Treat Yourself Tuesday – I’m back!

Oh heyyyyy, how about resurrecting Treat Yourself Tuesday today?

Don’t you worry, I haven’t stopped treating myself since my last post, I just fell off the consistent posting bandwagon and didn’t want to leave y’all hanging with an anticipated weekly post :)

BUT I did a heck of a lot of treating this past week so TYT is back today!

First things first, I took a little blogging break for a few days. It was 100% unintentional… I have become an extraordinary procrastinator and needed every second of my free time to memorize BODYPUMP 97. LOL – whoops! Thankfully, it’s now ingrained in my head and I have time to blog again. I will say that taking a break from the internet is always a good treat and much needed every once in a while.

My second treat was a girls’ night out! I met a friend for dinner and drinks at Real Seafood Company (that I totally didn’t know was a chain per y’all’s comments on social media). It was DELICIOUS and I will be going back ASAP.

On Saturday I did a lot of shopping treatin’ ;) Kyle gave me a gift card to C.Orrico for Christmas and I had yet to spend it. I suggested we visit 3rd Street South (the old downtown area of Naples) for lunch so I could FINALLY use my gift card. I have been patiently waiting on my first piece of Lilly Pulitzer attire since moving to Florida and I can now proudly say that I have two Lilly dresses. I purchased one at C. Orrico – The Seaview Maxi Dress – and one online at Nordstrom’s – the Grayes Printed Shift Dress in Multi So A Peeling. I tried on the second dress at the store but unfortunately, they didn’t have my size so I quickly found it online and ordered it in the print I wanted. Kyle and I have a wedding and sunset boat cruise this coming weekend and I can’t wait to wear my new dresses. (Photos of the actual dresses to come!)


And because I bought new dresses, I obviously NEEDED new shoes ;) Haha! I ordered a pair from Zappo’s (mainly because they sent me a $30 coupon unexpectedly) – They are white wedges and are going to look fab with both dresses, I can’t wait!

I mentioned I was a procrastinator previously in this post, right? Well, it was due time to decorate our office/den space… It’s only been a year since we purchased the house!! Dean and I picked out a few pieces from Hobby Lobby morning and now the room looks SO much better. I was able to find everything for under $200 which is incredible. Now to find something for above the glass sliding doors in our living area…….. one big decision at a time, LOL ;)


Oh! And one more treat… I finally purchased a Qalo ring. I don’t wear my wedding rings to the gym because I’m fearful of chipping/harming them so now I have this pink gem to share my marital status!  

 Other than that, it has been the same ol’ treats around these parts… Lotsa Spark, lotsa fun workouts, pool time, beach time, and fun in the sun! Later this week I am getting my nails done and my sister is coming into town on Thursday for a visit! She is going to watch Dean while we attend a wedding so it will be nice to spend some time with her as well.

How have you treated yourself recently? Any fun treats coming up?I still have a spa gift card AND a Lulu gift card burning a hole in my pocket so those treats will be coming sooner rather than later :)

#105 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Time for another round of treats on this lovely Tuesday! Let’s jump right in.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

First of all, I have an awesome deal for y’all today. Treat yoself, right?! My friend Molly and her hubs have started an Etsy stop, Southern Yankee Store, and it is where I got my super cute tee that I was sportin’ on Insta yesterday. In addition to the “work from home mom” tee I have, they have other cute designs in their shop as well. Definitely check it out!


And because we all need to treat ourselves, between today (September 22nd, 2015) and September 30th, you can save 15% on any purchase using the code “OLIVESWINE15” The shirts are super soft and wash really well, however they do run slightly small though so order a size up!


Yes, that is slobber on my shirt, ha!

Another clothing treat from this week is a new top from Sam Edelman. I actually received this top in my last Le Tote but found it super discounted on Sam Edelman’s site so I purchased it straight from the source. It’s cute with shorts and will be perfect with colored jeans/leggings once the fall/winter weather hits Florida.


I had some delicious eats over the weekend (plus Kyle cooked dinner Friday, Saturday AND Sunday <– major treat!) that included some tasty ice cream and then a healthy salad for lunch on Sunday to balance out the sugar.



Sneaking in some cute Lulu under my teaching uniform ;) #sneakytreat


Having “dad” come home early on Friday! It was fun to spend some extra time with him and Dean loved it.


New golf clubs <– for Kyle. He’s been taking lessons and treated himself to some golfing gear. He’s been looking forward to it FOREVER so the treat was justified ;)


Oh! And we’re planning a little vacay to Key West. We have cruise tickets that we need to use sooner rather than later so after we set a date and find a hotel, Dean gets to cruise the Gulf to his first island experience.

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Raise of hands, where are my fellow Etsy addicts lovers?

#100 Treat Yourself Tuesday

#100?! Wowzers! I feel like I should have some big time treats to share with y’all today.

For #104 (TWO years!!) I think I’m going to host a little TYT bonanza party – a giveaway, lotsa fun – you know, a party of the online variety :)


Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

First things first, this guy slept for NINE hours straight last night. I didn’t, of course, because I was up checking on him to make sure he was okay… but Kyle laid him down at 9pm and he didn’t eat again until 6:15am. I’m sure it was just a fluke but if it happens again tonight, I won’t complain ;)


And it’s even better that’s he is a super happy baby this morning. He’s almost always a happy baby but this morning especially. He’s chattering and smiling to himself. Super cute.

This past weekend. Ignoring the epic travel fail on my way home, the weekend was INCREDIBLE. I love all of my Sparkheads and being able to spend a few days with them was amazing. I can’t wait to see them again when I’m in Chicago in a few weeks! Plus, how cool are these mega Spark boxes? I want this in my office, LOL.


Setting some new goals. My girl Lauren gave me this bracelet and it is serving as a good daily reminder to keep my goals in my line of vision at all times.


Good eats! While I may have had a slight slip up on the way home from Dallas (airport food is NOT challenge friendly…), my meals have been 97% healthy. I’m good with that. The challenge is more about creating a healthy lifestyle and it’s not a diet so a few blips here and there aren’t a big deal. Anyways, Kyle and I have been meal planning again and it is amazing. We have ventured out from the foods we have been eating every. single. week. since Dean was born and it’s nice to have some new foods in our life again. Variety is the spice of life!


Magazine subscriptions! I had some Zulily credits and decided to put them toward a few magazines. I am not sure when I’ll have the time to read them, but you know, it’s all about the effort, right? LOL.


Chipotle. ’nuff said.


Oh! And this is pretty exciting news… I WORE MY SKINNY JEANS ON FRIDAY NIGHT. Did ya hear that?! No pictures unfortunately, but all the ladies who were with me can attest to the fact that I was indeed wearing my old jeans (that I haven’t worn since Chicago) and that they didn’t look awful AND that they zipped. Haha. It’s the small things in life. Yay for my pants fitting again – Total treatola right there.

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How did you treat yourself over the the past week? Chipotle or Cafe Rio? Mega Spark – yay or nay? Favorite magazine?

Can I have both? Heck to the yes. I love all recipe magazines and fitness magazines even though they’re junk and have no good advice, LOL.

#97 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hey! Happy Tuesday!

Baby Dean had his 2-month appointment yesterday (an update on him is coming your way tomorrow) which included his first major round of shots. He took ’em like a champ and was only a little sad right before bed when his leg started hurting. Thank goodness for Tylenol! He is back to his normal smiley self this morning and is on his way to being protected from nasty, deadly diseases like Polio. Modern medicine rocks.

Alright, enough about needles (<– they’re not a treat!), let’s get onto the main topic of today – TYT!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

A Friday night margarita! Kyle actually ran out on Saturday and picked up ingredients (aka – tequila and triple sec…) so we can make our own at home. For some reason, I’ve been wanting a marg every time Friday rolls around ;)


A fun Influenster box. I’m about to head out and pick up a bag of Bark Thins this morning. It could be a dangerous path, LOL. I’ve heard they’re awesome!


Finally hanging Dean’s newborn canvas prints. Our hall has been looking kinda bland and there is enough room there for his 6 month and 1 year photos as well. It’ll be the Dean Hall here in a few short months!


I treated myself to my first Stitch Fix post-baby. It was just okay… I actually really like the 2 pairs of shorts that were included in my box BUT they were each $80. No way am I going to pay $80 for shorts that I plan on wearing to the park with Dean. They would be ruined, haha! I gave my stylist some feedback and fingers crossed my next one is a little bit better.

Froyo – no explanation needed :)


Making fitness videos with Baby Dean. LOL. I think he participated pretty well in his video debut ;) You can check it out here!

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How did you treat yourself this past week?

#89 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Comin’ at ya a little late this morning… An extra hour of sleep presented itself to me and I wasn’t about to turn that down!

How about we jump right into the treats?

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Baby Dean’s newborn photos! We had his newborn session on Friday with Rochelle Shucart – She did an amazing job and I cannot wait to see his full gallery. I gave y’all a sneak peak on Instagram – Aren’t they adorbs??

“Scenes from today” Instagram posts – I am taking A LOT of photos these days and rather than bombard y’all with images every 20 minutes or spend all of my time on social media, I’ve been making little collages at the end of the day. I like it so far! Thoughts?



Wine! This is kind of disappointing (and embarrassing!?), but I have yet to finish a full glass… haha. Go figure! I have a few sips and then realize I don’t want the entire thing. Eh, it’s okay! A few sips still taste good and then I don’t have to worry about timing breastfeeding so carefully.

This treat hasn’t happened yet… but it WILL today. I am getting OUT. Haha :) I am normally a homebody but sometimes you just need some outside interaction. I haven’t told Kyle yet but I am going to run to Starbs (I don’t even drink coffee that often anymore, LOL) and quickly to Target for baby wipes – Seriously, all I need is 30 minutes and I’ll be a new woman ;)

Baby cuddles. Newborns are so sweet and I’m taking advantage of the cuddles throughout the day.


Lots of family walks – It feels great to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise in each day. We are aiming for one walk in the morning and one in the evening. It’s good for us and good for Baby Dean to have some outdoor time each day.

IMG_2208 (1)

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What was your favorite treat from the week? Scenes from today posts – yay or nay? What should I get at Starbs? I’m thinking an iced americano but haven’t been in forevs… What’s good??

#88 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hellooooo Tuesday! I’m awake and not feeding a baby at the moment AND communicating with adults. I even showered and took myself to the bathroom this morning… The little things are the big things after giving birth, LOL ;)

First of all, thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments on yesterday’s birth announcement and for your love on my social media posts. I promise I won’t be all baby all the time – I gotta have my wine too, haha – but I appreciate your patience with our newest obsession.

I DO plan on sharing the little guy’s birth story – maybe even tomorrow! I figure if I don’t get it written now, I’ll forget all the details.

How about we jump into last week’s treats?

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

First, let’s talk the big treat… BABY!! <– This is how I started last week’s post and it’s for REAL this time. It’s crazy how much can change in a week.


I was planning on treating myself to a prenatal massage and manicure-pedicure on Thursday of last week, but Baby Dean obviously had other plans. I have a feeling this is just the start of him making me cancel my mama plans ;) Don’t worry, I’ll get that spa day sometime this summer!

Sooo, let’s see… Baby Dean was obviously my biggest treat and the reason why this post will be nice and short.


Turns out, he’s a really good eater and the concern I voiced on Friday hasn’t been an issue! Yay! <– Another treat and something I am glad I don’t have to worry about.

Kyle and I took him to his initial well-baby appointment yesterday and after dropping to 7 pounds, 1 ounce before leaving the hospital, he’s back up to 7 pounds, 8 ounces! One whole ounce above where he was at when he entered the world ;)


His newborn photos are scheduled for Friday morning – Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Next week I hope to have a few more treats for y’all – Thank you for your patience over the coming weeks of crazy baby business here in the ONW household. I have a bunch of posts coming your way in the next few weeks so stay tuned :)

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How did you treat yourself last week? 

#85 Treat Yourself Tuesday

I’m fairly certain I say this every week, but HOLY MOLY, is it Tuesday again?! In a few Tuesdays I’ll be holding a baby – MY baby, and that kind of freaks me out to say the least, haha. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose :)

Now, how about those treats from the past week??

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I finally got our home tour video recorded and published! Check out yesterday afternoon’s post to see our new house in action.


I had my first Chipotle salad in the new house… with a side of Pottery Barn. Seriously, does anyone have a home that actually looks like what is in this catalog?! I mean, we all wish we could have the Greek Isles in our backyard, but c’mon, LOL.


Our range was finally delivered and installed so our kitchen is complete (for now)! A kitchen that is ready for cookin’ is totally a treat :)


I received my NASM certificate in the mail – Now it’s time to whip some bods into shape. Who’s up for a challenge?!


I helped launch BODYPUMP93 over the weekend. And yes, I was practicing up until the last minute, haha! All I gotta say is OUCH – watch out for those lunge and shoulder tracks.


Date night at La Bazenne – moules e frites <– so good! And it was followed by homemade dessert on our back patio. An easy Saturday night is always wonderful in my book. Now, to add wine in a few weeks ;)

Date Night Collage

Finally, a post-spin donut! I had a coupon for a free donut and well, it just so happens that I needed to find a place with wi-fi and a Dunkin was on the way home from the gym. The stars aligned, what can I say? Hehe…


How did you treat yourself this week?

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#82 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat Yourself Tuesday – Always a welcome day!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Surprisingly, I’m drafting this up on Monday night (who am I?!) so I don’t need to rush prior to teaching BODYPUMP this lovely Tuesday morning.

First big treat of the week was Becky Day (where I treated myself to a new iPhone!) – I need to make this a quarterly event :)


Shari’s Berries for Easter… SUCH a treat!


I treated myself to a bottle of vino for my hospital bag – Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a good one and I cannot wait to chug sip it in a few short weeks. And yes, our hospital allows alcohol post-birth… Although, if you ask me, it would be an acceptable pain medication during labor. But that’s just me ;)


A new grill! Okay, this was more of a treat for Kyle (he’s been begging for one for the new house for weeks) but come this summer when he is doing all of the cooking outside, it’ll be a treat for me too.


A new Fabletics top <– How cute is this?! It’ll be cute for a workout or a fun day out. And, if I wear it backwards, it’ll be good for nursing MJ too… hehehehehehe! I crack myself up.

PS. Random fact – Kyle and I read that one of the best ways to “cure” sore breastfeeding nipples is to expose them to natural sunlight. Ummm…?? I guess we will make friends with our neighbors veryyyyy quickly if I sunbathe topless on our back deck this summer, LOL.


The contractors making more progress on the house = best treat of the week! I’m so excited to move in next Friday and cannot wait to see the finished product.


And, lots of pool time and beach time – Definitely a perk of living in Florida. The sound of the Gulf will never get old.



Captiva Collage

How’d you treat yourself this week? And sunbathing topless, shall I start a new Naples trend!? ;)

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#81 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Another Tuesday, another Treat Yourself Tuesday! The weeks are flying :)

Oh! And I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I’m doing a little giveaway over on Facebook-land. I will be picking a winner around 11am this morning so hurrrayyyyyyy and get your entry in!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I’m off to teach my Tuesday morning BODYPUMP class in a few, so let’s get right to it!

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! That’s pretty much a treat for the next few years right there, haha! I was sweatin’ up until the end – nothing like waiting last minute on a few documents from the sellers, but – as always, everything worked out and the home is now ours :) As is a big ol’ mortgage, LOL.

photo (16)

First we bought a house and then we started knocking shiz down – We don’t like to waste any time here in Naples. The ugly wall that separated the kitchen from the living area is now GONE and yesterday, the tile that we will be replacing was removed. Wahoo! I swung by yesterday morning to keep my eye on the progress and our contractor (Random fact – His name is Vito and for some reason, I really like that name… If Mitchell ever gets a FURRY brother, Vito might have to be his name.) told me that the flooring should be installed by the end of the week. Things are moving right along!

photo (20)

If the flooring is in, that means we get to set up the nursery this weekend – Another treat! And by we, I mean Kyle ;) Actually, he might be busy scrubbing the bathrooms so I may be assembling the crib and bookshelf myself. Believe it or not, but I’m pretty handy when I need to be. Here is how the nursery currently stands…

photo 1 (22)

A non-house treat was this delicious Asian salad from Panera on Saturday night. I had been craving Chinese food all day but it always makes me feel awful (even though it tastes good for 5 minutes!), so I decided to treat my body to feeling good that night and quench my craving with a healthier option. It hit the spot!

photo 2 (22)

I also bought ALL the baby things from Target last week. We received our completion coupons and I filled my cart to the brim with baby items :) We still need a bassinet (I know which one I’m going to get, just need to order it…), a few more boxes of diapers and a changing pad for the dresser. Other than that, I think we’re set! Unless MJ decides to come out around 6 pounds then we will need more NB sized clothing but I’ll worry about that when/if it happens.

photo 3 (13)

A new “coming home” outfit. While the navy anchor onesie was cute, it was BIG and it was made of sweater material so I was afraid it would be too hot and scratchy for a May baby in Florida. I found this adorable elephant onesie at the Gymboree outlet – OMG. Seriously, how cute is it?!

photo 1 (21)

And because Gymboree was having a sale… I also got MJ his first pair of swim trunks! They are sized 0-3 months and are the tiniest things I’ve ever seen. LOL – So cute. We will have to dip his feeties in the pool this summer so he can wear this adorableness :)

photo 2 (21)

I haven’t treated myself to these shoes yet, but I really like them! They can be my cool mom shoes, right? I can’t justify $78 but I have them bookmarked for a day when I need some retail therapy.

photo 5

Finally, I’m still fitting in my workouts and it is such a treat! They honestly make me feel so much better and I think they are the key to why my pregnancy has been fairly “easy” on me.

photo 4 (12)

Now it is your turn – How did you treat yourself over the past week?

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#78 Treat Yourself Tuesday

Oooh man, does anyone else despise dark mornings? I love that it is light after Kyle gets home after work now but I miss my morning sun! I keep telling myself only a few more weeks and then it’ll be bright again when I wake up… and then a few more weeks after that I’ll be up 24 hours a day so it won’t matter anyways ;)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I’m off to teach my new Tuesday morning BODYPUMP class in a few, so let’s get right to it! OH! And before I forget, I’m bringing the link-up back next week per popular demand – I’ve missed reading your weekly treats :) I do plan on moderating all links so if yours doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry – I will get to it! Thanks in advance for playing along and linking up TYT posts only.

photo 2 (12)

Chipotle! Is this even a treat anymore?! LOL – I get it at least once per week. It is good for my soul :)

photo 4 (6)

Froyo! I promise I do more than eat these days…

photo 1 (11)

Washing all of MJ’s new little clothes, sheets, and blankets. It feels so good to have that done! It will be nice to just unpack the tub when we move into the new house rather than having to wash everything while unpacking the entire house.

Like I mentioned on Sunday, a new washer-dryer! Not going to the laundromat with a newborn will be a treat for sure.

photo 2 (11)

Spending Saturday outside at Spring Training – I like Florida :)

VO<sub>2</sub> Prime™

VO2 Prime Bars – The thing I miss most during this pregnancy are all of my Performance Elite supplements (yes, even more than wine and sushi!)… namely O2Gold and Muscle Strength. (Their ingredients haven’t been studied on pregnant women and growing babies so they’re a no-no for pregnancy – BOO!) If you’re one of my Advo friends, you’ve heard all about my withdrawal symptoms, LOL. I just found out that the VO2 bars ARE preggo-approved so you better bet I ordered a box STAT. Can’t wait to take these pre-SPIN and pre-BODYPUMP for a little kick. I’ll definitely report back on what I think!

photo (11)

Also, I ordered some of the limited edition Mint Chocolate Brownie MRS for Mr. Kyle, my Thin Mint lover. I’m not a huge mint fan (and I prefer eating my food rather than “substituting” it with a shake) but as soon as he saw this product released last week, he asked when his box was arriving ;)

One last thing… My schedule is going to be crazy, jam-packed, and have little breathing room until next Friday because of teaching a bajillion classes, home-buying, baby stuff, Advo stuff, and a few other things I have up my sleeve. If I disappear or am a little absent on your blog, please don’t take it personally. I’ll be back in full swing after the 20th!

How did you treat yourself this week? Are you going to link back up again with me after a little break over the past month? What is your favorite seasonal item this time of year?

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