Friday Favs

Well, hello there!

I took a couple days off from the ol’ blog this week. While I am not working a typical 8-5, I am quite busy with a few things I have up my sleeve. I promise to fill y’all in (it’s exciting stuff… at least I think so!) by early next year… Anyways, I spent the last two days checking off to-do lists and getting schtuff done.

Man, that feels good.

Since it’s Friday, and I love sharing a few of my favorites each week, I’m back for another edition of Friday Favs!

1. Have you heard of tsu yet? It’s a totally new social media site where YOU own the content you post and get paid for networking and sharing awesome stuff, like your blog posts and photos from the weekend. You need an invitation to join, so here is my link that will allow you to create an account and get to doing what we bloggers do best, social media: You should definitely check it out… Plus, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want more friends on tsu ;)

2. This post. I’m not super into CrossFit (I tried it, it’s just not for me – I’m a runner and pump’er by nature ;) ) BUT I know a lot of my friends are and well, who doesn’t want to be ripped like Rich Froning?! Anyways, Advo is gaining steam in the CrossFit world for a few reasons: 1) the products work; 2) they have a great performance elite line; and 3) Mr. Froning himself is an unpaid endorser. In this post, Katie covers a few of the products that she loves using for her WODs!

3. Also, this letter to non-vaxxers. If you couldn’t tell, I’m fairly passionate about this topic. Regardless of your stance on the subject, this post makes a good point on protecting those who cannot protect themselves… those with compromised immune systems like children with cancer, pregnant women, the elderly, newborn babies, and those with auto-immune diseases.

4. The new Peanut Butter Chocolate Detour Smart Bars – Y’all know how I love everything PB + Chocolate… These are no different! Plus, their nutrition stats pack some mega protein that I love. I definitely recommend these to anyone who loves a little chocolate-y, peanut butter-y treat every now and again :)

detour bars

5. Stone Crab Festival! This along with kayaking and a few other things is on our agenda this weekend. A festival in honor of crab meat? Heck yes! I cannot wait to check this out :)

I’m linking up with Katie, Heather, and Clare again today to share some of my favorites from the week.

Whatcha up to this weekend? What is your favorite flavor combination?

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