… I’m sure I’m forgetting something here… Anyways, it’s pretty much my piece of heaven here in Chicago and it is going to be worth every single penny!


I attended a “Buff Yoga” class yesterday and I’m fairly certain my inner thighs are going to be sore for the rest of my life.

2. Confession – I kinda fell off the marathon training bandwagon. I doubt any of you are surprised to be reading this. I haven’t provided a weekly training recap in, well, weeks and I have mentioned that my stress levels were not very conducive to running. Kyle and I still have our plane tickets to California and I am still running every week just not as far as I need to be for the whole 26.2 miles thing. I’m  planning on running at least the 13.1 miles and then running/walking every other mile after that. We’ll see how it goes but the last thing I want to do at this time is put physical stress on my body and have more hair fall out. I’d rather have hair than be a marathoner ;)


3. Confession – I freakin’ love Chicago. Minneapolis never really felt like home the 4ish years Kyle and I lived there. Maybe it was because we knew it wasn’t going to be our forever home or because we didn’t have any family there or because we moved there without knowing a single person in the city but regardless, I am so happy to finally be somewhere that I feel like I belong. Plus Chicagoans are SO much nicer than Minnesotans (sorry friends but it’s true!). I’ve already met more people in the 1.5 weeks I’ve been in Chicago than I did in Minneapolis all 4 years. And they’re all nice and actually invite you to do things. Amazing.

4. Confession – Kyle’s mom brought us a “housewarming” quiche since we don’t have room for a gift in our tiny apartment and it is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It is cheesy and egg-y and is FULL of summer squash. I may have had it for every meal since breakfast yesterday. Remind me to get the recipe from her…


5. Confession – I love summer but I am ready for the hot weather to be gone and for cooler, fall days to arrive. I am over being coated in sweat the minute I walk outside and I want to be able to take Mitchell for a walk without worrying that he is going to get heat stroke. I’m also kinda over the pool… I know… Ask me how I feel about this confession come January but I honestly get kind of bored just lying by the pool. I think this means I need to work on my relaxation techniques ;)


6. Confession – I’m addicted to Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s happened y’all and it ain’t pretty. I was anticipating some delicious coffee here in Chicago but Dunkin’ has taken it to the next level.

dunkin mug

Thankfully, I drink my coffee black or I’d also need to be buying some new pants considering how much coffee I drink every day! I’m also addicted to lululemon and may have ridden my bike 10 miles in 100+ degree heat to get the last Sand to Savasana Duffel bag in the Chicago area yesterday. I needed it, obviously ;) I also got a new top to reward my biking efforts!

lulu Collage

And now for the announcement! I promise this will be my last announcement for a long, long time – I’ve just had so much change happening in my life that I have needed to have a life-changing announcement every other week ;)

Drum roll, please…………..

I was offered and accepted a new job in Chicago! (insert big, proud smile right here)

Although I’d do a great job playing the part, it isn’t to be part of the next Real Housewives of Chicago series ;)

I will be working for a large retailer (I’m not sure how they feel about blogs so I’m keeping the company private for now.) here in the Chicago area and will be doing something similar to what I was doing for Target. I’ll be between a few of their offices but when I am at their downtown office, I will be able to walk to work. YES – my downtown office is about the same distance as my old condo was to my Target office in Minneapolis – I am so freakin’ excited!

The company actually called me about 30 minutes before I was getting ready to board my one-way flight to Chicago. Talk about perfect timing! I was able to negotiate a later start date (and more vacation time – details on interview/negotiation tactics will be in a future post…) so I will be starting on September 23rd.

I am so excited to have a job and to have a little bit of time off to allow myself to learn my new city and to relax before jumping right back onto the 9-5 bandwagon.

I took my drug test last Thursday and as long as I pass it (I’ve never done a drug in my life so if I don’t pass, someone laced my pee!), I will be good to go :)

Mini-Confession – I actually felt guilty for a few seconds after receiving a job offer. (Ridiculous, right?) I know of SO many people my age (and other ages) that cannot find a job and there I was – just sorta looking and a perfect job falls into my lap. I quickly realized that I worked my tail off at Target and my resume reflected that. I also rocked my interviews and allowed myself to be relaxed about the entire situation so the guilt went away and I allowed myself to be happy and proud.

So, take this as a life lesson my fellow ladies – Do NOT feel guilty about your great accomplishments! YOU deserve them and you deserve to be happy about them.

Tell me one of your confessions. 

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