40 things that scare me more than Ebola

Remember the post I mentioned on Saturday? Yeah, it inspired me to create the following list. If you haven’t had the chance to read the link, head over there – Her list is freakin’ hilarious!

As I said this weekend, Ebola is scary. It’s a frightening virus with a low survival rate and one that lacks any type of proven cure. Yes, we need better policies and hospital training/protocols to prevent it from spreading. But are we going to catch it? It’s highly unlikely… And all of this media hype is only going to continue spreading fear. Fear does nothing but create hysteria – It will not solve the problem.

If you want to place your bets on something, I suggest you play the lottery. You have much better odds at winning a few million dollars than catching Ebola. And winning a few extra bucks sounds like something I’d much rather do anyways ;)


With that being said, here are 40 things that scare me more than Ebola:

  1. My hair in humidity
  2. Going bald
  3. My cellulite… The sexiness cannot be tamed
  4. A little old ninny crashing into my car
  5. Running out of Spark
  6. And wine
  7. Not having AC
  8. Flying, the fear is real
  9. Moldy grapes
  10. A worldwide Nutella shortage
  11. Spiders, especially the nasty ones here in Florida
  12. Packers fans
  13. Being eaten by a shark
  14. Hurricanes… the weather event, not the drink ;)
  15. The drought in California
  16. Poverty in America
  17. Undercooked chicken
  18. Kyle’s driving
  19. Not passing my BODYPUMP video
  20. Previews for Halloween movies
  21. Monsters under the bed
  22. Losing Mitchell
  23. Camping without running water
  24. Commuting, especially in Chicago
  25. Working in corporate America
  26. Breaking my neck in yoga
  27. Lake algae
  28. Cruise ships
  29. Earthquakes
  30. Dying while running a marathon
  31. Old men in thong speedos
  32. Falling off of a treadmill
  33. Needles
  34. Mom jeans
  35. The day that it will no longer be fashionable to wear lululemon all day, errrrday
  36. The prices at Starbucks
  37. GMOs
  38. Fox News
  39. Separation from my phone
  40. Super long toe nails

Now it’s your turn, tell me a few things that scare you more than Ebola.

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