Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I know, I know… everyone hates Tuesday’s. Thankfully, we are talking treats today and that makes any day – even Tuesday – better.

Last week, one of my friends from grad school was visiting so I had the chance to meet up with her and her family for dinner and pool time! It’s always a treat to see friends… and I must say that it is super nice that people want to come visit where we live ;)

IMG_1833 (1)

After a work meeting on Friday night (not a treat!), I had a super busy and fun Saturday.

It started out with a run and running without a stroller is most definitely a treat.


After cleaning up, Dean and I hit up Target and found him some cute outfits. LOVE the shark tank ;)



Beach day = treat day – Dean is obsessed with the water!


On Saturday night, Kyle and I took advantage of the Y’s Parent’s Night Out and had a date night at Cooper’s Hawk Winery. The wine and the bruschetta were both delicious.



Earlier in the week, we picked up a bike helmet for Dean… He obviously isn’t a huge fan of it being on his head, haha.


Now we can go on family bike rides though which will be a huge treat!


I finally had a chance to check out a new-to-me farmers’ market on Sunday – LOTSA fresh fruit and veggies for cheap. I will be back!


Check out this fun tank I found at Old Navy. Yes, it is now mine ;) I have gym hair allll the time and I definitely don’t care!


I also picked up some new shoes for Dean at Old Navy… I couldn’t resist, look at that cuteness. The kid gets treats more than I do!


How did you treat yourself over the past week? Any fun treats to report?

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Oh heyyyy, it’s Tuesday! That means another round of treats are coming your way.

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of treatin’ these days but nothing comes to mind… I’ll do my best to remember all of my treats ;)

Dean’s birthday party going off without a hitch! Woohoo! It was so much fun to celebrate with friends and family. He LOVED it too. In case you  missed it, you can find his birthday recap here. And now I have a ton of free time since I’m not party planning… Hopefully that means more time to blog and RELAX in the evenings.


I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but Dean’s last day of daycare was on Friday. After doing the math of paying for daycare and not getting paid to teach classes anymore (I’m salaried so it is included in my overall “sum” now…), I realized I wasn’t coming out that much ahead financially. I spoke with my boss about it and we agreed on a new work-from-home schedule. I come into the gym a few hours per day to teach/handle bigger “gym” items and then I complete the rest of my work at home. Dean can stay in the child watch while I am working and then he’s home with me when I am plugging away on the computer. It is only day two, but so far, so good. I never had a real office (my computer is in a fitness closet – no joke, LOL) so having my office to work in at home is so much nicer!

New shorts! I totally forgot to cancel my Fabletics for the month of May – whoops… I had some additional credit and I needed a few more pairs of shorts so I treated myself to some Fabletics goodies. They are supposed to arrive on Thursday – I can’t wait!


Speaking of new things, I also ordered a new Plum Planner. It should arrive this week as well. Of course I ordered it right before Mother’s Day and then ON Mother’s Day, Plum Planner was offering everything at 50% off. Go figure! I ordered the fitness and meal planning add-ins to keep me motivated. I’ll share it with y’all once I start using it :)

A fun weekend ahead! I’ll share more come Friday, but we have fun plans for the weekend. Yay for surprises!

More running outside – If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve noticed more running posts lately. I have been trying to get back to a normal running routine. It is such a great exercise and although it is starting to warm up here, it feels good to just step outside and go!

I think that is mostly it for the treat realm this week. Well, I guess you could say I am also treating my body by getting back to clean eating this week. Phew – There was a lot of wine (and chocolate… and FROSTING…) involved with planning Dean’s party, LOL. I’m in need of losing a few pounds of water bloat so I am back to eating well and taking my beloved AdvoCare supplements like a champ. Yay for Spark, Catalyst and a few of my other favorites gettin’ the job done.


How have YOU treated yourself lately? Any fun purchases, trips, good eats, etc. to report?

Treat Yourself Tuesday – Weekend Edition

Hiya! How about another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday??

I did a whole lotta treatin’ the past few days  – Let’s recap!

On Friday I took a vacation day (woohoo!) and after a fun cycling class, I dropped Dean off at daycare and headed to Key Largo for my girlfriend’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. Woohoo!! The 2.5 hour drive wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and once I arrived drinks, food, male straw paraphernalia (LOL), and THIS VIEW awaited me.


Gorgeous, yes?


The entire group of ladies (there were about 20 of us I think?) stayed in an incredible condo at Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill – A “resort” on the water with a fun bar, pool, boat rentals, and an incredible restaurant. After catching up with a few (okay, a lot…) of drinks, we prettied ourselves up and headed to dinner. And my oh my was dinner ever a treat!


Seafood towers, filets, mussels, drinks, desserts… more dessert… We were spoiled and ate like queens!

Saturday was a relaxing pool day – for obvious reasons, and I hung out for the morning and then drove back to Naples as Kyle and I had plans to celebrate our anniversary. The drive back wasn’t as pleasant as the drive to Key Largo ;)


On Saturday, Kyle and I hired our first non-family babysitter for Dean (we all survived!) and met up with friends at Cooper’s Hawk Winery for drinks before heading to dinner at The Bay House. We will definitely be back to Cooper’s Hawk (it’s new to Naples!) and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset from our table at dinner. It was a wonderful time celebrating our 6th anniversary!



In case you’re new or want to check out our wedding day, you can find recaps here:

Sunday was our actual anniversary (May 1st!) and we kicked it off with a beach walk after Dean slept in his crib until 8am. #anniversarymiracle


After the beach Dean treated his parents to lunch at MASA… you can tell I was interrupting “man time” by taking this photo ;)


I ordered fish tacos and sangria as I obviously needed more alcohol over the weekend.


For our anniversary dinner, Kyle cooked up cajun red snapper along with quinoa. We also picked up some stone crab claws (SOOOOOO good!) to enjoy with dinner. I had my fill of both fish and drinks the past few days!


Yesterday morning I treated myself to a killer BODYPUMP class and sweat out the weekend. It hurt so good.


Finally, I am treating Dean’s teachers to a fun surprise today for Teacher Appreciation Week! I could NOT decide what to gift them but I always hear them chatting about healthy living so Dean and I crafted fun healthy gifts. A cute water bottle to stay hydrated, a Quest Bar for a tasty, protein-filled snack, lip gloss for healthy lips, and – most importantly – Spark for healthy energy! I hope they love them!!


How did you treat yourself this week? What are you gifting the teachers in your lives?

#112 Treat Yourself Tuesday

It’s a short week for me as we’re headed to Iowa tomorrow to visit family.

Since I have to pack for everyone (and clothes/items we don’t typically wear/use which makes it more difficult) today’s goal is to stay focused… and extra SPARKly, of course :)


Even though it is going to be a busy day, I’m still making time for some treats… A big ol’ glass of Spark in my hand at the moment, storytime with The Deanster this morning followed by BODYPUMP at the Y. It’s going to be a good day! But enough chattin’, let’s get down to this past week’s treats!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Kyle and I had our first Naples date night sans Dean! (We went on a few while in Chicago) I have wanted to check out the Wine Loft ever since we moved to Naples but being pregnant and having a newborn isn’t really conducive to lofty wine nights out ;) It was AMAZING and totally worth the wait. I mean… just check out this cheese plate! We will be back.



Being DONE with family photos for the year is definitely a treat. Whew – Why they are so stressful is unknown to me but I’m glad they’re over. I shared our preview yesterday and I cannot wait to see the rest! We get to visit our awesome photographer, Rochelle Shucart, late next week as well for Dean’s 6 month photos. Getting him photographed is much more fun than when I’m in the photos ;)


We enjoyed a lot of beach sunset time over the past week which is always a treat. Naples sunsets are gorgeous.

I attempted a little nap action yesterday afternoon but Dean was not having it. Who needs sleep anyways!?


Finally, last but most definitely not least, I treated myself to my annual supply of gingerbread bars!! This photo is from last year (I think I was 12/13 weeks pregnant here?) but the excitement is the same. These little nuggets are THE BEST and they only come out once per year. I got 6 boxes this year and that should hold me over until Christmas ;)


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Are you a gingerbread fan? What is your favorite date night location?

#111 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Tuesday, Tuesday… You want to know why I started TYT? Well, it’s because Tuesday has always been my most dreaded day of the week. We expect Monday to be lousy. Wednesday means we are halfway to the weekend. Thursday is Friday Eve. And well, Friday calls for some TGIF. But Tuesday? Tuesday is just kinda hanging around taunting us with its Tuesday-ness.

But now we can reminisce about all our treats from the past week and remember to take a few moments to treat ourselves on our least favorite day of the week.

Make sure you do something nice for yourself today! Deal? :) And if you’re new to TYT, head on over here to read about it!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Now, onto my treats!

EVERYONE better be listing my first treat… Halloween candyyyyy! I have a love affair with Snickers and I only ever have them on Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. OMG are they good. I think I had 5 before our Trick or Treaters started swinging by ;) Thankfully, Kyle took our remaining candy to work yesterday so it wasn’t sitting there calling my name. #sugarhigh


Next up… sticking with the consumables train… vino. Oyster Bay may be my new fave Sauvignon Blanc. It’s very affordable and it goes down quite easily. I always pick up a bottle (or three…) when we do our monthly wine stock up.


Dressing up Dean. Parent perks ;) Superman and Sock Monkey = Too much fun!


Christmas music!! It is still hot here in Florida but I want to get into the Christmas spirit for Dean’s first holiday so, Christmas tunes it is. Thank goodness for Spotify – They have some great holiday stations!


I won a giveaway from Valerie last week and with my giftcard, chose a new bracelet from Green Grass Boutique! Sharon has some super cute pieces and her shipping was really fast. I thought this bracelet was more than appropriate since we live near the beach in Naples.


I have also decided to stop worrying about our family photo outfits as a treat to myself, haha. I sent this photo to our photographer yesterday and she told me my color selection was perfect. I’m not sold on my top yet (I think I need one slightly more fitted since my pants are more of a boyfriend-style crop) so I may change things up for myself AND I ordered a pair of super cute pants for Dean today but I at least have a majority of the outfit selection done. Next year I’m hiring a personal stylist for our family pics ;)


Whew! I had some good treats this week and I hope you did as well! Share how you treated yourself in the comment section and link up to join in on the fun.

Are you listening to Christmas music yet? What color(s) do you tend to wear frequently?

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#110 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Make sure you enter my giveaway for Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter! I’m selecting a winner tomorrow morning :)

Well hey there, Tuesday. How about we share some treats?

If you’re new to Treat Yourself Tuesday, pop on over here and read all about it!

After launching BODYPUMP 95 on Saturday, Kyle, Dean and I headed to Naples’ Stone Crab Festival. We attended last year right after we moved to Naples so it was fun to head back for our 2nd annual trip. Stone crabs + wine + a late lunch at Captain & Krewe (I ordered the seared ahi tuna BLT… AHHHmazing!) = a fun Saturday afternoon!





I enjoyed some “me time” at the gym on Sunday afternoon without having to worry about watching daycare time limits since Dean was home with Kyle. A little StairMaster action followed by teaching BP. Felt great!


On another fitness note, I treated myself to my longest run since last August yesterday morning! It was a warm one and I was exhausted but those 5 miles felt great. Can’t wait to get out there more often now that The Deanster can join me in the stroller.


BEST mail day. Can’t run out of my favorite flavor of Spark! Advo orders are always a treat :)


Quest Bars – They’re supposed to arrive today! It’s much more economical to order them in bulk so I have a few boxes arriving from GNC any minute now.

Stocking up on wine… Precious cargo right there ;)


A sunset on the beach. Naples is the best!


Teaching this guy how to sit up. I am taking full credit – I’d like to thank all of the BODYPUMP I did while pregnant. KIDDING. I swear you can’t teach babies how to do anything… They’ll catch on in their own sweet time. The Deanster is much happier now that he can be upright and rollover. Muscle control is a good thing.


Now it is your turn for the treats! How did you treat yourself over the past week? What is your favorite flavor of Quest Bars? Farthest run this year?

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#108 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Well look at that, a TYT post that I have up bright and early on a Tuesday morning! Are you shocked?! I sure am ;) One of my goals is to get better at scheduling posts the night (or days…) before so I’m not late getting them up. We shall see how long this lasts.

Dean has decided to start growin’ some of his teeth so the past few days have been rough. He is not a happy little guy! Holding him helps so there has been a lot of one-handed chores getting done… I am still shocked at what I can do with one hand these days. I broke down and gave him Tylenol yesterday morning and it helped a ton, hopefully those things will pop through soon and he’ll be back to “normal” for another day or two before the rest of his teeth decide to come in, ha. Also, I don’t recommend trying the CIO method while they are teething – It definitely won’t work that way. Lesson learned. After lots of screaming ;)

Anyways, enough baby talk… Let’s chat some treats :)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

A new suit! I’ve been eyeing the brand Becca by Rebecca Virtue ever since I was pregnant. And since we are so close to the Gulf, we have a ton of bathing suit shops that carry the brand. I went with this top and these bottoms. I also bought this top but think I’ll probably return it – Just not my style!


I hit up the outlet mall near Naples last week and, of course, I found some cute items for Dean. Apparently when you become a mom, you treat yourself with cute baby things ;) I held myself back and only purchased another set of trunks and an SPF top for him. I got the same whale trunks that he has in a bigger size so he can wear them this winter! They were on super clearance, I couldn’t say no.

As I mentioned in my weekend recap, I treated myself to a little alone time on Saturday and it was glorious. A mani-pedi was much needed. And then I picked up a bottle of precious cargo on the way home ;)


Another fun stop at the outlet mall was the J. Crew outlet <– dangerous! I bought a pair of skinny jeans and the pink shorts in the photo above. Bright patterned shorts are the thang here in Florida (or at least that is what I’m telling myself…) so I buy all of the pairs I can find. I actually have a few pairs at Lilly Pulitzer that I LOVE but I’m just deciding which style I like the best before I buy them.

Time at the beach. ‘Nuff said.


Teething necklaces for the Deanster. The dude is chewing on EVERYTHING these days… Especially my shoulders and tops. As much as I love the cute drool stains all over my entire wardrobe (LOL), I figured I’d give him something better to chew on so I found these guys on Amazon. Hopefully he likes them!


I think that wraps up my treats for the past 7 days. Well, besides lots of family walks outside… The weather is starting to become beautiful in Naples and we are taking full advantage from now until May :)

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How did you treat yourself over the past week?

#107 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Today we are doing a four-words-per-photo treat post!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Momentum Brewery family fun.


Little people watching pro.


Sunny, cool weekend run.


New suit for Dean!


Date night at Seasons 52.


Christmas list, for sure!


Halloween prep, lotsa candy.


Transitioning to the crib.


New crops for me!

Run: Top Speed Crop

Post-BODYPUMP Monday night.


How did you treat yourself this week?

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#106 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy happy Tuesday! I am scurrying around this morning, trying to get ready for the gym and story time, so how about we jump straight into the treats?

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

A new AC! Not super exciting, actually scratch that – It IS crazy exciting when you live in humid SW Florida ;) Kyle and I have been joking that we have now replaced every major appliance in our house except for the water heater… That will probably die next month. But we should be good to go for at least a few more years on the big appliance purchases!


Getting back to cooking – I stayed far away from the kitchen last week (except to open the pantry to mix up my Spark and Rehydrate <– gotta stay hydrated when it’s a bajillion degrees inside) so it felt nice to cook up a few things the past few days. Oven fajitas and a failed cookie batch <– at least the dough was tasty ;)



Zipadee-Zips for Baby Dean. He’s been busting his arms out of his swaddle the past few nights and it hasn’t made for great sleep for any of us. He still likes being swaddled but I think he prefers to sleep with his arms over his head so I’m excited to give these guys a try. They still prevent the startling reflex but allow for limb movement and are therefore safe for babies once they start rolling over. Fingers crossed he likes them!


My new Title Nine 7 Wonders Bra <– Seriously amazing! I wore it while teaching BODYPUMP on Sunday (I had only tried it out running previously) and yup, works great for that as well! You have until tomorrow morning to enter my giveaway for a bra of your choice from Title Nine, don’t miss out! You can enter here.

Booking our Key West vacay! Kyle and I purchased Key West Express tickets for our Christmas presents last year but haven’t had the chance to use them yet <– FYI – Key West Express is a cruise from SW Florida to Key West. Kyle found a cute little hotel near Duval Street (the main street with shops, restaurants, bars) and a few blocks from the water and we are excited for a little tropical vacay in a few weeks!

And last but not least, gearing up for my October challenge group as I mentioned yesterday. I have a fun group joining this month (It’s the perfect timing – Right after summer and right before the holiday season hits us!) and I’ll be hopping on the first few days for a post-Chicago/pre-Key West reset :) There is still time to join in – Just reach out via email and I’ll shoot you the details.

I think that’s all she wrote, folks! I hope your week has been full of treats – Share them below so I can have some treatin’ ideas for this next week!

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#104 Treat Yourself Tuesday

After a little break last week, I’m back for our weekly Tuesday treats! Lotsa treatin’ happened while I was in Chicago and I’m excited to share it with y’all.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

First of all, a little break from the bloggin’ world. As much as I love it, this was the first blog “vacay” I’ve taken since I began writing in 2012 – say what?!?! It was about time for a little separation. Plus, as odd as it sounds, I honestly didn’t have time to turn on a computer while we were in Chicago. We were BUSY 24/7 and it was nice to live in real time rather than blog time :)

A little mani-pedi action with my Chicago BFF Nicole. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t gotten my nails done since the week before Mr. Dean arrived. Yipes! On Friday night, Nicole and I enjoyed some vino and a little spa treatment. It was much needed and nice to catch up with her.


Nights out with friends – We had a few of these while on vacation and it was so nice to see everyone AND have a few kid-free nights out. (Although they still make me a bit anxious, ha!) We hit up a bar (I can’t remember the name…) on Saturday night with a group of friends and on Thursday evening we made it to The Hampton Social, a new bar in our old Chicago neighborhood, for a late night happy hour with friends. It was fun but man was I ever tired the next day. I’m not used to staying out late these days!


Touring Dean around Chicago. It was really fun to show him where we used to live and the places we used to hang out. While he obviously won’t remember a thing, we have the pictures to prove it ;) I shared our Wrigleyville adventure yesterday and stay tuned for more Chicago recaps later this week!



My first race in a year! I ran with my friends Amy and Erica and it was a blast even though I got a total of 4 hours of sleep the night before… Expect a fun recap on the race as well later this week or next. Oh! And we all grabbed brunch at Little Goat (one of my favvvvvv places to eat in Chicago) post-run. It was definitely delish!


SO. MUCH. DELICIOUS. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Chicago has the best eats, y’all! I could go on and on and on about everything I ate. But to save you from boredom, I’ll incorporate my eats in my Chicago adventure posts in a few days :)


Wearing makeup and dressing like an adult more than once! Wahoo! It was nice to get some use out of my “real person” clothes again ;) I wore a few of my Le Tote items as well throughout the week.



Now your turn, link up and let me know how you treated yourself over the past week!

What is your favorite place to eat in Chicago or in your city? Last time you had a manicure?

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