Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I know, I know… everyone hates Tuesday’s. Thankfully, we are talking treats today and that makes any day – even Tuesday – better.

Last week, one of my friends from grad school was visiting so I had the chance to meet up with her and her family for dinner and pool time! It’s always a treat to see friends… and I must say that it is super nice that people want to come visit where we live ;)

IMG_1833 (1)

After a work meeting on Friday night (not a treat!), I had a super busy and fun Saturday.

It started out with a run and running without a stroller is most definitely a treat.


After cleaning up, Dean and I hit up Target and found him some cute outfits. LOVE the shark tank ;)



Beach day = treat day – Dean is obsessed with the water!


On Saturday night, Kyle and I took advantage of the Y’s Parent’s Night Out and had a date night at Cooper’s Hawk Winery. The wine and the bruschetta were both delicious.



Earlier in the week, we picked up a bike helmet for Dean… He obviously isn’t a huge fan of it being on his head, haha.


Now we can go on family bike rides though which will be a huge treat!


I finally had a chance to check out a new-to-me farmers’ market on Sunday – LOTSA fresh fruit and veggies for cheap. I will be back!


Check out this fun tank I found at Old Navy. Yes, it is now mine ;) I have gym hair allll the time and I definitely don’t care!


I also picked up some new shoes for Dean at Old Navy… I couldn’t resist, look at that cuteness. The kid gets treats more than I do!


How did you treat yourself over the past week? Any fun treats to report?

#101 Treat Yourself Tuesday

It’s been a busy few days for me so let’s jump right into the treats, shall we?

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I had a lot of fun at Target this week and by fun, I mean I spent a lot of money there ;) It IS the $100 store right? Can’t walk out without spending at least $100, haha!


New rugs for the house! I decided we needed some rugs to make it feel cozier. One is for our living room and the other is for the office I’m currently working on. Previously I’ve avoided rugs because Mitchell gets hair ALL over them and it drives me crazy. BUT after applying a few coupons, these were only $60 a piece so if I need to toss them each year and get new ones, we’re not out a ton of cash. Sweet! I saw these in store but ordered them online because hauling 2 large area rugs with a baby seemed like a supreme source of torture ;) They should be here next week and I can’t wait!


New shorts. Again, thanks to Tar-jay! These were on sale and I’ve been looking for a casual pair to wear during the week. Hey, anything to get me outta my workout gear, right? LOL. I’ve worn them 3x already so they were more than worth the $18.

New logo

Signing up for Le Tote. (<– Referral link, it will save you 50% off your first tote!) I have seen a few reviews floating around the web and was intrigued so I decided to try it for myself. When I received the email that my tote has been styled, I was pumped!! And then I saw my tote and hated it. Go figure! Naturally, I freaked out but then I realized you have the ability to change each of the 5 items in your tote as many times as you like over 24 hours before you hit “finalize.” PHEW! I switched things up based on what I liked and now I’m even more excited to try this service. I just wanted to throw that little tidbit out there in case any of y’all decide to try it out and have a mini panic attack like I did ;)

Registering for a MOPS group in Naples. This mom’s group meets two Thursday mornings each month at a local church that is less than a 10 minute drive from our house. I spoke with the leader (a mom in the group) last week and she was super welcoming, even inviting me to her Mom’s Night Out next Tuesday to celebrate the kids going back to school for the year. (Besides my Chicago trip, this was another incentive to get me signed up for Le Tote… I wanted something fun to wear when I meet new friends.) I’m excited for the meetings to begin next month.

Sending Dean to the YMCA child watch for the first time. I am actually typing this up a few hours before he will be attending, so I am naturally worrying. I agreed to sub BODYPUMP last minute for an instructor who isn’t feeling well at 5:30 and since Kyle won’t be home at 5, I needed to finally bite the bullet. It’ll be good for both him and myself – plus, I can’t wait to get back to the gym on a regular basis! I signed him up yesterday morning and then proceeded to ask the women in the center 502 questions, LOL. They were all super sweet and I feel 100% confident leaving him there. I’m sure he’ll make BFF’s with the staff ASAP!


Last but not least, Chipotle. This is almost a given on every TYT now ;)

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Your turn – What are a few of your treats from the past week? New outfits? Great dinners out? 

#90 Treat Yourself Tuesday

**Update: Whoops! Forgot the link-up below – It should be updated for y’all now… I blame my lack of sleep ;) **

Here we are, another Tuesday! The weeks always seems to fly by, am I right?

Let’s get right down to business and talk this week’s treats!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

First treat… My mom is in town this week! She arrived on Saturday and has been helping out around the house and with the baby. My sister arrives today so we have lots of family in town the next few days. I think we plan on heading out (!!! <– amazing with a newborn, haha!) tonight to the beach to watch the sunset. Wish us luck ;)

A quick Friday night shopping trip. I ran to Target on Friday night after Kyle got home from work to do the week’s grocery shopping. It went quite smoothly until Kyle frantically sent me a text that the baby was hungry… I felt so bad! But we all survived and I was able to get a pair of sandals <– it is what happens when you are running around the store trying to finish up shopping… EVERYTHING gets purchased!


Baby cuddles… No explanation needed there.


I’ve been treating myself (and Dean and Mitchell) to long morning walks each weekday. I am not comfortable starting my running game back up quite yet, but hour-long walks in Florida’s humidity are doing the job. We have the Chicco running stroller and I LOVE it – It makes walking (and hopefully running in the future!) a breeze with a baby.


Date night – I knowww!! My mom watched Dean for 30 minutes last night while Kyle and I ran out for froyo after dinner. It felt weird to be without a baby, but it is good for us to get out when we can, even if just for a few minutes :)


Finally, I think I need to treat myself – err… Dean, to this little onesie. Hehe! It was on Zulily the other day and it is speaking to my soul ;)


Your turn! How did you treat yourself over the past week? Any good eats? Or purchases? Or dates? Spill the deets!

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Also, make sure to check out my girl, Jen’s, post! She is my fashion guru and is treating us ALL to saving some moolah while shopping!

#89 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Comin’ at ya a little late this morning… An extra hour of sleep presented itself to me and I wasn’t about to turn that down!

How about we jump right into the treats?

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Baby Dean’s newborn photos! We had his newborn session on Friday with Rochelle Shucart – She did an amazing job and I cannot wait to see his full gallery. I gave y’all a sneak peak on Instagram – Aren’t they adorbs??

“Scenes from today” Instagram posts – I am taking A LOT of photos these days and rather than bombard y’all with images every 20 minutes or spend all of my time on social media, I’ve been making little collages at the end of the day. I like it so far! Thoughts?



Wine! This is kind of disappointing (and embarrassing!?), but I have yet to finish a full glass… haha. Go figure! I have a few sips and then realize I don’t want the entire thing. Eh, it’s okay! A few sips still taste good and then I don’t have to worry about timing breastfeeding so carefully.

This treat hasn’t happened yet… but it WILL today. I am getting OUT. Haha :) I am normally a homebody but sometimes you just need some outside interaction. I haven’t told Kyle yet but I am going to run to Starbs (I don’t even drink coffee that often anymore, LOL) and quickly to Target for baby wipes – Seriously, all I need is 30 minutes and I’ll be a new woman ;)

Baby cuddles. Newborns are so sweet and I’m taking advantage of the cuddles throughout the day.


Lots of family walks – It feels great to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise in each day. We are aiming for one walk in the morning and one in the evening. It’s good for us and good for Baby Dean to have some outdoor time each day.

IMG_2208 (1)

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What was your favorite treat from the week? Scenes from today posts – yay or nay? What should I get at Starbs? I’m thinking an iced americano but haven’t been in forevs… What’s good??

#87 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hellooooo Tuesday! How about we chat about our treats from last week?

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

First, let’s talk the big treat… BABY!!

#kidding ;)

Sorry. I promise I won’t cry wolf again until it happens. I’m fairly certain I’ll be late which is very common for first babies so we are just going to ride it out until the little guy is ready to make his appearance!

My cousin did have her baby on Friday though – He’s a cutie and I cannot wait to meet him :)

I finally treated myself to a phone case for my new phone. After dropping it a few times, I deemed it necessary ;) I found an Otterbox at Target (this one) for a reasonable price and I love that it is pink but not in yo face pink. Have to represent my girly self in this house full o’ boys.

Otterbox iP6 Commuter Neon Rose

Mitchell and I have been going on A LOT of long walks recently. It’s getting HOT HOT HOT here in Florida, but if we go early enough, we can fit an hour of good walking in. We are super close to a county park and there is an awesome path that is about a 3.5 mile loop from our house. It’s the perfect distance for walkin’ a baby out ;) We are always running home at the end because my bladder can only take so much these days, haha, but it’s good exercise for both (all 3?) of us.


I received my first Advo order to the new house! I wanted to stock up on a few items pre-baby since I figure I’ll be a scatterbrain for a few weeks… months… years… and mama’s gotta have her Spark ;)


Other than that, I don’t have a ton of treats to share this week. We have just been trying to relax and get ready for all things baby down here in Naples!

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How did you treat yourself this week? Any fun news to share?

#86 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! How ’bout another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday? Oh! And make sure to pour yourself a margarita while reading… It IS Cinco de Mayo afterall ;)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

There were quite a few baby “treats” over the past week…

I finally found a baby book. I honestly forgot about this until recently. #momoftheyear I received it yesterday and there are A LOT of details to be filled out in the book. We’ll see if I get to all of it or not, haha.


Mitchell and I spent some time organizing the diaper drawers in the nursery. The nursery is Mitchell’s favorite room in our house… He gets so excited when he is allowed to spend time in there! We’ll see how he feels when his little brother is occupying the space ;)


Getting the car seats installed! Talk about procrastinating… We finally installed the bases in both of our cars and then I took mine in for an inspection and all looks good!


Another big treat was celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary over the weekend :)


I taught BODYPUMP 5 times over the past week – phew! A treat for my muscles…


… And it gave me an excuse to stock up on some Quest Bars. Yum! I got Cookies ‘n Cream and S’mores. So flippin’ good.


And then there was froyo…


…and the beach…


… and a much-needed (heck, deserved! I AM 9 months pregnant…) mani-pedi :)


How did you treat yourself over the past week? Also, what is the newest trend in polish colors? I never know which ones to choose! 

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#85 Treat Yourself Tuesday

I’m fairly certain I say this every week, but HOLY MOLY, is it Tuesday again?! In a few Tuesdays I’ll be holding a baby – MY baby, and that kind of freaks me out to say the least, haha. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose :)

Now, how about those treats from the past week??

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I finally got our home tour video recorded and published! Check out yesterday afternoon’s post to see our new house in action.


I had my first Chipotle salad in the new house… with a side of Pottery Barn. Seriously, does anyone have a home that actually looks like what is in this catalog?! I mean, we all wish we could have the Greek Isles in our backyard, but c’mon, LOL.


Our range was finally delivered and installed so our kitchen is complete (for now)! A kitchen that is ready for cookin’ is totally a treat :)


I received my NASM certificate in the mail – Now it’s time to whip some bods into shape. Who’s up for a challenge?!


I helped launch BODYPUMP93 over the weekend. And yes, I was practicing up until the last minute, haha! All I gotta say is OUCH – watch out for those lunge and shoulder tracks.


Date night at La Bazenne – moules e frites <– so good! And it was followed by homemade dessert on our back patio. An easy Saturday night is always wonderful in my book. Now, to add wine in a few weeks ;)

Date Night Collage

Finally, a post-spin donut! I had a coupon for a free donut and well, it just so happens that I needed to find a place with wi-fi and a Dunkin was on the way home from the gym. The stars aligned, what can I say? Hehe…


How did you treat yourself this week?

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#84 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Treat Yourself Tuesday! This post is going to be super short today – I’m currently camped out at Starbucks before BODYPUMP attempting to crank through a few things very quickly :) Also, if anyone happens to have connections with the CEO of Comcast, please pass on his contact information. I have a few choice words for him, LOL. AKA – We still do NOT have internet at home!

But, life could be worse and today is about treatin’ yoself not complaining so let’s get to it.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Froyo – There are always Groupons to “our” froyo place here in Naples… And now we live even closer to it <– danger zone! Kyle requested it a few times over the weekend so I had my fair share of sugar ;)


Moving into the new house – wahooooooo!! A treat for sure!

New plantation shutters – Apparently these babies reduce your cooling bill by a bajillion dollars/month here in Florida which I’m all about. Plus, they look pretty and I think they really pull the house together.


Decorating the nursery – It’s 99% complete (as is the guest room) and now I can focus on the rest of the house.


Date night at The Bay House <– SOOOO good! We ended dinner with beignets and they were worth every sugary, chocolatel-y bite and the tummy ache that ensued after  :) The top two photos of the collage below are from my dinner – a seafood dish (amazing!) and then dessert. We also started with delicious calamari for an appetizer and Kyle ordered a lobster and crab “pot pie” – Yup, sounds as good as it tasted!


Finally, a beach afternoon! We took a break from the moving chaos and headed to the beach to enjoy the gorgeous day. Floating in the Gulf should be required by law for every woman in her 9th month of pregnancy. Holy moly did that feel good! I’m tempted to head out myself a few afternoons over the next few weeks to enjoy that weightless feeling. But next time I’ll remember to put sunscreen on my legs… lobster legs down here in Naples ;)


How did you treat yourself over the last week? And more importantly, who’s coming to visit me?!

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#83 Treat Yourself Tuesday

We are now halfway through April – Where has the time gone?! Craziness. It’s been a busy few weeks here in Naples between moving and having friends visit, but that also means that there have been lots of treats :) It’s time for another edition of Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Let’s jump right into the treats, shall we?

First off, we finally decided on a recliner for the nursery. It’s nothing fancy (and yes, it has spill-resistant coating – leather is MUCH to hot for Florida summers!) but it’ll look great with the nautical theme I’m planning. We get to pick it up this week and then the nursery will almost be complete!


Breaking in the grill at our new place! We are slowly moving our belongings over to the new house – Our official move date will be this Friday when the movers come. Kyle had to move his lanai items ASAP so we could take advantage of his new grill ;) As long as he takes care of the cookin’, I’m happy!


This next one may not seem like a treat, but we introduced Mitchell to his new house over the weekend! This will be his 9th home since I adopted him at the ripe ol’ age of 5 weeks. It’s what happens when the poor pup was taken in by a college kid that moved at least once per year ;) Anyways, watching him run around the house was HILARIOUS. He literally pranced from room to room checking out the place. His first stop was the master bedroom/bathroom suite… Little does he know that he won’t be allowed in there once the furniture arrives, LOL. I’m bummed I didn’t get a video of his introduction to the house but I got some action shots that are cute (at least to me!)


Chipotle lunch! Like this is even a surprise any longer, haha… It always hits the spot :)


Finally, I treated myself and Kyle to some Advo-goodies. (And also my L&D nurses to some Spark!) He has been wanting to try the Performance Elite line for some time now, so I finally ordered it for him to try out. Y’all know I’m obsessed with the line and now it’s his turn to check it out! I may miss O2Gold more than I miss wine during this pregnancy…


Some non-pictured treats include a coffee date with a former Target coworker on Sunday, a spur-of-the-moment Italian dinner date with Kyle after a fun AdvoCare meeting, and FINALLY buying new kitchen appliances (we were both so tired of looking at refrigerators and dishwashers).

How did you treat yourself this week? Does anyone else despise appliance shopping? So many options and so expensive…

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#82 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat Yourself Tuesday – Always a welcome day!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Surprisingly, I’m drafting this up on Monday night (who am I?!) so I don’t need to rush prior to teaching BODYPUMP this lovely Tuesday morning.

First big treat of the week was Becky Day (where I treated myself to a new iPhone!) – I need to make this a quarterly event :)


Shari’s Berries for Easter… SUCH a treat!


I treated myself to a bottle of vino for my hospital bag – Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a good one and I cannot wait to chug sip it in a few short weeks. And yes, our hospital allows alcohol post-birth… Although, if you ask me, it would be an acceptable pain medication during labor. But that’s just me ;)


A new grill! Okay, this was more of a treat for Kyle (he’s been begging for one for the new house for weeks) but come this summer when he is doing all of the cooking outside, it’ll be a treat for me too.


A new Fabletics top <– How cute is this?! It’ll be cute for a workout or a fun day out. And, if I wear it backwards, it’ll be good for nursing MJ too… hehehehehehe! I crack myself up.

PS. Random fact – Kyle and I read that one of the best ways to “cure” sore breastfeeding nipples is to expose them to natural sunlight. Ummm…?? I guess we will make friends with our neighbors veryyyyy quickly if I sunbathe topless on our back deck this summer, LOL.


The contractors making more progress on the house = best treat of the week! I’m so excited to move in next Friday and cannot wait to see the finished product.


And, lots of pool time and beach time – Definitely a perk of living in Florida. The sound of the Gulf will never get old.



Captiva Collage

How’d you treat yourself this week? And sunbathing topless, shall I start a new Naples trend!? ;)

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